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An unlockable race, notable for the fact that it does not unlock after a certain number of DKs, but after a certain combination of runs. Cyborg is unlocked by doing 5 human runs, followed by a robot run. You need to wield the Prosthetic Leg for at least 90% of combats during these runs. It is also imperative that you choose the Servo Arms, Head Mounted Laser, or Tesla Coil implants.

After the 6 runs, Cyborg will be an available race. Cyborgs inherit both the strengths and weaknesses of their human and robot forbearers. They are human-looking enough to pick up supplies from the Council Office (though you might only be able to nab one or two items before they notice you're dripping oil). They have a robot's speed, but also the inability to eat. A Cyborg's days are therefor short, due to either their squishy human parts becoming fatigued, or their electronic bits running out of juice.

Cyborgs have the added advantage of being able to attach weapons and armor, in effect making them a part of themselves. This increases the item's attack or defense by one. Interested Cyborgs should see Mike in 404.

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