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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.


Physical Traits:

DDR is a robot.

DDR resembles nothing so much two soda cans stacked on top one another, with legs. He is very thin, and was originally designed for running around the electrical systems of Standard Electric, Inc. He has a powerful solar generator inside him, which works via the heat differential between the inside of his hard metal case and the cooler outside air. (This essentially means that he's insulated to the best of his designer's capabilities. He's not really intended for tropical use.)

He has four side-mounted legs, each about 10% longer than his body. An external pneumatic actuator system provides them power. Each leg has a hand, and each hand has two pairs of opposing fingers, and the hand itself is reversible. One side of his fingers is cheese-grater grips, to grab on to wood and rubber. The other side is rubber padding, to grab on to metal wires. Each hand contains a weak electromagnet, to allow the R19 model to climb metal transmission lines.

An xC3 hydraulic fluid compressor has two modes of function, a centrifugal rotor and a compression pump. When working in rotor-mode, DDR can react much faster, but has very little force behind his speedy actions. This is fine for running and climbing, but does not lend itself to jumping or carrying anything heavier than a glass insulator. Originally, this would be used to skittle across high-tension wires to a point of failure. Under favourable conditions, an R19 can outrun a cat. Compression pump mode allows an impressive dead lift capability to show itself, but leaves the robot comparatively unresponsive to a fast-changing environment. When using it's compression pump, an R19 can jump just under two meters, and can carry a medium-sized pumpkin at a slow walking pace.

Each R19 is factory-equipped with a Logicbrane memory system. It allows sophisticated thought, and comes with a math co-processor and ethics card by default. DDR is missing both. Most memories previous to the island are missing or inconsistent. Further data needed to verify, as it were. He is also low on usable disk space, and probably has a virus or two to top it off. Oddly enough, Trojans don't seem to protect against computer viruses.


(0s) <ICEE>Lance Corporal DDR says "See ERRLOG.TXT for details. This unit will now reboot to ROBOS enterprise edition. BEEP."

(2m) <ICEE>Lance Corporal DDR says "- DRMEM ERROR REPORT - : 210 corrupted sectors found. 18 corrupted sectors fixed. 2,300,451 indexed memories logically or chronologically inconsistent. 73,394 unindexed memories indexed. Hardware checksum failed. System battery low. Lid open."

(6m43s) <ICEE>Lance Corporal DDR goes 'BEEP', and stands up vacantly.

(27m35s) <ICEE>Lance Corporal DDR goes 'clank' as he falls to the ground.

(27m52s) <ICEE>Lance Corporal DDR skitters in to the gates of CC404. "Hello, fellow contes... memory err000- initiating backups. . . . . . backups failed. Calling DRMEM.bin. Please do not turn off your robot. It will turn off on it's own."

Mental Traits:

Robotic emotions. Prone to flight if the situation looks bad, but will attempt to synchronize with the opposition. He's only got so much battery, after all. He is missing most of his memory courtesy of an intern at the network.


Clan: Improbable Catlike Elongated Elements (ICEE) Probable Friendlies: ICEE clan, possibly SUGAR clan Probable Enemies: Iron Chef Carter,

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