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Typo-Demon - Latin name deleted due to safety concerns
Threat Level - Maximum

Typo-Demons are rare and extremely dangerous. They are are believed to have originated from outside the island, using their shapeshifting to disguise themselves as newbies and obtain the correct authorization to be dumped here. They sometimes retain this form and attempt to instigate non-lol drama from within. The only known weapon against them is the Banhammer, and this at times seems to only vanquish them from the island for a time. Certain non-disguised Typo-Demons are held responsible for island-wide spelling and colour mishaps. The most famous and recent of these is the still-active Keroudsriwituthy the Silvery-gray Devourer of Ampersands who is blamed for island-wide problems with the colour gray 1)2).

1) That'll be 'grey', then
2) Yeah. Blame the "everyone lives in a small part of America" spelling check.
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