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2010-05-15 23:20:56: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus walks into town and glances about before heading into the cafe.
2010-05-15 23:21:17: Crystaivero Bob Zarido nods "Me too." He stands "We should search somewhere."
2010-05-15 23:22:48: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn';s tongue sticks out between her lipteeth. She get up, ready to follow.
2010-05-15 23:23:27: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus exits the cafe with a large cup of cocoa and stops, eyeing the. . . thing standing next to the shirtless guy.
2010-05-15 23:24:18: Crystaivero Bob Zarido lifts his ears quietly, then picks up on Seth. He hrmms darkly before looking at Ferryn and raising a brow.
2010-05-15 23:24:58: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus huhs. Shirtless guy is pretty big. . . the other thing is too. . .
2010-05-15 23:25:40: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn lets out her strange sort of bark again, looking like a excited dog.
2010-05-15 23:26:21: Crystaivero Bob Zarido is actually almost like. . .twice Ferryn's size. Almost. He starts lumbering toward Seth.
2010-05-15 23:28:39: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus raises an eyebrow. . . "Uh, hi."
2010-05-15 23:28:57: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn trots after Icey! Things will happen!
2010-05-15 23:29:27: Crystaivero Bob Zarido waves Ferryn over with a wing, looming over Seth. "Lo." Get it, high, low?! Ah. . .nevermind.
2010-05-15 23:30:57: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn comes to a halt next to Bob and grunts at Seth.
2010-05-15 23:32:19: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus looks slightly up at the monster grunting at him. . . "What."
2010-05-15 23:33:00: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn's tongue extends out betwwn her lip-teeth, almost five feet long.
2010-05-15 23:33:03: Crystaivero Bob Zarido grins. A very bad grin is what he grins. A very. . .very bad nasty evil. . .yeah. Grin.
2010-05-15 23:33:55: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn's tongue wraaaps around Seth's arm. Droool.
2010-05-15 23:34:27: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus sets the cocoa down. . . Maria will just have to wait.
2010-05-15 23:35:44: Crystaivero Bob Zarido grabs Seth's other arm.
2010-05-15 23:36:30: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus begins to look sliiiiightly nervous. . .
2010-05-15 23:37:16: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn's tonguetip is licking Seth's face. All over.
2010-05-15 23:38:07: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus's face is now covered in a look of disgust. . . and also the drool.
2010-05-15 23:39:09: Crystaivero Bob Zarido lightly gnaws on his arm. The only real dangerous thing is liquid nitrogen saliva, and he's not a drooler. BFA doesn't count.
2010-05-15 23:39:27: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn seems happy. Her tongue pulls away and she barks at Icey. Is he lunch.
2010-05-15 23:40:15: Crystaivero Bob Zarido lets go and nods. Yeah. Lunch.
2010-05-15 23:40:27: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus begins to look more than slightly nervous. . . "Hey, Angel, what are you doing?"
2010-05-15 23:41:32: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn yips excitedly, stomping the ground. She trots all the way up to seth, maw wide.
2010-05-15 23:42:22: Crystaivero Bob Zarido pauses, wide mouth almost over Seth's head. "Who."
2010-05-15 23:42:30: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus attempts to pull away. . . Maria really wanted that cocoa. . .
2010-05-15 23:44:46: Crystaivero Bob Zarido isn't letting go!
2010-05-15 23:46:17: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus pulls harder. . . his eyes glow brighter.
2010-05-15 23:46:46: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn making chompy motions at Seth, rumbling with excitement. Prey prey preyprey.
2010-05-15 23:46:59: Crystaivero Bob Zarido's grip doesn't falter. And he doesn't let go. His mouth clamps onto the top of Seth's head.
2010-05-15 23:48:31: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus does his best to not show panic. . . he pulls his other hand free and aims a punch right at Ice's gut. . .
2010-05-15 23:51:07: Crystaivero Bob Zarido gets punched in the gut. And doesn't move. His free hand curls into a massive fist, and he whips it around at a heavy high speed, aiming at Seth's chest. There's some crusty ice around the fist.
2010-05-15 23:51:56: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn stomps the ground, very nearly jumpoing with excitement. She snaps and yips and BELLOWS at Seth.
2010-05-15 23:54:34: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus takes a massive icy fist to the chest, at which time a crack is heard. Seth spits some purple blood at Ferryn.
2010-05-15 23:55:07: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn peers down at the splatter on her clest. And licks at it. Mm, grapey.
2010-05-15 23:56:06: Crystaivero Bob Zarido still hasn't let go of Seth's arm. Why, is unknown.
2010-05-15 23:59:07: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus grits his teeth and brings his elbow down on Ice's forearm.
2010-05-16 00:00:14: Crystaivero Bob Zarido laughs. Oh does he laugh. His hand clamps around Seth's arm at the elbow and squeezes at a crushing force.
2010-05-16 00:02:28: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus yells out in pain.
2010-05-16 00:03:50: Crystaivero Bob Zarido offers Seth to Ferryn. "Isn't it ladies first."
2010-05-16 00:04:48: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn stomps excitedly and trots over, clamping her teeth down around Seth's other arm.
2010-05-16 00:04:50: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus kicks Ferryn as hard as he can in the chest.
2010-05-16 00:06:33: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn grunts. stumbling back with Seth's arm still in her teeth. She wheezes around it.
2010-05-16 00:07:12: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus screams as Ferryn's teeth rip down his arm.
2010-05-16 00:11:18: Rookie Maria Angelle Rosemont storms in, hands on her hips and a pout on her face. "Sethy! Where's my cocoa-" She halts as she sees the scuffle and shrieks.
2010-05-16 00:11:46: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn perks, turning slightly in the direction of the shreik. Whassat.
2010-05-16 00:11:54: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus whips his head around. "MARIA! GET OUT OF HERE!"
2010-05-16 00:12:38: Crystaivero Bob Zarido turns at the shriek and growls.
2010-05-16 00:12:49: Rookie Maria Angelle Rosemont dashes forward, hands clenched in fists as they light with pink flames.
2010-05-16 00:13:28: Rookie Maria Angelle Rosemont lands a punch on Bob Zarido's leg, flams engulfing the leg.
2010-05-16 00:14:04: Crystaivero Bob Zarido hurls a ball of snow at Maria as some distraction.
2010-05-16 00:14:19: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus shakes his head. "No, Maria! Just leave!"
2010-05-16 00:14:23: Crystaivero Bob Zarido shoves Maria off.
2010-05-16 00:14:58: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn just sort of watches, blankly.
2010-05-16 00:15:41: Rookie Maria Angelle Rosemont dodges the shove. She flaps her wings, and hurls a pink fireball at Bob Zarido's head. "LET HIM GO"
2010-05-16 00:15:51: Crystaivero Bob Zarido looks at Ferryn, grinning "Which one would you like for dinner?"
2010-05-16 00:16:22: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn looks between Seth and maria, licking her lips. She points to the woman.
2010-05-16 00:16:30: Crystaivero Bob Zarido winces a little before aiming another falcon punch at Maria.
2010-05-16 00:16:48: Crystaivero Bob Zarido nods and pulls Seth away with him.
2010-05-16 00:17:21: Rookie Maria Angelle Rosemont gets hit, and crumples to the ground. But she's back on her feet in no time, blood dripping from her mouth and nose. Once again, she shouts "Let him go!"
2010-05-16 00:18:07: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn charges maria, jaw opening wider than it should. Her tongue lashes out, wrapping around the woman's waist.
2010-05-16 00:18:07: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus is yanked sideways. He yells in agony.
2010-05-16 00:19:14: Rookie Maria Angelle Rosemont squeals as the slime covered appendage encircles her. She beats her flaming fists against it, wailing.
2010-05-16 00:20:17: Lieutenant General Unfairlady peeks in the outpost. Uh, oh. The jungle seems more peaceful. She slips back out.
2010-05-16 00:20:23: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus cries out. "MARIA!!"
2010-05-16 00:20:27: Crystaivero Bob Zarido clamps his teeth around Seth's left shoulder, then shoots up into a tree.
2010-05-16 00:20:28: Accomplice Teh Dave saunters into town, waving genially to Bob and Ferryn. He pauses to grab some whitewater from the Cool Springs, and heads out, tail waving in farewell.
2010-05-16 00:21:16: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn's tongue retracts as she pulls Maria into her gaping maw and bites down. Hard.
2010-05-16 00:21:53: Crystaivero Bob Zarido waves after Dave before chompchompping on Seth's shoulder. By his neck.
2010-05-16 00:22:05: Rookie Maria Angelle Rosemont shrieks, blood streaming from her mouth as her eyes roll into the back of her head
2010-05-16 00:22:18: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus screams in more agony and pulls out his laser gunblade as he is pulled upward. He swings it upward and fires.
2010-05-16 00:23:46: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn keeps her teeth sunk into maria's stomach and pulls at her arms. She rips in half, and at this point, the network is offering the remainder of the saga on pay-per-view.
2010-05-16 00:24:35: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus looks on in horror. "MARIAAAAA!!"
2010-05-16 00:24:38: Crystaivero Bob Zarido smacks the gun in an effort to knock it out of Seth's hand.
2010-05-16 00:24:43: Exuberantly Nadyanilo feels conciousness returning to her, after having passed out from witnesing Ferryns arm cruch off the da before. She sits up, woozily, aroused by the sounds around her. She blinks, her sight returnin
2010-05-16 00:25:02: Hilarious Macaw ploamphed collapse in the cernter of the outpost. Wheezing heaviliy, he points a single finger to the north.
2010-05-16 00:25:35: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn continues to aid in the networks profit. By eating. Maria tastes like lollipops and cotton candy.
2010-05-16 00:25:44: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus's gunblade is knocked from his hands and falls to the ground.
2010-05-16 00:28:31: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn trots off, dragging the *CENSORED* behind her, leaving a trail of *CENSORED*.
2010-05-16 00:28:35: Crystaivero Bob Zarido finally brings his mouth down over Seth's head and makes a final crushing chomp. His freezing saliva doesn't help the situation.
2010-05-16 00:29:11: The Once-Wiise Ashtu limbs in fromt the Jungle. He stops and looks at the carnage, wishing he had some popcorn. Or at least a cut of the profits. Or is that prophets?
2010-05-16 00:29:32: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus's screams are silenced.
2010-05-16 00:30:15: Posthuman Nekomimi wanders through the drama to eboys.
2010-05-16 00:30:40: Posthuman Nekomimi waves as she disappears inside, "Hi Poopsie."
2010-05-16 00:30:42: Crystaivero Bob Zarido makes a couple more crunches. Too bad there isn't any popcorn, he could go for some.
2010-05-16 00:31:11: Exuberantly Nadyanilo jaw drops as she sees Ferryn chomping down on some helpless rookie. "Oh. My .Horatio. Ferr! What are ya doin?" she exclaims.
2010-05-16 00:31:16: Rookie Seth Loku Romanus would wave, but. . . . y'know.
2010-05-16 00:31:33: Exuberantly Nadyanilo isn't at all surprised that IceBob would eat somebody.
2010-05-16 00:31:58: A general round of applause breaks out around the outpost. Cries of "encore!" and "author! author!" are heard.
2010-05-16 00:32:57: Posthuman Nekomimi passes from eboy's to cool springs
2010-05-16 00:35:13: Crystaivero Bob Zarido slurps up Seth's remains like he's a big ploppy thing of spaghetti.
2010-05-16 00:35:46: Posthuman Nekomimi heads out of the diner towards the jungle stopping only to hand Bob a big tub of byttered popcorn.
2010-05-16 00:38:10: Exuberantly Nadyanilo s jaw slacks as she watches IceBob eat. "What happened here?" she asks warily, her stomach churning.
2010-05-16 00:38:48: Crystaivero Bob Zarido is up in a tree, and his mind is unable to be read, but he hops down and eats the popcorn anyway. It is kinda tasty.
2010-05-16 00:42:36: Exuberantly Nadyanilo feels weak at her stomach.
2010-05-16 00:46:04: Crystaivero Bob Zarido looks around for Ferryn and grumbles a little.
2010-05-16 00:46:17: Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic wanders in and stops dead. Well, figuratively, unlike. . . some people here. . .
2010-05-16 00:47:13: The Once-Wiise Ashtu yawns. Bob and Ferryn were obviously bored. Or maybe just too broke to go to the Cafe for supper. He wonders if The Watcher is giving them a cut of the network profits.
2010-05-16 00:48:14: Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic attempts to keep his calm. . . "Uh. . . Icey? What happened here?"
2010-05-16 00:48:45: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn lumbers back in, a small pink dragon's wing stuck in her teeth.
2010-05-16 00:48:57: Crystaivero Bob Zarido wouldn't mind a cut. But he's happy enough with that tasty lunch too.
2010-05-16 00:49:03: Exuberantly Nadyanilo spots syd and waves weakly, backg slowly away from the IceBob tree, her tail between her legs. "Ahm jus' gunn go noaw." she confesses meekly before turning tail and skittering off to the cafe.
2010-05-16 00:49:34: Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic urms. . . Ferryn too. . .
2010-05-16 00:49:44: Crystaivero Bob Zarido looks at Syd, then points to Ferryn "We had fast food." Clearly, it wasn't fast enough!1)2)
2010-05-16 00:50:38: Exuberantly Nadyanilo would have laughed if she werent so scared. And currently eating at the Cafe.
2010-05-16 00:52:27: Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic would laugh at that awesome joke, except for the, eh. . . morbidity of it. He attempts to avoid stepping in. . . he assumes it's blood.
2010-05-16 00:53:27: Crystaivero Bob Zarido licks whatever blood off that was still on him, then sits back, rubbing a slightly bloated stomach. Well someone sure is happy.
2010-05-16 00:53:52: The Once-Wiise Ashtu wanders back out the south gate, heading for the AAA and a fresh cup of good coffee.
2010-05-16 00:53:59: Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic coughs slightly. "Uhm, what would Bob say about this?"
2010-05-16 00:54:09: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn rumbles and crunches on the wing. That may have been the most delicious thing she's ever eaten. It's gonna go all to her abdomen though.
2010-05-16 00:55:21: Crystaivero Bob Zarido blinks "Not sure. Maybe we won't let him know." He grins maliciously at Syd.
2010-05-16 00:56:40: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn stares to Bob. He doesn't need to know. The world is better now.
2010-05-16 00:57:03: Exuberantly Nadyanilo pops her head out of the Cafe windo and yells at IceBob."Ahmah tellin'! AHMAH TELLIN' BAWBO!"
2010-05-16 00:57:28: Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic nods, shaking slightly. . . He knows better than to cross Icey.
2010-05-16 00:57:43: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn turns to Nadyanilo and BELLOWS in response to this possibility of tattletalery.
2010-05-16 00:58:38: Crystaivero Bob Zarido ignores Nadya and grins at Syd. Ice pats his lap invitingly.
2010-05-16 00:59:03: Exuberantly Nadyanilo s ears flatten back, wincing. Oh right, Ferryn would get in trouble. "Ah, right. Never mynd. . ." she sinks back into the cafe.
2010-05-16 01:00:06: Crystaivero Bob Zarido calls after Nadya "Nobody's telling him."
2010-05-16 01:03:36: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn crouches down in the dirt and wipes the blood off in the dirt, then peers around. She grunts to Syd.
2010-05-16 01:06:47: Exuberantly Nadyanilo pokes her head back out the window."I get it! Sheesh. . . ." and spices it up with a dramatic eye roll."Don't get your icethongs in a wad."she chuckles.
2010-05-16 01:08:57: Crystaivero Bob Zarido promptly fires a ball of snow with some spike icicles sticking out, through the Cafe's window.
2010-05-16 01:10:05: Exuberantly Nadyanilo quickly ducks, but not quck enough as a shriek of complaint is hear through the window. She pops back out, hanging halfway out the window, and shakes a clenched paw at him, her whiskers frozen.
2010-05-16 01:11:02: Exuberantly Nadyanilo |"You watch who yer tossn snowballs at, buddeh! Ill end you." she adds with a tiny gutteral growl.
2010-05-16 01:12:05: Crystaivero Bob Zarido's ears flatten "Don't make me eat you too. Still've got some room." No, he doesn't, but he won't admit it.
2010-05-16 01:12:52: Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic appears woozy. . . he sits by the lumber pile and passes out for a while.
2010-05-16 01:13:22: Exuberantly Nadyanilo s neck dissappears and her head sinks into her shoulders. She sticks her tongue out as a final effort to be snarky and slinks back into the cafe, grumbling something about if only she were a tiger.
2010-05-16 01:16:02: Crystaivero Bob Zarido turns back and rumbles to Ferryn "Was a good meal."
2010-05-16 01:21:03: Fairly Fearsome Ferryn licks her limps and nods. She is happy.
2010-05-16 01:23:24: Crystaivero Bob Zarido sits back, rubbing his stomach.

put it back and close drawer

1) IceBob claims that he would have liked a hashbrown and supersize amount of fries along with his meal. Unfortunately, after already consuming his 'burger' and then trying to get a refund for the misplaced order, they gave him absolutely nothing. Later, his munchies were sated with the clerk who misplaced the actual order.
2) He was pretty happy after that.
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