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General D. MacArtair, General of the Army, Ret'd

PROFILE: It is not known when the General first came to the Island. There is a photograph of him wading ashore in knee-deep water, a burning aircraft slowly sinking behind him. He frequently appears wearing a well-worn khaki uniform devoid of medals, aviator glasses, and a sheepskin flying jacket. When on a mission, he is occasionally driven in a rusted-out jeep, pulled by midgets. Zombie bodyguards with tommy-guns accompany him when accepting surrenders from noble enemies. He has also been known to wander through the jungle in a pink silk robe with a dragon emblazoned on the back, munching a head of lettuce. His manner of speech is a bit Victorian, erring on the side of empurpled rhetoric. The fact that he closely resembles another well-known general from the pages of history is a matter he refuses to discuss, often lighting his corncob pipe and striding briskly away.

He is a huge fan of the West Point Black Knights, and frequently dashes off missives to the coaches about how to improve their offensive strategy.

Season One Highlights a) Member of the CIA b) Part of SWEET during the CIA/SWEET clan combination which came at the end of Season One, prior to the End of the World as We Knew It.

Season Two Highlights a) Founder of the Bureau of Improbability Generation, aka SUGAR

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