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WORK IN PROGRESS. POC- Clueless Yes I know it's still a bit ugly, I'm workin on it.. Please leave comments/suggestions here by editing, or distracting me.

The Icee Second Halloween Party at Crimson Blade Castle!

In The Foyer

17:46:48: Private Higashi comes in, pawing off the dirt and gore from his chainsaw. He looks amused and murmures a funy tune
17:51:40: Private Higashi: anybody home, mew?
21:17:35: The Walking Forest Chimental: "Alright, everyone get in position." "I will once /he/ moves over." "Just get in the tree ya baby." "Ow ow ow ow ya thorny bastard!" "Pardon me for being mutated!" "Hush, all of you. Sage, you got the book? "Indeed I do."
21:31:23: Bug Queen Ferryn strides into the castle, two hands lifting her skirt, two hands holding a small package wrapped in brown paper. She passes through the Foyer, and into the courtyard.
21:32:19: The Dark Lady Kelwine skids in, panting.
21:32:43: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn walks into the castle, followed by his kittybike. He nods to Kel.
21:33:22: Contender Rex walks in to the castle, wondering where he should be heading
21:33:35: The Dark Lady Kelwine takes a moment to collect herself before returning the nod.
21:33:56: Young at Heart Praco slowly shuffles into the castle, squinting all the while to see through his mask.
21:33:58: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridotrots in, panting. He must've been hoofing it.
21:34:07: Masqued Daemion Farseer leads Demonlady in.
21:34:31: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn gives Bob a quick salute. "Sir."
21:34:42: Masqued DemonLady enters, looking around curiously
21:35:00: Masqued Daemion Farseer looks around. "Interesting."
21:35:09: The Walking Forest Chimental is here. Always has been. "Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog," Why are you quoting what we had for lunch? It's not a menu, you dolt.
21:35:11: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac enters, groaning theatrically.
21:35:56: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridosalutes Ihp and takes a place at the edge of the staircase. A good proper view of who all shows up.
21:36:14: The Dark Lady Kelwine waves at Bob.
21:36:35: Young at Heart Praco looks up to the ceiling. Are those SHEETS?! He peers at them, trying to tell what the strange white blobs are.
21:37:45: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut enters the Castle's Foyer along with his faithful steed, Candlewick. who, he has dismounted of outside. The donkey grumbles about /Braaaiiinnnsss..../ Pinrut nods soundlessly.
21:38:11: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowaves. He raises his voice for an announcement "Hey everyone, I just want to thank you ahead of time for coming. We're going to wait a bit longer until most everyone shows, then we'll head to the courtyard for the festivities!"
21:38:22: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac always nods noisily, himself. It's the rattling his brain makes in there as he tips his head.
21:38:29: Masqued Daemion Farseer nods.
21:38:42: Young at Heart Praco turns towards the sounds of Bob's voice.
21:38:56: Contender Rex removes his helmet, it seems the festivities will not start fo a bit
21:39:26: Bird Bard Deity of Choice flies in, causing a few bats to divert their paths abrubtly. "Outta da way, outta da way, ya fookin flyin rats."
21:40:21: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahidly pokes her head out from the west hall. /Who are all these people in her house./ Oh wait. Yeah. Right. Okay. She trots over near Bob and sits down, staring outwardly. So much noise!
21:41:28: Young at Heart Praco slowly tries to make his way through the crowd.
21:41:32: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac digs out his flask and starts chugging. It may not be party time quite yet but it's drinking time!
21:41:33: The Walking Forest Chimental looks at the growing crowd. "Beings of many impede my sight, as the curtains open on this witching." That's not in the play. I'm ad-libbing. These broads don't have much to say.
21:41:48: The Dark Lady Kelwine leans against one of the statues, glancing around the room.
21:42:08: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut listens soundlessly to The Fool before giving a salute to the Saint. He then walks over to inspect the suits of armor. Candlewick follows him.
21:42:12: Spirited Sneaky instantly feels a bit uneasy as he walks in. "Big crowd."
21:42:27: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn walks over to Kel, looking at the statues warily. "Hello, madam."
21:42:47: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac starts feeling everyones' coin purses.
21:42:48: The Dark Lady Kelwine smiles. "Hi."
21:43:47: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn thinks for a bit. "You're... Kel, right?"
21:43:53: Spirited Sneaky /also/ is covered from head to toe in wounds. Well that's /normal/, but these are rather fresh. /What's the incubation time for a zombie cat bite?/
21:44:53: The Walking Forest Chimental calls out to Jacques. "From this warning you must take heed. Hand comes near me, you'll get a stump that bleeds." Why did I even bring the book?
21:45:06: The Dark Lady Kelwine nods. "Kel, Kelwine, Vivienne. Your choice."
21:45:54: Harlequin Zolotistyfollows on Sneaky's heels, humming absently to herself. Somewhere along the way, she acquired a costume. How curious.
21:46:05: Young at Heart Praco quickly puts his hands in his pockets. He doesn't know who said that, so he just slowly backs away from everything.
21:46:11: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: I remember seeing you with Dan once... I'm Ihp." He extends a hand to her.
21:46:12: Contender Rex looks armound, trying to find someone he might know
21:46:47: Sampson Hemp strolls into the Castle. He does not appear to be wearing a mask. He walks up to the creepy man who slightly resembles Ihp.
21:46:56: Spirited Sneaky double-takes, smiling. "Nice."
21:46:58: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac calls out, "From this rhyme, ye must also take heed. Given a threat, I consider myself challenged." He sidles over and feels for the money bag.
21:47:55: Contender Rex seeing no one he leans against the wall
21:48:03: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac isn't very good at rhyming. Or spelling. Or bathing.
21:48:07: Sampson Hemp spins around and leaves again.
21:48:19: Barkeepin Mikerather reluctantly wanders in and follows Ferryn's direction.
21:48:22: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov walks into the castle, dressed up as a job other than his current one. Isn't very creative, is he?
21:49:34: Young at Heart Praco walks towards Rex slowly, stopping a short distance away. "Is someone there?" He tries to move the feathers that got stuck in the eyeholes of his mask.
21:49:37: The Dark Lady Kelwine reaches out to accept the hand. "I remember. Pleasure to meet you. Again?"
21:49:49: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoitches at the side of his nose. He quickly points to an area behind the staircase "The courtyard is through there, if anyone wants to go ahead and head out that way, feel free!"
21:50:05: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut stands in a part of the foyer where niether he, or Candlewick will be in the way. Pinrut stands as still as a the many statues around. Never sits on the donkey's head. /tick-tock/. The doll was wearing a helmet.
21:50:08: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov walks around, looking for someone to talk to, or perhaps party with.
21:50:14: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn shakes Kel's hand and nods. "Glad you could make it."
21:50:14: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridostays inside, for now. All around guest greeter and all of that.
21:50:16: Harlequin Zolotistypeeks around Sneaky's arm at his camera. "Did it come back to life again."
21:50:23: Contender Rex nods to Zarido
21:50:29: The Dark Lady Kelwine snickers. "Of course."
21:50:40: Mother Carlynne shuffles into the area, keeping an eye open for other PRATs, she adjusts her habit gingerly, shining the heavy cross hung around her neck. She spies Jacuqes and totters over "Jackes! 'ow're yee?!"
21:50:48: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac grins at Zolotisty. "Zee! Hoy, remember when we knew each other?"
21:50:55: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahsneaks on out to the Courtyard, herself.
21:50:59: The Walking Forest Chimental smacks the hand away with a branch, the trees somehow moving backward on roots. "I have no money, nor pockets that gape. So keep your paws off me ya damn dirty ape." I give up. Oh come on, this is fun. I can see why League does it a lot.
21:51:02: Spirited Sneaky reaches into his pockets, pulling out masks. "One moment."
21:51:32: Young at Heart Praco blinks and looks around.
21:51:55: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov walks around, looking around, and walks over to Praco. "Hello."
21:52:06: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn grins at Kel beneath his masque. "You're gonna love the main event."
21:52:17: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac turns to Mother Carlynne. "Yipe! Oh, mother, bless this poor sinner fer he has stole, an' lied, an' peed in public, an' one time I shagged this old lady, an' I think I killed more than a few people." He cringes and tries to cross himself.
21:52:36: Harlequin Zolotistyglances toward BJC. "Messire Black Jack, I reckon I still know you even when you are all pincushiony. What are you, death?"
21:53:03: Young at Heart Praco looks towards Kilov, but not directly into his eyes. "Hello there!" He tries to remove the feathers on his mask blocking his vision. "Sorry, gimmie a second."
21:53:10: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac stops cringing. "No, I'm a fuckin' Saint, innit I? Saint Sebastian an' the arrows an' that."
21:53:43: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "I can do that."
21:53:46: Mother Carlynne lifts her cowl to show off her face better to Jacques "Luv! Ets jes' me, Car!" she does a quick spin, in all her well-covered glory "Like et?"
21:54:22: Young at Heart Praco smiles as his vision clears up a little. "Thank you. I'm Praco by the way." He holds out a hand.
21:54:49: The Walking Forest Chimental looks at Carlynne's costume. "In all my life I shall never see; the biggest example of irony." See, you /are/ enjoying it. Shush.
21:54:52: The Dark Lady Kelwine nods. "I'm sure."
21:54:57: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac's eyes go wide. "Oh, har, that's a good disguise. Why ye dressed like a penguin? Gamblin' debts? Legbreakers after ye?"
21:55:10: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov shakes it. His armor feels oddly like... Plastic?
21:55:31: Young at Heart Praco: So how are you doing?
21:55:36: The slightlyShady Mr Smith wanders in and moves to somewhere out of the way ".....Huh"
21:55:57: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut heads out to the courtyard, leading Candlewick by the reigns. The donkey grumbles about /Braaaaaiinnsss..../Never, however, /tick-tocks/ and /chimes/.
21:56:11: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn leans against a statue. "So, how's life going for you?"
21:56:30: The Dark Lady Kelwine says, "Not too bad. Not too bad.. Same as always."
21:56:39: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "I'm doing fine. Thankss for assking."
21:56:42: Mother Carlynne bats Jacques with a big wooden ruler she just happened to have on her "I'm a nan y'pance!" she says, then asks "I've nat 'eard af saint sabastian b'far. 'oo'd yee get t'shat yee weth arraes, like?" She spares Chimental a middle finger.
21:56:55: William Harrowton Conchor quietly wanders in, hood up. He gives a quick glance over his shoulder, and then notes the crowd. Goodness, that's a lot of people.
21:57:16: Masqued DemonLady still holding Daemion's hand "Do you want to head out to the courtyard?"
21:57:32: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac says proudly, "I shot meself."
21:57:50: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: I like the costume.
21:58:02: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac says, "Thanks!"
21:58:25: Young at Heart Praco nods, noting the slight verbal tic, but deciding to not mention it. "So... what's your name?"
21:59:00: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "Kilov. What'ss yourss?"
21:59:01: Bird Bard Deity of Choice says to no one in particular "Ter be, or tuh jes say fook it. Dat's duh question, eh?"
21:59:09: Mother Carlynne nods appreciatively "Y'ded a right gaed jab, luv! I jes' nicked thes 'ole lat fram a Severe Nan I met en th' jangle, like. Rular an' all!" she nods proudly. "Want we shald gae t'th cartyard?"
21:59:57: The Walking Forest Chimental feigns hurt. "Ach! My heart! I tremble. I lurch." "Not the first time though we've been cursed by the church."
22:00:03: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac nods, slowly, digesting the question. "Courtyard," he says after a while. Then, "What's that?" adding helpfully, "Don't know what that is."
22:00:04: Young at Heart Praco chuckles. "I told you remember? It's Praco." He looks at Kilov's armour. "Never saw armour in that kinda shape before... did you make it?"
22:00:24: Masqued Daemion Farseer nods and leads her out.
22:01:12: Harlequin Zolotistymumbles /sea bastionssss/ under her breath and heads on through to the courtyard.
22:01:20: Mother Carlynne shrugs "I thenk I 'eard bab sayin' we shald file en thar."
22:01:28: The Dark Lady Kelwine snickers. "Thanks. It's hard for me to dress up, but I found a nice dress! And a mask that will fit."
22:01:37: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "Yeah, it'ss not actually real, though. Working with metal wass too hard for me."
22:01:59: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: How do you like mine?
22:02:58: Young at Heart Praco nods. "I like it. Looks like some kinda horned crocodilemorph."
22:03:04 :: enters the castle quietly.
22:03:06: The slightlyShady Mr Smith glances about and, after a moments hesitaition, heads for the courtyard
22:03:31: Bird Bard Deity of Choice hops between the feet of the crowd and heads to the courtyard.
22:03:36: Clown Princess AliceHeart skips inside. She had heard about a party, and parties are always fun! Might as well take a little peek!
22:03:41: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac takes Car by the arm, and walks with her to the Courtyard.
22:03:48: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov chuckles. "It'ss ssuppossed to be dragoon armor."
22:04:17 :: follows to the Courtyard.
22:04:20: The Dark Lady Kelwine grins. "I like it!"
22:04:20: Mother Carlynne titters as she's escorted
22:04:42: Young at Heart Praco tilts his head to one side. "Wait, so is it to protect /against/ dragoons, or to protect dragoons? Also, what's a dragoon?"
22:04:53: Spirited Sneaky /finally/ gets out three different masks. /One Nosey-bonk clown style, one harlequin, and one medieval medical./
22:05:00: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Thanks! I bet you can't even tell I'm not human." He sees everyone heading into the courtyard. "Should we head in?
22:05:31: William Harrowton Conchor glances over the crowd for a moment, in an attempt to find familiar faces, of which there are only a few, if not any. He contemplates heading into the courtyard, but decides to wait until most of the crowd heads in there before heading in himself.
22:05:33: Spirited Sneaky's masks are all black and golden, much like his clothing, or a bee.
22:06:27: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "The ssecond, and a Dragoon iss ssomeone with a particularly sspecial relationsship with dragonss."
22:06:52: Young at Heart Praco: What do you mean?
22:07:12: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoclears his throat. "Alright, if you would all like to follow me, we can get to the Courtyard and enjoy the festivities." He slinks down from the staircase and begins to head to the Courtyard.
22:07:27: Spirited Sneaky puts on the medical. eeeek!Then, he heads to the courtyard.
22:07:36: The Walking Forest Chimentalis not here, but in the courtyard. Always has been.
22:08:03: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna finaly makes it to the door just in time to apparently head to the courtyard.
22:08:20: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn follows everyone to the courtyard.
22:08:31: Clown Princess AliceHeart skips on along to the Courtyard, maybe the fun is there!
22:08:33: William Harrowton Conchor hears the strange man, and decides to head for the courtyard, hands in pockets. This place is rather sppoky.
22:08:46: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "Typically they will have a dragon as a friend, or ssome other good sstanding with them, and they ussually usse lancess."
22:09:25: Young at Heart Praco looks to the courtyard, then back to Kilov. "I see. Hey, do you wanna continue this conversation in the courtyard? I think everyone is going there."
22:09:36: The Dark Lady Kelwine turns and trots after the others.
22:09:45: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "Ssure."
22:09:54: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov walks over in that direction.
22:10:04: Young at Heart Praco smiles and follows Kilov.
22:11:36: Snarky Serpent Telluridly sits down in front of the Armory, looking around. It seems she might have replaced Bob as the guest greeter. The late guest greeter. She attempts to put on her best grin, malicious as it is.
22:15:20: Tefenet enters and goes over to the big dragon. "Hi there."
22:17:41: Tefenet shrugs and follows the sounds of voices.
22:18:14: Snarky Serpent Tellurmay or may not seem a little spaced out. It's the noise.
22:21:28: Devon Ross slowly enters the Foyer, his boots clanking against the stone floor. He stops for a moment to look at what appears to be a Dragon sitting to the side.
22:22:31: Devon Ross turns and keeps walking, entering the door to the Courtyard.
22:40:00: Lance Corporal spacejunkey: greetings
22:40:19: Lance Corporal spacejunkey bows
22:43:38: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia enters hesitantly, embarrassed to be so late. She gives Tellura nod of greeting, and follows the sounds of partying on towards the courtyard.
22:46:28: Second Lieutenant DDR approaches the dragon, and pulls out a little jar with a piece of popeskin stretched over the top. After looking at the sheer size of the dragon, he puts it away again. No, there are littler fish to catch out there, easier fish.
22:47:54: Contestant Pallas Athena dashes in from the courtyard and stops for breath, so many people!
22:49:43: Snarky Serpent Tellurheads out into the courtyard, herself.
23:04:08: Contestant Endarrenters the foyer, hand-in-hand with Rachel. He gestures to the courtyard area.
23:05:20: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper follows along, doing her best to look the right mix of intimidating and daft.
23:18:47: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk enters, carefully walking right on through to the courtyard.
23:23:18: Witch Doctor Makiwa ambles in and stops to admire the pumpkins with their odd faces. After a moment he follows the crowd.
23:32:24: Loin finally makes her way in. "Excuse ud. We just need to go freshon up for a moment" She gestures to her gremlyns
23:32:43: Cantankerous Biggs comes in. He has attempted to dress up as a choirboy, but is not recognisable as such.
23:40:49: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both wander in, and follow their way to the courtyard, both heads looking about curiously in different directions...
23:44:51: Courtesan RoseRed steps in face hidden behind her Vorpal fan as she treads carefully through to the courtyard " I pray this works"
23:46:21: Chivalric Knight Waergian strides through the courtyard.
23:54:36: Sylphic Vertrose wanders into the Foyer, looking about with interest at the gothic decor, thinking the only thing missing was a creepy old butler and a catnakerous maid milling about. Leaving those thoughts behind she wanders towards the courtyard.
00:11:58: First Sergeant Cecil opens the door with a creak. He looks around, and enters discreetly. He's fairly certain that even though the invite said everyone was invited, he still got it by accident. Still, parties mean free food, right? He makes his way to the courtyard...
00:49:42: That Weezle makes his way into the old place, having a bit of a look around. "Bit creepy, ain't it?" He says to himself, rubbing his chin. Well, nothing ventured nothing gained, he supposes, and proceeds onwards towards the courtyard.
00:52:20: Snarky Serpent Tellursticks up a nice little sign. Big arrow pointing to the COURTYARD. Event is /there/.
01:40:31: Pretty Kitty Escemfer slinks in, attracted by the glowing pumpkins. Glowing pumpkins always indicate fun, regardless of how foreboding the rest of the place is!
01:41:06: Pretty Kitty Escemfer spots a sign. "Courtyard?" She hums. There must be... /more pumpkins/ that way! She bounces onward to the courtyard!
01:44:42: Juniper steps into the castle foyer and looks about at the decor. She smiles and heads for the courtyard.
02:09:03: Contestant Eri enters the foyer, cloak swirling about her, eyes peering from her mask. She heads for the courtyard.
02:59:49: Civilian sage wanderer carefully glides into the castle, setting Gleamback on her shoulder. Sage looks about before making her way to the courtyard.
03:10:12: Assassin Isabelle walks through, her heeled boots clicking as the black ribbons on her dress flutter behind her as she goes into the Courtyard.
03:13:15: Assassin Isabelle walks back out, having found the party wsa over.
03:28:15: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut might be seen moving through here, on the back of a sizable golem... made of jawbreaker candy. They move through and disappear out in the jungle, candlewick close behind.
03:49:11: Tenaciously Cage Oukamiexplodes into a cloudthat quickly dissipates.

In the Courtyard

21:33:52: Bug Queen Ferryn strides into the courtyard, two hands lifting her copious skirts off the ground. She makes her way towards the overhang near the chessboard. She /certainly/ must make sure to be here before everyone else.
21:34:58: Contender Rex walks into the Courtyard "Hello? Anyone here?"
21:39:01: Bug Queen Ferryn takes a seat on one of the two especially royal chairs under the overhang, adjusting her skirts and folding her hands over the parcel on her lap.
21:51:40: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahmeanders out and stand sin front of the royal area, staring at Ferryn. "Well you sure look /fancy/."
21:52:09: Contender Rex stands by the door, greeting the newcomers
21:52:26: Barkeepin Mikesits down in the chair next to Ferryn's. /No one would believe how irritated he looks right now/.
21:53:03: Bug Queen Ferryn leans forward, grinning in Kimmy's general direction. "well the sssituation did call for it."She leans back, supressing a cackle, turning to look at Mike. She dumps a brown paper parcel in his lap.
21:54:28: Barkeepin Mikejust gives Ferryn the most /rotten look/. He stares down at the bag and opens it. "You kiddin' me?" He waves the crown at her. Oh what a grump he is.
21:56:02: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahgrins. She goes and sits near the chessboard for now.
21:57:35: Bug Queen Ferryn manages to supress this cackle down to a laugh. 'Go on. put it on."
21:58:26: Snarky Serpent Tellursits down near the garden's entrance, trying to sneak scraps away. She came, as told. Can't have a medieval event without some dragons about. Plenty of those here.
21:59:18: Barkeepin Mike's brows furrow. He rolls his eyes and begins to slip it on, unable to believe just how stupid this whole thing is. Why did they elect him king anyway.
22:00:08: Bug Queen Ferryn turns an unbelievably smug look to Mike. See. he's a /king/.
22:00:50: Masqued Daemion Farseer leads Demonlady in.
22:00:56: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut steps out into the courtyard along with Candlewick, the armored zombie donkey. Pinrut peers around from within the pumpkin and begins to walk further in. His armor /clinking/ and /clanking/.
22:01:06: Barkeepin Mikerubs his wrinkled forehead.
22:02:16: Masqued DemonLady looks around the courtyard, she waves to Pinrut
22:02:40: Contender Rex walks from the door over the the preformers
22:02:43: Masqued Daemion Farseer smiles at the people he recognizes.
22:03:26: Bug Queen Ferryn straightens up a bit, trying to act the part. She ruffles her skirt a bit, and nods, offerin a small wave to all the guests.
22:04:05: Harlequin Zolotistyis slightly overwhelmed. She brushes adjectives off her sleeves (jinglejingle), shakes a runaway clause off her foot, and wanders to a slightly clearer spot in the courtyard to take a breather.
22:04:40: Barkeepin Mike, unlike Ferryn, who is enjoying being a queen, is not enjoying his part at all. He used to hate his job. Compared to this, he's fairly certain that he'd love just being a barkeep again. Yes. Quite.
22:04:45: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut gives a salute to Daemion and Demonlady. He then looks around, trying to decide what to look at first. His eyes catch on the pair in the overhang. He approaches, but stops a bit away. He falls to a knee and lowers his head.
22:06:24: Contender Rex puts his helmet back on "Well, it seems to be getting a but more lively in here"
22:06:24 :: peeks in.
22:06:26: Masqued Daemion Farseer: What shall we do first dearheart?
22:06:39: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac bangs on the bar and shrieks at Mike, "Drinks! Lots o' drinks! Let ever'body drink!"
22:07:11: Bug Queen Ferryn glances down at the... rather small knight, and nods again. She leans over to Mika and whispers. "What do I do with knightsss?"
22:07:14: The slightlyShady Mr Smith wanders in and moves to watch the blacksmith "......"
22:07:23: Contender Rex puts his helmet back on "Well, it certainly seems to be getting a bit more lively in here"
22:07:38: Mother Carlynne enters the Courtyard and immediately stops looking around when her eyes fall onto some Midget Pirate that /most certainly/ isn't one of hers. She yanks herself from Jacques' arm to accost the gentleman. "'oo're yee?! Are yee a skranky?! Macthaggin?"
22:08:24: Spirited Sneaky peeks in, wearing a black and gold medical beaked mask. "Z?"
22:09:15: Bird Bard Deity of Choice alights onto a cherry tree's branch, somewhat above all the hubbub.
22:09:34: William Harrowton Conchor steps into the courtyard, glancing around. Goodness.
22:09:49: Contender Rex walks away from the music to walk in the garden for a little bit
22:09:54: Harlequin Zolotistypeers back toward Sneaky. Jingle."Yeh?"
22:09:56: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridotrots through and stands near the jousting arena. Is he panicked? Yes, quite.
22:10:04: Mother Carlynne is met with mixed curses and other superfluous swearings. She spits, saying "We'll 'av wards latar, yee!" before remembering this is a /halloween/ party. She sniffs "P'raps... p'raps nat, then. Yer feckin' lackin' aut t'night, like."
22:10:21: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov walks into the area.
22:10:23: Snarky Serpent Tellurgets off her rump and heads into the Foyer.
22:10:28: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn walks into the courtyard, absolutely beaming at the wonderful turnout.
22:11:04: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac snarls at Zolotisty, "Are ye jinglin' them bells in morse code ta spell out 'Feck yer Face Black Jacques Chirac'?! Cuz I definitely heard--"
22:11:06: Justa Lady has been here all this time, seated on an ornately carved bench, chewing on a mutton. Snarflnomph.
22:11:17 :: sneaks up behind Ihp.
22:11:28: Young at Heart Praco follows Kilov in.
22:11:36: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn does not seem to notice Zar. Yet.
22:11:38: The Walking Forest Chimentalis at one of the drink vendors. "Pour in sow's blood, that hath eaten her nine farrow; grease that's sweaten From the murderer's gibbet throw into the flame." The vendor raises an eyebrow. "Buddy, we got booze and grape juice." "That'll do."
22:11:46: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna shuffles in slowly
22:12:01 :: pounces!
22:12:18: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods and looks to Praco. "Anything elsse you would like to assk about?"
22:12:21: Spirited Sneaky waves. "Like my mask?", he says cheerily. Sign-up sheet? Challenge the Black Knight? /maybe./
22:12:33: Contender Rex walks back out from the garden, he seems to be zoned out right now
22:12:48: The Dark Lady Kelwine creeps in, tugging at her dress.
22:12:51: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowiggles his arm out at Jacques. He's covered in bells too. /Maybe they're speaking in code about him/.
22:12:52: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn eeks! And flails underneath Zar. "What the?!"
22:13:03: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac nudges Praco. "Ask him why he's dressed like such a berk."
22:13:05: Bug Queen Ferryn offers a somewhat less restrained wave to Justa and someone who jingles and may possibly be Z and she's pretty sure she knows the talking forest.
22:13:07: The slightlyShady Mr Smith glances around, automatically reaching for pockets that...arn't there "...Right"
22:13:08: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut remains kneeling, his head lowered to the King and Queen of the castle. Candlewick has wandered off and is now happily laying down and eating mutton.
22:13:09: Spirited Sneaky snaps back to attention. "Naw, she would have shaken it like /Ring-uh-ding /DING if she were!", smirking evilly.
22:13:14: Young at Heart Praco smiles. "What do you do for fun?"
22:13:14 :: hugs Ihp.
22:13:25: Masqued DemonLady shakes her head, smiling, "I don't know."
22:13:37: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn blinks. "Hey, Zar."
22:13:41: Harlequin Zolotistysounds cheerful beneath the fixed grin of her mask. "Yeh, you have a snoot of magnificence." She gestures outward from her own face.
22:13:44: Bird Bard Deity of Choice looks around a bit before he spies the pond. He flaps over and waits for a fish to reveal itself.
22:13:50: Masqued Daemion Farseer listens to the music. "How about a dance?"
22:13:51: Contender Rex walks over and seats himself at the rather large chess board
22:13:57: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac mutters, "Ring-a-dig-DING.... Ring-A-DING-ding.." He's not sure which is better. Or worse.
22:14:01 Hi.
22:14:09: Barkeepin Mikedoesn't look any /more/ happy that more contestants have come. This just makes it more embarrassing for him.
22:14:15: Young at Heart Praco doesn't even know what a berk is. He decides not to ask.
22:14:20: Masqued DemonLady smiles, "Sure"
22:14:21: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "Practice magic, actually. I'm actually a sspellcasster."
22:14:25: Second Lieutenant DDR: Hello, Zar.
22:14:43: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac shrieks at Mike, "Give ever-body Rum! That makes it simple! Triple shares o' rum fer the whole crew!"
22:14:47: Spirited Sneaky snickers. "Thank you /both/. One moment."amble amble amble, sign up for black knight. /no sneaky no!/
22:15:01: Young at Heart Praco: Really? What kind of magic do you do?
22:15:15: Masqued Daemion Farseer holds out his hand to Demonlady.
22:15:21: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn hugs Zar back. "Good to see ya." He tips an invisible hat at her, and walks over to the black knight sign-up sheet.
22:15:30: Spirited Sneaky signs it EL SNEAKSTER.
22:15:37: Masqued DemonLady takes his hand
22:15:54: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "I'm a Blue Mage. I casst variouss magical techniquess that monssterss usse."
22:16:06: Masqued Daemion Farseer begins to dance. Slowly spinning and dancing with her.
22:16:20: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac calls out, "Group hug! Ladies in the midle!"
22:16:55: Bug Queen Ferryn decides to take Mike's grumpiness as an opportunity to go mingle with the peasantry. She stands, lifting her skirts, and slinking down to the crowds.
22:16:57: Justa Ladypauses, mid-eating, to blink at the Bug Queen. She manages a small nod. /Hello/. Glances back towards the thickening crowd, content.
22:17:03: Contender Rex looks around, thinking about what to do
22:17:15: Young at Heart Praco smiles. "Oooh, so like those weird bolt things the monster shaped like uh..." He draws the @ symbol in the air. "Like that! Can you do that?!"
22:17:27: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut, feeling his respects are payed, slowly stands back to his feet. He gives a final bow to the King and Queen before retreating. He walks over towards the jousting arena.
22:17:29: Spirited Sneaky sits back down, near Mister Chirac and Miss Z, cross-legged. "Himister Jack."
22:17:29: Mother Carlynne attempts to look tough as she walks away, this is quite difficult, in a Nun's habit.
22:17:39: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn takes out a pen and signs the sign-up sheet as Issac Pickman (Ihpkmn).
22:17:40: Masqued DemonLady laughs a little at Jacques, but also makes sure she's out of the way
22:17:52: Spirited Sneaky peers closer. "Training for another Rank 7 I see."
22:17:53: Clown Princess AliceHeart skips inside and peers around the place. It's quite huge. She could probably get lost just in this one single room. Alice just twiddles her thumbs while looking around.
22:18:19: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "Umm... I'm not ssure what you mean by that. What iss that exactly?"
22:18:32: Contestant Pallas Athena follows in after Alice, trying to avoid being stepped on.
22:18:47: The Walking Forest Chimentalinhales deeply, the smell of food, Jacques, alcohol, Jacques, the many species, Jacques, and Jacques fill the air. "Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air." I don't care. I'm using quotes from the book.
22:18:52: William Harrowton Conchor fidgets quietly, looking around. He doesn't know where to start, he could get lost in here. /Lost/.
22:19:01: Harlequin Zolotisty's face is getting sweaty. She shies away from the group hug business, skirting around Sneaky to inspect Justa. "What is that meats."
22:19:08: Bug Queen Ferryn makes her way towards the midget handing out drinks, smiling (lips closed /lips closed/) as she accepts juice.
22:19:21: Tha Dawg: shuffles into the Courtyard
22:19:26: Contender Rex walks to the jousting arena, signing up for the Black Knight challange laughing to himself "This should be easy"
22:19:28: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac waves at Sneaky. "Howzit, ye sneaky bastich?"
22:19:51: Masqued Daemion Farseer dips Demonlady, smiling.
22:19:54: Young at Heart Praco bounces up and down on the balls of his feet. "It's a monster in the jungle. Looks like that symbol, runs around screaming about some Amulet of Yendor, then uses a little wand to shoot these painful black bolts of stuff at you."
22:19:56: Clown Princess AliceHeart looks over her shoulder and grins at Athena. Almost instinctively, Alice reaches out to poke her stomach.
22:20:04: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut stares at the area, at the benches, the lances, and then at the signup sheet. He pulls out a quill and signs his name all fancy on the list.
22:20:24: Spirited Sneaky smirks. "Pretty good. Took /lots/ of pics, and I want one of you. Ifyou don't mind."
22:20:35: Justa Bird gives Chinmetal a nonplussed look before she notices the Zolo. "Hm?"she says. "Oh. Is that you, Zot -- Z?"
22:20:41: Spirited Sneaky holds out his camera.
22:20:45: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn walks around for a bit, and makes his way over to the joker doing acrobatics.
22:20:49: Contestant Pallas Athena mreows and leaps up, she bolts up Alice's arm to protect her stomach against Alice's shoulder.
22:20:52: Contender Rex walks to a bench to enjoy they joust "This is going to rock"
22:21:02: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac is puzzled. "Pics? Took? One of me?" He thinks a few seconds. Then he adds for clarity, "Pics?"
22:21:08: Mother Carlynne sits daintily next to Jacques "Luv! Dan't warry ''bout tha' pirate midjit ovar yondar, 'ee's jes' /dressed ap/ as a pirate, bet 'ee ain't wan, like." she nods seriously.
22:21:18: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov shrugs. "Haven't seen that yet, but I'm ssure I could learn how to do that if I ever met one."
22:21:19: Justa glances down at her plate. "Um. Think its sheep. Mutton. Kind of . . . stringy."She raises her plate. "Would you like to try?"
22:21:20: Bird Bard Deity of Choice sees movement and /dives/, talons outstretched. Two seconds later, a squack and he flaps erratically, a skeletal fish clamped on a claw. "Gerrit off! Ah'm s'posed tuh eat /hue/, ya feckin fish!"
22:21:37: Spirited Sneaky turns the camera around, showing a picture of miss spandex being kicked in the gut by a small wooden horse.
22:21:42: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac looks around wildly. "What? What feckin' midget pirate? Where?"
22:21:45: The Walking Forest Chimentalsees that a certain buglady is in his midst. "I wouldst bow with all my might, your majesty, if I wasn't a group of old wooden trees."
22:21:51: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna gets a huge chunk of mutton and sits in the stands to watch the jousting
22:21:56: Wee KittyMaiden itchysuit saunters in, hoping her chainmail protects her from any random stopping. She sticks to the wall, admiring the atmosphere.
22:22:17: Young at Heart Praco nodnods. "You should. Those things hurt. Could probably get alot of use out of it. How do you learn other things spells anyways? Do you have a spell-copying spell?"
22:22:18: Spirited Sneaky clicks to another picture, this one of spandex using a fingergun to stick Bob up from behind.
22:22:27: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac looks back at Sneaky. "Oh, ye have one o' them camera thingies. Sure, why not. Take me good side." You would be hard pressed to find a good side.
22:22:39: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut puts away the quill. He signed up, so for now, is business here was done. He glances around and walks over to the blacksmith. He watches her work for a while.
22:22:45: Justa Bird stares helplessly at a cap-wearing osprey. With slow movements, she lowers her plate down just slightly.
22:22:56: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridois kind of glad he can't tell what Sneaky's showing off.
22:23:01: Spirited Sneaky says "Mate, if I find one of /those/..."as he stands up and focuses. "Where's female you?"
22:23:06: Harlequin Zolotistytaps at her mask, clicking a claw over the fangs of its grin. "I can't,"she says sadly. "Mutton is from sheeps, yeh? They make yarn." She nods sagely to herself, convinced she's found the right link between stringy meat and skeins of fiber.
22:23:37: Spirited Sneaky says "Oh, give me a nice /meaningful/ shot, Pinhead."
22:23:39: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov shakes his head. "I learn techniquess from monssterss when they usse them on me."
22:23:53: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac points. She's sitting next to him.
22:24:00: Tha Dawg: spies a small figure that looks like a familar face and heads in that direction.
22:24:05: Bug Queen Ferryn sips carefully at the drink in hand - grape juice, she thinks. She smiles in the direction of the forest, not entirely sure where to look. She laughs lightly, curtsying to the forest. "It issss good to ssee you after ssso long, my friendss."
22:24:05: Clown Princess AliceHeart breaks into a giggling fit when she finds a kitten in her shoulder. She really does like cats. Unable to help herself, Alice reaches up and starts petting the kitty.
22:24:05: Masqued Daemion Farseer twirls Demonlady, smiling.
22:24:11: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac wiggles his willy at Sneaky's camera.
22:24:26: Young at Heart Praco blinks and then winces. "So.... you'd have to get hit by the painful bolt. That... doesn't sound fun."
22:24:33: The slightlyShady Mr Smith watches Pinrut out of the corner of his eye, face still turned twards the blacksmith "....Ello"
22:24:40: Spirited Sneaky /clicks!/
22:24:49: Justa Bird stares at hermask for a moment before nodding. /Right. Masquerade/. "Oh."Beat. "It doesn't taste like yarn, I don't think . . ."
22:24:57: Contestant Pallas Athena purrs and nuzzles into Alice's hand, her name tag glitters.
22:25:03: Barkeepin Mikeglances sideways at Ferryn. With this horrible /look/ of an old grumpy man.
22:25:09: Masqued DemonLady smiles, Dancing with daemion
22:25:10: Bird Bard Deity of Choice circles above the party-goers heads, spewing curses. The small man clinging desperately to his back is able to loosen the fish's grip with his lute and it goes falling. The fish. It falls. Right onto a plate.
22:25:12: Contender Rex get up, it's obvious he won't be up for a long time
22:25:26: Spirited Sneaky /tried/ to not make the willy the most prominent portion of the shot.
22:25:29: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac narrows his eyes at Mike. "Where the hell are them triple rum rations?"
22:25:35: Wee KittyMaiden itchysuit sees Dawg approach and waves excitedly, then remembers she's supposed to be acting evil.
22:25:45: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "Learning mosst of my sspells weren't either."
22:25:51: Mother Carlynne realizes too late that Jacques was posing in a picture right next to her! And she had her finger jammed up her nose, alas.
22:25:59: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn walks around, grabbing some food with his tentacles. The poor bastard handing out mutton nearly has a heart attack.
22:26:27: Harlequin Zolotistyconsiders. "What about. Felt."
22:26:30: Clown Princess AliceHeart squints her eyes while reading the name tag and grins. Now the different coloured eyes make sense. She prods Athena a few times, wondering if she can speak in this form.
22:26:30: Barkeepin Mikefolds his arms over at the follow barking up at him "How ammI 'posed to know?" Not like he's supposed to be the king or anything.
22:26:34: Young at Heart Praco: Maybe you could get a monster to use a spell-copying spell on you, then you could just copy spells.
22:27:02: The Walking Forest Chimental would bow back, but like he said..."Believe me, fair lady, the pleasure is mine." A vine produces a leg of lamb. "Would you care partake in this haunch of swine." That's not pork. /You rhyme then!/
22:27:07: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut makes not a sound, but nods his pumpkin'd head to acknowledge that he heard.
22:27:07: Justa Bird reaches a knuckle underneath the swooping nose of her mask to rub at the sweat collecting there. Thinks. "No,"she concludes. "No, does not taste like felt."
22:27:11: Tha Dawg: I was hoping that was you. How have you been Itchy?
22:27:20: Tefenet enters, looking around and walks into Ihp. "OhI'msosorryI, oh, Ihp, sorry."
22:27:26: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "Maybe, but I'd have to find a monsster that can do that. And I'm not limited to sspellss either."
22:27:32: Spirited Sneaky turns the camera around, holding it out to show both Jacques and Girl Jacques. "See?"The crowd was kept out of the shot for the /most/ part, focusing on the two subjects and the immediate area.
22:27:32: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac clambers to the bar and starts slapping it. "Rum, man! The people crave rum! What kind o' booze-slinger are ye?"
22:27:54: Second Lieutenant DDR says "Tentacles? I can fix that for you, Ihpkmn." He pats his doctor's case, twice.
22:27:56: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn wonders how Tef recognized him... he's wearing a costume. Anyway, "Hey, Tef. Glad to see you made it."
22:27:57: Mother Carlynne wants rum "I want rum!" she provides helpfully. A few confused moments pass as she tries to hone in on a single conversation, this leads her to stare around the courtyard with a dumbstruck expression across her face.
22:28:00: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowanders over to the jousting sign up sheet and taps at it with his cane. "Anyone interested in the tournament for jousting, please sign up here." He doesn't write his own name down. Bob couldn't /joust/ is his life depended on it.
22:28:23: Young at Heart Praco: Yeah, I don't know any monsters that do that. But what kinda things can you copy?
22:28:39: Wee KittyMaiden itchysuit curtsies as best she can in the heavy mail. "I've been delightfully busy killing things! Soon off to tea." She makes a face then shakes it off, "But never mind that, how are you?"
22:28:55: Contender Rex looks around for someone to talk to, he is fairly bored
22:28:58: Masqued Daemion Farseer twirls her again and kisses her. "Having fun dearheart?"
22:28:58: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac shrieks, "Jousting is fer feckin' sissies! The trick is ta get up nice an' cozy wif a teeny little knife! From behind!" Then he falls off the bar.
22:29:09: Bug Queen Ferryn nibbles just the littlest bit at the offered lamb. "Perhapssss something lessss... messssy?" Wandering around with meat juice dripping on her dress is not very queenlike.
22:29:09: Justa Birddrops her hand and picks up a piece (unbitten) and direct it towards Z's hand. "You can try it. And if you don't like it, you can give it back to me? Um. Just -- y'know. The parts that haven't been in your mouth."
22:29:11: Tefenet: I didn't think I'd come at first, but it seems like a lot of fun.
22:29:22: Devon Ross marches in from the Foyer, his boots clacking on the floor. He stops just in front of the entrance and looks about, examining the festivities.
22:29:23: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "Usually one thing from each monsster. Thosse thingss are quite varied, though."
22:29:29: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn nods. "It's gonna be great."
22:29:32: Spirited Sneaky calls out "Oh, just /shoot/ 'em with your flintlock!"
22:29:38: William Harrowton Conchor is a bit lost, so he wanders around for a bit before noticing that there's a sign up sheet for some sort of jousting. "Jousting... a game between two knights... interesting." He pauses for a moment to wonder if he shoudl sign up or not.
22:30:01: Masqued DemonLady smiles, nodding "Aye"
22:30:09: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac yells from the floor, "Go ahead an' sign up, ye albino egghead!"
22:30:15: Justa Bird perks her head up at the sound of jousting. Is that a kind of eating contest?
22:30:16: Tefenet: Hmm, jousting. I wonder if I should sign up?
22:30:18: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowanders over to Jacques and peers over him "If it's for sissies, how come you don't get up there and defeat the champion?"
22:30:18: The slightlyShady Mr Smith's hands move to one of the several pockets sewn into the inide of the apron "Care for a muffin?"
22:30:32: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn shrugs. "If you want."
22:30:44: The Dark Lady Kelwine glances around, a bit flustered by the /sheer amount of people/.
22:30:47: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac can't decide if he's being complimented on his might or being called a sissy.
22:30:48: Mother Carlynne hears "The parts that haven't been in your mouth" and decides /that's/ the conversation she wants to be a part of "What're we pettin' en mauths, eh?" she asks Justa, expression eager.
22:30:50: Young at Heart Praco: So what kinda things have you learned?
22:31:07: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridomaaay or may not be calling him a sissy.
22:31:10: Second Lieutenant DDR wanders over to the sign-up sheet for jousting. Hesatating... should he do it? Yes. Yes... he really should. How bad could it go? He puts his name down.
22:31:40: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut stares at the muffin from the small eyeholes carved in the pumpkin. He shakes his head slowly and gestures to the pumpkin he was wearing over his head. There was no mouth carved. and for good reason too.
22:31:41: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "A few healing sspellss, a few sspellss that causse sstatuss effectss, and a few offenssive sspellss."
22:31:42: Contender Rex walks over to Bob "Excuse me, but when exactly will this jousting contest start?"
22:31:45: William Harrowton Conchor casts a glance in the saint's (in quotations) direction. "Maybe I will, /s-sir/." He fumbles about for a moment to find something he could write with, eventually producing a pen. /scribble scribble/ there.
22:31:48: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac belches, "I can kick anyone's arse! Cept Jakell. An' Albert. An' a few other bastiches..."
22:31:49: Masqued Daemion Farseer smiles and kisses her again. "I'm glad."
22:31:51: The Walking Forest Chimental jokes. "I hope you're not requesting a salad." "Hey, band! Play us a ballad!"
22:31:54: Contestant Pallas Athena mews and bats at Alice's hand. Nope.
22:31:56: Tha Dawg: I am well. I found my Place! Thank you for the help with my spotty memories.
22:32:04: Tefenet spots Kel and wavewaves at her.
22:32:22: Spirited Sneaky says "You sure can, Stubby!"
22:32:26: The Dark Lady Kelwine nods politely at Tefenet.
22:32:38: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido: At the challenger area of the jousting arena, the various types of horses occasionally glance outwardly toward the contestants signing up.
22:32:57: Wee KittyMaiden itchysuit's face brightens, forgetting her costume again, "That's great! Did finding it help you remember other things?"
22:33:09: Justa would nod in sympathy with Kelwine. Hence, why she is seated in the periphery! Away from danger and mass hugging, yes. A glance towards Carly. A moment to decipher the words from herthick accent, then -- "Oh! Mutton."
22:33:19: Young at Heart Praco: A status effect? I mean... most spells effect the status of something just being used right?
22:33:21: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridotaps his waist "The jousting will start when we get some folks interested!"
22:33:23: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac cheers! He sure can. Where's his drink?
22:33:30: Devon Ross plods to a nearby bench, and sits down. Parties are fun and all, but usually he's /terrible/ at them...
22:33:40: The slightlyShady Mr Smith nods and tucks the muffin back into a pocket "Right...I'm Smith"
22:33:53: Bug Queen Ferryn loses composure for a moment, scowling at the offer of a salad. Uck. She turns her attention away from the conversational foilage for a moment, glancing around at the guests. She smiles, for once not being a horrid strange beasty thing.
22:34:05: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov chuckles. "Like poisson or sslow or sstuff like that."
22:34:18: William Harrowton Conchor decides to wait pariently, arms crossed. Not like he's going anywhere anytime soon.
22:34:27: Masqued DemonLady smiles, looking around, she's feeling a bit overwhelmed at all of the people, but is still enjoying herself
22:34:52: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn walks around for a bit more, and eventually makes his way over to Ferryn. He bows. "Your majesty."
22:34:56: Young at Heart Praco considers signing up, but he has no idea what jousting is. Praco decides that competeing in something unknown is a bad idea. "So you have spells that poison things, and spells that slosw things down?"
22:35:10: Mother Carlynne frowns "Tha's a lat less excitin' than I thaght et'd be. Can I 'ave sam, then?" she sniffs, looking around in time to see her husband getting pressed into a Jousting tournament. She sighs a bit
22:35:28: The Walking Forest Chimentallooks to Bob. "A jousting battle! What this party needs!" "I'd volunteer but I'm afraid I might eat the steed." I think that horse sighed in relief.
22:35:34: Barkeepin Mike's Old Man Irritated Grump Look seems pinpointed on Ihp, right now.
22:35:36: Tefenet nods and heads over to sign up for jousting. /Oh my goodness what the hell did I just do?!?/
22:35:50: Clown Princess AliceHeart patpats Athena's head a few times and peers around. A sly little grin crosses her expression and she skips over to Jacques. The aura of rum around him is already overpowering and he doesn't even have a drink in hand yet.
22:35:53: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna wonders if that sneaky lion is the black knight as she munches on mutton waiting for the jousting to begin
22:36:07: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "One each. I sshould try that joussting tournament." He walks over to it.
22:36:28: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac looks up at Alice. "If ye were wearin' a skirt, I'd be able ta see up it."
22:36:34: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut nods to Lord Smith. It is truly an honor to meet you Lard Smith. I am known as Pinrut. While mostly unknown though, at this time, I am a Knight -errant and will achieve fame and glory before long.he writes in a notebook.
22:36:35: Young at Heart Praco follows Kilow curiously. "You good at jousting?"
22:36:39: Bug Queen Ferryn nods to Ihpkmn, and dips herself in a slight curtsey. "Greetingssss. I hope the food issss to your tassste?"
22:37:19: Clown Princess AliceHeart grins when she hears Jacques. For now, she doesn't say anything, just reaches out with one arm while wriggling her fingers and trying to grab one of the arrows sticking out of his body.
22:37:25: Tha Dawg: I have not done well in that, but it feels like home. And that is a good thing.
22:37:26: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn nods. "It is." He grabs another bit of meat using his tendrils, causing the server to faint. He lifts up his mask to eat it.
22:37:28: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "Not exactly, but I'm willing to try."
22:37:38: Masqued Daemion Farseer dips her again.
22:37:38: Devon Ross turns to look at the signup sheet. Wonder what's all the hubbub over there?
22:38:01: Captain Nitouche glances about the room -- such a lovely party. She smiles, sips her drink, and retreats to the shadows.
22:38:01: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac winces. "Ooch!"
22:38:05: Young at Heart Praco: So you know what jousting is exactly? I'm still trying to figure that out.
22:38:08: Bug Queen Ferryn cackles, but she manages to keep the volume to a minimum. Must keep up the good behaviour.
22:38:09: Masqued DemonLady giggles a little, enjoying the dance
22:38:21: Contestant Pallas Athena rides on Alice's shoulder for a while before glancing around. She hops off and trots over to Ross, seeking scritches.
22:38:21: Spirited Sneaky looks around, eyes going a bit blurry and blank. /So many people.../
22:38:28: Wee KittyMaiden itchysuit nods seriously in agreement. She looks Dawg's costume up and down, "Are you planning on jousting?" Her voice almost squeaks as she asks.
22:38:31: The slightlyShady Mr Smith chuckles "I'm no lord...I wish you fair luck with your quest"
22:38:33: Assacura clanks in and mistakes the jousting sign up for a guest list and signs. Then she looks around a little.
22:38:53: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac pronouces, "Jousting is like sex. Two people, running toward each other with long sticks, try ta overpower each other."
22:38:54: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "Yess. It'ss where two people with lancess charge toward each other on ssome ssort of mount, ussually a horsse."
22:39:00: Contender Rex snaps back, he seems to have been out of it for quite a while
22:39:15: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn chokes on his meat as he overhears Jacques.
22:39:19: Clown Princess AliceHeart acks and flinches back. "Ooooo! Those are real?!"
22:39:23: Tha Dawg: I don't think I should- to be honest, I can barely see out of this thing.
22:39:24: Justa draws her gaze away from the sparkscoming from the direction of the robot blacksmithfrom afar. A blink to resettle her gaze back on the Pirate Queen. A nod. "Yes! Yes, of course, here."
22:39:28: Mother Carlynne calls to Jacques "We gain' t'play Hidey-Habit latar, luv!?" she seems to have just remembered how much fun that game is. Probably nothing to do with that jousting comment, nope.
22:39:37: Young at Heart Praco gulps a little. "Lances? You mean those things that are like giant metal spikes?"
22:39:39: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov signs up for the jousting.
22:39:39: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut nods. Your faith in me shall no go wanting good Sir.he writes.
22:39:43: Tefenet turns a bit purple as she blushes at Jacques' comment.
22:39:58: Justa offers the plate to Carlynne. It seems neverending, that pile of mutton, which means to say that, yes, it is a /challenge/. Eat me.
22:40:03: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods to Praco, and holds up his. "Yess."
22:40:12: Contender Rex removes his helmet "Why did I bring this, I can hardly see a thing with it on"
22:40:18: The Dark Lady Kelwine sniffs a bit and needs no other motivation than that to go and start piling food onto a plate.
22:40:28: Justa Bird pushes her bird's mask back up on her face. /Whups/.
22:40:31: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoleans over and nudges Praco softly "We're going to stick some blockers on the tips so no one gets hurt bad."
22:41:05: Wee KittyMaiden itchysuit giggles and knocks against the helmet, then makes a startled face. "Oooh! Was that too loud.. sorry!"
22:41:18: Bird Bard Deity of Choice lands on the back of one of the fancy chairs and inspects his claw. "Bloody fish nea'ly took a toe off. Who duh hell puts a zombie fish inna pond?" The small man points to Mike. He's got the crown after all.
22:41:20: Young at Heart Praco's pupils shrink. "I-I see... um... guess I'n gonna pass." He looks to Bob. "Oh. That's good! Still, the idea makes me a tad nervous."
22:41:20: Contender Rex turns to Bob "Booo! It's not jousting if there is no chance of a fatality!"
22:41:24: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahmay or may not be hauling around pillows right now, actually. Get the lance, stick it on the lance, get it secure, all that fun stuff. She's doing this with /every single lance/.
22:41:33: Masqued Daemion Farseer lifts her up into the air and spins once before setting her down.
22:41:40: Comrade Sergei enters the courtyard, wiping blood off of his saber. "I hope I'm not late..."
22:41:45: Second Lieutenant DDR: Plus, I hear it'll be Stechzeug style jousting - you aim for the shoulder, so no one should get too badly imaled.
22:41:55: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn coughs a bit, and wanders over to Kel. "Hey again."
22:41:58: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov watches, wondering why that's happening.
22:42:03: Contestant Pallas Athena hops onto the bench by Ross and nudges his hand.
22:42:08: Tefenet heads to the drinks and her fish tail extends, wavewaving at the server, who goes deathly pale. Quite good for a ghost costume. She gets her drink and looks around.
22:42:13: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowrinkles his nose "It'll be less fun for people to actually get /hurt/. Falling down is funny enough."
22:42:20: The slightlyShady Mr Smith nods and flashes him a breif grin "Cours it won't"
22:42:24: Tha Dawg:clasps his head in his hands while swaying to and fro
22:42:25: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac says to Alice, "I shot meself wif a bow an' arrow."
22:42:27: Devon Ross slowly stands up (It's quite hard to move in this armor..), and makes his way to the Jousting sign up sheet. He leans in, looking at the sheet inquisitively... or he might be. It's hard to see his face in the helmet.
22:42:28: Mother Carlynne has never met an "Eat Me" challenge she didn't enjoy. She takes a hunk of mutton in each hand and begins to take alternating bites between them. Mouthfulls of meat chewed open and loud wet /Squlsh Scmack/sounds. Juices dripping down her chin.
22:42:30: Young at Heart Praco: I wish you luck in the Jousting Tournament then. I'll try to watch as best as possible.
22:42:31: The Dark Lady Kelwine turns slowly to face Ihp, a piece of meat poking out of her mouth slightly, as she continues to try to force it down.
22:42:42: Spirited Sneaky pokes at Kelwine with his mask beakwhile in line for food.
22:42:52: Bug Queen Ferryn makes her way through the crowds, nodding to the guests. She approaches Justa, a smile on her face, hand extended. "I ssssee you are enjoying the provisssions."
22:42:55: Second Lieutenant DDR says, "There'll be a doctor, if anything goes wrong."
22:42:57: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods.
22:43:12: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn smiles a bit. "Enjoying yourself, I see."
22:43:19: Young at Heart Praco smiles to Kilov.
22:43:19: Contender Rex "Yes, but I have signed up and completely accept the fact that it is dangerous"
22:43:21: Wee KittyMaiden itchysuit acks! and tries to steady Dawg to no avail. "Oh! my! Sorry!"
22:43:34: Second Lieutenant DDR: Probably.
22:43:51: The Dark Lady Kelwine grins and clears her throat after swallowing the food. "Yes!"
22:43:58: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridogives the /king/ a sideways stare. If he values his normal job, he will be following Ferryn around.
22:44:01: Contestant Pallas Athena hops off the bench and runs around, dashing between people's feet and trying not to be crushed.
22:44:02: Suave, smooth, and Hairless is a bit of a stiff at parties usually, but he makes an effort to loosen up a little. he signs up for the jousting, wondering if he can use his own mount.
22:44:10: The Dark Lady Kelwine gives a nod to Sneaky. "Hi."
22:44:26: Clown Princess AliceHeart pokes one of the protruding arrow tips from Jacques' body. "Really? But why hog all the fun? You could've let someone else do it for you!"
22:44:27: Justa Birdwatches Carlynne with the quietly adoring gaze of someone who's met a kindred spirit. A blink, a winkof her mask in the light as it turns and then, "Oh. Ah, hello."
22:44:27: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut nods, and then salutes. I must be off now. There is a tournament to enter.he writes, before putting away his notebook and walking off towards the jousting area. His armor /clinking/ and /clancking/.
22:44:28: Barkeepin Mikeever so /slowly/ gets up and meanders behind Ferryn.
22:44:41: Lance Corporal spacejunkey: greetings and salutations!
22:44:42: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn lifts up his mask up. "Glad to hear it!"
22:44:55: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac growls, "Who'm I gonna trust ta do it right?"
22:45:08: Spirited Sneaky says "Have not seen each other in a while Vivi. Howdy."
22:45:18: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov smiles back to Praco.
22:45:26: Justa Birdwipes meat juice off of her hand against the wood of the stone of the bench before grasping Ferryn's hand and giving it a brief shake. "Are, um, you? In general, I mean . . ."
22:45:42: Young at Heart Praco: So is there anything we should get done before the tournament begins?
22:45:47: The Dark Lady Kelwine nods again. "Hello-Hello." She sticks another piece of meat into her mouth. This one is smaller.
22:46:00: Justa Birdgives the sneaking barkeepera curious look.
22:46:06: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn grins at Sneaky. "Hello again."
22:46:07: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoclears his throat again "Whoever wants to go jousting first, speak up. We can go ahead and start it."
22:46:14: Tha Dawg: flops with an "Omph" narrowly missing Itchy. "No jousting for me I'm afraid"
22:46:26: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac leaps to his feet, ready for action! Then he stands around.
22:46:33: The slightlyShady Mr Smith smiles and waves "Fair fighting and glory to your house"
22:46:38: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna grins as the jousting is going to begin
22:46:47: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov shrugs. "Not ssure." He looks at Bob. "I'd be willing to go firsst."
22:46:57: Devon Ross keeps staring at the Jousting sign-up. Should he go for it? It looks like fun... "Hrmph..."
22:46:58: Bug Queen Ferryn laughs. "I do not believe anyone sssshall be... /tasssted/ today, no. It is not an action befitting a queen."Yeah, she's on good behaviour.
22:47:07: William Harrowton Conchor opens his mouth to speak up, before he shuts it. He'll probably just wait. He gives a quick glance to the jousting area. "Now this'll be fun..." /'Maybe, Will.'/
22:47:11: Young at Heart Praco: Think I jinxed it there...
22:47:14: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahmakes sure she's done making the lances all not-so-deadly, and heads over toward the benches to watch.
22:47:15: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut approaches the woman who is preparing the lances. He crosses his arm over his breastplate in a salute before holding out his own lance to her. His code required him to play by the rules. But he did not wish to part with his lance.
22:47:19: Contender Rex "I'll go after him then" He then walks over the nearest bench in the jousting arena
22:47:30: Clown Princess AliceHeart taps her lips a few times and shrugs. "I don't know! It looks like you just shot yourself and were lucky to not hit any vital spots." She also raises her hand to volunteer for the jousting. Jousting sounds like fun! And like sex!
22:47:45: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahsalutes the knight as she scampers.
22:47:53: The Walking Forest Chimental: A booming voice echoes throughout the Courtyard. "/I/ shall joust first." A chilled gust of wind bellows through the area.
22:47:53: Mother Carlynne only just catches a friendly wink, which she returns , grinning through stuffed cheeks of meat. She wipes the dribble from her chin on her sleeve, swallowing loudly before taking another pair of /scrrrlp grom schnarp omn grom/bites.
22:48:20: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov watches, and listens. "Hmm... who'ss that?"
22:48:26: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia enters quietly, smiling greetings (only part-seen behind her mask) and looking about to attempt to catch up what she's missed. Food, and ... imminent jousting?
22:48:30: Major General Thor Thafrij makes a cautious appearance
22:48:35: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn shudders at the sudden wind.
22:48:38: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido's ears lower at the voice. He turns and peers curiously.
22:48:46: William Harrowton Conchor hears a voice, shuddering a bit. Chilly.
22:48:47: Masqued DemonLady turns at the sound of the voice, she grabs Daemion's hand "Let's go watch"
22:48:54: The Dark Lady Kelwine's chewing slows to a stop, ears twitching. She hates it when the wind blows in her ears. /They're like big wind-scoops/.
22:49:11: Devon Ross turns 'round, looking for the source of the sudden voice. He sounds grouchy!
22:49:16: Assacura looks around. Who had the booming voice?
22:49:18: Young at Heart Praco looks round for the source of the voice. "I should take my seat." He slinks over to a nice front-row seat.
22:49:24: Contender Rex looks up, suprised at the sudden voice
22:49:29: Bug Queen Ferryn glances voicewards, antennae twitching.
22:49:35: Bird Bard Deity of Choice bunches up his feathers at the wind.
22:49:39: Tefenet was about to go next but paused at the big booming voice. Who the!?
22:49:41: Lance Corporal spacejunkeyscoffs at the voice
22:49:44: The Black Knight stands at one end of the arena, towering over the guests. A pair of menacing green eyes peek out from beneath the pitch black armor. His horse looks just as friendly, pitch black and armored, and spitting foam.
22:49:44: Masqued Daemion Farseer smiles and follows.
22:50:00: Justa Birdstraightens in her seat, recognizing the voice, the inflections, the hiss. "Oh! Oh, it's you, Fe --"She cuts herself short, reminds herself that this is a /masquerade party/. Identities must be concealed! "Um. That's good! Yes."
22:50:25: Wee KittyMaiden itchysuit looks down at Dawg on the ground and sits on his chest. "Mind if I watch from here?"
22:50:29: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov watches, looking around for the voice, before noticing the Black Knight. He looks around for a steed to get on, and readies his lance, on the other side of the arena.
22:50:41: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac looks over at Thor from his perch on the bar. "Hoy, ye're not in costume, ye old mummer."
22:50:55: Second Lieutenant DDR starts to sidle over to the jousting area, trying to get himself in a good spot to watch the action.
22:51:13: The Walking Forest Chimentalstares at the gentleman. "By the pricking of my thumb. Something wicked this way comes." Oh /now/ you start quoting.
22:51:14: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridostares at the Knight. He nods "Fine then. Go and get yourself ready, sir."
22:51:20: The slightlyShady Mr Smith turns slowly twards the jousting areana, spareing a glance for theKnight "This sould be...interesting"
22:51:21: Bird Bard Deity of Choice snorts at the Black Knight's entrance.
22:51:23: Spirited Sneaky turns to the Black Knight /sharp/. "Well, check /him/ out!"
22:51:25: Contender Rex "Holy crap, that's the black knight? Hehe, this should be alot more intresting than I thought."
22:51:39: Justa Birdgoes ahead and offers Carlynne the rest of her plate. It's oddly soothing to watch the Pirate Qu -- er, Mother eat.
22:51:48: Bug Queen Ferryn glances towards her throne. "I believe I sssshould return... You are welcome to join me at any point." She strides back through the crowd to return to her seat.
22:51:51: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna boos at the black knight "booooo"
22:51:54: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn seems to shrink a little as he sees the Knight. /I have to joust against /HIM/?!/
22:51:55: The Dark Lady Kelwine slowly resumes her chewing. /Chewchew/. Not like a train. That's /choochoo/.
22:52:17: William Harrowton Conchor glances over, noting the Knight. He pauses for a moment to pull down his hood, almost dramatically. "O-Oh my..."
22:52:17: Devon Ross moves to the outskirts of the Jousting area, folding his arms and watching the two on the field.
22:52:18: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov casts Angel Whisper on himself, just to be sure. He finds a horse and mounts it.
22:52:26: Tha Dawg: Please do, I'd love the company.
22:52:30: Major General Thor Thafrij sees a face he recognises and wanders over to Jaques, "Yes I am, " he says, indicating the robes
22:52:48: Assacura tilts her head slightly at seeing the Black Knight. Hmm...
22:53:00: Snarky Serpent Tellurslinks by and sits at the benches near the arena. Oh look. People and stuff.
22:53:02: Bird Bard Deity of Choice to his diminutive lute player says "He looks bloody ridicalus. And dat 'orse. Betcha it cost im a 'old country."
22:53:06: Young at Heart Praco stands on his tippy toes in order to see the arena clearly.
22:53:08: Justa Birdglances back to Ferryn and the susurrus of her clothes. "Oh, yes. Of course." A nod.
22:53:36: Young at Heart Praco looks to Tellur and shrinks down a little nervously.
22:53:39: Wee KittyMaiden itchysuit nods and smiles, curling up to watch. Her tails swishes.
22:53:47: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac scoffs at the Black Knight. "Scoff! Scoff, ye feckin' duffer!"
22:53:56: Clown Princess AliceHeart pats her shoulder and frowns, realizing that she's suddenly catless. "Athena! Where'd you run off to?!"
22:53:57: Justa Birdsits up a bit straighter to see what the commotion is all about.
22:54:02: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut takes a seat on one of the benches to watch the first joust. As quiet as ever.
22:54:04: The Black Knight bellows. "I am already prepared." The figure raises his hand. A dark lance seemed to appear out of the fog, the tip razor sharp, and no sign of a pillow.
22:54:34: Mother Carlynne waves a greasy hand at Thor before greedily accepting Justa's plate. She plonks down cross-legged into the grass and tucks in, slick fingers shoveling bite after savory bite into shiny maw. /Schrp sclup chomp/. She looks up at the commotion.
22:54:37: Contender Rex shouts "There we go Black Knight! Show 'em no mercy!"
22:54:52: Masqued Daemion Farseer smiles as he watches.
22:55:03: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov watches. /I
t'ss a good thing I casst that sspell on mysself. I won't be sstaying down for long if I'm hit./
22:55:07: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowatches him. "Alright." He certainly hopes this newcomer will take it easy.
22:55:11: Tefenet starts thinking that maybe her signing up wasn't such a good idea. Eh! Too late now. She selects a lance from the set, and tests its weight..
22:55:16: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac shrieks, "Har! A lance! What, are ye afraid ta get too close? Afraid ye'll get sucker-punched?" Then he falls off the bar again.
22:55:19: Masqued DemonLady looks around quickly, wondering if she has time to run and get a drink
22:55:35: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna boos the black knight again " boooo get a pillow on that lance boooooooooooooo"
22:55:48: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov readies his lance, and prepares to charge at the Knight. He might just use magic here.
22:55:57: Bug Queen Ferryn frowns at the new Knight, but she stays silent.
22:55:57: Justa Birdblanches at the lance.She darts a look towards Carly, asks, "Um! Um, he's not -- he's not going to /kill/ anyone, right? Jousting doesn't -- it's not like, um, a battle royale, right?"
22:55:58: Masqued Daemion Farseer grins and snaps his fingers. A drink appears in his hand. He hands it to Demonlady. "For you dearheart."
22:56:44: Lance Corporal spacejunkey: I hope there's blood shed, that would be ................ pleasing
22:56:48: Barkeepin Mikejust sort of watches the Knight, a bit. He's.../different/. Mike may or may not be rooting for him, now.
22:56:57: Hot Little Mama E Will walks into the courtyard, scanning around to see if she recognies anyone there
22:57:20: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridohumms softly "If he tries killing anyone, I reckon the castle'll be eating him for dinner."
22:57:21: Comrade Sergei unwalls and looks around. He doesn't really know what to do at the moment.
22:57:47: Bug Queen Ferryn hisses the slightest over at Spacejunkey. "There will be no bloodsssshed today."
22:57:52: Mother Carlynne swallows a loud "Nglpf.. Ngahh! Wharsat? Nae! Jaustain' shaldn't resalt en death, like, anless 'ee's /cheatin'/, ar th' parsan gain' against 'im es tryin' t'prave 'is devatian t'is lady-lav, then th' bad guy dies, like."she nods sagely.
22:58:05: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn fiddles nervously. /That lance looks /really/sharp... I guess I'm going to be calamari./
22:58:08: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov casts Dragon Force and Mighty Guard on himself. Hey, why not up his defense and attack? He keeps his eyes on the knight.
22:58:10: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac clambers up the bar again. "Wha's I miss? Anyone die, I hope?"
22:58:14: Second Lieutenant DDR looks worried. He's not /really/ a doctor, though he's been around a bit...
22:58:22: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia mingles with the crowd, admiring all the costumes and the astonishing amount of decoration and entertainments that Bob et al have laid on. She keeps a careful eye towards the armoured knight-type people on their horses. This will be interesting.
22:58:32: Clown Princess AliceHeart lets out a little huff. The kitty probably got lost in the crowd somewhere. Oh well. She does watch the upcoming jousting match curiously. That guy looks like business. She looks around, tempted to don an oversized foam finger to cheer the black knight
22:58:33: Justa Birdglances towards Bob. Another look to the knight, considering. "The castle, or its staff?"You never know, especially in a place like this . . .
22:58:55: The Black Knight glares at the Harlequin. "I fear no fortress, Jester. Now /bring me my opponent."/ The horse spits, obviously anxious.
22:59:00: Young at Heart Praco covers his eyes up, but peeks through his fingers. /'Come on... stop being scared. Just a dragon close by.... and a guy who is about to thrust a huge pointy thing into another guy at high speeds!'/ He squeaks weakly.
22:59:30: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac cheers, "Yeah! Stab someobody good!" He spills rum on himself excitedly.
22:59:40: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoshakes his head "The castle. You uhhh...get used to it." He smiles slightly "It's /behaving/, today." He may not have been bribing it.
22:59:41: Assacura notices a Budd and heads toward her. "Hey, long time no see!"
22:59:43: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov watches. He's waiting.
23:00:01: Justa Birdflinches back at the glareand mumbles hurriedly, "Bad guy dies 'cos of lady-lav -- /love/. Right. Um. Right."She shrinks.
23:00:17: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut watches the match silently. The winner of this match would fight again in a later match. He takes this time to study his possible future opponents.
23:00:20: Comrade Sergei goes off to the bar and takes a seat as he watches the others.
23:00:36: Devon Ross watches the jousters intently, his armor clacking together as he rolls his shoulders a bit, arms still folded. "..." He probably would say he could go for a drink, but the helmet made speech come out all muffley...
23:00:38: Bug Queen Ferryn stands in front of her throne, taking a step forward, and eyeing the jousters.
23:00:58: Justa : Birdechoes softly, "/Behaving/ . . ."She chances a look down at the bench she's currently inhabiting. Tries to wonder if it'll abruptly fold in half like a mouse trap.
23:01:30: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn nervously eats some more mutton.
23:01:32: Masqued DemonLady downs her drink, and looks for someone to sit with
23:01:57: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov tries to figure out how to get the horse to go forward, but fails. /G
ah. Thiss iss annoying./
23:01:59: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridosmiles softly after Justa, then heads out toward the arena.
23:02:19: Comrade Sergei looks around a little bit and yawns.
23:02:25: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna continues to boo the black knight " boooooo your the worst villain ive seen boooooo"
23:02:25: Furry Little Monkey CLOG stumbles into the courtyard laden with many knives and spoons. She /clinks and clanks/. She stops to look around, then heads towards the pond. She has FISHING to do...
23:02:33: Young at Heart Praco remains quietly watching and trying to de-scare himself.
23:02:39: William Harrowton Conchor quietly fidgets, deciding to watch for now. He pulls the hood back up, giving a glance around in hopes of finding someone familiar.
23:02:47: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridostands right smack in the middle, and waves the Knight over. He looks toward the challenger's side "Whoever's going first, please mount up, get'cher lance and ride over here so I can explain the rules."
23:02:47: Justa Birdtries not to think at this point. She returns the smilewith a nervous one of her own and tries to get herself comfortable with Lynne sitting at her feet.
23:03:23: Major General Thor Thafrij isn't sure what's going on, but when in doubt hit the bar ! He selects a bottle for each hand
23:03:44: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac jumps up and down. "What the feck? Is this a feckin' ladies' social an' tea party or a joust? Le's have some feckin' stabbin'!"
23:04:10: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov decides to let Bob go first. Besides, he needs to figure out how to get the horse going before he can joust!
23:04:33: Masqued DemonLady finds a spot next to a zombie (Tianna) who is booing the Black Knight
23:04:36: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridois not going /first/, he is going to explain the /rules/. rules in jousting and all.
23:04:40: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov means someone else. He's still trying to figure it out.
23:05:01: Contender Rex "Come on mage! You can fight that PANSY!
23:05:21: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac starts to join in the booing. "Booo! Somebody stab someone! Boooo! Booooo-urns!"
23:05:25: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahcalls out from the stands "They're clearly all a bunch of wussies! His horse has 'em all running scared!"
23:05:26: Young at Heart Praco watches Bob, hoping that he is planning to pillow the crud outta the Black Knight's lance.
23:05:26: Furry Little Monkey CLOG /clinkity clanks/ to the dark pondand grabs a fishing pole. Those fishies look delicious. Jousting? What? FISH. There are fish to be had. She sits down and begins to fish.
23:05:29: The Dark Lady Kelwine watches quietly, nibbling away.
23:05:54: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "If only I could ride thiss horsse!" He finally figures out how to get it going. "Nevermind!"
23:06:27: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna: oh hi there care to boo the black knight with me?
23:06:51: Bug Queen Ferryn frowns at all the noise. "I /believe/ we ssshould let our Jesssterexplain the rulessss before we become sso rowdy."
23:07:01: Devon Ross momentarily leaves the Jousting grounds to pick up a flagon of mead, and quickly returns. He's never had mead before, so it seems like a good time to try it...
23:07:01: The Black Knightshouts. "Is there no one who dares to cross lances with me? /Cowards!" /The horse rears back, kicking wildly.
23:07:07: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut would go, but then, he was not the first one to sign up. His code of armor would not allow him to cut infront of the others who decided to sign up before him.
23:07:07: William Harrowton Conchor gives a quick glance to the masked lady in the stands. Scared, huh? Maybe he should go first, besides, he signed up for it. But first, he probably needs to hear the rules.
23:07:08: Contestant Endarrenters the courtyard and looks around.
23:07:11: Mother Carlynne, finally done with her meats, stands up, offering Justa the empty plate "Sarry, lass, I et all af et." Carlynne gains a level in Stuffing Her Face, she is now level 89! She can stuff her face more times a day now!
23:07:17: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn decides to sit by Kel. He looks decidedly nervous, even through the mask.
23:07:24: Masqued DemonLady grins "Sure" Though she has this horrible nagging feeling she's met the girl before... and may owe her money
23:07:33: Lance Corporal spacejunkey searches the crowd for possible new cultists
23:07:37: Major General Thor Thafrij isn't sure whether one of the bottles is, in fact, a sauce or condiment. To be on the safe side he downs that one first and washes away the taste with the second
23:07:47: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "Iwill." He's not afraid of death, well, not unless he's killed twice.
23:08:15: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowaves Kilov over "Come over here and let me explain the rules to you two."
23:08:27: Tefenet mounts her horse, ready to go after Kilov and the big showoff.
23:08:46: Justa Birdaccepts the plate with a befuddled look and rests it on her lap. "Oh? Oh, it's no trouble. Sort of lost my appetite . . ."
23:08:57: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods, and shakily rides over there.
23:08:58: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac calls, "Rules are fer pansies an' ponces!"
23:09:01: Young at Heart Praco would most certainly not cross lances... though if Praco could get a lightning gun for the tournament he might consider it.
23:09:01: The Dark Lady Kelwine glances at Ihp. Canines are good at emotion-stuff. Or something. "Something bugging you?"
23:09:16: The Black Knight huffs. "My first opponent is a cold blooded lizard. Fitting."
23:09:18: The Dark Lady Kelwine glances at Ferryn as she says that. Nope. Apparently not!
23:09:19: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna: oh yeah i remember you...sorry the head kinda turned into breakfast this morning
23:09:22: Spirited Sneaky draws closer, yawning.
23:09:30: Furry Little Monkey CLOG catches one fish. Oh yuck. Skeleton fish! She tries for another one.
23:09:32: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna holds out a certaain hat
23:09:34: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: I'm supposed to joust with him." He points to the Knight. "I'm rather nervous.
23:09:35: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoholds his hands up to each rider and explains the rules, calmly, and sternly.
23:09:39: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper finds her way to the courtyard and looks around, standing out of the way.
23:09:56: Justa Birdreaches up to scratch at the sweat-lined tip of her nose underneath her mask. The mask is making the air a bit stuffy. "W-who's going up against the knight first?"she whispers down to Lynne.
23:10:26: The Dark Lady Kelwine blinks. "You're jousting? Good luck!"
23:10:27: Contestant Endarrlooks at Rachel. "Ain't gonna have fun just standin' there." He takes her hand and pulls her along.
23:10:34: Mother Carlynne belches into her fist, little thin strips of meat dislodging from her teeth and flying willy-nilly with the blast of her gut-air. She wipes this fist against her habit "oh aye? Whysat? An' feck ef I knae, cartainly nat th' 'Ero, cas then we'd knae"
23:10:38: Masqued DemonLady shrugs, still smiling "That's alright,"
23:10:44: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov listens to the rules.
23:10:45: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn chuckles nervously. "T-thanks, I guess."
23:10:54: Young at Heart Praco frowns at all the noise.
23:11:14: Mother Carlynne leans forward to whisper "If 'ee war th' 'ero, th'place'd gae quiet an' slae matian, like, andarstand?" she nods again.
23:11:16: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut decides that, as he plans to joust eventually, he should get ready. He shoulders his own lance, which now has a boxing glove on the tip, and walks off to the horses. He goes about finding one that seems good.
23:11:24: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper is dragged along, looking around at all the costumes. There are more than a few knights, one of which is even black. She didn't expect to feel very original, but maybe she should've worn something else...
23:11:58: Furry Little Monkey CLOG catches another skeleton fish. What is this? She knew things were going on but...she drops her fishing pole and /clanks/ over to the edge of the jousting area. She can't see anything! Too short.
23:12:02: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna: yeah, but i forgot how much stupid horatio got me twice.
23:12:09: Major General Thor Thafrij decides, after a few more hasty beverages, to aquaint himself with the ravishing young lady on the checkered carpet.
23:12:18: Contestant Endarrgrins under his cowel. He leads Rachel over to the arena. "Let's see what's goin' on here."
23:12:32: The Dark Lady Kelwine nods. "You'll be fine!"
23:12:40: Justa Birdmumbles something about armor-toting joker-thingsas an answer. "Slow motion,"she repeats, translating, followed by a nod. "Ah. I see."
23:12:51: Masqued DemonLady nods "Yeah, I can't really remember either, I think I had tea right after I met you and a couple more times since."
23:12:53: Devon Ross tilts his head back, draining the mead into a small opening in his helmet.
23:12:54: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "Understood." He doesn't have a shield, but he prepares to joust.
23:13:06: Justa Birdsquints about the place, looking for Th' 'Ero.
23:13:21: Furry Little Monkey CLOG blink blinks at everyone and everything. This is too loud and noisy and brash and colorful for her little mind. She wanders off to safer pastures, tail waving behind her.
23:13:59: Masqued DemonLady watches as the contestants ready themselves
23:14:09: William Harrowton Conchor decides to get himself prepared. Lessee, horse, lance. Shoulder pads? Perhaps he should use 'em for protection. There, ready. Now he waits.
23:14:14: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac stars throwing handfuls of peanuts at everyone. "Boooo! I want me monkey back! This is borin'! I don't wanna hear rules, I wanna see some stabbin'!"
23:14:39: The Black Knight scoffs and heads back to his side of the field, readying his...pillow covered lance...damn wench.
23:14:49: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper spots DemonLady inteh crowd "Hi DL." Her voice has an odd ring coming from under her helmet.
23:14:57: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridofinishes up, and lets go. "Each of you get to your posts and go on the queen's signal."
23:14:59: Contender Rex "You didn't pay anything ya bloody idiot!"
23:15:16: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov heads back to his side of the field unsteadily.
23:15:25: Contestant Endarrlooks to where Rachel is speaking. He waves to DL.
23:15:29: Masqued DemonLady smiles and nods to Rachel "Hello, how are you ?"
23:15:38: Masqued DemonLady waves at Endarr
23:16:00: Major General Thor Thafrij is getting nowhere chatting up the young lady. He persists, too bleary eyed to recognise an oversized stone chesspiece
23:16:03: Mother Carlynne explains further, "Th' 'Ero es th'wan weth th' flaxen' 'air an' eyes like pauls af saphire dae! 'ee's th'wan weth th'armar all en' silvar an' gives roses aut t'th pretty ladies, like, leavin' th'white wan fer 'is luv!" Someone reads too much.
23:16:07: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridobacks off from the middle and nods to Ferryn.
23:16:42: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac says, "Mebbe not, but I paid yer mom ta stay an extra hour last night."
23:16:45: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper reflexively smiles, despite nobody being able to tell. "Pretty good. Thought up a costume last minute, so we decided to see what's happening."
23:17:04: Young at Heart Praco begins watching with excitement rather than fear. Yay! No one is going to get hurt!
23:17:13: Bug Queen Ferryn clears her throat, one pair of hands holding a bell and miniature hammer, the other two raised above her head. "Gentlemen. Ladiesssss. I believe we have jousssting to get to!." She strikes the bell three times. "And... Begin!"
23:17:21: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia hugs Cura in greeting, but she can't hear much in all the conversation, can't see much through the mask. She smilingly shrugs and turns to watch the show, standing in one of the out-of-the-way areas.
23:17:36: Contender Rex "What are you talking about? Just shut up and watch the joust you child"
23:17:44: Contestant Endarrturns and watches the jousting.
23:17:53: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov watches, and readies his lance, getting ready to hit the Knight. He starts his horse towards the Black Knight, unsteadily.
23:17:55: Spirited Sneaky says "Well now."
23:17:55: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna boos at the black knight as he passes
23:17:57: Young at Heart Praco didn't say anything...
23:18:12: Contender Rex"YEAAH! Let's see some action!"
23:18:21: The Black Knight's horse rears back with a whinny before /charging ahead,/ the hoofs beating like gunfire. The lance is pointed straight at the lizard's shoulder.
23:18:27: Mother Carlynne shouts "Aww shite!" at Jacques' mean burn
23:18:30: Justa Birdnods slowly. "And . . . he's just, um. He's metrosexual, right? Not -- because of the . . . hair."She wiggles her fingers towards her own hair in the hopes of conveying the sentiment.
23:18:47: Spirited Sneaky watches intently.
23:18:58: Second Lieutenant DDR stands rapt attention.
23:19:01: Masqued DemonLady nods, Yeah, I had to come up with something last minute as well." She stops as the kights charge
23:19:13: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn watches the match with baited breath....
23:19:18: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut pets the head of the horse he has chosen. The rules say no shield, so he's attached this to his back. He watches the jousting silently.
23:19:25: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac shakes with glee. "Ram him! Slit him open! Pow! Slice!"
23:19:27: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov points his lance towards the Knight's shoulder, but just before he comes into contact with the Knight, he slips to the side a little, and almost falls off.
23:19:42: Justa Birdjumps in her seat at the the whinny, squawking, "What did I miss -- what! What!"
23:19:53: Assacura watches, wondering what will happen.
23:20:06: Young at Heart Praco gasps slightly.
23:20:16: Clown Princess AliceHeart breaks into a giggling fit after she hears Jacques. She might as well get herself hammered while she's here. After a small exchange with Mike, she's holding a large flagon of mead for herself. "Mmmmmm..."
23:20:41: Masqued DemonLady holds her breath
23:20:58: William Harrowton Conchor watches curiously.
23:21:06: Tefenet: Get im, Bangaa!
23:21:16: Major General Thor Thafrij gives up and returns to the bar
23:21:33: Mother Carlynne smiles hungrily "Well, I thenk 'ee's jes' metraesexual, bet y'nevar knae, cald 'ave a few mens an th'side. Bet fer th'sake af th'stary, 'ees gat jes' wan trae luv, an' she's a wumman." she watches the Jousting, sniffing a bit and waiting for blood.
23:22:33: The Walking Forest Chimental: 'PIFF!' That's the sound of a pillowed lance as it hits head on into Kilov's shoulder, dangerously close to his heart, but far enough to still count as a shoulder hit.
23:22:35: Bug Queen Ferryn nibbles delicately on provided fruit. any sort of meat would be a very bad idea. She watches the jousting - although it's hard to tell what she thinks.
23:23:25: Spirited Sneaky takes a picture right on the collision! /click!/
23:23:29: Masqued DemonLady Booos as the Black Knights lance strikes
23:23:54: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolifts his arm toward the Knight's area of the field. That's one point.
23:24:02: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper watches silently, trying on as intimidating an air as she can muster.
23:24:07: Contestant Endarrlooks at Rachel for a moment, then runs over to the arena. He looks at the sign up sheet and jots his name down. Then he runs back over to Rachel.
23:24:08: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov grunts, casting Angel Whisper on himself to heal him. His lance hits... barely. He barely stays on.
23:24:25: William Harrowton Conchor hrrms quietly.
23:24:28: Contender Rex "Come on! What was that!? The Black Knight just dominated you! Try to WIN ya pansy!"
23:24:33: Snarky Serpent Tellurmakes a mark on the tally board behind Bob for the Knight's side.
23:24:44: Bug Queen Ferryn laughs, clapping enthusiastically.
23:25:09: Tefenet cheers Bangaa on from atop her horse. "Come on, Bangaa, kick his ass!!!"
23:25:13: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna boos the blac k knight again "booooooo"
23:25:31: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut claps politely. The leaher and metal of his gauntlets making a /clink/ but otherwise there is very little noise.
23:25:36: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn grabs an entire plate of food from a server with his tendrils, and devours all of it. Guess he's a nervous eater. "Go Bangaa..." He says quietly.
23:25:43: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk walks in just in time to hear the collision. Unsure of what this event is she steps off to the side and listens.
23:26:02: The Black Knightjust trots to the end of the arena, turning around to face his opponent again.
23:26:24: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper leans close and whispers to Endarr "You see the first joust?"
23:26:37: Comrade Sergei looks over to the other two people jousting and raises an eyebrow. /This looks interesting.../
23:26:40: Spirited Sneaky shows the picture off to anyone immediately nearby.
23:26:42: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov does the same. He casts Dragon Force another time on himself. He hopes that'll make a difference.
23:26:51: Contestant Endarrnods. He's grinning beneath his cowl.
23:27:29: Bug Queen Ferryn claps her hands more, getting to her feet. "Wonderful, yesss, yesss... And, next round!" She /ting ting ting/s the bell, laughing.
23:27:53: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov charges forward, moving more steadily this time.
23:28:17: Tefenet: Go Bangaa!!
23:28:32: Masqued DemonLady: Go Kilov!
23:28:32: Young at Heart Praco: Come on...
23:28:47: Second Lieutenant DDR shouts "GOOOO KILOOOOOVVVV!"
23:29:01: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahtries to whistle form the stands. She can't, but she /sure does try/.
23:29:07: Justa Bird, to her credit, only feels /slightly/ abashed at the leer on Lynne's face. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that she's peeking at the tourney from behind her fingers. "Is -- wh-who won? Did someone die?"
23:29:07: Contender Rex "YEAH! Go Kilov! You can do it!"
23:29:18: The Black Knight charges once more at the scaled creature, lance once again aimed where it counts.
23:29:26: Assacura ooo's softly. "Wonder if we can do something like this in the jungle." Cura, what's wrong with you?
23:29:34: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna watches the jousters to see if they truly know how to joust while booing the black knight
23:30:05: Justa Birdblinks at Sneaky's photo and begrudgingly admits, "That's, um, a good shot."
23:30:18: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac screeches, "Kick his arse! Knock him six ways ta Sunday! Tear him a new one! Biff!"
23:30:49: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov focuses his aim more accurately at the Knight's shoulder, lance gripped tightly. He aims it where it counts, and braces himself against the horse. Sure enough, he hits surprizingly hard.
23:30:56: Clown Princess AliceHeart squints her eyes while watching the match. That sure does look like fun... She gulps down a few swallows of her mead before letting out a loud belch. Oops.
23:31:12: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridois mentally rooting for the challengers. As score keeper, he can't really do that, though.
23:31:34: The Walking Forest Chimental: 'Pff' goes the two lances as they collide, sliding off each other. However, as the two opponents pass, Kilov is suddenly flung off his horse! Guess the lance did hit after all.
23:31:52: Young at Heart Praco winces.
23:32:09: Masqued DemonLady gasps as Kilov if flung to the ground
23:32:18: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn looks away at teh moment of impact.
23:32:20: William Harrowton Conchor cringes, watching the stranger fall off the horse. Oof, that's gotta hurt.
23:32:33: Contestant Endarrgrunts as he watches the impact.
23:32:34: Tefenet throws a hand in the air, in frustration. "Aw dangit!!"
23:32:39: Spirited Sneaky /clicks!/"The hell was /that/?"
23:32:50: Clown Princess AliceHeart winces lightly before breaking into a little giggling fit. Oh my...
23:32:55: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov lands in a terribly awkward position. "Owww.... I'll be okay..."
23:32:58: The Black Knightbellows out a laugh. "Pitiful creature can't even stay on his horse!"
23:33:00: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolifts his arms towards the Knight, again. He hopes his arm won't get tired doing this. That's /ten/ points.
23:33:12: Contender Rex eyes go wide as he watches Kilov get tossed off his horse then regains he "Cheerful" mood "Haha, man that's got to hurt"
23:33:22: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut claps quietly for the victorious knight. It was a good match.
23:33:32: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac cheers. "Huzzah!"
23:33:35: Second Lieutenant DDR jumps the fence, and walks quickly over to Kilov.
23:33:43: Witch Doctor Makiwa ambles through, jostled by the rowdy crowd. Looking around he looks for familiar faces. Spying the Joker woman, he pushes his way in the other direction toward Meenos.
23:33:46: Tefenet rides over to near Bangaa. "Good show, guy. You shure you'll be fine?"
23:34:00: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia murmers "The Black Knight always triumphs..."This particular Black Knight seems a little more actually-triumphant than the one she's thinking of.
23:34:03: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk digs her foot into the dirt, she doesn't know what these people are cheering for but it sounds exciting! She flinches at the sound of the collision she hears, it also sounds very rough...
23:34:05: Second Lieutenant DDR asks, "Are you OK?"
23:34:08: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov tries to get up but fails. "Oww.... I can casst magic... but I might need ssome help out..."
23:34:10: The Dark Lady Kelwine claps for Ihp. Or for anyone. It's hard to direct a clap.
23:34:16: Major General Thor Thafrij watches intently, what now ? swords ? Or does the unhorsed one just get hoofed ?
23:34:34: Comrade Sergei /hrms/ and turns back to the bar with the same bored expression.
23:34:38: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper realizes Endarr wandered off briefly, and why he might've. "Did you..?"
23:34:44: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn claps a bit for the Knight... and he hasn't gone yet.
23:34:50: Contestant Endarronly grins.
23:35:06: Young at Heart Praco tries to make his way down to Kilov but is unable to make it through the crowd nor to climb into the arena.
23:35:07: The Dark Lady Kelwine WAS CLAPPING FOR IHP ANYWAY. She's weird like that.
23:35:08: Assacura glances sideways at Budd and giggles.
23:35:12: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridosmiles softly "Well. Seeing as Knight as won this round, he will face the next challenger. Whoever is ready, please move up next."
23:35:36: Bug Queen Ferryn laughs falling back in her chair, and still applauding. "wonderful!"
23:35:38: Contender Rex walks to arena "I will go!"
23:35:54: Second Lieutenant DDR grabs Bangaa under the arms, and starts dragging him over to near the fence. "What sort of help, you mean?"
23:36:35: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "That kind. I jusst need to be off the feild and I'll be fine."
23:36:41: Witch Doctor Makiwa manages to push and shove his to Meenos's side. "Meenos I'm here. this is all very... exciting."He peers over the shorter folk and around the sides of the taller ones, trying to see what's going on.
23:37:09: Justa Birdcranes her neck, trying to see past the crowds. "Um! I heard a body fall! Is he --" A pause. /What did the crowds yell out/? "Was it Kilroy? Is he, erm, okay?"
23:37:37: Spirited Sneaky says "Get 'em tentaman!"
23:38:01: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods "Yeah, it sounds exciting! I don't have any idea what its all about though!"
23:38:04: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridomotions Rex to the field. "Mount up and get ready. Joust at the queen's mark."
23:38:05: Second Lieutenant DDR: Good. You just rest here, by this fence post... I'm sure you'll feel better soon, that was quite a blow you got there.
23:38:18: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac boos. "Isn't the Knight gonna eat him now? Tha's what usually happens."
23:38:18: Spirited Sneaky is ready to snap.
23:38:26: Contender Rex grabs a lance, makes his way to the nearest horse and puts on his helmet "Let's do this"
23:38:46: Young at Heart Praco tries to get closer to Kilov once again.
23:39:25: Barkeepin Mikeleans over to Ferryn "That one guy. Uhh. The big armored one wit' the nutty horse. Seems kinda looney."
23:39:32: Second Lieutenant DDR pats Kilov on the shoulder, and hops the fence for the next round.
23:39:42: Witch Doctor Makiwa makes out a fellow grabbing a long pole and heading for a horse, then he realises. "Why it's jousting. How marvellous!"
23:39:52: Clown Princess AliceHeart squints her eyes and peers over around the crowd. She could swear she just saw someone... Someone who /owes/ her something... She must be imagining things. She lets out a little shrug and gulps down more mead.
23:40:50: Bug Queen Ferryn takes a moment to catch her breath, standing up again. She glances over to Mike. "Yesss, but when you consssider his sssport of choice... I imagine he hasss taken many a blow to the head." She returns her attention to the cround and - TING TING.
23:41:06: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods weakly. "Thankss. I'll take it from here." He casts Angel Whisper to heal him, and then notices Praco. "Hello." He casts Angel Whisper, and then White Wind, a few times to heal himself. He also acknowledges DDR.
23:41:29: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Yeah, I think I heard of it once before. It sounds pretty violent."
23:41:36: Justa Birdgives Jacquesan incredulous look. "I thought the castle will."
23:41:51: Young at Heart Praco stumbles but catches himself before hitting the ground. "You ok? I mean jeeze... even with a pillow that looked like a hard knock."
23:41:57: Masqued DemonLady uses the break in action to run and get another drink, this time returning with a much larger flagon of ale.
23:42:14: Barkeepin Mikesmiles, for /once/. He slowly turns to watch the match.
23:42:31: Contender Rex does a quick pre-joust prep and mounts the horse
23:42:39: The BIack Knight stares at his opponent, his eyes glowing. He scoffs. "Another challenger." His steed digs at the ground with a hoof. Waiting to charge.
23:42:45: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov says, "It'ss a mighty good thing I know magic, and yess. If I wassn't, I would've been revived anywayss. I casst Angel Whissper for that reasson."
23:43:01: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido: There is a soft /groan/ from under Justa's seat. It can't eat anyone today, sadly.
23:43:14: Contestant Endarris practically bouncing with excitement. "Ain't this just great?"
23:43:15: Masqued DemonLady looks over to Rachel and Endarr, "Did I hear that right? You signed up for this"
23:43:50: Assacura would think, where she paying attention, that Mike smiling is wrong.
23:43:52: Justa Bird/h'eeks/ softly at the groan. "Whatwasthat."
23:43:59: Contestant Endarrnods. Under his cowl his grinning like a madman.
23:44:03: Young at Heart Praco: Wait seriously? You have a spell that reverses horrible injuries?
23:44:12: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac jumps up and down on the bar. "Next bastich what gets knocked out, eat 'em!"
23:44:45: Masqued DemonLady shakes her head, grinning "Good luck to you, hopefully it will work to your advantage to be further down the list of contestants."
23:45:03: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn takes off his Masque for a bit to get a better view of the match.
23:45:11: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "Well... not exactly reversse. More like revive you to a half healed state from..."
23:45:36: Witch Doctor Makiwa tells Meenos, "Oh! I think there's a match about to start! How exciting!"Scanning the crowd he notices a few familiar faces. He spots Alice also looking around. He quickly ducks behind Meenos.
23:45:57: Masqued Daemion Farseer unwalls and looks at Demonlady. "Who did what now?"
23:46:11: Young at Heart Praco: Better than nothing. Must save you requisition at the hospital tent.
23:46:25: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Really? Can you tell who it is?"
23:46:43: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "It doess."
23:46:46: Masqued DemonLady points at Endarr, taking a sip from her massive flagon "He volunteered himself"
23:47:09: Masqued Daemion Farseer: For the joust?
23:47:27: Second Lieutenant DDR pays attention to Bangaa. Best he's got is Tincture of Improbability, but that only revives you... well, less than half the time, for sure. Dangerous stuff, that...
23:47:32: Witch Doctor Makiwa from behind her back says, 'Um, no not really. There's a lot of people and...."
23:47:34: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna: im kind of tempted too but theres enough combatants ill just boo the black knight and be done with it
23:47:39: Young at Heart Praco nods. "So you wanna take a seat and watch the rest of the tournament?"
23:48:01: Chivalric Knight Waergian steps into the madness
23:48:10: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods, gets up, and does so. "Sure."
23:48:20: Contender Rex "Hey! Black Knight! I'm going to make you eat your lance!"
23:48:23: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper squeaks "I thought you did that End"
23:48:23: Masqued DemonLady nods, she waves to Waergian
23:48:31: Young at Heart Praco leads Kilov to where he was sitting earlier.
23:48:51: Masqued Daemion Farseer: I wonder if there are still slots open....
23:49:00: Chivalric Knight Waergian bows elegantly to DL
23:49:19: Contestant Endarrlaughs. "Hope I didn't scare y'all." He turns to Daemion. "There seem to be more slots on the paper.
23:49:29: Masqued DemonLady shrugs, "I know the list has gotten fairly long, but you could see."
23:49:33: Masqued Daemion Farseer bows to Waergian. "Hail sir knight. How do you fare?"
23:49:55: The BIack Knight bellows a laugh as his horse rears. "Come then." He states as he aims his lance. He steed charges, it's hoove beats sound like a drum.
23:49:59: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper inclines her head to Waer.
23:50:17: Barkeepin Mikefolds his arms. The Queenalready waved them out! Slow contestants.
23:50:18: Contender Rex charges his horse forward, aiming the lance to the Black Knights shoulder then slightly ducks
23:50:33: Masqued DemonLady BOOOO! Loudly at teh Black knight, she doesn't even know the challenger, but it's the principle
23:50:51: Barkeepin Mike's attention re-focuses. Oh there they go.
23:51:16: Courtesan RoseRed takes a deep breath and steps out the Vorpal fan covering the lower half of her face the porcelain mask doesn't cover. She steps postured and coifed but out of the way, quiet.
23:51:36: Chivalric Knight Waergian: I fare well indeed, though the beasts of wood and field saw fit to impede my progress to this wondrous affair. Prithee, how doth thou fair?
23:51:39: Young at Heart Praco sits down in the front row and leaves a spot open for Kilov.
23:51:39: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk tries to listen to the sound of the hooves over the crowd, waiting for the sound of impact.
23:51:41: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna booos the black knight again
23:51:44: William Harrowton Conchor watches silently. He's going to muster up enough courage for when the time comes when he has to have a go.
23:51:52: Chivalric Knight Waergian bows to Rachel
23:52:40: The Walking Forest Chimental: Pff go the lances as they graze off each other. No shoulder hits this round, but a few feathers are airborne.
23:52:54: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut gently pets the side of his chosen mount. Soon it would be their turn to go. His honor would be on the line. A worthy first feat for a hero of legends.
23:52:55: Devon Ross silently watchies the Joust in an out-of-the-way spot, arms still folded. He didn't sign up, but wonders if he should have a go..
23:52:58: Masqued Daemion Farseer: I fair well. This has been a most entertaining night so far.
23:53:32: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolooks between the two and holds up both arms. "No points, this round."
23:53:37: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov walks over and sits down net to Praco. "I'm ssure ssomebody could probably usse my sspellss here..."
23:53:40: Bug Queen Ferryn slouches in the chair, delighted by the jousting. She grins and nips at a few grapes.
23:53:43: Tefenet pats her mount, intently watching the Black Knight's style.
23:53:48: Clown Princess AliceHeart shakes herself out of a small daze and looks around again, squinting her eyes over at the match. Huh...
23:53:50: Assacura stiffens slightly, doing her best not to go chase after the feathers.
23:54:03: The BIack Knight trots around to the other side of the field and turns his steed to prepare for the second round. The horse snorts and digs at the ground.
23:54:03: Snarky Serpent Tellurhuffs a little. But her job is putting up the tallies! /How can she put up tallies if nobody scores!/
23:54:03: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "That... that didn't sound like the hits I heard when I came in, did they hit?"
23:54:18: Young at Heart Praco: Hopefully not. Don't want any injuries.
23:54:20: Contestant Endarrnods at Waer. "You takin' part in the joustin'?"
23:54:37: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa, they seem to have arrived in time to push their way into the crowd to watch the jousting! They make their way to Meenos, and grin as they realize Makiwa is in the same spot. "Hey, guys! Who's winning?"
23:54:45: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "Agreed."
23:54:54: Justa Birdgets to her feet, trying to find a better vantage point to look at the tourney. With her crutch, she hobble-hops over towards the arena, espies the Garden, hesitates, then changes course to do a spot of exploring.
23:55:01: Contender Rex trots his horse back around "Heh, not bad. Let's see how good you do next round" He readies his steed muttering something under his breath
23:55:20: Chivalric Knight Waergian: I...am considering it, indeed. 'Twould be an unforgivable shame to let this armour go untested
23:55:21: Contender Rex readies his mount
23:55:40: Contestant Endarrlaughs. "Ain't that the truth."
23:55:52: Loin wanders over and stands quietly listening to different conversations. She seems to have a mask made of living typo gremlyns.
23:55:57: The BIack Knight trots around to the other end of the field, turning his steed to prepare for the second round. His eyes burn with a deep glow.He readies his lance as his horse snorts.
23:56:11: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna: would the courageous knight waergian like a ladies favor for the joust?
23:56:17: Courtesan RoseRed walks towards the comotion keeping to the shady bits turning down vendors and the like as she wonders at the joust
23:56:25: Bug Queen Ferryn mutters something unintelligible through a mouthefull of mushed grapes, but the unmistakable sound of the bell - TING TING - signals the start of the next round.
23:56:32: Masqued Daemion Farseer signs his name to the list. He walks back over to Demonlady. "I'm all signed up."
23:56:32: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black walks slowly into the Courtyard, looking around. Jousting? Sounds fun, but he really isn't in a costume. Getting an idea, he pulls a wide brimed hat, setting it over his head to shade his eyes. Now he looks more like a gunslinger.
23:56:58: Contender Rex his mount charges forward as he aims his lance aimed to the only spot that matters, attempting to avoid the next blow
23:56:59: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "I don't know... that last one didn't sound like anyone hit though!"
23:57:11: Barkeepin Mikelooks slightly /enthralled/.
23:57:14: Chivalric Knight Waergian bows to the lady "I do not have the pleasure of your name, but a favor from a lady never goes amiss in such an event as this.
23:57:17: Loin cheers when the lances cross
23:57:18: Witch Doctor Makiwa bobs around the side of Meenos, "I think they both missed. Oh hey Trowa. Um, nobody yet although that big fellow won the last match and is still there?"He doesn't know much jousting, for sure.
23:57:34: Masqued Daemion Farseer walks over and adds his name to the list. He returns to Demonlady's side.
23:57:54: Masqued DemonLady holds her breath as the contestants charge again
23:57:57: The BIack Knight's Steed rears up and whinnies. The sound echoes as the beast begins to charge. The lace is held steady, and he aims for the pad on his opponent's shoulder.
23:58:00: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna: forgive me please, i am Tianna
23:58:08: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both nod, "I see! Well, let's hope one of them gets a good hit this round! Oh! there's the bell!"
23:58:19: Clown Princess AliceHeart shivers lightly and turns her head over to stare at the Courtesan. There's no way Alice would mistake that fan. She breaks into a wide grin and yells out, "Hey Lily! C'mere!"
23:58:23: Young at Heart Praco leans in a bit to look.
23:58:44: Chivalric Knight Waergian bows again "'Tis a pleasure to make your acquantaince, Lady Tianna."
23:58:50: Loin Looks at her mask. "Did one of you guys do that?
23:58:53: Sylphic Vertrose wanders n almost hesitantly. Almost all teh faces she could spot were unfamiliar to her. Atleast as far as she could tell just hanging around at the entrance. She wore a light slk affair of varying shades of green beneath a laced silvery corset.
23:59:36: The Walking Forest Chimental: PFF! The Knight's lance hits home. The challenger Rex is thrown from his horse. The Black Steed doesn't even look winded.
23:59:40: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black walks around, cig dangling out of his mouth, unlit as of right now. Hmm, what to do...
23:59:52: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov watches too.
23:59:56: Witch Doctor Makiwa nudges Trowa in the ribs and points through the crowd, "You see her?"
23:59:56: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn cringes.
00:00:02: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna smiles and hands waergian a scarf of blue to tie to a lance
00:00:11: Masqued Daemion Farseer winces. "That had to hurt."
00:00:13: Chivalric Knight Waergian accepts the token of favor and strides over to make his mark on the lists. it is a stag's headwith blue eyesand green antlers
00:00:19: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov casts White Wind for what it's worth on Rex.
00:00:20: Masqued DemonLady Boooos! again at the Black Knight
00:00:25: Courtesan RoseRed jumps a bit and looks to Alice her cheeks flushed she makes her way over and seats herself " Hello Ally. How are you?"
00:00:28: Tefenet watches as Rex flies off his horse. She balances her lance and gets ready.
00:00:33: Young at Heart Praco sighs. "Looks like another loss."
00:00:34: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa bends to look where Mak is pointing, "See who?" Kaze grins at the hit, "'e got 'im!"
00:00:37: Contestant Endarrrubs his chin. "That fella in the black armor is pretty good." He grins. "This'll be fun."
00:00:48: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk listens intently, waiting for the sound of impact once again. She flinches when she hears it asking "Who got hit that time?"
00:00:49: Assacura blinks and oh's softly. "I don't think that was a guest list I signed..."
00:01:08: Bug Queen Ferryn lets out a shrill whistle - clearly, she is impressed by the reigning Jouster. She moves forward, applauding the contestants as she does so. "Wonderful! On both your partssss. Excellent, excellent!"
00:01:18: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "Not exactly pleassing."
00:01:19: The BIack Knight bellows a laugh as his steed ceases it's charge. "Pathetic. I do hope the next opponent will be a challenge."
00:01:20: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper winces "Ow, that sounded a bit painful. Good luck, End"
00:01:31: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolifts his hand toward the Knight, smiling.
00:01:32: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia watches the charging, admiring the snapping-wave of mane and tail, the bunchings of muscle under sleek horsehair, the power and elegance of motion. Her eyes snap then to follow the fall - it's a harsh impact, a jolt and a thud.
00:01:33: Contender Rex gets up clutching his shoulder "Heh, very good, I see you are no stranger to this game" he says before getting off the field
00:01:55: Contestant Endarrwraps an arm around Rachel. "With you cheerin' me on, I ain't gonna need luck!"
00:01:59: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut claps politely as the second round comes to an end.
00:02:02: Witch Doctor Makiwa tells Meenos, 'The challenger. Seems this Black Knight is ruling the roost at the moment."
00:02:08: Sylphic Vertrose could hear the cheers and boos of the crowd over yonder at what appeared to be an arena of sorts. She adjusts the leafy mask she had fashioned and slips towards the arena, bare feet grass-stained.
00:02:17: Tefenet leads her horse to the mark, offering the Black Knight a curt nod.
00:02:28: Clown Princess AliceHeart grins and gives Lily a once-over. "That's quite a lovely ensemble you got there Lily! I'm doing well... Enjoying the show! I want to play too!"
00:02:58: Witch Doctor Makiwa bobs up and down trying to see and whispers to Trowa, 'Her! The Joker woman. Alice! I don't think she's seen us though.""
00:03:02: Masqued DemonLady claps half-heartedly as the black knight returns to his place and Rex leaves the field
00:03:20: Bug Queen Ferryn's hair is somewhat frazzled, coming the slightest bit undone from the excitement of things. She takes a moment to pin it up properly again.
00:03:41: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper wraps her own gauntleted arm around End. "Think you can use all the luck you can get on tp of that."
00:03:47: Contender Rex returns to his seat, ready to observe the next match
00:03:49: Young at Heart Praco: Wonder what The Black Knight's name is... unless it's 'The Black Knight'.
00:03:50: Masqued Daemion Farseer: That knight is quite the jouster.
00:03:53: Barkeepin Mikelooks at Ferryn "You alright?"
00:03:56: Clown Princess AliceHeart sneezes all of a sudden. Did someone say her name? She frowns and looks around again... Huff.
00:03:59: Contestant Endarrgrins.
00:04:08: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both duck behind the crowd instinctively at Mak's words, "Ooh, right! Yes, she seems rather distracted at the moment..." Kaze grumbles, "There's more challengers, right?"
00:04:20: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "Me too."
00:04:25: Courtesan RoseRed smiles her fan never leaving face "Thank You. I'll be cheering you on from here, I'm afraid. Salut"
00:04:28: Chivalric Knight Waergian walks over to stand beside DL, and watches the event with a keen eye
00:04:33: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk asks "Can you tell who is going next?" She fidgets as the one hiding behind her starts jumpng up and down. "What? I doubt she could see anyone, everyone here is so short!"
00:04:35: Bug Queen Ferryn laughs a little hoarsly. "Apologiesss, my king, the excitement issss getting to me."
00:04:39: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black smiles slightly as he recognizes a few familiar faces. Making his way towards Buddleia, he takes a seat beside her. "Long time no see, old friend. How've you been?"
00:04:40: The Black Knight scoffs. "A female. Let us hope you are more of a man than the last two." The beast bangs a hoof on the arena.
00:04:59: Sylphic Vertrose peers through a small gap in the crowd, thinking it must be a Tourney. SHe had always enjoyed watchiing movies on the mainland that had them. She wanted to slip closer...but so many people.
00:05:06: Loin slowly wanders away to watch the other enter tainers
00:05:10: Witch Doctor Makiwa nods, 'I hope so!"Though it's not clear to what he's referring.
00:05:27: Contestant Endarrshakes his head. "Hoo boy, that fella's lettin' the insults flow."
00:05:34: Tefenet's horse rears. "Only time will tell, Knight!"
00:05:49: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper shouts "Show 'im what you can do and knock him good!"
00:05:50: Masqued DemonLady nods "Hopefully he will begin to wear out soon" She boos the knights comment.
00:05:50: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black winces, overhearing the current champion's retort to the challenger - Is that Tefenet?! "Kick his ass, Tef!" he calls.
00:06:07: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn is getting a bit into this now... "Knock him down, Tef!!!"
00:06:29: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa gasps, "It's the water nymph girl!" Kaze grins over the crowd, "Oh, she's pretty...."
00:06:36: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolooks between them "You both ready?"
00:06:42: Tefenet recalls how the Knight moves and mentally plans her strategy.
00:06:57: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna boos the black knight again
00:07:02: The Black Knight is silent, save for a nod.
00:07:04: Tefenet nods, staring at the Knight.
00:07:09: Contender Rex "Yeah! Take 'em down Nymph!"
00:07:17: Second Lieutenant DDR: Go tef!
00:07:23: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Tefenet? Oh!" She starts shouting and hopping "Don't go easy on him Tefenet!"
00:07:30: Masqued Daemion Farseer: Go for it! Take the big man down!
00:07:49: Chivalric Knight Waergian blinks at the Black Knight's comment "Lady Knight, plant your lance 'pon the blighter's saddle gullet!"
00:07:51: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov watches. He's expecting Tef to get knocked out, but he hopes Tef wins.
00:08:08: Barkeepin Mikerings Ferryn's little bell. DING DING. /oh how fun/.
00:08:10: Sylphic Vertrose finally spots a rather bare spot near a fence with a decent view, Reaching back behind her she had to scratch between her shoulder blades, but was having a bad bout of luck reaching it with those inconveniently large butterfly wings gracing her back.
00:08:16: Clown Princess AliceHeart starts climbing her way on top of Lily's shoulders to get a better view of things and squints her eyes towards the jousters. Something catches her eye... A gleam... Coming from a perfectly bald and shiny head. Alice widens her eyes and drops down again.
00:08:18: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa cheers, cupping a hand to his mouth, "Get 'im, miss Tefenet!" The green0-haired head wolf-whistles loudly.
00:08:30: Witch Doctor Makiwa is getting caught up in the excitement, "Yesyes! Joust him good and proper!"
00:08:35: Second Lieutenant DDR shouts, "You can do iiiit!"
00:08:36: William Harrowton Conchor silently prays that Tef wins, but seeing how things are going, the Black Knight's probably going to triumph. Nevertheless, third time's the charm as they say.
00:08:42: Tefenet spurs her horse on and aims her lance well. It lands right where she wants it, squarely on his shoulder as she ducks beneath his.
00:09:01: Devon Ross reaches up to scratch his head... /clunk/.. A sigh. He doesn't think he likes this helmet... But! It's all part of the costume.
00:09:01: The Black Knight's steed spits foam as it charges across the field. Green eyesglare at its opponent, lance at the ready.
00:09:13: Spirited Sneaky hods his eyes /just/ above the camera. He wants to see this for his own eyes.
00:09:17: Second Lieutenant DDR shouts something loud and encouraging with a lot of vowels in it.
00:09:33: Chivalric Knight Waergian's visor drops
00:09:41: Contender Rex Cheers thrusting his arm in the air, only to remember a bit to late that he just got struck pretty bad on his shoulder
00:09:51: Spirited Sneaky would suggest /free beer/, if he did not dislike the smell of the beverage, to DDR.
00:09:56: Bug Queen Ferryn swoons, laying across her throne with a sigh.
00:10:02: Courtesan RoseRed eeps and bats at Ally with her fan " ALL~ "she huffs as shes un burdened an back in place
00:10:07: Clown Princess AliceHeart leans down and half whispers, half yells. "Psssst! Lily... Lily!"
00:10:23: Young at Heart Praco is busy trying to figure wtf is up with the horse's foaming mouth.
00:10:33: Courtesan RoseRed raises an eyebrow " Yes?"
00:10:48: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov watches.
00:11:03: Sylphic Vertrose leans on the fence, looking back between the two contests and tehir charging advance,. This was sure to be fun.
00:11:06: The Walking Forest Chimental: Pf! goes the nymph's lance as it hits the knight's shoulder, the knight's own lance just missing hers.
00:11:28: Masqued DemonLady Cheers loudly for Tef
00:11:29: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut watches this joust silently from where his stands with his jousting mount. He would rather ride Candlewick, but he wasn't much of a charger.
00:11:32: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn cheers! "Yeah! Way to go, Tef!"
00:11:34: Contestant Endarrclaps. "Looks like she got him."
00:11:35: Tefenet grins triumphantly.
00:11:48: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna cheers as the chalenger scores a point
00:11:56: The Black Knight spits out a curse as he jerks his steed around, ready to charge once more.
00:11:57: Chivalric Knight Waergian pulls his helmet off and ties the cloth favor the the back of his coronet
00:11:57: Young at Heart Praco blinks. "Whoa, she's ahead for round one."
00:12:15: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk jitters as she hears the impact she almost cheers, but what if Tef wasn't the one who won? "Who... who hit who?"
00:12:18: Witch Doctor Makiwa bobs and claps, "Did she get him? She got him didn't she? Well jousted!"
00:12:21: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both cheer at the top of their lungs! Trowa leans to Meenos, "She got 'im, /she got a hit!/"
00:12:29: Second Lieutenant DDR shouts to tefenet, "``bFREE BEER``b if you win this one, Tef!"
00:12:34: Contender Rex laughs loudly, happy to see some one might actually be able to nock him off his high horse
00:12:52: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black grins, clapping for Tefenet. "That's my clanmate. Here's hoping she can do it."
00:12:57: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov smiles. "I hope he winss."
00:13:10: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper cheers "Do it again Tef!"
00:13:15: Sylphic Vertrose applauds quietly at the jousters successful hit. She wasnt sure who the favourite was, but regardless, good shot.
00:13:27: Young at Heart Praco: She Kilov.
00:13:38: Chivalric Knight Waergian settles his helmet back in place
00:13:38: Tefenet turns her horse around and heads back to her mark. She's silently praying to do that again!
00:13:45: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov facepalms. "Whoopss."
00:13:59: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk cheers for Tef, trying not to move too much in her excitement."Hit him again Tefenet!"
00:14:11: Barkeepin Mikewaits until both are ready, then DINGs the bell again. He grins a little, then hides it /right away/.
00:14:18: Clown Princess AliceHeart leans down to Lily and giggles before whispering, "Lily! Do you think you could... Spy on someone for me so to speak?"
00:14:21: First Sergeant Cecil kind of sneaks in in the background. He doesn't care for action, he's looking for free food and praying nobody notices him.
00:14:26: Masqued DemonLady Cheers as the contenders return to their starting positions
00:14:26: Young at Heart Praco chuckles. "Don't worry. Everyone makes mistakes like that at times."
00:14:33: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac cheers. "Go get 'im, ye li'l blue fishy!"
00:14:34: Masqued Daemion Farseer: Go Tef!
00:14:55: Snarky Serpent Telluris keeping slightly better score than Bob. at least the challengers finally have a tally, this time. One, but still.
00:14:55: Spirited Sneaky shouts "Don't /suck/!", ready to snap.
00:14:57: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "Thanks for comforting me..."
00:15:02: The Black Knightyells out a cry as the horse sprints across the stage, lance aimed dead center.
00:15:04: Sampson Hemp walks into the back. He does not appear to be wearing a mask.
00:15:13: Courtesan RoseRed fans herself lightly " I do believe I could. Why?"
00:15:30: Devon Ross "...Mmrf hrf." He reaches up and wrenches off his helmet. "Bwah! ... Bloody helmet.." He grumbles, running an armored hand through sweaty hair. How can knights wear this kind of stuff!?
00:15:44: Tefenet charges, her lance aimed true, leaning forward a bit. She's totally focused on the bastard opposite her.
00:16:31: Young at Heart Praco: No problem... think the Black Knight is getting a bit peeved at his first hit taken.
00:16:38: Bug Queen Ferryn flutters a hand at herself, stuttering a bit as she brings herself back into a sitting position.
00:17:06: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa try not to bounce too much in their seat, both cheering and whistling.
00:17:12: The Walking Forest Chimental: PFFF-/k/ goes the lance as it hits the nymph right in the shoulder. The force pushes the nymph quickly out of her saddle.
00:17:15: Contender Rex removes his helmet, he does not want to miss this
00:17:16: Barkeepin Mikestraightens, quickly. He looks at Ferryn "Err. You alright?" What? He was most certainly /not/ having any /fun/.
00:17:51: Tefenet flies off the saddle, but her tail prevents her from falling. "Aw, crap!"
00:18:02: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut watches the match as he fidgets with his shoulder paddings. As the match is decided, he claps quietly.
00:18:05: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa make loud 'ooooh's at the hit. "Damn, she's down..." Trowa says for Meenos' benefit.
00:18:16: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods.
00:18:17: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolifts an arm toward the Knight.
00:18:17: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn sighs.
00:18:25: Bug Queen Ferryn takes a few deep breaths, nodding at Mike. "I musst say, I was not expecting so much excitement today. I wassss... unprepared."
00:18:45: Clown Princess AliceHeart grins and says, "Do you see him?" She points to Makiwa as best as she can amongst the crowd. "Thin, wiry fellow... Thingy in his nose..."
00:18:49: Contender Rex "... Man, I though for sure she would win"
00:18:50: Spirited Sneaky /clicks!/
00:18:52: Barkeepin Mikenods, acting totally professional about all of this.
00:19:03: Young at Heart Praco: Well.... least we know he isn't /completely/ unstoppable.
00:19:08: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna boos the black knight again
00:19:20: William Harrowton Conchor hmms quietly, watching the result. "Guess third time wasn't the charm..." he remarks quietly.
00:19:22: Tefenet dusts herself off, feeling rather proud. "You won the round, Knight, but 'a female' got the first hit."
00:19:28: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk leans forward, listening to the horses gallop. She hears the impact and says "What happened? What? Aww she went down?"
00:19:29: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. "True. True."
00:19:32: Courtesan RoseRed leans in so noone can hear them and nods "Yes."
00:19:43: The Black Knight chuckles. "Never hire a fish to do a knight's job." The horse huffs out a puff of steam from its hostrils.
00:19:47: Masqued Daemion Farseer Boooooooos! The Knight.
00:19:54: Witch Doctor Makiwa can't see anything through the crowd either, "She, she's down? Oh bad luck. This Black Knight fellow seem nigh on invincible yesno?"
00:20:00: Chivalric Knight Waergian: ...ouch. that was quite the blow >.<
00:20:00: Spirited Sneaky rolls his eyes. "Terrible, fishy."
00:20:12: Masqued DemonLady booos!
00:20:26: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn frowns at the Knight. /Wonder what snark he'll have for me when I go up.../
00:20:38: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac boos everyone.
00:20:44: Chivalric Knight Waergian bellows "Honorless cad!"
00:20:58: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black frowns. Looking around, he asks, "How do you sign up for jousting?"
00:21:04: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper leans over to Waer " Yeah, but she's doen the best so far"
00:21:10: Contestant Endarrlooks at Waer. "You sure do talk funny."
00:21:17: Tefenet turns to the crowd and bows daintily.
00:21:19: Clown Princess AliceHeart taps her chin in thought and says, "He kinda owes me somethin'... Now I think it'd be more fun if you managed to get him to come over /here/ instead of me going over there..." Now she's giggling.
00:21:31: Contender Rex starting to lose himeself at the knights insults "Grr..."
00:21:48: Young at Heart Praco: So who is supposed to go next?
00:22:04: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn claps for Tef.
00:22:06: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov shrugs.
00:22:06: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna cheers at the female jousters bow
00:22:06: Assacura wanders up to get a lance and a horse, muttering softly.
00:22:15: Sampson Hemp makes his way through the crowd to Rachel and Endarr. He smiles at them. "Howdy, folks. You like my mask?"
00:22:15: Masqued Daemion Farseer applaudes Tef.
00:22:18: First Sergeant Cecil watches the action happen from a safe distance. He's thankful for it, since it means that nobody is paying attention to him. He is pretty sure there is some food nearby...
00:22:21: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa frowns, " 'fraid so. But, she's okay!" Kaze boos with the crowd, "Tha' black knight's a bittafanarse." Trowa cheers at Tefenet's bow.
00:22:31: Bug Queen Ferryn moves over to Mike, searching him for her tiny hammer.
00:22:53: Courtesan RoseRed SNAPS her fan shut and taps her lips with it pointing at Alice with the fan " And hoow should I do that?"
00:22:57: William Harrowton Conchor quietly applauds the female jouster's bow, and goes back to watching the jousting. Who's up next?
00:23:04: Spirited Sneaky's gaze turns to the crowd. "Hey Z, you still here?"
00:23:05: Barkeepin Mike's arms shoot up. Why, the hammer is in a pocket of his /pants/. Oops.
00:23:22: Chivalric Knight Waergian: Indeed...but that does not warrant so crushing a blow
00:23:30: Tefenet heads back to the crowd, spotting Meenos.
00:23:39: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowatches Assacura, almost a little nervous. He nods to her. "Good luck."
00:23:46: Bug Queen Ferryn withdraws her tiny Hammer, and resumes her stance by the tiny bell, awaiting the next contender.
00:23:48: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper: Hi Sampson, what's up?
00:24:01: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods, listening to try and figure out who is going next.
00:24:01: Barkeepin Mikelooks /mortified/.
00:24:22: Contestant Endarrnods to Sampson under his cowl. "Howdy."
00:24:23: Assacura mounts the horse and faces the Black Knight. She's holding everything akwardly.
00:24:27: Clown Princess AliceHeart shrugs and says, "I don't know! Use your feminine wiles! We're right next to the bar... You can try to get him to buy you a drink?"
00:24:28: Sampson Hemp: Well, I got a mask! Like it?
00:24:32: Tefenet makes her way to Meenos and Trowa. "Hey guys."
00:24:41: Sampson Hemp doesn't appear to be wearing a mask. At all.
00:24:42: Sylphic Vertrose runs a slender hand through her short cropped and fiery red-orange hair. It still felt odd to have such shot hair.
00:25:11: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper: And the Black Knight certainly doesn't go easy on anybody. I'm a bit worried about this next match.
00:25:25: Contestant Endarrblinks. "Er...Sampson...you ain't wearin' a mask."
00:25:34: Young at Heart Praco blinks. "Oh. I know her! GOOD LUCK ASSACURA!"
00:25:39: Courtesan RoseRed blinks and huffs snapping her fan shut, standing in a fluidmotion" You owe me"
00:25:41: The BIack Knight chuckles hauntingly. "Another female. My my, how scared you look. Fool." he chides as he readies his lance and waits for the signal to begin. His steed snorts and digs at the ground with a hoof.
00:25:46: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia pays more attention, now, waving, signalling luck for her friend's attempt.
00:25:53: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper looks at Sampson carefully and decides to play along. "It's uhh... nice?"
00:26:01: Sampson Hemp smiles and removes his face. There is /nothing whatsoever/ underneath.
00:26:06: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Hey Tefenet! You alright after that? It sounded rough!"
00:26:08: Devon Ross turns from the outskirts of the Jousting ring, and heads to the bar. "Bluh..." He huffs, taking a seat. "Bloody armor..." He rolls his shoulders as he turns to watch the Jousting again.
00:26:23: Contestant Endarrgapes. "Bwuh?"
00:26:23: Bug Queen Ferryn is perhaps enjoying this too much. She strikes the bell several times in a row. TING TING TING.
00:26:27: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov nods. He casts Angel Whisper on her, just to avoid a nasty wound. "Besst to sstay on the ssafe sside."
00:26:29: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn twiddles his thumbs, and gets up for a little while to mingle amongst the crowd.
00:26:33: Assacura snorts. "Yeah? Well, you're a /puta/." Yes, she knows she used it wrong.
00:26:39: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grins and waves at Tef, "Nice to see you made it out alive!" Kaze pays attention to the next contestant, "She's doin' it all wrong..."
00:26:40: Sampson Hemp's nothingness somehow seems to grin at their stunned expressions.
00:26:50: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper faints, falling backwards in a heap.
00:26:55: Tefenet: Yes, I'm ok, Meenos. Monsters have done more damage in the Jungle. Besides, there are advantages to being made mostly of water. Go Assacura!
00:27:15: Contestant Endarrmoves to catch Rachel. He shakes her a bit. "You alright?"
00:27:42: Sampson Hemp puts his fac-err, mask back on.
00:27:45: The BIack Knight's eyes glow. He snarls as his horse rears up and then charges forward. His lance held firm and at the ready.
00:27:50: Clown Princess AliceHeart breaks into a giggling fit and nods a few times to Lily. "Fair enough!"
00:28:44: Contender Rex walks over to Tefenet "Hey, that was a pretty good job you did out there"
00:28:54: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn makes his way over to Tef and Meenos. His mask is on. "Hey, guys."
00:29:22: Tefenet smiles at Rex. "Thanks. You ok? You went down kinda hard."
00:29:31: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk chuckles "I guess there are." She doesn't know this next contestant so she listens quitely to what happens. "Um... Ihp... right?"
00:29:48: Sylphic Vertrose tilts her head as she watches the Tourney, thoroughly intrigued by what was going on, The Black Knight seemed very good. And rather full of himself. She tcouldnt help but think that Pride goes before a fall.
00:30:04: Tefenet: Hi Ihp.
00:30:10: Contender Rex "Yeah im fine, besides no pain no gain right?"
00:30:13: Sampson Hemp: I had a joker friend set it up for me. The nothingness under my face is my soul. It amuses me to show people my real side.
00:30:18: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn nods to Meenos. "Yup."
00:30:20: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper mumbles "...but a scratch...triumphs...empty...the spirals."
00:30:48: Tefenet nods and looks at the jousting.
00:30:48: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa smiles to Ihp and Rex, "Hello! I'm Trowa! This is Kaze," he gestures to his other half, who focuses on the joust, cheering for...the black knight?!
00:30:54: Courtesan RoseRed slips around contestants all grace and swishing hips. She stops behind Makiwa and giggles sweetly " Pardon Moi, Monsuier. Is this seat taken?"
00:31:09: Contestant Endarrglances up at Sampson. "Can you get some water for me? He looks back at Rachel. "It's alright, you're gonna be ok."
00:31:38: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn nods to the leopardmorphs.
00:31:42: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black watches Assacura and The Black Knight race towards each other, eyes flicking back and forth.
00:31:44: Sampson Hemp holds out a glass of water to Endarr. Wait. Where did he even get that?
00:32:00: Young at Heart Praco crosses his fingers.
00:32:06: Assacura spurrs the horse to move.
00:32:09: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper sits up slowly and tugs at her helmet. "Ow"
00:32:24: Contestant Endarrtakes the water and tries to get Rachel to drink some. "Here, take this."
00:33:11: Sampson Hemp smiles at Rachel. "Awww. Isn't the kitty adorable when she is upset?"Sampson can be a real jackass at times...
00:33:41: The Walking Forest Chimental: The two horses quickly meet. 'PFFF' goes the knight's lance as it hits Assacura square in the shoulder. She remains horsebound, though.
00:34:02: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn looks at Meenos. "Haven't seen ya in a while."
00:34:03: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper sets her helmet down and takes the water, blushing at Sampson's comment. "How's this round going?"
00:34:18: Clown Princess AliceHeart winces while watching the match. That was a close one... She starts wondering how much getting clobbered like that would hurt... She casts a glance Lily's way but makes a point not to stare.
00:34:23: Sampson Hemp: Oh, everyone is losing.
00:34:31: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa'ears perk, he turns to the match and grimaces, "Ouch... Go on, get 'im!" The other head is still cheering for the black knight, "Take 'er down! Knock 'er off!"
00:34:34: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolifts a hand toward the Kinght. But it's his other arm, he's just pointing that way.
00:34:38: Contestant Endarrlooks up. "Well, the lady took a hit, but there's still another round."
00:34:38: Second Lieutenant DDR shouts, "Go Assacura!"
00:34:53: Chivalric Knight Waergian replaces his helmet. Once more his visor falls, but he doesn't bother to lift it again
00:34:54: Young at Heart Praco frowns.
00:34:54: Bug Queen Ferryn is taking a break from applause for the time being, hands sore from the previous rounds. She grins over at Mike.
00:35:04: Sylphic Vertrose's wings flutter a bit as she winces at seeing the hit that the female Jouster took.
00:35:14: Contender Rex sigh "Something tells me the knight will win again"
00:35:20: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahhumms softly. "Maybe there's something fishy about all of this. Or maybe Mister Knight is just /really good/." She's glad she's not in there.
00:35:26: Blue Mage Bangaa Kilov exits the area.
00:35:38: The BIack Knight trots around the end of the ring, turning so that he is ready for the next round. A quiet chuckle escapes his lips as he readies his lance. His dark steed snorts.
00:36:00: Barkeepin Mikealmost excitedly takes the little bell-hammer.
00:36:08: Assacura grunts softly at the hit, and turns her horse. There may be mutterings about if this were a brawl.
00:36:22: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk is a bit distracted listening to the jousting, not that it helps her discern who wins and loses, she says "Huh? Oh yeah, it has been a while hasn't it?"
00:36:24: Sylphic Vertrose couldnt help but admire the steed that the Black Knight was astride. She had a perfect view from her spot. The creature was rather enchanting in a way
00:36:24: Courtesan RoseRedsighs delicately classic damsel in distress as she looks about for a place to seat herself, fanning herself delicately as she waits for answer
00:36:53: First Sergeant Cecil has done it. He has found the food. He begins to eat, drink, and stuff food in a bag for later.
00:36:57: Young at Heart Praco watches Kilov head out.
00:37:03: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper stands and resumes watching, leaving her helmet off for now. Thanks for the water, by the way.. uh.. whoever got it."
00:37:21: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia winces in sympathy and watches again for the next round. Second time lucky?
00:37:26: Contestant Endarrnods. He stands with her.
00:37:43: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Have you seen Elsie recently, Meenos?
00:37:43: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut watches the jousting. He was up next. His hand grips tighter on the shaft of his lance. He shakes a bit, anxiously.
00:37:46: Contender Rex "Well, I got to go, someone better beat that knight!"
00:38:10: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa tries to tap Makiwa on the shoulder to get his attention about the woman asking him for a seat... The blue-haired head grins at Rose, whispering, "He's a bit shy..."
00:38:22: Sampson Hemp smiles sadly, watching the couple together.
00:39:37: Bug Queen Ferryn nods to Mike as he takes the hammer.
00:39:42: Sergeant Cicero peers into the room. "Hello?"
00:39:56: Barkeepin Mikesnaps back into his senses. He nods slightly and DINGs the bell.
00:40:55: Courtesan RoseRed smiles at Trowa sweetly although her lowe face is covered " Mon Dieu above, to be shy of someone such as myself. "
00:41:01: The BIack Knight's Steed rears up and whinnies as the Knight digs his heels into the beast's sides. It charges forward, it's hoofbeats a symphony of death. He aims his lance dead on.
00:41:09: Assacura again spurs the horse forward, and attempts to be less awkward.
00:41:16: Chivalric Knight Waergian nods to Miss Cicero
00:42:05: Spirited Sneaky focuses his camera on the Black Knight this time, unsure of this 'champion'.
00:42:08: Sergeant Cicero slips inside and looks around at the action.
00:42:08: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grins at Rose kindly, "Ah, don't take it personally. He's like that with everyone at first." All lies, of course. Kaze interrupts, whooping for the black knight.
00:42:15: Masqued DemonLady holds her breath
00:42:45: The Walking Forest Chimental: Pff-/k./ The knight's lance grazes past Assacura's shoulder, far from dead center, but good enough.
00:43:13: Masqued Daemion Farseer winces.
00:43:28: Courtesan RoseRed raises her eyebrow and jumps a bit at Kaze " I am sorry to hear this"
00:43:36: Sergeant Cicero nods back to Waerg.
00:44:11: Sylphic Vertrose shakes her head a bit. She want really routing for anyone so much as enjoying the show.
00:44:21: Snarky Serpent Tellursticks up another tally for the Knight.
00:44:34: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna boos the black knight yet again
00:44:44: Bug Queen Ferryn produces another tiny bell hammer. Mike can keep the one he has. This one has /ribbons/ on it and is clearly more fitting for a woman of her position.
00:44:55: Sampson Hemp looks away from Endarr and Rachel. He remembers a time... No. Back to the party...
00:45:00: Masqued Daemion Farseer boos the Black Knight.
00:45:09: Tefenet joins in the booing of the Black Knight.
00:45:26: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn boos the Knight, and then realizes it's his turn soon.
00:45:32: Masqued DemonLady boos
00:45:33: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahsoftly joins in with all the boooooing.
00:45:35: First Sergeant Cecil boos a bit, unsure why everyone is booing. He is foiled by the food in his mouth, however.
00:45:40: Tefenet: Aw, the Black Knight won again, Meenos.
00:45:42: Clown Princess AliceHeart squints her eyes at the match. Dear me, another one for the dark fellow... Now she's starting to wonder if it was a good idea to sign up for this. Ah well, it still looks like fun. She also peers over towards Lily and frowns. She got distracted! Huff!
00:45:53: Contestant Endarrshakes his head. He looks at Sampson. "You takin' part in this?"
00:46:02: The BIack Knight brings his steed to a canter before having it stop altogether. He chuckles quietly and shakes his head. "Seems you've managed to stay on your mount. Your the first to do so. A pity that your a coward."
00:46:16: William Harrowton Conchor hrrms quietly, still watching the match. The Black Knight won again, not a big surprise.
00:46:29: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa bows to her, "I'm Trowa, this is my, er, twin, Kaze." The green-haired head grins to Rose, "Ah, what a lovely lady. Y'hittin' on dames wiffout me, Trow?" Trow frowns at his twin and swats him, "/No!/"
00:46:40: Sylphic Vertrose cant help but grin to herself as she heard the Knights comment, "Takes one to know one."
00:46:47: Spirited Sneaky quickly scans all of his camera shots.
00:46:56: Sampson Hemp snaps back to the present. "Hrm? ...no." */LIES. ALL LIES./* Shut up, you.
00:47:11: Assacura blinks for a moment. "Coward? Pfft, try living with three older brothers."
00:47:27: Contestant Endarrshrugs. "Suit yourself. It's gonna be fun."
00:48:04: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa briefly cheers for Assacura's retort, grinning, "Give 'im hell!"
00:48:07: Sampson Hemp: Meh. I don't really go in for the non-lethal style of fighting.
00:48:08: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia hisses quietly between her teeth. She is starting to think a little badly of this black knight - being an excessively good jouster is one thing, a little jeering and self-cheering is another, and pointless insults are just rude.
00:48:11: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac wonders, her a coward... what?
00:48:38: Courtesan RoseRed flushes prettily and curtsies " Lilith Enakai, A Pleasure. And your friends name?" She tilts her head to Makiwa
00:49:17: Tefenet shakes her fist at the rude BK. "You arrogant bastard!"
00:49:24: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut takes a silent breath, clapping quietly for the end of the match. It was his turn. He nods to himself before pulling himself onto his chosen mount. He trots out onto the field, opposite of the Black Knight.
00:49:44: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper shouts "You tell him Tef!"
00:50:05: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa smiles, "Lilith, a pleasure to meet you!" Kaze grins, "Likewise." Trowa peers at the quiet Mak, and frowns, "Well, he's Makiwa. Must have passed out from all the excitement...he did have a trying ordeal recently."
00:50:10: Young at Heart Praco looks around for rotten tomatoes for... uses.
00:50:14: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut gives a salute to his opponent, as is proper, before gripping his lance and holding it ready.
00:50:43: Masqued DemonLady cheers loudly as Pin takes his place"Go Pinrut!"
00:50:43: Second Lieutenant DDR shouts, "Go, Sir Pinrut! Go! Get 'em good! You can dooo iiit!"
00:51:04: Tefenet: Go Pinrut!!
00:51:13: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper perks up seeing smoeone familiar getting ready. "Go Pin! Give 'im what for!"
00:51:13: Second Lieutenant DDR continues, "Teach the showoff a lesson!"
00:51:24: William Harrowton Conchor spies a familiar person on the field. Sir Pin. He smiles softly. "Go get 'im, sir knight."
00:51:28: The Black Knight stares down his opponent. "An actual knight, perhaps? Maybe this time I won't be disappointed." The steed huffs. A little tired.
00:51:35: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Go Pinrut!!!
00:51:38: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac shrugs. "The quiet li'l feller ain't gonna do it, if them vets couldn't."
00:51:45: Contestant Endarrshouts. "You got this Pin!"
00:51:52: Assacura goes back to standing by Budd, muttering darkly.
00:52:02: Sylphic Vertrose with all that was going on with the cheering for Pinrut and the booing for the Black Knight. she couldnt help but think a banana peel gag would be a perfect addition to this match.
00:52:23: Masqued Daemion Farseer cheers. "GO PINRUT!!!"
00:52:27: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac admires the Black Knight's witty banter.
00:53:03: Courtesan RoseRed slips her fan closed tapping her rubylips " I am so sorry. Mon dieu"
00:53:23: Sampson Hemp: Give him a taste of the good, solid steel! Rip his lungs from his body and feed them to his horse! SET HIS SOUL AFLAME WITH THE PAIN AND AGONY THAT HE SO RICHLY DESERVES! BUAHAHAHA!
00:53:34: Sylphic Vertrose reaches into a hidden pocket for a little celo-wrapped mint, popping it into her mouth and enjoying the sweet minty flavour
00:53:50: Tefenet raises an eyebrow at Sampson.
00:53:50: Spirited Sneaky says "Pinrut eh! Sothat's whose picture I took!"
00:54:01: Sampson Hemp takes a drink of water. Now his throat hurts.
00:54:13: Clown Princess AliceHeart blinks towards Sampson and raises an eyebrow. She wonders if he needs a beer.
00:54:18: Spirited Sneaky turns to Sampson. "Ess TeeEff Ewe."
00:54:23: Contestant Endarrglances at Sampson, then back at the arena.
00:54:27: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia pats Cura on the shoulder - the other shoulder, not the lancing one. "You were good, and he's a fuckwit,"she says, polite as always. "Want to get a drink, or explore with me or something? Or keep watching?"
00:54:47: Sampson Hemp /always/ needs a beer.
00:55:09: Spirited Sneaky thumbs to the arena, then holds up the camera pictures to distract (until the charge).
00:55:46: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut stares at his opponent through the small holes in the pumpkin. A slight breeze blows his scarf about behind him. He fidgets slightly in the saddle, readying himself in body and mind. His first true battle. He grins. how exciting.
00:56:06: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk shakes her head at the noisy Sampson and says to Tef "How is this round going?"
00:56:13: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grins, "Sorry? Oh, no don't worry about it, he'll be fine. I'll make him owe me something for having to talk to a beautiful woman in his place," he winks teasingly. Kaze blinks at Sampson, then at the match, unable to make up his mind yet.
00:56:23: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac sighs. Somebody kick someone's arse, and eat them.
00:56:31: Bug Queen Ferryn watches the arenae, then takes steps forward up to the bell, striking it twice. DING DING.
00:56:42: Assacura watches the arena. "I wanna watch. But I stand behind what I said before. He's a puta."
00:57:12: Contestant Endarrshouts at Pin. "Go get 'im Pin!"
00:57:22: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia makes the mental translation. "Can't think who would pay for that..."
00:57:23: Tefenet: It's just about to start, Meenos. Pinrut is up against the show off.
00:57:28: That Weezle hangs out near the entryway, most inconspicuously indeed. It could be argued he wasn't noticed coming in. He chews on his lip thoughtfully, en empty cigarette holder hanging from his lips. He taps his cane on the ground idly.
00:57:50: Clown Princess AliceHeart knows the look Sampson has on him. She turns to Mike the bartender and after a brief exchange comes out with two flagons of mead. Alice walks over to Sampson, casting Lily a glance every now and then, and offers him one of the flagons.
00:57:54: The Black Knight charges at full speed, hooves like thunder, eyes ablaze, and it's all focused on the fellow knight's shoulder.
00:58:42: Sylphic Vertrose's wings flutter slowly in the cool air, metallic shimmers rippling over the blue, green and violet stained glass-esque surface.
00:58:56: Sampson Hemp makes kitten eyes at Alice, gracefully accepts the beer, and throws it back in two gulps. ...Yum.
00:58:56: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut digs the heels of his boots into the horse's flanks, causing it to charge. He leans low to his mount's head, making it move slightly faster. He holds out his lance and gets ready to thrust it up into the knight's shoulder.
00:59:14: Masqued DemonLady crosses her fingers, hoping for Pin
00:59:33: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black lights a cigarette, watching the two race towards each other. This should be interesting.
01:00:17: Masqued Daemion Farseer thinks
/c'mon pin you got this/
01:00:20: The Walking Forest Chimental: PFFF goes the knight's lance...and it was /Pinrut's!/ The lance bounces off the Black Knight's shoulder.
01:00:34: Second Lieutenant DDR stands, intently looking on. "Go Pin!"
01:00:36: Chivalric Knight Waergian watches through his visor, a soft blueglow can be seen through the holes in it
01:00:44: Sylphic Vertrose applauds the Challenging knights hit.
01:00:51: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn cheers. "YEAH! Take that, ya stupid knight- not you Pin!"
01:00:59: Masqued Daemion Farseer cheers loudly. "Alright Pin!"
01:00:59: William Harrowton Conchor chuckles softly. "...what a hit."
01:01:01: Tefenet: AHA, yes! Meenos, Pin got a hit!
01:01:04: Second Lieutenant DDR applauds!
01:01:06: Contestant Endarrpunches into the air. "Good one, Pin!"
01:01:12: Spirited Sneaky /clicks!/
01:01:27: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper claps her glove to her chest and gives Pin a salute. "All right Pin!"
01:01:39: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both cheer at the hit. Seems they made up their mind.
01:01:44: Assacura snorts softly. "You'd be surprised."
01:01:58: The Black Knightlets out a disgruntled yell as he yanks the horse's reigns, forcing it to quickly turn around.
01:02:19: Young at Heart Praco smiles. Anything that annoys the Black Knight is good.
01:02:21: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut shakes a bit as his lance makes contact. It would no be good to grow confident now. He pulls on the reigns and have the horse turn back to re face the Knight. He holds out his Lance and prepares for the second bout.
01:02:34: Courtesan RoseRed smiles folding her hands over her chest fan taptapping " How troublesome for you" shes smiling slightly eyes dancing
01:02:35: Masqued DemonLady cheers loudly"Yay Pinrut!"
01:02:58: Assacura chuckles. "Looks like a sore-loser of a puta too."
01:03:00: Sylphic Vertrose pities the black Knights steed for taking such rough handling. It wasnt the horses fault
01:03:16: Chivalric Knight Waergian nods. "Well done, brother knight, well done."
01:03:17: Sampson Hemp realizes slowly that he doesn't know how to ride a horse. ...Oh god.
01:03:33: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods "Good!" She claps her gloved paws together.
01:03:41: That Weezle smiles, applauding for the jousting competition. He digs a cig out of a pocket and pops it into his stylish cigarette holder. He doesn't light it, but doesn't he look bloody sophisticated now. Especially with the opera mask. Oh yes. Stylish.
01:04:24: Vivacious Nadyanilo sneaks in between peoples legs and stuff, being all slinky and sneaky. Her ears twitch as she pokes her head up to stare at the jousters. "/Oooh/."
01:04:26: Clown Princess AliceHeart breaks into a giggling fit at the results of the round and quietly sips her own mead while watching.
01:04:30: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridorubs his forehead a little. Little spacy for a bit, there. Bob shakes it off, /jingling/.
01:04:37: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grins, "Oh, no trouble at all, miss Lilith. Can I get you anything? Mutton? Wine?" Kaze glances over their shoulder to Lil and grins, "Y'/are/ hittin' on 'er!" Trowa huffs, "So?"
01:04:43: Bug Queen Ferryn grins toothily as the pair return to their starting positions. She strikes the bell once more - it only TINGs once, then the handle snaps in half. /woops/.
01:05:09: Sampson Hemp eyes slowly widen. He staggers over to the beer counter and orders four more pints. Looks like it's going to be /that/ kind of night...
01:05:16: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac looks around suspiciously at all the /jingling/ and /ting/ing.
01:05:37: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut takes a small, soundless breath to steady his nerves. He hears a ting, a single one. did that still count as the signal?
01:06:00: The Black Knight HIYAHs, kicking the horse hard, urging it to go faster. A faint crinkle is heard as the two race forward.
01:06:34: Sylphic Vertrose lofts a brow and tilts her head. /Crinkle?/ What did that mean?
01:06:35: Contestant Endarr watches, holding his breath.
01:06:39: Spirited Sneaky /stretches/, then focuses for the shot.
01:07:19: Courtesan RoseRed flushes "Mon Dieu, a bit of wine if you please" she seems to conveniently have not heard the quarrel. She looks back giving Alice an inconspicuous raised eyebrow as in what now? She smiles back at Trowa and Kaze
01:07:19: That Weezle sneaks his way back into the foyer. Perhaps there are other shenanigans going on about the old place. Surely he will return, of course.
01:07:26: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut gives an inaudible start as he sees the Knight charge. He digs his bots into the horse and pleads it to charge. It does so. Pinrut holds his lance tightly and attempts to gain another hit.
01:07:30: The Walking Forest Chimental: Unfortunately, Pinrut's faulty hearing proves to be his downfall. The Black Knight quickly closes the distance, the lance hitting his shoulder dead center. Pinrut is pushed off the horse, just barely.
01:08:05: Masqued Daemion Farseer boos the Black Knight.
01:08:09: William Harrowton Conchor frowns softly. Hrrm.
01:08:31: Tefenet: Drat! Pinrut is down.
01:08:34: Clown Princess AliceHeart catches Lily's glance and simply grins back at her widely. Lily /failed/ her mission to bring Makiwa back, so now she deals with the consequences. Or maybe she could go help? Maybe...
01:08:37: Masqued DemonLady booooos!
01:08:41: Contestant Endarrlets out a breath. "Shoot. Really thought Pin had a chance."
01:08:44: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac cheers! "Har har! A good hit!"
01:08:50: Vivacious Nadyanilo stares around, hear ears twitching as she tries to find someone she knows. A low whine and she wriggles, turning her attentions back to the game. Who's she supposed to cheer on? Ooh, the one who's winning! "GO Meester Blacky!"
01:08:52: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahboos that bastard.
01:09:12: Spirited Sneaky /clicks!/
01:09:19: Assacura winces slightly. "Budd? What's the chance he's that /good/?"
01:09:22: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper: Pin did great. Think he'd have been fine if he'd started the same time
01:09:34: Second Lieutenant DDR says "Awwww." to himself.
01:09:37: Sampson Hemp is starting to panic. He is /screwed./ Totally screwed.
01:09:39: Contestant Endarr nods. "That's true."
01:09:47: The Black Knight huffs. "I guess...you aren't a real knight after all." Huff.
01:09:59: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinruthits the ground will a dull thud, despite his armor. He sighs quietly as his body shakes with adrenalin. He uses his lance to pull himself to his feet before saluting the victorious knight. After a moment, he takes his mount's reigns and lead it away.
01:10:07: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both grimace at the hit on Pinrut. Trowa smiles at Lilith and bows, forcing the pair to head to the stands and get some wine. Kaze is less than pleased to have wandered away from the joust, but a leg of mutton and flagon of ale stifles this.
01:10:08: Spirited Sneaky's left arm begins to /pulse/, and Sneaky seems agitated as though receiving secret instructions.
01:10:17: Young at Heart Praco mumbles quietly to himself. "Oh shut up already..."
01:10:23: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper shouts angrily "Pin's a better knight than you, ya bastard!"
01:11:03: Contestant Endarrblinks at Rachel. Then he shrugs and shouts at the BK, "You ain't got nothin'!"
01:11:20: Tefenet shouts "Here, here, ya bastard!" in agreement with Rachel.
01:11:28: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Ah no! Uh... sorry, I think I should get out of here for a while, this noise is a bit confusing for me."
01:11:34: Sylphic Vertrose brows knit as she thinks. /Crinkle...crinkle..? / Paper? Paper crinkles.
01:11:40: Spirited Sneaky's nostrils flare /hard/, as if to suck in all the air in the room. The exhale is quick and light, though.
01:11:43: Masqued Daemion Farseer nods in agreement with Rachel.
01:12:05: Sampson Hemp runs around the party, totally drunk, trying to find someone to teach him how to joust. He has very little time left to live.
01:12:18: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper scratches her ear and grins at Endarr. "I like Pin..."
01:12:20: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac guffaws. "Har! That Black Knight is a witty bastard!"
01:12:20: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa return to Lilith's side, holding out the wine for her, "Wine for the lady!" They look to see who's next..
01:12:37: Contestant Endarrnods. "He's a great guy!"
01:12:38: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia shrugs. "No idea. Where'd someone learn or practice at that sort of thing, here, anyway?"
01:13:01: Spirited Sneaky /never/ takes his eyes off the Knight's.
01:13:28: The BIack Knight's only response to the peanut gallery is a quiet chuckle. He pets the side of his horse's head. "Who will be the next weakling to be crushed to the dirt?" he asks the crowd. "Surly one of you must still have courage. no matter how little."
01:13:43: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna begins to think the black knight is cheating if anyone scores a hit and begins to watch for signs of it
01:14:06: Sampson Hemp crawls to Endarr. "Endarr... can you ride a horse? I need help."
01:14:12: Young at Heart Praco shrugs. "Pretty sure the sign-up list is closed."
01:14:13: Sylphic Vertrose murmurs softly to herself, "Why did they /Crinkle/?"
01:14:29: Assacura shrugs. "None, that I know of. But aren't there some people not from our time here?"
01:14:32: Contestant Endarrnods. "Well sure I can. What'dya need?"
01:14:35: Spirited Sneaky says "Who will take the picture for me?"
01:14:38: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn looks around the courtyard.
01:15:02: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoidly looks around, watching the crowd. They've sure got some big talk! Good for them.
01:15:27: Sampson Hemp: Teach me how to ride a horse! I have five minutes! ...FIVE MINUTES! Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod...
01:15:34: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut walks over to an area where he can still watch the jousting. He lost. Well, no matter. No Legend is without it's minor setbacks. He pets his mount's head. assuring it that the loss was no it's fault in the least.
01:15:35: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna: i will sir knight
01:15:36: Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "See you all later, I might be back later." She exits the courtyard.
01:15:38: Sylphic Vertrose leans on the fence, in quiet thought as she stares at the Knights steed.
01:15:47: William Harrowton Conchor watches the Black Knight with a blank expression. Only two more, then it'll be his turn. He hopes that the BK would be knocked down a peg... or twelve before that though.
01:16:00: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa waves, "Bye, Meenos! See you later!" Kaze whoops for the black knight again.
01:16:06: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac shouts to Sampson, "Tis easy! Ye get on it, an' ye stay on it while it moves!" He's never ridden a horse in his life.
01:16:16: Spirited Sneaky steps through the fenceposts, as if to take a picture. "Excuse me."
01:16:32: Contestant Endarrlaughs. "It ain't hard. Just climb into the saddle and sit facin' forward." He thinks for a moment. "Oh, don't let the horse lead. You control it!"
01:16:42: Sampson Hemp starts hyperventilating.
01:17:16: Contestant Endarrpats Sampson on the back. "Take it easy. Ain't so bad."
01:17:47: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac says to Endarr, "Put a bag over his head."
01:18:31: The BIack Knight laughs as he readies his lance, waiting for the next challenger. His horse snorts and digs at the ground with it's hoof. It was impatient it seems.
01:18:36: Sampson Hemp is going to die, painfully and agonizingly, in about five minutes, because he will be killed by his horse.
01:18:49: Young at Heart Praco stretches out a little. "Maybe I should grab some food..."
01:18:50: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa cheers at Sneaky entering the arena, assuming he's next, "Kick his butt, Sneaky!" Kaze sees the black-dressed man and shouts, "Beat 'im to a pulp, black knight!"
01:19:07: Sylphic Vertrose pops another mint into her mouth, they werent as good as Maple Bacon candies, but they were acceptable.
01:20:04: Courtesan RoseRed takes the wine and doesn't sip but raises the glass in a silent toast , she sits beside Makiwa and Trowa/Kaze to watch the match silent but a small smile in thank you
01:20:59: Contestant Shakespeare sweeps into the room and heads straight for Waerg, curtsying before him and bowing her elaborately decorated head.
01:21:29: Sylphic Vertrose silently wiches a particular Personwas here enjoying this with her.
01:21:39: Clown Princess AliceHeart looks over at the stage while sipping from her mead. She gives Lily another little glance before returning her attention to the new match.
01:22:01: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper smilles and waves at the unfamiliar human. "Hi, come to see the jousting?"
01:22:19: Contestant Endarrnods at Shakes. Howdy.
01:22:43: Vivacious Nadyanilo wriggles around and at the edge of the ring and swoons. The Black Knight is winning! Oh, there's Alice! She bounds over to her and wraps her arms around her waist, then whispers, "Ays don' know no wuns."
01:23:16: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black spots his sister. Smiling, he waves her over.
01:23:46: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna gets up and heads to the vendors again for another large chunk of mutton before returning to boo at the black knight
01:24:08: Contestant Shakespeare turns and curtsies again. "Aye. I brought Sir Waergian something."
01:24:23: Spirited Sneaky clicks a picture of the Knight, then gets on his horse. "I'd```` like /your/ lance, mister."
01:24:54: Young at Heart Praco glances around to see if anyone he knows is around.
01:24:55: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoidly glances after Sneaky.
01:25:04: Spirited Sneaky holds his camera up. "Anyone?", he shouts.
01:25:32: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grins at Lilith, gesturing with his mead to Sneaky in the field, "That guy's pretty good, I think he'll win!" Kaze snorts, tearing at the mutton leg, "Nope, he's goin' down. What's 'e even 'oldin'? Thassnotta lance..."
01:25:33: Bug Queen Ferryn, being rather impatient, finally rings at the bell, having stolen her other one back from mike. TING TING.
01:25:55: Barkeepin Mikeblinks.
01:26:06: Clown Princess AliceHeart can't help but grin when she feels Nadya hugging her and reaches down to pat her head. "Hi Nadya! It's ok, there's just a lot of people here!"
01:26:16: Chivalric Knight Waergian nods to Shakespeare
01:26:57: The BIack Knight bellows a laughter as he forces his steed to charge at the imbecil who mounted without a weapon. "You shall have it soon enough Fool!" He shouts as he aims his lance.
01:26:58: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia edges over to offer a little calming advice to the panicky man. "Left foot into stirrup on left side, grab saddle, stand up, leg over. Hold reins gently. Squeeze legs to go, lean to steer."She considers. "Try to relax, tense falls hurts more."
01:27:55: Chivalric Knight Waergian: Pray tell, what favor have you brought me, my dear lady?
01:28:02: Assacura glances over. "Spurs help...if you have them."
01:28:13: Spirited Sneaky says "No, Judgment."Motherfucker. As Sneaky charges, he leans in as much as possible, as if cradling a sniper rifle. His one shoulder shares the same space as his /head/ as his eye scans down his lance (and his shoulder target).
01:28:24: Sampson Hemp stares straight ahead without responding to Buddleia. He takes another pint of whiskey, and throws it back in one shot.
01:28:56: The Dark Lady Kelwine snaps awake.
01:29:12: Vivacious Nadyanilo whines and wriggles, staring over at the Jousting Ring. She doesn't understand the game, but she hopes the Black Knight doesn't get hurt. "Yeah, lawts. Wuddis going awn?"
01:29:42: Courtesan RoseRed nods and watches the match " I do hope the Black Knight succeeds, I do believe he has skill to do so." she looks about
01:29:49: The Walking Forest Chimental: The Knight's lance easily break through the cameraman's defenses, catapulting him off his horse.
01:30:07: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn makes his way over to Kel. "Ah, hello! Wondered where you went."
01:30:40: Contestant Endarr winces as Sneaky is thrown from his saddle.
01:30:52: Clown Princess AliceHeart winces when Sneaky is thrown off his horse. "Oh dear... They're just fighting Nadya, it looks like fun! I'm going to play too!"
01:31:00: Sylphic Vertrose joins in the wincing
01:31:02: Masqued Daemion Farseer watches.
01:31:05: The Dark Lady Kelwine slips a hand under her mask and rubs her eyes. "Sorry about that!"
01:31:07: Contestant Shakespeare presses a folded piece of paper in Waerg's hand and meets his eyes. "Our marriage contract, sir gallant knight. Hold it while you fight, in the hope that my love will protect you."
01:31:18: Spirited Sneaky /whistles/.
01:31:19: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridofrowns after the Knight. "Take it easy, there."
01:31:24: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa winces, "Oooo! Ouch!" Kaze grins and cheers loudly at the hit, spraying bits of food in front of him, "/YEAH!!/"
01:31:35: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn ahs. "Wall get ya?"
01:31:41: William Harrowton Conchor cringes a bit. Oh boy.
01:31:55: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper smiles bravely. "Don't worry End. You've been beat up in teh jungle and Gauntlet plenty, right?" She pats him gently.
01:32:08: Contestant Endarr: Hoo boy. I hope so.
01:32:08: First Sergeant Cecil looks around. There seems to be a commotion happening. He ignores it, and stuffs some pies into his bag.
01:32:14: Vivacious Nadyanilo gasps and glances up at Alice, "Yews gawnna fite?! Dem Black Knights?!" She leans in /real/ close, "Is yews gawnna hurt him?"
01:32:15: Chivalric Knight Waergian folds the contract into a small square and places it within his breast plate, over his heart
01:32:17: Masqued Daemion Farseer winces.
01:32:19: Sampson Hemp takes the last pint, downs it, then stumbles over to his horse. Oh, god, why. He picks up a pointy lance.
01:32:21: Assacura winces. "Ouch, that's gotta hurt." Yet if it were her she'd be up in two seconds wanting to go again.
01:32:35: Contestant Endarr: Good luck, Sampson!
01:32:37: The Dark Lady Kelwine shrugs. "Something did! What'd I miss?"
01:32:56: Spirited Sneaky rolls up to his feet. "Well now."Best to get out of the way.
01:33:11: Contestant Shakespeare touches his hand and stands beside him to wait.
01:33:24: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna boos heavily the black knight silly knigget thinking he owns this match for lo in the few rounds to come is the valient knight of chivalry
01:33:29: Barkeepin Mikestraightens up a little, finding another hammer for the bell.
01:33:59: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Just the knight kicking everyone's arse.
01:34:02: Sampson Hemp mounts his horse nervously. He shoulders his lance. He calms down immediately. He gets in the zone. He inhales, then exhales. When he opens his eyes, his deep black eyes are blazing red. Tiny flames run down his hands.
01:34:09: The BIack Knight laughs. "Oh, My apologizes. I am Truly and sincerely sorry." He mocks, laughing all the while.
01:34:44: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper can't hep but overhear Shakespeare talking to Waergian. "Waer, you two are..? I had no idea, congratulations to you both!"
01:35:08: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia shrugs again, giving a small smile. Too much /macho/ism around here, for her. She quietly slips off to see how much of the castlewill allow exploring.
01:35:09: Sampson Hemp: I have fought darker things than you. I have defeated myself. You. Will. Not. Beat. Me. BRING IT, TIN CAN!
01:35:20: Masqued Daemion Farseer looks over at Waer and grins. "Congratulations my friend!"
01:35:20: Contestant Endarrglances at Waer. He gives Waer a thumbs up.
01:35:31: Courtesan RoseRed raises her wine in a toast to the Black Knight, never taking a sip as she watches her fan once again covering her face
01:35:32: Clown Princess AliceHeart purses her lips forward while answering Nadya. "I don't know... He looks pretty tough... It just looks like fun! It's not about hurting him, it's about knocking him off his horse!"
01:35:53: Contestant Shakespeare looks up at the helmeted figure and smiles. "Yes. My name is Shakespeare."
01:36:10: Sampson Hemp roars in an ear-aching fury. Flames blast into the sky. He stares at the Knight. Then... He starts to laugh.
01:36:15: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut lets his jousting mount return to the stables. He passes by the merchant handing out toys and in surprised when he's given a few. He blinks, and then nods his thanks before moving over to sit in the benches as watch the remaining bouts.
01:36:17: Chivalric Knight Waergian slowly draws his blade, carefully avoiding 'Speare and salutes Endarr with it with a flourish
01:36:19: Assacura sneers at the Black Knight. "Stupid doody head." Well, that was eloquent.
01:36:37: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa whistles at Sneaky, "Good shot, man! Nice try!" Kaze grins, biting off more mutton, "Shoulda stepped on 'im! Run 'im over, too!" Trowa frowns at Kaze, then drinks his mead.
01:36:40: Contestant Endarrgrins.
01:36:45: Vivacious Nadyanilo /oh/s and turns back towards the fight, still holding Alice round the waist. So many strange people! "Ken ays play?"
01:36:53: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper holds out her paw. "Rachel, nice to meet you."
01:37:13: Sampson Hemp chuckles, then giggles, then builds up to a full-throated laughter.
01:38:17: The Black Knightgrunts as he steadies his horse into position for the next victim.
01:38:25: The Dark Lady Kelwine glances over towards the joust. "I see."
01:39:00: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn nods. "Yeah... I haven't gone yet. Still a couple of more people before I do."
01:39:08: Barkeepin Mikeleans over and rings the bell. /DINGADINGDING/.
01:39:08: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper asks "D'you think Sampson is.. ok?" to no one in particular
01:39:23: Clown Princess AliceHeart scratches at the back of her head while answering, "I have no idea Nadya... There was someone... I think it was Bob... Taking list of those who wanted to play. I'm not sure if they're still taking new players."
01:39:27: Contestant Endarrshakes his head. "That guy ain't right."
01:39:28: Contender Rex walks back in, instintly going to the jousting arena
01:40:05: Contestant Shakespeare shakes Rachel's hand and smiles at her politely, then turns to watch Waerg's actions.
01:40:10: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoshakes his head to Alice "No, I uhh. I'm sort of keeping watch right now."
01:40:19: The Black Knight kicks his horse, /crinkle/, as the two barrel down the small area like being shot from a cannon.
01:40:31: Vivacious Nadyanilo's eyes light up! "Bawbo?!"Of course! It's his castle! She crawls up Alices body and stands on her shoulders, a hand over her eyes to find that Tall Clanleader of hers. OH he's right there! "HAI BAWBO!"
01:40:54: Sampson Hemp charges, still cackling wildly. He aims for the Knight's heart.
01:41:04: Clown Princess AliceHeart breaks into a giggling fit when she hears Nadya. Oh dear. Well, at least there's her answer.
01:41:11: The Dark Lady Kelwine smiles. "I see! I hope you do well. Though.. The odds seem stacked against you."
01:41:22: Warrior of DiamondsObsidia Black lights another cig. Hmm, looks like he needs to start getting ready.
01:41:28: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Yeah...
01:41:33: Contender Rex "This cannot turn out good"
01:41:37: William Harrowton Conchor hmms quietly. BK's gonna win, then it'll be his turn. He quietly pats his horsey mount. "...Come, let's get ready."
01:41:42: Assacura twists an ear. Crinkle? Why would horses crinkle. "Budd?" Cura looks around for her friend to find her gone.
01:42:10: Sylphic Vertrose heard that strange /Crinkle/ again...what was it from?
01:42:18: Tefenet wonders what that crinkle is about. "Horses don't usually crinkle."
01:42:19: Contestant Endarrrubs his chin. That's an odd noise for a horse to make.
01:42:31: The Walking Forest Chimental: The lance hits! PFF! The knight is impaled, blood pouring from the wound, and falls off his horse. The Black Knight is down! The Black Knight i-I'm just screwing with you. Sampson got thrown off. What did you expect? He just learned how to ride.
01:42:53: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper nods. "Yeah, almost reminds me of..." she trails off, trying to place the noise.
01:42:55: Spirited Sneaky gets his camera in position, staying in a hidden position on the track.
01:43:07: Spirited Sneaky /clicks!/
01:43:15: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa watches intently, "This is getting serious!" Kaze chews his mutton and whoops when Sampson is knocked off.
01:43:16: Contestant Endarrshakes his head. "Well, that went better than expected."
01:43:49: Second Lieutenant DDR laughs! "Fucker..." he says, to no one in particular.
01:43:49: Contender Rex "Heh, I wonder how this guy does it, I don't think he has ever lost one match"
01:44:06: Sampson Hemp flies backward. He has a split second of feeling really, really embaressed. Then he hits the ground and stops thinking for a while.
01:44:13: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridosmiles softly.
01:44:14: Chivalric Knight Waergian wraps an armored arm around 'Speare's waist, the emblem on his breast glows red, blueand greenas fits the enameling of the parts
01:44:18: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac points and laughs at Sampson. "Har! Ye don't know how to ride a horse!"
01:44:49: Second Lieutenant DDR hops the fence again, and runs out to Sampson Hemp.
01:45:24: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper shrugs. "Don't know what I expected, actually. Surprised Sampson's even standing up after drinking all that."
01:45:29: The Black Knight siiiighs a sigh. "That...was sad." The horse grunts, seeming to agree.
01:45:44: Courtesan RoseRed scrunches her nose at the feld man, as she expected the Knight goes on
01:45:47: Second Lieutenant DDR tries to get a response from the poor Assassin, but... nothing for the moment.
01:46:01: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut blinks, watching the joust. His eyes must have mislead him. For a moment, he thought the Knight had lost. He was mistaken however. A vision of the future? Or a delusion brought about by shame and jealousy? maybe hunger.
01:46:07: Contestant Endarrlooks at Rachel. "Well, least he'll get a nap."
01:46:13: Young at Heart Praco: Whelp... least it's not gloating and insults this time.
01:46:23: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna boooos the black knight most heavily
01:46:26: Pretty Kitty Escemfer bounds in, eyes wide and full of curiosity. Oh, this is a big party! A very big party! And is that free food over there?
01:46:28: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa smiles at Lilith, "Do you know who else is jousting?" Kaze chuckles, " 'hoo cares? This is fun!"
01:47:21: Sampson Hemp is lying in the courtyard. Sampson, this is not time for a nap!
01:47:34: Courtesan RoseRed nods " My sister,she should give him a run he shant soon forget." she looks disconcertingly pleased by this.
01:48:04: Sylphic Vertrose shakes her head and decides to wander off for a little bit. SHe felt slightly dizzy and figured finding a quiet place to rest might be a wise thing until, said dizziness passed.
01:48:06: William Harrowton Conchor watches the result, shaking off a 'wall'. "Guess it's my turn now..." He hops on his horse, headed for the jousting field.
01:48:12: Second Lieutenant DDR starts to pull Sampson offsides, somewhere where he'll be out of the way. Somewhere to recover.
01:48:13: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa chuckles, "Who's your sister? You were rooting for the black knight a moment ago!"
01:48:36: Pretty Kitty Escemfer notes that it /is/ free food! She frolics right for the mutton legs, stomach rumbling.
01:48:52: Sylphic Vertrose slips off into the greenery, as teh Wall becons.
01:49:14: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowaves to Esc politely.
01:49:17: Sampson Hemp is very, very drunk. Somehow, he manages to wake up and stagger away in the direction of Endarr and Rachel.
01:50:02: Contestant Endarrlooks up as Sampson approaches. He gives him a reassuring pat. "Not bad for your first time on a horse."
01:50:02: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper waves at Sampson's valiant approach. "Not too hurt, are you?"
01:50:17: Vivacious Nadyanilo bounces on Alices shoulders. She sure does like it up here! She can see! She giggles and wraps her palms around Alices forehead to keep balance, and judges people by the way the top of their heads look.
01:50:29: Clown Princess AliceHeart looks up at Nadya and lets out a little huff. "You plan on coming down from my shoulders?"
01:50:37: Contestant Endarrgives Sampson a reassuring pat. "Not bad for your first time on a horse."
01:50:37: The BIack Knight shakes his head in mock sadness. "They send those not even fit to be squires at me." he comments as he readies himself for the next. "Ready to eat dirt boy?" he taunts, holding out his lance.
01:50:40: Contestant Shakespeare grips Waerg's arm, her face focused gravely on the events to occur; she seems to be praying.
01:50:43: Pretty Kitty Escemfer spots someone tall and jingly waving at her, so she waves back! "Hi!"
01:51:00: Barkeepin Mikewaits, then rings the bell again. DINGADINGDING.
01:51:05: Clown Princess AliceHeart grumbles. "I suppose you're not. Oh well." It's not like Nadya's very heavy anyways.
01:51:13: Sampson Hemp: Erg. Endarr...Rashel
01:51:20: William Harrowton Conchor smiles softly, getting angry will only give him the upper hand. He readies his lance. "How childish..."
01:51:35: Sampson Hemp: I think....I'm drunk. Very, very drunk.
01:51:41: William Harrowton Conchor lightly taps the horse, willing it to get going. GO GO GO.
01:51:44: Contestant Endarrnods. "Maybe you should lay down a bit?"
01:52:10: Young at Heart Praco remains sitting in the stands, less cheering and more grumbling.
01:52:30: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both cheer at the joust, though one for the young man in the hoodie, the other for the black knight.
01:52:32: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper nods in agreement.
01:52:40: Sampson Hemp: I think thass. A verry good idea. Very good.
01:52:47: Sampson Hemp falls over.
01:52:50: Second Lieutenant DDR, seeing Sampson in friendly hands, goes back to the ringside.
01:53:02: Contestant Endarrgrins. "Seems he's had enough." He chuckles.
01:53:07: The BIack Knight scoffs as his mount rears up. /crinkle/. He charges forward, eyes ablazeand lance held at the ready.
01:53:26: Pretty Kitty Escemfer chomps happily on some mutton and wanders over to see what the crowd is watching. "Oooh." People are trying to beat each other up with big sticks!
01:53:38: Contestant Endarr's ears twitch at the sound of the crinkle. "There's that noise again..."
01:53:42: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper: Figure between us we can get him somewhere more comfortable?
01:53:47: William Harrowton Conchor holds the lance, aiming directly for the Black Knight's shoulder. He leans forward, hoping that it would help his mount go faster. He seems pretty much into this.
01:53:56: Second Lieutenant DDR thinks someone is cyborging his horse...
01:54:01: Tefenet: The heck is up with that crinkle?
01:54:06: Contestant Endarrnods and lifts Sampson.
01:54:10: Contender Rex "Ok, seriously, whats with the horse and it's 'Crinkle?' It's getting annoying"
01:54:13: Vivacious Nadyanilo cheers at the black knight's eyes blaze. "YAAH! GO BLACKIE!" Her tail swishes furiously from side to side, whapping anyone who happens to be near, not to mention her Alicechair.
01:54:16: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolooks over at Rachel, and points toward the Garden "It's usually quiet in there."
01:54:20: Assacura's pivots again. Another crinkle, why?
01:54:36: Pretty Kitty Escemfer cheers for the jousters, "Go stick guys!" She tries to find a good seat, craning her neck over people's heads to see.
01:54:37: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna: it cant be.....the black knightcouldnt be........not possible.......oh wait this is improbable island of course its possible.
01:55:09: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa boos at the black knight; he heard the crinkle, too! "Cheater!"
01:55:37: The Walking Forest Chimental: The lances clash. Pff-/k-k./ Both of the weapons glance off each other. A grunt comes from the Black Knight.
01:55:51: Clown Princess AliceHeart watches the duel with intent. She's fairly certain she's up next. Alice reaches up and gives Nadya a little poke. "Nadya dear, I think I'm up next."
01:55:57: The Dark Lady Kelwine scratches her ear and turns her head towards Trowa. She waves. She didn't know he was here.
01:56:18: Contestant Endarrbegins hauling Sampson towards the Garden.
01:56:25: Contender Rex "Come on! Rip that foolish Knights head off!"
01:56:35: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper follows shortly behind.
01:56:36: First Sergeant Cecil hefts his bag over his shoulder. Now he just has to find his way out of here...
01:56:46: William Harrowton Conchor had his eyes shut as the distance closed, and he ends up quite surprised that both weapons glanced off each other. He feels a new burst of courage. He's staring fear square in the face, let's see if he can do well for round two.
01:57:27: Vivacious Nadyanilo gasps and glances down at Alice. With a small whine she climbs from Alices shoulders and dusts off her suit, "Otays, be carefuls." She gives Alice a nod and hops in her place. Yeah, she'll keep it warm for her.
01:57:52: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa glances at the approaching jackal woman and grins, "Hiya, Vivienne! How's it going?" Kaze stays focused on the joust, cheering for the knight anyway.
01:58:05: Contestant Endarrreturns from the Garden, sans-Sampson and resumes watching the matches.
01:58:18: The BIack Knight grunts and yanks the reigns of his mount to force it to turn sharply. /crinkle/. His eyes blazein rage as he rolls his shoulder and readies his lance for the next round.
01:58:40: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn frowns at the crinkling. /The heck?/
01:58:42: Young at Heart Praco grumbles and looks around. He picks up a bone left from some mutton and chucks it at the Black Knight. This is not the most logical thing he has done.
01:58:58: Spirited Sneaky says "What does that crinkle /mean/?"
01:59:04: Assacura frowns. "Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle. Flesh shouldn't crinkle."
01:59:07: William Harrowton Conchor turns his mount, gently guiding it. He notes the odd crinkling, and readies his lance. There's something suspicious about that horse. Why would it crinkle.
01:59:14: Pretty Kitty Escemfer whistles loudly. "Go stick guys! Get each other!" She doesn't know who she's cheering for, so why not cheer for both?
01:59:16: The Dark Lady Kelwine smiles. "Hi!" She's not approaching. She's standing where she has been the whole time. She heard the crinkline with her /wind-scoops/, but dismisses it. Crinkling people are normal, right?
01:59:25: Chivalric Knight Waergian snaps his visor back up and pins it in place "Fear not, Milady."
01:59:30: Vivacious Nadyanilo gasps as the Black Knight. She hopes he's not hurt! Oooh...a smell hits her nose. She creeps up behind Esc and stares intently at her plate, soon forgetting her job to hold Alices spot in the crowd. Sneaky fingers reach into Esc's plate.
01:59:42: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridohas been hearing all of the /crinkles/ this whole time. He simply figured the Black Knight was very /old/.
01:59:59: Contender Rex growls, mabey a little to lowdly, he is getting pretty ticked at the crinkleing, it has to mean something
01:59:59: Courtesan RoseRed: I cheer for the Knight out of his skill, my sister is blood and very good at surprises.
01:01:04: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut tends to his lance as h watches the joustings. Candlewick has long since fallen asleep, where ever it was.
01:01:16: Pretty Kitty Escemfer glances briefly down to have another bite of meet... and spots someone's fingers! "Hey!"
01:01:22: Contestant Endarrstares at the BK from beneath his cowl. /What is that noise..../
01:01:22: Barkeepin Mikeleans over and DINGs the bell again.
01:01:34: Contestant Shakespeare looks intently at her knight in shining armor and expresses, unspoken, some deep sentiment between them.
01:01:37: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia wanders back from the garden, weaving her way through the crowd. She hears a few odd comments here and there. What's this about tinfoil and paper and sweetpapers?
01:02:02: Vivacious Nadyanilo has been spotted! She quickly snatches a bit of meat from Escs plate and shoves it in her mouth, her wide blue eyes glued innocently to Esc.
01:02:28: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa may have mixed up head with /heading/, but yes, there is Kel, to whom he grins at. He turns and smirks at Rose, "Who's your sister? What kind of surprises?"
01:02:54: First Sergeant Cecil wanders back into the area, his bag full of not-stolen-just-saved-for-later food safely hoisted over his shoulder. He is most certainly lost. Somehow.
01:02:54: William Harrowton Conchor readies his lance, tapping the horse lightly. "Go."
01:03:25: The BIack Knight digs his heels into his steed. /crinkle/. He charges forward, eyes burningand a cruel roar on his lips. The hoofbeats echo like the hollow sound of a drum. The Knight aims his lance and holds it angrily.
01:03:40: Assacura bonds over to Budd. "Budd, Budd, the horsie or the knight crinkles, why?"
01:03:48: Bug Queen Ferryn is watching distractedly, her antennae twitching idly.
01:03:49: Courtesan RoseRed smiles behind her fan " Why the Lady Alice of course." she just smirks at his second question what surprises hadn't she been subjected
01:04:07: The Walking Forest Chimental: PFF! The two weapons meet once again, however this time the force causes William's lance to fly out of his hand. Even with the pillow that's dangerous. Don't worry. It's only heading towards some foliage. /"DAAAH!"/ Oops...
01:04:16: Pretty Kitty Escemfer stuffs a bit of meet into her /own/ mouth. "What--" She's cut off by the sound of crinkling and hooves, and turns back to see the action!
01:04:59: William Harrowton Conchor feels the lance fly out of his hand, and accidentally hit some foliage. He turns to see what the heck just happened. "Hmph. Guess I didn't eat dirt after all." he remarks, coldly.
01:05:03: Sampson Hemp stumbles out of the Garden with a /fucking lance/ in his leg.
01:05:25: Sampson Hemp: AAAARRGH! MY LEG! Arrgh!
01:05:26: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa's eyes go wide, "Your sister is /Alice?!/" Suddenly her interest in Makiwa is quite clear. He grins, though, "Oh, I see. She used to be in my clan. Lovely person." Kaze whoops at the weapons clashing.
01:05:33: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce points over Escemfer's shoulder. "This fight's ridiculous. Such a big stick, but no one's goin' in for the leg sweep." He leans around and tries to nip Nady's retreating paws.
01:05:34: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut watches the match. The knight in black armor was a worthy opponent. His anger was something to fear.
01:05:38: The Walking Forest Chimentalshakes slightly as the lance lands right in the tree. "Strike the carolers and deck the halls, /this bloody thing landed almost right on my balls-"/ Moving on.
01:05:42: Vivacious Nadyanilo glances over at the fight, a shiver running down her spine as the Knight Roars. She squeals and jumps, pumping a fist in the air, "Go Blackie! Yah!" While Esc's distracted, she takes a bit more meat.
01:05:47: William Harrowton Conchor then adds, "But I hope whoever screamed was alright."
01:06:13: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn looks at Nadya. "Why you cheering for the black knight?"
01:06:17: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper hears Sampson yelling off behind them. "End? You hear that?"
01:06:20: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia scratches her head. "He's made of tinfoil?"Best guess for now. Either that or he's a halloween scary-ghosty of some description.
01:06:27: Pretty Kitty Escemfer says, "I think he did leg sweep." Judging by the sound of someone else wailing about their leg, anyway.
01:06:33: The BIack Knight pulls the reigns to halt his steed. His eyes still glowing. He scoffs, but does not respond.
01:06:35: Contestant Endarrshakes his head. "Can't say that I did."
01:06:46: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce leans in a bit less discreetly for a bite of Nadyanilo's sneaky fingers.
01:06:48: Bug Queen Ferryn cackles, overhearing the voices off in the trees.
01:06:54: Contender Rex pulls out one of the throwing knives he brough with him, it's fake, but he is pretty angry at that arroant knight. He chucks the knife at the horse, hitting it on the right foreleg
01:07:58: Assacura frowns. "But why wear or be made of tinfoil?"
01:08:01: Sampson Hemp arghs some more and limps over to Endarr and Rachel. "Help me get this damn thing out of my leg!"
01:08:02: Courtesan RoseRed smirks wider, hidden behind her fan " Oh yes she is, most lovely."
01:08:12: Vivacious Nadyanilo /eeps/ and cringes at Ihp, "CUZZES PRITTY!" She glares down at the person nomming at her fingers and screeches, swatting at Alk. "/No sir!/."
01:08:12: Pretty Kitty Escemfer leans away, as Allardyce tries to eat Nadya eating her food. "If you guys are hungry, there's free meat over there!" she suggests, pointing.
01:08:57: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper grimaces. "A-are you s-sure that's a.. a good idea?" She looks pale
01:09:15: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac cheers! "Finally, a feckin' hit! Good show, Black Knight!"
01:09:40: Contestant Endarrshakes his head. "Go see a doctor...ain't good to do it here."
01:09:57: Sampson Hemp: Of course it's a good idea! I'm not walking back to NewHome with a fucking /spear/ through my leg!
01:10:04: Contender Rex "Hey chuckle head! Think your all high and mighty do ya!?"
01:10:16: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa leans over and whispers to Lilith, "Not that you aren't lovely, of course..." Kaze rolls his eyes, and finishes the last of his mutton leg. "Time for more meat!" and he pulls the pair away for more food.
01:10:17: The BIack Knight's steed whinnies as the knife hits it's leg and bounces away with a /crinkle/. The Knight turns to the man who threw the blade. "Pathetic." He declares.
01:10:24: Vivacious Nadyanilo /eeps/ and stares at Ihp, "CUZZES PRITTY!" She shrieks as something noms her fingers, and swats Alk, "/No sir!/ Bad!" She glances at the meat Esc points to, "But yews meat is /tastee/."
01:10:31: Saint Sebastian Black Jacques Chirac tosses rum about as he waves his arms excitedly
01:10:51: Contestant Endarr shakes his head again. "Try Kit, it's closer."
01:11:03: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper raises her voice back. "Go see a doctor like End said! We can help get you there, but we're not taking it out ourselves and bleed you dry!"
01:11:04: Contender Rex "Yeah, how 'bout you come over and say that to by face tough guy?"
01:11:50: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia frowns. "Bounces, and sounds weird. Is the horse a robot, I wonder? Expect the rider's a Joker, with that glow."
01:11:54: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: ...pretty?...alright, then.
01:12:06: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridopeers at Rex "Oi. Throwing /knives/ isn't very nice. Why not throw a tomato?"
01:12:07: William Harrowton Conchor shrugs a bit. "Well, since I'm weaponless, I must concede, stranger. Don't let it get to your head, I see that you will f-f-fall, eventually." Damn it, that burst of bravery's about to run out. He carefully guides his horse out.
01:12:18: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut pulls the pumpkin from his head and places it down next to him. He takes a soundless breath of air as a slight breeze blows his scarf and his black hair. He looks around to see if there was anyone to talk to. Even if he couldn't and was knightish.
01:12:25: Sampson Hemp glares drunkenly at all twelve of the Rachels and Endarrs. He turns rudely and leaves, grumbling the entire time.
01:12:33: Contender Rex "There are tomatoes here?"
01:12:35: Pretty Kitty Escemfer tries to duck and shield her food from a sudden splash of rum. "Oh, don't throw tomatoes! Those are yummy!"
01:12:46: Courtesan RoseRed inclines her head flushing but eyes focused on the Arena, Alice was up " /Fantast
01:13:02: Clown Princess AliceHeart is standing at the ready after William leaves the stage, admittedly looking a bit nervous. The black knight keeps /winning/! She loves playing games, but she also loves winning! Huff! Well, gotta play to win. She mounts up on one of the horses and
01:13:09: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce growls and tugs at the fingers, wincing as he's slapped at. Reluctantly, he lets go, leaving behind some floppy leaves as he retreats behind Esc.
01:13:16: The Dark Lady Kelwine nibbles on a bit of meat. When did she restock her plate? Who knows.
01:13:20: Assacura looks at Budd. "Robo-horse? Would explain the not tiring thing."
01:13:25: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper turns to Endarr. We should go with him. He's too drunk and too hurt to wander around in the jungle."
01:13:26: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce hops around into the space Esc made by leaning away, settling down beside her with a huge turkey bone in his mitts. "Yeh, I know!" He /snaps/ the bone and, in a rather undignified manner, licks the tasty marrow out from inside a piece.
01:13:33: Clown Princess AliceHeart nudges its sides with her boots to maneuver it towards the stage. She leans down and holds her lance at the ready, squinting her eyes at the Black Knight.
01:13:51: Contestant Endarrlooks at Rachel. "If I know any better, he'll be fine. Trust me on that."
01:14:09: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce waggles the bone shard. "I know about the free meat, that is. But then, on the island, everything's free meat, innit?"
01:14:10: Second Lieutenant DDR hefts a wrench out of his medical bag. "Robots we can do something about... Medical science can be advanced at the same time. No hippocratic oath applies to robots." DDR smiles evilly. "We'll see after the show."
01:14:17: The Black Knight huffs. "Another female." The horse grunts a response and kicks the ground, ready.
01:14:17: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn sighs, and goes over to where the horses are. He picks a lance which he can barely lift, and a horse that looks rather unco-operative.
01:14:23: Vivacious Nadyanilo winces as she's splashed by some nasty water. Good thing it rolls back off. She gasps and watches Alice. Oh MAI GAWD! Who does she cheer for?! "GO ALITH AN BLACKIE!" She puts her fingers in her mouth and whistles. Well, tries to. Spit everywhere.
01:14:26: Contender Rex goes to the food stand and brings back about 2 dozen tomatoes
01:14:55: Citizen Xela walks over and leans on Pin
01:15:00: Bug Queen Ferryn folds her arms across her chest, sighing at the sudden lack of jousting. She glances over at the sound of bone snapping, and smirks over in the direction of Allardyce. She gives a quiet nod, jealous of his marrowsnacks, and returns to watching.
01:15:03: Assacura calls out. "Yeah, but us gals had the best luck!"
01:15:12: William Harrowton Conchor hops off the horse, after having headed to where he got it from. He patpat his ex-mount, feeling shaken up. He then starts to head out. "G-Goodness... that was tough..."
01:15:18: Pretty Kitty Escemfer nods at Allardyce. "I guess so! It's hard to get some stuff to sit still so you can eat it, though." Her food all seems gone! "Will you save my seat?"
01:15:23: Tefenet: Kick his ass, Alice!!!
01:16:06: Contender Rex "Come on alice! Finish what we all started! Rip the head of his bloody horse!"
01:16:39: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce grins wickedly, chews on the bone as he nods to Esc. "Okee dokee. Bring me something too! You know, in exchange."
01:16:45: Contestant Shakespeare watches, her hand still gripped Waerg's.
01:16:47: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut blinks, and glances at Sir Xela who has decided to use him as an arm rest. He smiles and salutes, before holding up his notebook. Greetings Lord Xela. How do you fare?he writes.
01:16:58: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna: go alice go.....go alice go.....go alice go....(repeats)
01:17:03: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa returns to Lilith's side, freshly meaded and muttoned. Kaze grins at the sight of Alice on the field, "So she's the one, eh?" Trowa cheers for her, "Wooo! Gooo Alice!"
01:17:08: William Harrowton Conchor gives a quick glance to the jousters. That challenger's familiar. Alice. He smiles softly, silently praying that she succeeds where he and many others had failed. He quietly slips out through the crowd.
01:17:16: Chivalric Knight Waergian taps Rex on his shoulder "Good Sir, wish not harm 'pon the mount of the man or monster. It has little choice in how it is employed."
01:17:19: Bug Queen Ferryn's lip raises the slightest, in a miniature snarl - someone has assaulted the champion of the match. Perhaps inviting the /rabble/ for a party was a terrible idea.
01:17:32: Citizen Xela salutes back "please never call me lord again Pin, and I'm good you?"
01:17:36: Masqued Daemion Farseer: Go Alice!
01:18:02: Pretty Kitty Escemfer hops up. She pauses to cheer to the jousters again, "Go stick guys! Beat each other up!" and then bounds away to get more meat.
01:18:02: Barkeepin Mikeleans over and lets off a DING.
01:18:05: Courtesan RoseRed nods fluffing herself up proudly "Yes,My true favorite"
01:18:35: Badass Ilan carries a mutton leg the size of his head and a flagon of beer to the stands.
01:18:50: The Black Knightlooks at his horse, and with a chuckle, kicks his horse in the si-/crinkle-/de, sending the two off at breakneck speed.
01:18:58: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoslowly shifts. He sits down on a mound of snow, watching.
01:19:07: Clown Princess AliceHeart uses both feet to kick the horse's sides, making it burst into a gallop. She keeps herself lightly lowered and the lance tipped towards the Knight's shoulder. The crowd's cheering seems to rile her up as well. She breaks into a wide grin. Come onnnnn.
01:19:14: Vivacious Nadyanilo scurries around. She wants to see this fight, but she's too short! She growls and spots Alk! He's familiar! Her eyes narrow as she realizes she's smelled him in her room. He owes her! A seat that is. She crawls up and plops on his shoulders.
01:19:32: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper ear flicks. "Hmm.. wonder if there's food left?"
01:19:37: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut bows his head. As you say Sir Xela. I will refrain from such honorifics in the future. As of Me, I am well. Lost a match against a worthy foe. But that is fine. I am still only beginning on my quest for glory.he writes, watching the match.
01:19:38: The Walking Forest Chimental: The two lances move past each oth-oh wait. Alice has fallen off. Guess that was a hit. Need to get some new glasses. Note to self: don't borrow glasses from 9 eyed Wilson down at Pleasantville. Specially when all 9 are in a different area.
01:20:10: Contestant Endarrnods. "Let's see, shall we." He grabs Rachels paw and leads her through the crowd.
01:20:24: Tefenet: Ah fiddlesticks!
01:20:26: Contender Rex "Grrr..."
01:20:29: Citizen Xela nods and walks over to Tef poking her
01:20:36: Vivacious Nadyanilo frowns as Alice falls. She was never good on a pony, or so Addie told her. "S'otay, Alith!" She waves a black pennant.
01:20:38: Second Lieutenant DDR: Woo! Go AliceHeart!
01:20:50: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce is too busy booing at the last match to react much to being a seat. "Sweep the leg, Johnny! You got a problem with that?!"
01:20:51: Masqued Daemion Farseer booooooos the Knight.
01:21:08: Tefenet leans on Xela. "Hey you, long time no see. You missed me jousting earlier."
01:21:19: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridofinally joins in the with booing. Totally unfair.
01:21:35: The Black Knight scoffs. "Learn to stay on your horse next time, /wench./" A deep throated chuckle.
01:21:39: Spirited Sneaky /clicks!/
01:21:58: Chivalric Knight Waergian stares...there is something off about this
01:22:02: Tefenet boos the Knight bastard loudly. "BOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
01:22:05: The Dark Lady Kelwine watches quietly.
01:22:06: Citizen Xela nods "who were you up against"
01:22:09: Clown Princess AliceHeart bleughs and picks herself up from the floor. She dusts herself off and skips off the stage.
01:22:15: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahboos softly.
01:22:28: Courtesan RoseRed sighs eyebrow raised her out ward apearance warm but her eyes icy " Shame"
01:22:43: Tefenet points at the Black Knight. "That bastard there~ But I got in a good hit though."
01:22:53: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos rides in on his pale Clydesdale, looking around...and falls off. He makes an attempt to regain at least /some/ of his dignity.
01:22:53: Assacura taps her fingers on her arm, somethings not sitting right with her.
01:22:54: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut claps politely for the match's competitors.
01:23:12: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia joins in too, with a quiet call of "Sexist!"It's not alone on the list, but it's the one annoying her the most right now.
01:23:36: Citizen Xela nods slowly and waves Pin over
01:23:48: The Dark Lady Kelwine boos. She doesn't know why, but everyone else is doing it.
01:24:10: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn mounts up on his horse. It doesn't move. "Giddyup."
01:24:13: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper hears some particularly loud boos as she surveys the tables of food."That jerk-knight must be taunting worse than usual."
01:24:16: The Dark Lady Kelwine suddenly feels silly and stops, returning to her food.
01:24:17: Vivacious Nadyanilo gasps and covers her mouth. The knight called Alith a /meen/ wurd! He's not her friend anymore. Huffing with her hands on her hips and brows furrowed, she stomps. Too bad she's still on Alk...
01:24:18: Assacura glances at Budd. "He is, isn't he?" Just another thing to line up with her earlier ones.
01:24:25: Snarky Serpent Tellurboos. Everybody's doing it. She sees no large white ghosts around, though. How odd.
01:24:28: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn's horse outright refuses to move. "Come on... this isn't funny..."
01:24:34: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce looks up at Nady perched on his shoulders. "I didn't know this was a chest poking contest! I want in on this! How do I get in on this?"
01:24:56: The BIack Knight shakes his head slowly and bellows a laugh. "Worthless all of you." he states, reading himself for the next bout. "I take it that you are the next lamb to be slaughtered?"
01:24:59: Contestant Endarrshakes his head. "Somethin' ain't right 'bout that guy." He glances over to the arena. "Plus he's just rude."
01:25:24: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa boos - possibly belatedly becaus ehe was busy eating and drinking - and frowns, "Well, damn, bad luck for her. Sorry, miss Lilith."
01:25:30: Pretty Kitty Escemfer comes back, plate stacked high with mutton. "What did I miss? Who won?"
01:25:35: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce is poked in the chest, ironically. By Nady's heel. He stands and huffs like a horse that's been spurred, padding the ground and whinnying.
01:25:35: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn takes off his mask and looks at his horse. "Do you want to be my next meal?" THAT got it motivated! His horse runs to the arena.
01:25:43: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut collects his pumpkin helm and holds it under his arm as he walks off to join the others. He gives a smile, and a salute.
01:25:44: Vivacious Nadyanilo stares down at Alk, "Yews ken't, is awl full up." She shrugs and chews on a bit of Alks leafhair. Something tells her eating grass is good for her.
01:25:54: Citizen Xela cups his hands around his mouth "GO IHP!!!"
01:26:10: Chivalric Knight Waergian walks over to the lists and acquaints himself with his mount-to-be, examining the tack and assuring all is in proper order. He goes so far as to check the hooves of the horse
01:26:11: Masqued Daemion Farseer pats his horse. "We're next."
01:26:15: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper snrks. "Sure is. Mind putting some of that cheese and such on my plate?"
01:26:16: Tefenet echoes Xela. "GO IHP!!!"
01:26:18: Contender Rex "Dominate him!"
01:26:22: Badass Ilan yells "Knock the cocky bastard down!"
01:26:31: Contestant Endarrgrins and does so.
01:26:44: Masqued Daemion Farseer: Knock him down a peg Ihp!
01:27:06: Courtesan RoseRed: As I said, He is quite skilled
01:27:32: Bug Queen Ferryn leans forward towards the bell, striking it twice with a clawed finger. TING TING.
01:27:44: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos grumbles, and gets up, patting Betty's side reassuringly. "Not your fault...I just haven't ridden in a while." He leads his horse to the side...and wonders where to sign up for the tournament. This looks interesting.
01:27:44: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn swallows, and makes an intimidating face. "Come on, you crinkly little..." He charges, point aimed at the Knight's shoulder.
01:27:56: That Weezle is back. Did he actually come in, or did he just appear? Hard to say. But he is smoking a cigarette, leaning casually on a wall, and once more watching the festivities with a grin and a sparkle in his improbable green eye.
01:27:58: Chivalric Knight Waergian takes the sword and bow from his belt and swings the shield from his back. His crest graces the face of the shield.
01:28:01: Assacura mutters. "Or he's a cheating puta."
01:28:24: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridochuckles softly.
01:28:27: Contender Rex goes over to the drink cart, picking up a glass of ale
01:28:28: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce nabs a leg of mutton off of Esc's plate, bonks Nady with it when she starts chewing his fronds, and gives Esc her seat back. "The jerk with the black armor what sounds like he's wrapped in plastic."
01:28:37: The BIack Knight digs his boots into the flank's of his steed. /crinkle/. It charges as the Knight aims his lance at his challenger's shoulder.
01:28:44: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa nods, speaking between chewing - hey, it's a medieval faire, right? "Clearly! Never met th'guy b'fore, where's 'e from?" Kaze busies himself with cheering for the next opponent to fall.
01:28:58: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce devours the lamb meats.
01:29:35: Pretty Kitty Escemfer sits down. "He looks /evil/." Men in black armor usually are. "Go other guy!"
01:29:46: The Walking Forest Chimental: The Knight's speed barrels down on Ihp's...chest?! Maybe it's the faulty glasses talking folks but that looked a bit too far off to be a shoulder shot. Regardless, Ihpkmn is thrown off the slow stallion.
01:30:01: Masqued Daemion Farseer looks his horse over, the eye holes in his mask flareing briefly.
01:30:14: Masqued DemonLady unwalls, and attempts to catch herself up with what she's missed
01:30:20: Tefenet: Oooh ouch! Awww!
01:30:21: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos thinks a moment...then shakes his head. Betty was not the kind of horse to enter into a tourney like this...and besides that, none of the horses here would be able to hold him.
01:30:29: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper smiles "Thanks, End. Think I'll look for a seat." She meanders back towards the joust.
01:30:36: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa yell out loud boos, "Low blow!" "Shoulda been a clean kill!"
01:30:39: Badass Ilan sighs, and turns back to his mutton...
01:30:46: Contestant Endarrfollows, smiling.
01:30:53: Masqued Daemion Farseer smiles at Demonlady. He pulls himself up onto the horse. "Wish me luck dearheart."
01:31:00: The Dark Lady Kelwine frowns at the sight. "Aww."
01:31:01: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce hoots, "You're gonna regret not cheating when you wake up, sharkbait!"
01:31:10: Contender Rex stops sipping his ale What the!? That filthy... he has not missed once! No way that could have been an accident!"
01:31:26: Masqued DemonLady waves to him "Good Luck!"
01:31:46: Citizen Xela winces "cheater...EAT HIS BRAINS IHP!"
01:32:10: Bug Queen Ferryn frowns a bit at the chest hit. She glances down to the scorekeepers, wondering as to their judgement.
01:32:18: Chivalric Knight Waergian swings into the saddle, slamming his visor down. Bluelight escapes from the gaps of his visor
01:32:18: Vivacious Nadyanilo winces and frowns at Alk, rubbing where he hit her. He /hit/ her. Whining, she crawls down from him and slinks into the crowd, looking for someone to pester.
01:32:31: First Sergeant Cecil seems to be lost even moreso than he was before. How hard could it be to get out of here? you follow a wall until it leads to a door, right?
01:32:36: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn growls at the Knight. "That was a chest shot, you Cariad Mam!!!"
01:32:47: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce hollers, "For Shoggoth's sake, Isaac, /sweep the leg/!"
01:32:55: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia perks up at the Welsh expression. "Cariad mam? /Dear/ ... damn, don't know that one."
01:33:03: The BIack Knight scowls, regardless of his victory. He was loosing his edge. "..." he moves his mount in position for the next round. "Lets try that again, shall we?" he mocks, readying his lance. "I promise not to miss again."
01:33:23: Tefenet shakes a fist at BK. "Ya rat bastard!"
01:33:46: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce feels lighter.
01:33:49: Contender Rex goes back to his drink, he seem to be seething with anger
01:33:59: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn re-mounts his horse. "Byddaf yn dod <Unknown Text Here> r llid y duwiau hynaf ar chi!" /Or I'm going to screw up. Either way.../"DDIM!!!"
01:34:09: Pretty Kitty Escemfer repeats Allardyce's advice, "Leg sweep! Or else he'll keep shouting it!" She choms on some meat, leaning forward excitedly.
01:34:10: Chivalric Knight Waergian walks his mount out, fully comfortable in his seat
01:34:10: Courtesan RoseRed smirks " Well look at what we have here. Is he..having difficulties?"
01:34:12: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn charges at the Knight.
01:34:29: Assacura blinks at Budd. "Did it sound familiar?"
01:35:23: Spirited Sneaky cheers "GoSquidward!"
01:35:38: Bug Queen Ferryn bristles. Jumping the gun... bell? Clearly a foul. She barly suppresses a shriek, calling down to the jester/scorekeeper. "I /believe/ there issss a penalty for ssstarting before the bell?"
01:35:42: Masqued DemonLady cheers loudly for Ihp
01:35:42: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce shouts a muffled agreement with Esc while stuffing mutton in his mouf.
01:35:52: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos winces...then hears the Black Knight. His face goes hard. Perhaps he should enter after all. Teach the cocky bastard a thing or two. He pauses in this thought, though, watching Issac. He crosses the fingers on his right hand.
01:35:54: Badass Ilan pumps his fist as Ihp charges.
01:35:57: Spirited Sneaky was always by Ihp's side, especially considering he's right there on the field for some reason, taking up-close pictures.
01:36:13: The Dark Lady Kelwine is on the edge of her non-existant seat! And the edge of another piece of meat.
01:36:46: Badass Ilan pumps his fist as Ihp charges.
01:36:59: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia starts, very quietly, and grinning, to sing in response. It's a gentle lilting tune, a lullaby. The words sound sort of like "Heen a blentin, ar vy munweh, skleed a kynes, ar dew horn." That's not a helpful answer, is it.
01:37:14: Tefenet: Get im, IHP!
01:37:30: The BIack Knight only laughs and has his mount rear back to give the Knight momentum in a single thrust. Why charge when his opponent was so generous as to come to him?
01:37:44: Contestant Endarrshouts as the jousters charge.
01:37:44: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both leeean forward, "He's going again? Brave man!" Kaze grins, " 'e'll be run through fer sure this time!"
01:37:51: That Weezle continues holding up the wall and watching the tourney. He smiles, and puffs at his cigarette.
01:37:54: Assacura blinks at Budd. "Come again?"
01:38:09: Bug Queen Ferryn is clearly frazzled. The party is slowly slipping out of her control. She snaps as she storms back to her throne.
01:38:09: The Walking Forest Chimental: The lance comes down on the anxious Ihpkmn. PFF-/k-k-k-k/ There's that damn crinkle again. The Knight's lance hits dead center this time, knocking Ihpkmn for a loop.
01:38:44: Courtesan RoseRed shrugs delicately, fanning herself glass still full
01:39:03: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia laughs. "See-oh garn. Welsh song. He-"she gestures "said /cariad mam/, that's Welsh, a line from the song."
01:39:09: Pretty Kitty Escemfer points out, "He's pretty good at stabbing people with his thing." Evil people often are, she thinks wisely to herself, sucking on a bone.
01:39:13: Citizen Xela wanders over to Daemion
01:39:18: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn goes flying into the crowd. He lands with an OOMPH. "Ow..."
01:39:25: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper almost drops here plate when she sees Ihp take a solid hit dead center "What the hell was /that/? Thought they were aiming to the side?"
01:39:26: Masqued Daemion Farseer moves his mount into position and readies his lance, a death's head grin on his lips.
01:39:29: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoglances after the Queen. He bows in apology. "Sorry ma'am." Bob straightens "I think our reigning Knight has it covered, already, however."
01:39:32: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut takes a short, soundless breath and puts his pumpkin back over his head.
01:39:47: Contestant Endarrshakes his head. "Guess he'll do anythin' to win."
01:39:51: Masqued DemonLady winces as Ihp hits the ground
01:39:59: Young at Heart Praco helps Ihp up.
01:40:24: Assacura oh's like she understands. Which she does, vaguely.
01:40:29: Contender Rex puts his drink down and goes over to ihp "Hey man, you okay?"
01:40:31: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn ffffs. "That fracking hurt... I think I broke-wait, nevermind. I don't think I have bones to break..."
01:40:51: Masqued DemonLady leans forward against the railing to watch as Daemion takes his place
01:40:58: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridosighs softly.
01:41:01: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos grits his teeth. The Black Knight cheated! He pats Betty's side. "You up for this, girl?" His horse snorts in response, and he nods. "Best see if they allow late entries. Though...I'll need my metal armor for this..." He starts rummaging.
01:41:08: Chivalric Knight Waergian watches as Ihp stands back up. he applaudes the man's fortitude
01:41:26: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna picks up her mutton and boos the black knight after ihp is removed from on top of her
01:41:37: Badass Ilan gets ready to root for the next contestant.
01:41:37: Young at Heart Praco looks over to the Black Knight. The only thing keeping him from just pulling out a weapon and trying to beat the Black Knight unconcious is that he knows he'd get in a TON of trouble for it.
01:41:39: Tefenet claps loudly and whistles for Ihp.
01:41:52: Snarky Serpent Tellursits down in front of Than's steed. She sneers at him "Entriessss /closssed/."
01:41:55: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce yells, "That was bloody ridiculous! Why do people keep running at that guy in a straight line with their lances facing forward? The last six guys tried that and the Knight just magirifically knocked them down!"
01:42:12: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both cry out again in boos, but clearly at odds as who's in the wrong. Trowa sighs and leans back, "How do you know the black knight, anyway?" he asks Lilith.
01:42:13: Bug Queen Ferryn slouches over her throne again, huffing. Composure? What composure.
01:42:21: Young at Heart Praco blinks at Tellur. D-did she just talk?
01:42:26: Barkeepin Mikepats Ferryn gently.
01:42:28: Contestant Endarrshouts. "Come on Daemion! Show this guy how it's done!"
01:42:40: Snarky Serpent Telluris a bit of a selective speaker.
01:42:49: Tefenet starts loudly booing the bastard knight again. "BOOOOOOOOO!!!"
01:43:06: The Dark Lady Kelwine scratches her ear again, glancing after Ihp.
01:43:09: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahboos the knight again. He's boring!
01:43:09: Contender Rex "Do something he wouln't expect! Be improbable!"
01:43:14: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce scoffs, throwing a hand into the air. "Why is nobody shooting a gun at him?! He's not even defending himself!"
01:43:23: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos glances down at Tellur...and sighs. "Ah, that figures." He stops rummaging, and pats Betty's side gently. "Looks like we'll have to wait until another tourney, girl."
01:43:36: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce agrees with Rex. "He wouldn't be expecting a bullet!"
01:43:41: Pretty Kitty Escemfer shouts cheerfully, "Boo! Leg sweep!" She leans in to whisper to Allardyce, "I'm voting for that horse." She points to the horse with all the unlucky knights. "He didn't get hit yet."
01:43:52: Bug Queen Ferryn seems somewhat placated by the pats. She goes /tch/ up at him. "We need a better audience." She snarfs on a few grapes.
01:44:00: Young at Heart Praco looks around and just begins pacing around.
01:44:08: Masqued DemonLady: Come on, Daemion! You can do it!
01:44:25: Masqued Daemion Farseer boots his horse and charges forward, aiming for the Knight's shoulder.
01:44:29: Courtesan RoseRed looks at him offering no answer but a smile, she never said a word but why should she say a thing.
01:44:34: Snarky Serpent Tellurrises to her feet and rather casually lopes back to her seat. She's done her job! /She will get cookies after this/.
01:44:45: Chivalric Knight Waergian slips his shield on his left arm, secures it in place, and readies his lance
01:44:51: Citizen Xela crosses his arms and watches
01:45:04: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper sits at a conventient table. The view's not that good, but she'll be able to eat here, and chomps on a roast something or other she doesn't recognize.
01:45:06: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce leans in and whispers, loudly, "I'll bet that horse is working for the Black Knight!"
01:45:13: The Black Knightstands on one side of the field once more, filled with either annoyance or exhaustion. Possibly both. Definitely both.
01:45:15: Bug Queen Ferryn holds her arms out in front of her. "They will not even wait for the bell" She whines.
01:45:55: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn sighs. "Guess I should be glad he didn't aim for the head..."
01:46:05: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowrinkles his nose, "You could /wait/ for the Queen's /bell/."
01:46:34: Pretty Kitty Escemfer gasps. She hadn't thought of that!
01:46:50: Bug Queen Ferryn hauls her satin-bedecked rear off the throne and goes to sit in Mike's lap, /hrmphing/ much like an upset child.
01:46:59: The Walking Forest Chimental: The Knight sidesteps his horse over, holding his lance out.../Lengthwise! CLANG/ Oooooh that's gotta hurt. First time I've seen someone clotheslined by a lance.
01:47:04: Vivacious Nadyanilo yowls loudly and runs from the giant chess pieces she was tinkering with. Seems they don't like being chewed on. Huffing, she straightens herself out and dusts her sleeves off. "Stupid...pony." /Harumph/.
01:47:24: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut watches the tourney. His hand was still gripped tightly around the shaft of his lance.
01:47:32: Contestant Endarrwinces. "Oooo!"
01:47:38: Contender Rex "Okay, I can't even be mad at the Knight for that one"
01:47:43: Barkeepin Mikestares. "Err." He pats her shoulder. Aww what a nice king.
01:47:43: Masqued Daemion Farseer hits the ground with an almighty /THUD/.
01:47:56: Masqued DemonLady cringes as Dae is knocked off his mount
01:47:57: Tefenet: Oh come on! Now he's just plain cheating! You no good bastard!
01:47:58: First Sergeant Cecil thinks he may have found the way out, and tries to wind his way through the crowd. It isn't particularly easy.
01:48:21: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa purses his lips at Lilith's lake of answers, but cheers for Daemion, which then dies away at the sudden clothesline. Kaze laughs and whoops loudly, "/YEAH!!``I"/
01:48:29: The Black Knightsimply states, "Next."
01:48:31: Pretty Kitty Escemfer laughs, then claps her hand over her mouth quickly, ashamed. "He'sh a scheater!" she calls, muffled.
01:48:32: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce hollers, "Why didn't anyone else think to hold the lance out like that? These people are so thoughtless! May as well forget about a bell, just line them up in a row and have the knight ride by with a mallet!"
01:48:36: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Alright, what the hell?! How is he not getting disqualified?!
01:48:37: Juniper walks into the courtyard and looks about. Her attention focuses on what seems a jousting tournament.
01:48:43: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce /boos/.
01:48:55: Assacura shifts her weight from foot to foot. "Budd, does that make him a cheating puta?" Clearly Buddleia knows everything.
01:49:04: Citizen Xela looks at Wear...."cheat"
01:49:09: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos snarls, noting the Black Knight's latest act. /"Cheat!" /He mutters under his breath.
01:49:26: Chivalric Knight Waergian walks his horse to the line and pumps his lance in salute to his opponent
01:49:28: Masqued Daemion Farseer stands up and dusts himself off, there is a small /crack/ and a split runs up his mask. He walks back over to Demonlady.
01:49:38: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridofolds his arms. Ah-/hurm/.
01:49:41: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce yells over to Ihp, "Because I thought we already established that this contest didn't /have/ rules!"
01:49:42: Courtesan RoseRed facepalms with her fan " Oh brother you foolish boy"
01:50:04: Bug Queen Ferryn /snarls/, shoving herself up to her feet and storming to the edge of the platform. She slams her hands down on the railing, bell falling to the ground. TONG. "Thissss! I will not stand for thissss!"
01:50:26: Barkeepin Mikeholds his arms up.
01:50:38: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowhirls in place, peering up at the Queen.
01:50:50: The Dark Lady Kelwine's eyes follow the fallen bell.
01:50:53: Bug Queen Ferryn hisses. "Our /champion/ isssss no longer adhering to the rulessss. I believe there isss punishment for this." She bares her teeth.
01:51:09: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia shrugs. She wasn't even watching properly. "Maybe?"Clearly, Buddleia does /not/ know everything.
01:51:11: Young at Heart Praco: Can we hurt him?!
01:51:14: Chivalric Knight Waergian couches his lance, waiting for the signal to begin
01:51:29: Masqued Daemion Farseer: That did not go well.
01:51:29: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos nods in agreement with Ferryn.
01:51:34: Contestant Endarrplaces a paw on his chin. "This could get interestin'."
01:51:44: Badass Ilan wants to hurt him!
01:51:49: Contender Rex looks at Praco "I could hit him with a stick?"
01:51:49: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce blinks at Ferryn, nudges Esc. "Mosquitos don't have queens..."
01:51:49: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoapproaches the royal stand. "What do you suggested as punishment, m'lady?"
01:51:51: The BIack Knight's steed rears back and whinnies as the Knight digs his boots into the steed's flanks. /crinkle./ The bell was sounded, so he charges. His Lance aimed at his new opponent's shoulder.
01:52:03: Masqued DemonLady shakes her head at him, but smiles "No, But it could have been worse."
01:52:07: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa cheers for Waergian, "Now /that's/ a proper-looking knight! KICK SOME BUTT!" Kaze cheers for the black knight, "/Take 'im down!!/"
01:52:07: Spirited Sneaky says "No/really/? Since he made contact with just the lance on the first guy and /still/ throws him off?"
01:52:26: Young at Heart Praco shrugs at Rex.
01:52:29: Masqued DemonLady head turns quickly back to the field as the Black Knight charges
01:52:37: Chivalric Knight Waergian spurs his mount forward, lance aimed for his opponent's outside shoulder, shield raised to deflect the oncoming lance
01:52:38: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper wanders over to Endarr, having finished most of her food. She's holding a skewer of grilled meat. "Is that Waer up next?"
01:52:53: Tefenet: Go Waer!!!
01:53:01: Contestant Endarrnods and points. "They're chargin'."
01:53:01: Masqued Daemion Farseer: Go Waer! Kick his ass!
01:53:03: Assacura whines softly. "But he held the stick thingie the wrong way."
01:53:07: Pretty Kitty Escemfer looks at Ferryn, then shrugs to her companion. "I dunno. Maybe they voted for her." That's not how people become queens.
01:53:22: Masqued DemonLady shouts "Come on Waegian!"
01:53:22: Young at Heart Praco thought shields were against the rules? Ah who cares. It's not the Black Knight this time.
01:53:24: Bug Queen Ferryn shrieks, slamming her hands down on the railing. "No! I will not ssstand for this. Halt the competition!"
01:54:01: Juniper closely watches the joust as the Black Knight begins his charge.
01:54:04: Contender Rex looks tword the Queen, suprised at her... outburst
01:54:06: Young at Heart Praco quickly finds out who cares...
01:54:12: Masqued DemonLady looks up at the Queen, then back to the field to see if the combatants will respond
01:54:20: Chivalric Knight Waergian reins in his mount
01:54:23: Contender Rex "Can she do that?"
01:54:23: The Walking Forest Chimental: The two fighters meet head o-Okay I can't do this anymore. This guy just /pushed/ Weargian off. I saw that and I'm the blind narrator!
01:54:39: Assacura looks to Ferryn. "Halt?"
01:54:49: Tefenet: He did it again! That cheating rat bastard!!!
01:54:53: First Sergeant Cecil pops out of the crowd. Nope. NO exit. There is a nice looking stick here though. He uses the stick to /spear/ through the top of his food-bag, creating a rather nice hand. He then wanders back into the crowd: popping out in the arena, somehow.
01:55:08: Citizen Xela walks back over to Tef "sooo seems like he's been doing this the whole night"
01:55:31: Tefenet: He was fighting fair earlier, but now, he's just downright nasty!
01:55:38: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper cautiously takes a bite from her skewer, in case the queen meant to bring a halt to /everything/.
01:55:39: Spirited Sneaky says "No/shit/ everyone", shaking his head.
01:55:43: Chivalric Knight Waergian lands on his feet, glaring at the knight
01:56:01: Contestant Endarrwraps an arm around Rachels waist and continues watching.
01:56:02: Contender Rex "Man, I'm glad that I didn't get hurt that bad when I fought him"
01:56:03: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both boo /very/ loudly at the combat. "Take it /swords/!" "Knock 'is block off!"
01:56:07: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: That does it! I'm about ready to tear this guy a new one or five!
01:56:41: Citizen Xela walks over to Ihp "you want some help?"
01:56:49: Tefenet: Count me in!
01:56:51: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce waves to Ferryn. He says to Esc, "I don't think queens get /voted/ into office. Hopefully not, because this rigged fight scandal will hurt her chances at a second term..."
01:56:52: The BIack Knight pulls on the reigns and turns his steed around. "Am I to blame if my opponent cannot stay mounted? Or if they move before you ring the bell, /your Majesty?/." He says mockingly and full of sarcasm.
01:57:21: Spirited Sneaky crouchwalks over, armed with his focused camera, ready to /snap/.
01:57:28: First Sergeant Cecilm looks around. There are two people in front of him, one on the horse, one not. He is mildly confused. "Er, excuse me, um..." He begins to question the man on the horse.
01:57:45: Contender Rex "That man is nothing but a filthy lair and a thief!"
01:57:46: Spirited Sneaky, when the Knight reigns in and turns, takes the first shot. /click!/
01:57:50: Badass Ilan stands up for this one. "boooo!"
01:57:52: Vivacious Nadyanilo leans over the rails and shakes her fist at the Knight, "/Ays/ ken stay mownted!"
01:57:54: Courtesan RoseRed looks at her wine swirling it not impressed by the proceedings, she wishes someone would just win Knight or contestant doesn't matter
01:58:05: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut fidgets a bit as the tensions rise. He stares at the Knight in black armor. Clearly he was a no good scoundrel. Everyone else thinks so, at least.
01:58:10: Bug Queen Ferryn lets out a near scream, hefting her skirts and /storming/ down to the arena. She stomps up to the knight, snarling and spitting, hair falling out of place. She points a finger up at the Black Knight. "Yoooou. /yooou/ have ruined thisss!"
01:58:13: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia fiddles with her mask. "I thought it was him who moved first..."
01:58:17: Masqued Daemion Farseer's eye's flare, all three of them.
01:58:46: Chivalric Knight Waergian removes his helm and bows respectfully to his host
01:58:52: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoslowly meanders toward the two, watching Ferryn carefully.
01:58:56: Tefenet is secretly ... well not so secretly hoping the queen stabs the BK.
01:59:01: Pretty Kitty Escemfer shrugs! "Who's to say how mosquitoes get queens?" She has to admit, though, that this whole thing is causing quite an uproar! She watches the Queen and the Knight with interest, on the edge of her seat.
01:59:10: Contestant Endarrtries to maneauver to get a better look.
01:59:16: Assacura makes her way closer to the arena. This might be interesting.
01:59:31: Vivacious Nadyanilo gasps as the Queen yells at the knight. She covers her mouth with her little hands, body tossed over the railing.
01:59:39: Masqued DemonLady watches, curious as the Queen confronts the Black Knight, might be an interesting fight after all
01:59:43: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos eyes the Black Knight, cracking his knuckles. He'd like to take a good shot at the cheating sod.
01:59:43: The Black Knightscoffs. "It is not my fault if /you/ can't keep your pathetic excuses for knights under control!" With that last word, he puts his lance to Ferryn's chest and /pushes./
02:00:07: Spirited Sneaky /gasps.
02:00:08: Bug Queen Ferryn continues on. "I requesssted the best joussster, not a cheat, a liar, a no good /rotten hack/."She bares her teeth, pacing. "You have ruined thisss entire party! Do -" She /screeches/, stumbling back, and tripping over her skirts.
02:00:12: Citizen Xela watches Bob
02:00:17: Bug Queen Ferryn lands in the mud with a wet squish.
02:00:25: Masqued Daemion Farseer snaps his fingers and Non appears in his hand.
02:00:46: The Walking Forest Chimentalflares up. "Screw the rhyming. This clown's cruising for a /bruising!/"
02:00:48: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa chew their mutton quietly as the /queen/ approaches the knight, but, /horror!/ They both yell in unison, "/Off with his head!/"
02:00:56: Contender Rex "You think it would be okay if I "Challanged" him to a sword dual?"
02:01:01: Tefenet's eyes go wide, oooo'ing at the unfolding drama.
02:01:07: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Alright, that's it. All for tearing this guy to shreads?
02:01:14: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridofrowns down after Ferryn. He glaresat the Knight "You're /disqualified/. Get out of my home before I force you out."
02:01:16: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos eyes the Black Knight with /great/ distaste, and cracks his knuckles loudly. He wants a shot at this bastard.
02:01:20: Chivalric Knight Waergian closes the distance in three long strides, offers his left hand to Ferryn, and reseats his helm with his right
02:01:23: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce gestures to the arena. "She's clearly /not/ the queen, because that's not something queens get done to them."
02:01:27: Tefenet raises a hand, all for the shredding.
02:01:32: Masqued Daemion Farseer nods to Ihp. "Aye!"
02:01:39: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut gives a soundless start. No knight would ever knock down an unarmed lady, let alone the Queen! He stares daggers through his pumpkin and readies his lance as he moves towards the Evil man.
02:01:40: The Black Knight yells out. "Is there no one here worthy to cross lances with me?!"
02:01:47: Masqued DemonLady leans over the railing, watching
02:01:56: Citizen Xela puts a hand on Ihp's shoulder "wait just a bit"
02:01:59: Bug Queen Ferryn sputters in tthe mud, unable to formulate a sentence. Her entire brain seems to have shortcircuited.
02:02:09: Pretty Kitty Escemfer /ooooh/s! "He pushed her down! Booo! The knight stinks!"
02:02:18: First Sergeant Cecil climbs on the free horse. Perhaps he can get out of here this way...
02:02:24: Vivacious Nadyanilo shakes a little, Oh noes. Bawbos getting /angry/. He get's scary when he get's angry. She hides her eyes with her tiny hands, but chances a peek between her fingers, now sitting on the railing.
02:02:29: Juniper also watches the events unfolding.
02:02:30: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido's brows furrow. He calls back toward the contestants "One more person to beat him!"
02:02:32: Second Lieutenant DDR does not believe in a fair fight with a cheater... or an angry person.
02:02:50: Spirited Sneaky is the closest guy, ready to snap another picture. "Somister Black Knight. Anything to say to your /fans/?"
02:02:55: Citizen Xela yells to the Dark Knight "Cecil is more then worthy"
02:02:59: Contender Rex "Hey buddy! I thought knights were supposed to be noble! Not little sad excuses of a man who has to cheat, or harass people inoccent!
02:03:00: First Sergeant Cecil faces towards the knight, and listens to the crowd. Slowly, somehow, he begins to realize the situation he's in.
02:03:01: Barkeepin Mikeruns down from the royal stand area and tries to help Ferryn up.
02:03:02: Spirited Sneaky says "I will."
02:03:05: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce raises his hand. It has a mutton bone in it. "I'm all for crossing lances with you! I'm going to use a gun though. Let's see if you can cheat a bullet out of your pointy stick, bugger!"
02:03:14: First Sergeant Cecil's style seems to be composed of three elements. 1: making himself as small as target as possible, 2: gripping the horse as much as possible, and 3: pointing the lance vaguely at his opponent.
02:03:15: Masqued DemonLady looks around to see if anyone will accept the Knights challenge
02:03:33: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridomoves out of the arena's path. He raises his arm, watching both contestants, waiting.
02:03:36: Citizen Xela: Fight Dirty Cecil
02:03:49: The Black Knightnotices Cecil's movement and points his lance at the man. "You, then." He swings the lance heavily, causing the pillow to fly off the tip.
02:03:49: Bug Queen Ferryn sputters again, clinging to Mike's arm despite the mud coating her.
02:03:51: First Sergeant Cecil starts to freak out. "Wait, what? Huh? Why am I here! Ack! Who?!"
02:03:53: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Yeah, Cecil! Kick his ass all the way back to the mainland!
02:03:55: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa cheers for Cecil, "Get 'im, Wizard! The Wizard will kill the knight! Goooo Wizzard!!"
02:04:00: Spirited Sneaky raises his hand, but sees Cecil arrive. "Huh? You want to?"
02:04:14: Tefenet: Ya frickin wanker! Kick his ass, Cecil!!!
02:04:19: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn looks at Xela. "He's screwed, sisn't he?
02:04:21: Contender Rex pulls out his sword, should the "Knight" try to cause anyone anymore trouble
02:04:29: Masqued Daemion Farseer thrusts Non into the air. "Kick his ass, Cecil!!!
02:04:30: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos glances towards Cecil...and hopes that Cecil takes this bastard down /several/ pegs.
02:04:33: Contestant Endarrpunches the air. "Get 'im, wiz!"
02:04:37: First Sergeant Cecil begins to freak out, kicking the horse like a madman in an attempt to get it to turn. Unfortunately, the horse is used to moving on one direction. in particular...
02:04:40: Citizen Xela: Cecil Cecil Cecil!!...yeah probably
02:04:42: Masqued DemonLady: whistles and cheers for the Wizzard
02:04:51: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido's stare is focused on Cecil "Kick his /ass/, will you." Bob's arm slams downward, signalling them to /charge/.
02:05:00: Pretty Kitty Escemfer cheers, "Shoot 'im, Cecil! Leg sweep!"
02:05:03: First Sergeant Cecil's horse swerves wildly towards the knight, weaving back and forth like a madman. Cecil shouts a battle cry of "Stercus, stercus, stercus, moriturus sum!"
02:05:06: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut watches silently. A wizard has picked up a lance? How uncharacteristic! Still, anyone who raises a lance to a heathen is worthy of some praise. He grins under his pumpkin, and wishes the wizard well.
02:05:20: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn covers his eyes with his tentacles. You can clearly see him peeking through/
02:05:25: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa chant together, "Cecil! Cecil! Cecil! Cecil! Cecil! Cecil!" Seems there /is/ a line one can cross.
02:05:26: Vivacious Nadyanilo cheers. "SEE SUL! YEAH! GET DAT BIG OL /MEENIE/." He's meen to gurls. He's /baaad/.
02:05:32: Second Lieutenant DDR gets out his bottle labeled 'Venenum Felis Araneae'. He'se ready for the assist, at least... he's not packing appropriate heat for this Knight.
02:05:42: Badass Ilan shouts "Go Wizzard!"
02:05:51: Tefenet shouts "Cecil Cecil Cecil!"
02:06:02: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridohollers after them "GO! DO IT!"
02:06:05: Chivalric Knight Waergian has pulled Ferryn from the melee
02:06:07: The Black Knight doesn't even wait for the bell to ring as he kicks his horse once more. /Krrrrinkle./ Moving even faster than ever, fueled by rage. Faster. FASTER! FASTER, YOU DAMN BEAST! He gives the horse one more solid kick for good measure. /Krrrrrrri-CRACK!/
02:06:21: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Cecil, do it man!...aw, who am I kidding. He's going to get himself-what the?!
02:06:24: First Sergeant Cecil grips as tight as he can, the lance moving everywhere, though shifting somewhat towards a sweep, and cecil screaming all the while.
02:06:28: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce chews on the mutton bone. He hollers above the crowd: "Hey watchdog! If you don't sweep the bloody leg, I'll hunt you down and /eat/ you when you go back home! /There is no fear in this dojo!/"
02:06:33: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna takes aim with her crossbow... and times the shot to help cecils lance strike true
02:06:42: Contender Rex moves but an inch away from the railing
02:06:44: Assacura stands straight. Crack?
02:06:46: Masqued Daemion Farseer raises an eyebrow at the crack.
02:06:50: Tefenet: What the!?!?
02:06:51: Courtesan RoseRed fans herself watching the match waiting for /after/ that Knight had an arena full of pissed of people " Three, Two, One" she watches for his fall
02:06:52: Citizen Xela looks at Allardyce "no reason for that"
02:07:03: Masqued DemonLady looks for the source of the sound
02:07:11: Bug Queen Ferryn continues to cling to mike, shivering terribly. Mud is cold.
02:07:30: Contender Rex "What the..."
02:07:31: Contestant Endarrstands on his toes.
02:07:36: Badass Ilan goes quiet as they near each other...
02:07:39: The Walking Forest Chimental: Time seems to slow down as the horse's side seemed to /cave in/ on that last kick, folding like a sheet of paper. The sudden force causes the Knight to list to one side...right into Cecil's lance.
02:07:55: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido: The crossbow's bolt's trajectory recoils. The bolt is flung upward into the air.
02:08:00: Vivacious Nadyanilo stands on the railing, possibly blocking the others views as she cheers, her fist in the air and her tail swishing. "YAH! GETDDIM!"
02:08:02: Chivalric Knight Waergian walks back to the lists swiftly, grabbing his sword and bow belt
02:08:09: Second Lieutenant DDR breathes in "ooOOOO"
02:08:21: Barkeepin Mikeheaves his cape off and wraps it over Ferryn.
02:08:21: First Sergeant Cecil gripsp tight, as if the horse was a rope dangling him over certain death. It may be, in fact.
02:08:24: Contender Rex "Audible gasp!"
02:08:25: Tefenet: Hell yeah!!!
02:08:28: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn gapes at the horse. "The hell?!"
02:08:29: Badass Ilan screams "He's going down!"
02:08:32: Masqued DemonLady eyes widen as the horse seems to collapse upon itself
02:08:34: Pretty Kitty Escemfer points! "His horse broke!"
02:08:37: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos watches quietly, and snickers at the Black Knight. In his head, though... /Good job, Cecil./
02:08:46: The Black Knight is immediately thrown off his horse, the horse itself losing balance, tripping and plowing through the dirt.
02:09:01: Citizen Xela cheers
02:09:07: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both cheer at the top of their four lungs, "Woooooooooooooooooo!"
02:09:09: Contestant Endarrjumps up. "He did it!" He punches the air.
02:09:09: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce tosses his mutton bone into the air, throws both fists up and cheers! "Woo! /Eye of the tiger!/"
02:09:12: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido's ears lift.
02:09:15: Masqued Daemion Farseer whistles and cheers. "Alright Cecil!"
02:09:18: Young at Heart Praco: YES! Finally!
02:09:23: First Sergeant Cecil's horse begins to slow down, though Cecil doesn't notice. He's still screaming latin explicitives.
02:09:24: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia cheers for Rincewind as she picks her way towards the Queen, hoping to find out if she is ok, and maybe help. She does have a talent for missing the main show - but a disintegrating horse catches even her attention.
02:09:33: Tefenet yays loudly!!!!
02:09:42: Assacura stares at the horse.
02:09:44: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahseems to perk up.
02:09:44: Masqued DemonLady Cheers "Woooo! Way to go Cecil!"
02:09:51: Bug Queen Ferryn would be cheering, but she's still in a state of shock it seems. She draws the cloak around herself, leaning into Mike.
02:09:56: Citizen Xela walks over to Cecil and Grabs him and carries him on his shoulder
02:09:56: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa leap to their feet, waving their flagon and mutton bone over their heads, spilling ale everywhere in little drops.
02:09:58: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos claps quietly for Cecil, then glances to the Black Knight.
02:10:12: Vivacious Nadyanilo cackles madly and throws her arms into the air, "HAHA! STINKY PEWP HEAD!" She blows a raspberry at the fallen Knight.
02:10:25: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut grins under his pumpkin as the Knight in black armor is bested. THe collapsing horse kind of freaks him out though.
02:10:38: Second Lieutenant DDR, noticing the Black Knight not moving, goes to check on him... a cad he may be, but is he hurt?
02:10:46: Contender Rex jumps the railing to go over and congratulate Cecil, sheating his blade
02:10:47: First Sergeant Cecil, if he was in any state of mind to realize what he just did, would probably have started running. It doesn't pay to make enemies of peoople like that knight.
02:11:00: Second Lieutenant DDR also wants a closer look at that horse.
02:11:28: Young at Heart Praco stretches out. Great, guess he can go home happy. He just needs to go around and say goodbye to everyone.....
02:11:37: Juniper quietly aplauds Cecils victory over the Black Knight, "Bravo, Cecil...Bravo."
02:11:41: Masqued DemonLady looks over to where the Black knight fell
02:11:42: Citizen Xela is carrying Cecil around on his shoulder celebrating, he'd have a hard time running
02:11:51: Spirited Sneaky says "Well now', camera at his navel. "That it mister Knight?"
02:12:05: First Sergeant Cecil begins to slowly realize that his horse has stopped. He opens his eyes, and looks around. "Er... I'm not dead?" He asks the general populace.
02:12:21: Courtesan RoseRed smirks snapping her fan closed and standing moving away from the jubilation her wine spilling very close to the Knight as she walks away
02:12:40: Contender Rex "You should be very proud of yourself, you did what many of us could not"
02:12:59: Contestant Endarrshouts at Cecil. "Way to go!"
02:13:03: Tefenet: Way to go, Cecil!!!
02:13:08: Snarky Serpent Tellurcaws softly. /Something/ is not right.
02:13:10: Chivalric Knight Waergian returns to the jousting arena, armed once more
02:13:35: Masqued Daemion Farseer watches the Knight warily.
02:13:35: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa don't notice Lilith walking away as they whoop and holler at Cecil's victory. It's a shame they have nothing /nice/ to throw on the field.
02:13:37: Contender Rex "Lets all get a nice round of drinks, eh?"
02:13:41: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoslowly looks back at Tellur. Odd.
02:13:43: Bug Queen Ferryn twitches an antennae. Caw? Is that a - she turns, facing the general direction of Tellur.
02:13:44: Spirited Sneaky takes a step /back/ from the fallen knight, favoring his camera less and his feet (and free fist) more.
02:13:57: The Black Knightpicks himself up slowly, grabbing his lance. "No...NO! I refuse to lose like this! I demand a rematch!"
02:13:57: Assacura looks to Tellur, then back around.
02:14:05: The BIack Knight approaches his fallen brother. Still mounted and wielding his lance. His eyes burn. "You we're careless." He states. "To be beaten by these worms is an insult to both of our honor."
02:14:13: Contestant Eri enters the courtyard, wide eyed behind her mask. She wonders if it is worth the efford trying to find someone she knows.
02:14:21: Sylphic Vertrose wanders back into the Courtyard, brushing a stray leaf from her hair and rubbing the back of her neck. She peers about for a few moments, wondering what she had missed.
02:14:28: Young at Heart Praco facepalms. "Wat? Are you serious?"
02:14:29: Bug Queen Ferryn snarls at the Knight. Er. She snarls again. At the... Knights. /hsssst/.
02:14:30: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce doesn't go into the arena to grab or check anyone or shoot at anything because that would be kind of jumping the gun, all things considered. But he's more than willing to be amused by all of the other people not giving a shit.
02:14:42: Contender Rex backs away, quickly
02:14:44: Snarky Serpent Tellur's mane /bristles/. She hisses at the Knight/s/.
02:14:46: Contestant Endarrpulls his cowl back to be able to see better.
02:14:48: Spirited Sneaky says "Wait, /what/?"
02:15:03: Assacura looks between the two? "Two cheating putas?"
02:15:07: Pretty Kitty Escemfer watches the scene with /fascination/. "This is a pretty good show," she says.
02:15:13: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut blinks, and gives a soundless start. There... there were two of them!
02:15:14: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa stop cheering for a moment... /two/ of them?! They boo and hiss loudly at the knights!
02:15:19: Citizen Xela sets Cecil down "uhhhh"
02:15:32: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos watches the Black Knight. And scowls at the second Knight. He looks around, hoping for anyone else who would gladly join him in beating these two cheating knaves to a pulp.
02:15:35: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahthrows her arms up "GET THE CHEATERS!"
02:15:37: Contestant Mad Coil jingles up behind Eri and hugs her. "Hello love."
02:15:43: Masqued DemonLady blinks, confused
02:15:43: Tefenet: The hell?!? Did that rat bastard just call us, call /me/ a worm?!? Oh /hell no!/
02:15:54: First Sergeant Cecil is still unsure of what just happened. He knows he almost died (what else is new?) and that some man with a rather large stick tried to hit him, and he was rather scared (no, really, what else is new?).
02:16:01: Masqued Daemion Farseer: You lost Knight. Except your defeat.
02:16:03: Vivacious Nadyanilo hisses and boos at the Knight, "STINKY PEWP HEAD!"
02:16:16: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper sees Eri and Mad come in and leaves her table to say hello.
02:16:17: The Black Knightglares up at his brother. "The loss was not my fault and you know that! It was that blasted mule's!" He points at the slightly broken creature.
02:16:33: Contestant Endarrfollows Rachel.
02:16:38: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce nudges Esc and points. "Show's not over. And I wanna see if someone tries to shoot at him again. Someone will. This crowd's a tinderbox too close to a fireplace."
02:16:40: Pretty Kitty Escemfer calls, "Worms are gross!" Tefenet is right to be insulted.
02:16:41: Sylphic Vertrose blinks at seeing the two Black Knights, /What the.../
02:16:42: Badass Ilan counts "One, two..." then takes a bite of his mutton leg.
02:16:47: The Dark Lady Kelwine just watches quiet for now.
02:16:54: Engineer Teague walks into the area.
02:17:01: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Oh, sure. Blame the horse, you anghyfreithlon!
02:17:08: Assacura looks to Ferryn for a cue. She's running the show, yes?
02:17:09: Contender Rex Draws his sword and begins running at the knight, only to find himself frozen
02:17:15: Pretty Kitty Escemfer grins and nods at Allardyce.
02:17:16: Chivalric Knight Waergian spots Mad and paces over to his group, his helm no longer emanating light
02:17:23: Young at Heart Praco looks up to Kimmy, then to the Black Knights. Well... he isn't going to refuse an angry Kimmy. He picks up a stick and makes his way over towards the arena.
02:17:36: Contestant Eri blinks up at Mad. "Mad?"
02:17:36: First Sergeant Cecil eventually recognizes the man helping him down. "Xela? Er, I'm sorry, what just happened?" He adjusts his hat as he looks towards the knights.
02:17:43: Bug Queen Ferryn /clearly hasn't a goddamn clue what is going on/.
02:17:58: Spirited Sneaky says Another black knight."
02:18:03: Contestant Mad Coil moves his mask to the side and grins at her. "Indeed."
02:18:14: Second Lieutenant DDR, having stopped when the Black Knight got up, backs away. Too much angry, and no one /seems/ to need his assistance...
02:18:21: The BIack Knight scoffs. "/indeed?/" he mocks. "No matter, no matter. We have been revealed. this will not do brother." He says, his eyes burning with rage.
02:18:35: Citizen Xela staaaeeerrrs at Cecil "you just beat someone who hasn't lost to anyone else...and now there's two of them"
02:18:36: Masqued DemonLady leans out over the railing again, booing both of the Black Knights
02:18:43: Spirited Sneaky holds his camera up. "Sohow /did/ you do it?"
02:18:43: Young at Heart Praco looks to Ferryn. "Permission to punish the cheaters?!"
02:18:45: Engineer Teague watches. "Hmph."
02:18:50: Contestant Eri smiles and leans back against his chest. "How'd you know I was me?"
02:19:11: Contestant Mad Coil taps his nose.
02:19:15: First Sergeant Cecil's lance, on a side note, still has his food bag attatched. He blinks. "ER... wait, what?"
02:19:15: Contender Rex "Someone! Kill him! Quickly!"
02:19:29: Contestant Mad Coil: Kitties have a wonderful sense of smell.
02:19:33: Bug Queen Ferryn twitches antennae over at Praco. Brave, brave Praco. But... he hesitates. "There wassss never supposed to be blood."
02:19:38: The Black Knightstares at this brother. "So be it." He readies his lance, unpillowed and all, and aims it at the crowd.
02:19:57: Citizen Xela pats Cecil and walks over to the Knights "bring it"
02:20:04: Young at Heart Praco grumbles and drops the stick.
02:20:04: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridopauses, frozen. He was about to start lobbing snowballs.
02:20:08: Second Lieutenant DDR offers up some goop, for the annointing of weapons.
02:20:09: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna fires at the knights lance
02:20:09: Masqued Daemion Farseer readies Non.
02:20:10: Chivalric Knight Waergian draws his bow from the quiver on his hip. there are no arrows visible.
02:20:15: Spirited Sneaky reaches for his pistol, strafing behind.
02:20:25: Contestant Eri turns in his arm pressing up as those to kiss him, and onstead pulling his mask back on and kissing the painted mouth.
02:20:41: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos starts towards the Knights, smiling cruelly, and grinds his fist into his palm. "I think it's time we bring the pain, folks."
02:20:41: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce points at Cecil accusingly, a horrified look on his face. "Look what you've done! You HAD to go and hit him, didn't you! AND NOW THERE'S /TWO OF THEM/!"
02:20:43: Barkeepin Mikelooks slightly protective over Ferryn. For the moment.
02:20:44: Contender Rex begins moving again, although it is obviously ectreemly difficuly for him
02:20:46: Tefenet stands behind her brother, ready to wail on the BK's ass!
02:20:46: Contestant Mad Coil grins and nuzzles her.
02:20:50: Sylphic Vertrose blinks some more before returning to her postion at the fence, looking sadly upon the broken creature that had been one of the Black Knights mount
02:20:55: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa look around seeing a mob starting to form, pull out their chainsaw and shotgun. "It's mobbin' time!"
02:20:57: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce covers his mouth as he snickers.
02:21:00: The BIack Knight bellows a laugh as he flourishes his lance, pointing it at the crowd. The tip gleams dangerously. "heheh..."
02:21:06: Assacura looks to Ferryn. "Can we at least make them very, very bruised? One of them /did/ sully your honor."
02:21:08: Vivacious Nadyanilo /urks/ as the lance is faced towards her. Oh man, being on the railing of the ring is /not/ a good idea. She /eeps/ and leaps down, scurrying past everyone to sit at the back of the crowd. Her head pops up a moment later to watch.
02:21:21: Engineer Teague takes a pretty big gun out and aims it out at the Dark Knight. "Looks like I came just in time." PEW!
02:21:22: Contestant Eri catches his paw. "How about using that nose to find Endarr and Rachel?"
02:21:27: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Oh shi-
02:21:44: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut blinks, and then glowers. He holds up his own lance in response to the knight's raising theirs.
02:21:44: Bug Queen Ferryn glacnes at the Knights and their lances. She turns back to Assacura. "I think... given the circumstancessss.... this isss acceptable."
02:21:48: Pretty Kitty Escemfer tries to duck behind Allardyce, so as not to be seen by the Knights.
02:21:52: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper taps Eri on the shoulder. "We're here."
02:21:54: Vivacious Nadyanilo's voice is faint as she calls from the back of the crowd, "PEWP HEADS!"
02:21:58: Citizen Xela draws his sword
02:21:59: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido: Teague's gun backfires on him. The shot simply rockets up into the sky! Crimson Blade is at it again.
02:22:04: Masqued Daemion Farseer smiles. Shall we teach them a lesson dearheart?"
02:22:13: Contender Rex swings his longsword at the Black Knight
02:22:31: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper turns back toward the arena. "We might want to go back over though, sounds like something big's going on"
02:22:38: Second Lieutenant DDR shrugs, gets out the Venenum Felis Araneaevial, and wipes some of the goop on one of his scalpel. To battle!
02:22:42: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa take note of the fact that projectile weapons seem to have little effect, so prepares to club with his shotgun instead.
02:22:46: Contestant Mad Coil sniffs the air and looks around. "They're right here."
02:22:46: Contestant Eri grins at Rachel. "Did you joust?"
02:22:52: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos pulls out his Claymore. Mostly to keep that lance at bay. He hasn't reached the Knights yet, however.
02:22:54: Contestant Endarrshakes his head. "Better if we stay here."
02:23:02: Badass Ilan's shout is muffled by the noise, "Can't we all, just, /get along?/"
02:23:16: Masqued DemonLady Shakes her head as she holds on to her spot on the railing "Go ahead if you wish, I'm not particularly interested in following the mob that far."
02:23:20: Engineer Teague shakes his head. "Good thing this is just a costume." He brings out a large circular saw, sharply contrasting with his costume.
02:23:22: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper laughs "No way, I'd fall on my ass and still be sore"
02:23:35: Citizen Xela turns his head to Ilan "no of course not"
02:23:47: First Sergeant Cecil doesn't particularly like getting a lance pointed at, around, or withing three miles of himself. He struggles back up onto the horse, still carrying his lance and food sack.
02:23:57: Spirited Sneaky waits, aiming the gun in one hand and the camera in the other. /what do you mean that's not safe? don't tell me how to shoot and
02:24:15: Chivalric Knight Waergian: Explain yourselves, Knights, lest this assembly unleash righteous fury upon you
02:24:15: Contender Rex His first swing misses, but another swiftly attempts again
02:24:16: Tefenet to Ilan, "Depends on who 'we' is."
02:24:39: Second Lieutenant DDR, thinking about past experiences with Jokers, decides to go for the horse. What sort of horse... crinkles? One with good scavenable parts?
02:24:45: The Black Knight looks at his steed. "It appears I won't be needing my mount, anymore, eh brother?" You could hear him smile under that mask.
02:24:52: Medi-Masquerade Buddleia has never been keen on punishments or revenge or whathaveyou. She also doesn't want to do any mobbing, not dressed up like this. This costume was /expensive/. She fades towards the back of the crowd, trying to stay out of the way.
02:24:54: First Sergeant Cecil's logic runs as such. If he runs, he can only move so fast. If he gets on the horse, he can move fast/er/. He's not having much luck through.
02:24:56: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce allows Esc to use his body as a meat shield. He doesn't look impressed by the twin knights, but he looks even /less/ impressed by the mobbing idiots destroying the place with their careless, backfiring weapons.
02:25:00: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos stops well out of the reach of the lance, his claymore ready.
02:25:00: Sylphic Vertrose climbs up onto the fence, but she desnt go beyond that, rather she sits there quietly. She wasnt stupid, two large knights was more than she could handle.
02:25:41: Masqued Daemion Farseer nods and snaps his fingers again. Non disappears and he leans back against the railing next to Demonlady.
02:25:48: Contender Rex gets blown back by some odd force, most likley coming from the lance
02:25:50: Spirited Sneaky looks more ready to jump or /run/ than shoot. Maybe both.
02:25:59: Pretty Kitty Escemfer chews on some mutton, peeking at the scene around Allardyce's shoulder.
02:26:14: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce giggles and bites a knuckle. "Some people just can't siddown an' enjoy a good show!"
02:26:29: Masqued DemonLady smiles, taking his hand in hers, she's hardly dressed appropriately for a fight anyway
02:26:35: Contestant Eri presses against Mad's side. "It seems rather chaotic..." she's still a bit hung over.
02:26:37: The Walking Forest Chimental: With a mighty thrust the lance is hurled.../HORSE-WARD!/ The lance quickly imbeds itself in the beast's flank, sending...that's not blood. It's little strips of paper. Like.../LIKE A PINATA!/ The beast /erupts!/
02:26:46: Engineer Teague watches, and starts moving closer.
02:26:57: The BIack Knight chuckles at this, though the ragedoes not leave his eyes. "No, it was really only a hinderience. We'll have to get you a new one." he says with a shrug. "After we finish up here of course."
02:26:59: Contestant Mad Coil: Are you feeling any better love?
02:27:10: Masqued DemonLady gasps as the 'horse' erupts
02:27:13: Vivacious Nadyanilo curls into a little ball at the back of the crowd and covers her ears. This knight is scary.
02:27:15: Masqued Daemion Farseer gently squeezes Demonlady's hand and smiles at her.
02:27:16: Citizen Xela puts his sword away...it might hurt some one
02:27:20: Spirited Sneaky gets paper in his face!
02:27:28: Bug Queen Ferryn tries to pull mike with her, to retreat somewhere safer and /oh god confetti everywhere/. she squeals in panic and hurls herself to the ground. /splut/ goes the mud.
02:27:28: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce realizes that he's biting his knuckle and not some mutton and steal's Escemfer's meal. Shield Tax.
02:27:30: Pretty Kitty Escemfer squeals. "I think it has candy in it!"
02:27:36: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn falls over backwards in surprise. "WHAT THE-" His speech dissolves into a stream of Welsh expitives.
02:27:38: Contender Rex "What is happening here!?"
02:27:43: Assacura blinks. Paper, crinkle...
02:27:51: Young at Heart Praco staggers back for a moment upon seeing the lance thrust into the horse, but regains his composure as he sees that it's paper.
02:27:52: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut doesn't know quiet what to make of this current situation. He continues to hold his lance at the ready. Anything could happen.
02:28:02: Masqued Daemion Farseer: It's a pinata.
02:28:08: Sylphic Vertrose did not really like the idea of an animated horse being turned into a pinata, it seemed rather a cruel joke on the horse it was imitating.
02:28:16: Contestant Eri gives the barest of nods. "Don't remember anything though..."
02:28:17: Pretty Kitty Escemfer won't miss the loss of her mutton if there's /candy/ in that horse.
02:28:29: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos frowns, watching the horse explode. His claymore is still readied, however.
02:28:30: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa blink at the horse exploding into confetti... With a frown, they tuck their weapons away. "It's a party after all..."
02:28:45: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido: A /lion/, mane of liquorice, and candy corn teeth leaps outward. Spiderkitties made of chocolate explode into the fray from the steed! Typo gremlins with chocolate on the outside and peanut butter on the inside, come forth!
02:28:55: Masqued DemonLady watches as the paper flutters to the ground "How very strange"
02:28:55: Contestant Mad Coil: Did you enjoy the pj's I gave you.
02:28:55: Badass Ilan says, "I *love* pinatas, but what is going on here!
02:28:57: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce peers. "Well, there sure is a lot of paper filling..." He frowns. The more paper there is stuffed inside, the less candy there will be. How cheap.
02:29:02: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: ...the hell?! Candy monsters?!
02:29:10: Second Lieutenant DDR starts running to the horse, and-- oh dear.
02:29:15: Citizen Xela attacks the Spiderkitties "CANDY"
02:29:16: Vivacious Nadyanilo smells chocolate! She gasps and races towards the horses with hunger in her eyes!
02:29:17: Engineer Teague watches. "Not the most bizzare thing I've seen." He watches, but keeps the circular saw ready. He grabs his gun again, preparing to use it.
02:29:18: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper chuckles, thinking of an earlier conversation, then decides she'll talk to Eri about it later.
02:29:20: Contestant Endarrshudders. "Lion even followed me here."
02:29:28: Contender Rex "... seriously?"
02:29:33: Assacura squeaks and fumbles for her portafilter.
02:29:36: First Sergeant Cecil... Well, he's still trying to get on the horse, a process made difficult by his panic. The hero who defeated the black knight, ladies and gentlemen.
02:29:43: Contestant Eri pushes back her hood. "So much for it being an enagement celebration."
02:29:51: Vivacious Nadyanilo leaps on the back of the lion and gnaws on its mane. . .
02:29:52: The Dark Lady Kelwine is all for the candy and bolts into the arena, tripping over her dress only twice.
02:29:56: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce grins joyfully, finishing off the mutton. "It's a candycopia!"
02:30:04: Tefenet charges the liquorice lion. "Cmere, you bastard!"
02:30:14: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna slips away to the second horse and begins eating its brains
02:30:18: Contestant Mad Coil smiles and nuzzles her. "It's okay. I still enjoyed it."
02:30:18: Second Lieutenant DDR puts away his scalpal, and get out a larger, more machete-like blade just in time get it between a chocolate spider-kitty and his face.
02:30:33: Spirited Sneaky already /looks/ like candy corn... but grabs onto plenty of candy pieces (once he gets the paper out of his eyes).
02:30:34: The BIack Knight laughs horribly. "Can't let you have all the fun Brother." he states, leaping from his own mount and plunging his lance into it. It explodes in a similar fashion as the other and more candy beasts emerge.
02:30:37: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido: Spaghetti monsters made of strung taffy spew forth, flopping upon the ground. Golems made of jawbreakers lumber outward. Lemmings created from pop-rocks and armed with sodapop scatter outward.
02:30:40: Contestant Eri: And the pajamas were lovely... I, uh, dressed myself right?
02:30:44: Citizen Xela eats some spiderkitties while they're moving
02:30:47: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce leaps away from Esc, sprinting after chocolate gremlins practically on all-fours.
02:30:49: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: You have got to be kidding...
02:30:52: Contestant Eri's blush is partially hidden by her mask.
02:30:53: Chivalric Knight Waergian replaces his bow in the quiver
02:30:56: Second Lieutenant DDR strikes the chocoalte spider-kitty for 15 points of damage!
02:31:01: Young at Heart Praco blinks. Then smiles. Then grins like a looney. "Now monsters... thank you SO much for giving us something to beat up!" He leaps at a Reese's typo gremlin and prepares to rip it's throat out with a bite!
02:31:06: Engineer Teague fires a couple shots into the edible enemies.
02:31:09: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper: We'll celebrate plenty, I'm sure, Eri. Just... not so much, so fast. 'kay?
02:31:11: First Sergeant Cecil finally manages to get on top of the horse, yet as it does, it is attacked by a zombie, causing him to fall right back off.
02:31:23: Contender Rex Please tell me that these are monsters and this isn't your idea of a good halloween
02:31:26: Masqued DemonLady watches the confectionary chaos unfolding in the arena "Wow."
02:31:29: Contestant Mad Coil: Do you mean did you put the pj's on yourself?
02:31:29: Contestant Endarrgrins. "Shall we join the candy fray?"
02:31:38: Pretty Kitty Escemfer cheers and jumps up. "I like monsters with candy in them!" She scrambles after the peanut butter spiderkitties.
02:31:40: Tefenet bites into whatever chocolate monster passes her way. Nomnomnom...
02:31:49: Citizen Xela moves onto the Lemmings and then starts attacking a Golem "Cecil come'er"
02:31:55: Chivalric Knight Waergian draws his sword and makes a shiskabob out of some candy monsters
02:32:00: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn grins, and leaps at a spiderkitty. "CHOCOLATE!!!!" He tears into it. It's veins are filled with caramel /oh god yes./
02:32:03: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa gather up a few peanut butter typo gremlins, letting them dangle from their mouths as they grin, chomping and chewing furiously.
02:32:07: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos sighs, and sheathes his claymore. He snags one of the strange gremlins, and takes a better look. Then takes a bite. "Hmmm...not bad." He devours it, grinning...then goes after more of the gremlins. He /may/ have a stomach ache after this...
02:32:08: Masqued Daemion Farseer snatches up a gremlin and takes a bite out of it. "That's pretty good."
02:32:13: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido: Cigarettes pop out like fireworks. Upon close inspection, they aren't real. /They're candy ciggies/.
02:32:15: Contestant Eri nods.
02:32:18: Contender Rex begins hacking at the candy monsters
02:32:18: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce was not too impressed by the staged drama, or the /actual/ drama, but candy monsters is definitely something he can get behind. And indeed he /is/ behind several of them, running them down and tearing into their chewy nougat centers, beastly.
02:32:24: The Black Knights, both of them, with the army of confectionary creatures, have one last thing to say, "Have at thee." They charge.
02:32:32: Contestant Mad Coil nods.
02:32:35: Sylphic Vertrose still wasnt quiite sure of what to make of all this, so she simply sits there upon the fence watching the chaos unfold around her. Quite content to stay out of teh way of it all if she could.
02:32:38: The Dark Lady Kelwine is already clinging to the leg of a golem, intent in licking its limb off.
02:32:39: Contestant Mad Coil: Yes you did.
02:32:54: The Dark Lady Kelwine is intent /on/, rather.
02:33:11: Vivacious Nadyanilo, full on the Licorice lions man, leaps from his back and charges a Chocolate spider kitty, yowling with glee. She pounces it and rolls, filling her belly with tasty, sweet , chocolate-y flesh.
02:33:14: Badass Ilan violently bites the head off of a candy gremlin.
02:33:16: Young at Heart Praco smiles and begins trying to suck on a Jawbreaker golem's leg until it melts in his mouth.
02:33:21: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut blinks. Monsters! These two surely must be powerful sorcerers. Oh course, Pinrut doesn't know what candy is. But... yeah. He flourishes his lance in response to the knights and lunges at a into the fray..
02:33:28: Second Lieutenant DDR picks up the head of the cute confectionary, and bites into it. Cherry caramel squirts out the bottom. "Hah, these are pretty g--" He is inturrepted by a sudden flying licourice monster.
02:33:33: First Sergeant Cecil plays dead. It's the only logical thing to do, and he does it with great skill.
02:33:35: Bug Queen Ferryn straightens up slightly. She murmurs at Mike. "cover for me." and she slinks back down into the arena.She parts her lips, tongue dangling as all acts of royalty disperse. She snatches up a chocolate spiderkitty, arms wrapped around it.
02:33:39: Chivalric Knight Waergian eats the kabob, then knocks a jawbreaker golem, then another, and another, stuffing them into his satchel
02:33:40: Contestant Endarrgrins. Then he runs towards a golem and pounces it.
02:33:42: Engineer Teague turns towards one of the black knights, and charges at them, circular saw spinning. "Take this!" he says, slashing at them.
02:33:42: Contestant Eri observes the candy fray with wide eyes behind her mask. "Good..."
02:33:43: Pretty Kitty Escemfer is frantic. What ones does she want more? Those ones or these ones? Or, ooooh! Taffy!
02:33:45: Citizen Xela attaches himself to his golem and starts licking
02:33:48: Contender Rex "No, have at THEE!" Ok, so he doe not have great insults
02:33:54: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa try to help Kelwine with the golem, while clawing at chocolate spiderkitties and spaghetti taffy.
02:33:56: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn grabs several Reeses Typo Gremlins with his tentacles and EATS THEM ALL.
02:34:05: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Oh god! This is AWESOME!
02:34:17: Contestant Endarr: Omnomnom!
02:34:24: Barkeepin Mikewatches Ferryn. He's not very good at covering.
02:34:29: Bug Queen Ferryn cackles, sinking her teeth into the chocolate and stabbing her tongue into the sugarcreme-filled veins.
02:34:33: The Black Knightwalks up to the playing dead Cecil. "YOU!" He reaches down to grab him by the throat.
02:34:34: Masqued Daemion Farseer finishes his gremlin and begins to devour a spiderkitty.
02:34:41: Masqued DemonLady snatches up a spiderkitty as it runs past, breaking it open to feast on it's delicious center
02:34:51: Snarky Serpent Tellurchases away some Spiderkitties, maw open. She snags one up and wolfs it down.
02:34:53: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce fights over a chocolate spiderleg with Nady, tugging at it with his teeth and growling playfully. "Mines!"
02:34:54: Spirited Sneaky gets several snapshots of /everyone/ instead of reaching for candy himself. /click! click! ca-click!!/More candy brutality everyone!
02:35:01: Contestant Mad Coil pulls his mask aside and leans down. He kisses Eri.
02:35:02: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper laughs. "Yeah.. think I'm with you Eri. I'll relax right here."
02:35:13: Contender Rex attempts to make his way past the chaos, moving the the BK
02:35:14: Citizen Xela guides his golem over to the Dark Knight and slams into him
02:35:16: Sylphic Vertrose draws her legs up onto he top rung of teh fence, hoping none of the edible monsters takes note of her. /HA, / fat chance of that happenning.
02:35:21: First Sergeant Cecil is, in fact, grabbed the neck. He was too busy playing dead to run away, though he isn't playing dead now. Now he is screaming like a little girl.
02:35:23: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos charges one of the jawbreaker golems in an attempt to knock it over.
02:35:27: The Dark Lady Kelwine is in what must be the closest thing to canine heaven she'll ever see.
02:35:34: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna silently shuffles up behind the first black knight and grips him around the throat from behind trying to eat his brains through the helmet
02:35:43: Vivacious Nadyanilo hisses at Alk, then breaks the rest of the Spider Kitty body from teh leg Alk hold, "Das awl yews ken has!" She nomnomnoms greedily on the rest of the body.
02:35:50: Engineer Teague beats up one of the black knights. Big man against small man. I think we all know who wins here.
02:35:53: Contestant Eri suddenly has her view of the candy carnage blocked and her mouth captured. She gives a surprised squeak.
02:35:59: Assacura chases after various candy monsters, swatting at them with a portafilter.
02:36:09: The Walking Forest Chimental just sits there, wood crawling with Choco-kitties. "Really wish we can eat these." A peanut buttre gremlin rushes by. "Can we?" "Worth a shot." They pounce.
02:36:13: Masqued Daemion Farseer snaps his fingers and Non appears again. He skewers a bunch of gremlins and begins to nom on them.
02:36:14: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa tears an arm off the golem they attacked, and both gnaw on it at the same time.
02:36:24: Bug Queen Ferryn snarfs at chunks of chocolate, mouth dripping melted chocolate and sugarcreme.
02:36:34: Contestant Endarrreturns to Rachel several candy monsters. He offers some to her.
02:36:37: Contestant Mad Coil pulls back.
02:36:51: Contender Rex thrusts his sword twords one of the knights
02:37:08: Young at Heart Praco leaps at a licorice lion, he noms a hole in it, before crawling inside and starting to eat it from the inside out!
02:37:16: The BIack Knight fights back against Teague. "I have slain giants bigger then you!" he taunts.
02:37:20: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce barks at Nady and devours his prize before leaping after another peanut butter gremlin. Nobody better lay a finger on /these/ gremlinfingers, or they will get bit.
02:37:34: Citizen Xela sticks his Golem into a pocket and and taps the Knight holding Cecil on the shoulder
02:37:42: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut spears a candy lion and then /Whaps/ a jawbreaker golem across the face with his lance. He stares in horror as the others were /eating/ the monsters.
02:37:43: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper smiles and accepts a small creature that seems to be made of black licorice. "Thanks End, think this is about all I really want."
02:37:53: Contestant Mad Coil's tail whips out and captures a spiderkitty. He offers it to Eri.
02:37:53: Contestant Eri blushes and pulls her hood back up.
02:38:01: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridotrots around, picking out some little bits of leftover candy. He doesn't take anything big, however.
02:38:02: Masqued DemonLady continues to munch her way through her spider kitty as she watches the Black Knights, curious what will become of them
02:38:05: Contestant Endarrnods. He offers some to Eri and Mad.
02:38:11: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos manages...but barely. These golems are pretty strong...He pulls out Corvus with a grin. "Well...let's get /crackin'/, eh?" He starts cracking the golem apart.
02:38:11: Bug Queen Ferryn's garments are long since forgotten, coated with candy and mud. She skitters after a lemming, intent on getting that soda.
02:38:17: The Black Knightis having trouble keep a hold on to Cecil but the flailing isn't helping. A rouge arm hits him in the head, knocking his helmet off. Long black tendrils emerge from behind the helmet. That's not hair. That's /licorice! BLACK LICORICE!/
02:38:39: Engineer Teague says, "I doubt you've defeated any more intelligent than me!"He fires a lazer shot through a small hole in the roof.
02:38:44: Citizen Xela tugs on the Knight armor and trys to eat him
02:38:45: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn: Oh my god! THE KNIGHTS ARE MADE OUT OF CANDY!! DEVOUR THEM!!!
02:38:56: Contestant Eri breaks off a spiderkitty leg and nibbles on the end.
02:38:58: First Sergeant Cecil flails, and stops screaming. It's getting a litle difficult to breath now. In a desperate attempt to free himself, Cecil uses wahtever stength he has left (not much, admittedly) and pushes the lance (pointy end first) into the knight.
02:39:00: Contender Rex lunges onto the knight "This is the worst halowwen party EVER!"
02:39:15: Tefenet: The knight is candy?!?! Ehehahahahahahaha!!!
02:39:15: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn leaps at the knight and bites his head.
02:39:17: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa use the jawbreaker arm to swat at some spare spiderkitties and gremlins, grabbing them in and then..../staaaring/ at the black licorice knights!! They glance at each other, "I hate licorice... Me too...." They run at a knight anyway.
02:39:22: Chivalric Knight Waergian draws his bow in a fluid movement, a blueshaft sears the air as he releases the string, knocking a pouncing candy lion out of the air
02:39:32: Vivacious Nadyanilo rips an arm off a Golem and whaps Alk in the head with it before sitting on her bum to che- KNIGHTS MADE OUT OF CANDY! "No /WUNDER/ wry Ays liked him!" She drops the golem arm and tackles the knight around the waist, gnawing on his... well, him.
02:39:34: Citizen Xela flails "EAT THEM
02:39:41: Bug Queen Ferryn socks a lemming in the face, bowling the small creature over and biting into the can of so-PSSSSSSHTF she gets sprayed in the face with carbonation.
02:39:46: Masqued Daemion Farseer looks at the knights, finishing his gremlin kebab.
02:39:55: Engineer Teague says, "Actually... Plan B:" Teague materalizes a flamethrower. "Who wants melted candy?" He uses it on the knight he's fighting.
02:39:56: Tefenet bites into the bastard's neck. Nomnomnomnom...
02:40:02: Masqued DemonLady raises an eyebrow at the revelation, but is unsure of how she feels about the possibility of eating them
02:40:03: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce drops his gremlin, eyes settling ravenously on the candy knight.
02:40:05: The BIack Knight falters and steps back as the lazer shoots through his shoulder. "S-shit!" he exclaims as his armor begins to melt. It... it was made of chocolate?
02:40:08: Assacura whorls, candy knights? She glances around and goes back to monster nomming.
02:40:11: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido: Clearly, Teague thinks he is somewhere else. This is a /courtyard/. There is no /roof/. In fact he's quite lucky. If there had been, he'd end up like some of these candy monsters. The castle does love a snack every now and then.
02:40:15: Young at Heart Praco pops out of his licorice lion before scampering for some more peanut butter gremlins!
02:40:19: Contender Rex bites at the knights arms
02:40:20: Citizen Xela eats an arm
02:40:22: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper giggles as the knights meet their end, popping a bit of licorice of her own in her mouth. Then she strolls over to retrieve her helmet
02:40:26: The Walking Forest Chimentalis chewing on multiple peenut buttre gremlins...they're gonna be a while.
02:40:33: Sylphic Vertrose decides that perhaps fence-sitting wasnt the wisest of ideas, so she slinks down and off behind the arena as quietly and unobstrusively as she can. Mebbe she can hide in the tents.
02:40:43: The Dark Lady Kelwine still clings to a golem's leg and glances around, looking for other treats that aren't chocolate. As tempting as it may be, she's not suicidal.
02:40:45: Contestant Mad Coil purrrrrrrrrs softly as he holds Eri.
02:40:45: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa tries tearing at the armor of a knight. They want chocolate!!
02:40:51: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn chews on the chocolate armor, and tries to break over the knight's skull... "Are your brains made out of Jello?!"
02:40:55: Contestant Eri makes a face. Candy knight or not... that just seemed wrong.
02:41:29: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce leaps onto the back of whichever knight is more injured and goes for the throat.
02:41:31: Contestant Endarrnoms on some candy monsters, holding the rest in his arms. He looks at Mad and Eri. "Gweat Pahty, eh?" His mouth is full.
02:41:32: Masqued Daemion Farseer shakes his head.
02:41:43: Tefenet talks in between bites. "That's for making fun of me, you tasty bastard!"
02:41:51: Bug Queen Ferryn snarls as everyone else appears to rush the knights. She would have appreciated confronting one, but as it is, she is content to lurk in the mud and chew on candy corpses. She's gone mad.
02:41:59: Contender Rex "Mabey the best boss fight ever... of all time"
02:42:06: Contestant Mad Coil nods, continuing to purrrrrrrr softly.
02:42:09: Bug Queen Ferryn was likely already mad. MaddER, perhaps.
02:42:13: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut's curiosity gets the best of him. he removes his pumpkin helm just enough so that he can bite into the a taffy monster. He can't taste it, but deems it eatable all the same. He eats the beast, and when he finishes, his eye twitches.
02:42:20: Engineer Teague watches. But hey, he has other ideas. "Take THIS." A lazer shot comes back down from the sky. Still works, and perhaps even better, as it was reflected from up in the sky around quite a few times to gain more power.
02:42:24: The Black Knightswings at the approaching fighters, still trying to choke Cecil. "Unhand me you ruffians!" Doesn't seem to be working. The heat from Cecil is starting to have a sticky effect on his fingers.
02:42:27: Contestant Eri tugs on Mad's arm. Large parties really weren't her thing.
02:42:28: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna sighs and ignores the candy instead getting several more chunks of mutton
02:42:33: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper tugs her helmet on and walks back to Endarr and the others, happily chewing. She stands nearby, as silent as Pinrut.
02:42:43: Vivacious Nadyanilo nomnomnomnoms.
02:42:44: Citizen Xela moves to the Hand holding Cecil
02:42:48: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos starts tucking away pieces of the now-cracked golem, stuffing them in his bag. He pauses to stuff a piece in his mouth...and bites down, making a crunching sound. "Mmm...Jawbreakers..." /*CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH*/ He hasn't had /these/ for a while.
02:42:53: Contestant Mad Coil: Shall we leave love?
02:42:58: Chivalric Knight Waergian drops to one knee, sheathing his bow once more. he draws his blade once more and cuts a leg off a Knight "That is for cheating in the sport of kings."
02:43:22: The BIack Knight screams, his eyes burning with rage as he is slowly devoured. "Back away you horrid worms!" He shouts, trying to attack his attackers and failing.
02:43:36: First Sergeant Cecil's lance did nothing, obviously, so he starts fighting dirty. He kicks and scratches at the knight, still trying to use his lance to skewer him.
02:43:44: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa dive onto the ground at a knight's feet, and gnaw on both chocolate-armor ankles.
02:43:47: Young at Heart Praco begins disarming the lemmings of their soda and chugging it.
02:43:53: Contestant Eri points to Rachel. "Only if they come with... celebration take two?"
02:44:00: Masqued DemonLady makes a face as the knights are devoured... something is just not right about that.
02:44:02: Citizen Xela makes his way through most of the knights fingers "Cecil eat him!"
02:44:09: Engineer Teague smirks, glancing at his saw. "Actually..." He cuts one of the knight's arms off.
02:44:21: Masqued Daemion Farseer shudders as the Knights are devoured.
02:44:40: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper stands silently, trying hard not to crack up.
02:44:44: Contestant Endarrgrins between bites.
02:44:59: Contestant Mad Coil looks at Endarr and Rachel. "Wanna go see if we can do the celebration right this time."
02:44:59: The Black Knighttries to hold them off...losing a lot of syrup here. Getting dark...
02:45:12: Contender Rex punches a hole through the knights chest
02:45:13: Bug Queen Ferryn pants, having devoured most of a lion while the rest are busy with the knights. She drags the rest of the candy corpse behind her, slowly making her way back to mike. She deposits the candy lion in front of him, breathing heavily.
02:45:16: First Sergeant Cecil points at his neck. It's kind of hard to eat something that's holding you like that. He eventually reaches up, and pulls off his eyepatch in a last minute attempt to get out. Heeeeres joker Cecil.
02:45:26: Second Lieutenant DDR grabs some ale from one of the vendors, the sheer tonnage of sugar here is staggering.
02:45:27: Contestant Endarr nods as he is incapable of talking...peanut butter!
02:46:01: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce hangs off of the neck of one of the knights by his teef until the candy man falls over. Then he tears into him. Teague's saw takes some of his leafy hair off, and he snarls up at the careless robot. Applying WAY too much force here, tin man.
02:46:06: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut begins twitching a bit more, a grin growing on his face. He... can't seem to form coherent thoughts anymore. He shakes, and then bolts around, tackling candy monsters and eating them. moving faster and shaking more with each one eaten.
02:46:08: Contestant Mad Coil nods and looks down at Eri. "Where to love?"
02:46:27: Contender Rex "Yum"
02:46:31: Chivalric Knight Waergian walks from the melee, carrying a leg with him. he is going to have this mounted on a wall...crap, never mind, ants just ate his trophy
02:46:36: Contestant Eri: Isn't there an inn with a pub just outside Kitt?
02:46:45: Second Lieutenant DDR passes Endarr a tall paper cup of ale. Flagons are for bars!
02:46:53: Citizen Xela is moving farther up the Knights arm
02:46:58: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce bares his teeth (dripping with chocolate and such) at the robot, and then resumes the gluttony.
02:47:13: The Dark Lady Kelwine loses herself in joy as she returns to licking to the golem.
02:47:17: Contestant Endarrattempts to take the cup from DDR. He drops several pieces of foodfrom his arms.
02:47:17: Young at Heart Praco passes around some soda stolen from the poprock-soda bomber lemmings.
02:47:18: The BIack Knight's final scream echoes as he breathes his last. Burned, torn apart, bleeding, melting. The magics that hold his body together give way, and he crumbles into a large pile of different candies.
02:47:26: Engineer Teague mows through the existing monsters with his circular saw. "Why did I have to make things so complicated? This works MUCH better." He's just making it easier for everyone else, actually.
02:47:31: Vivacious Nadyanilo burps and falls off the knight. Her bloated belly looks odd on her small frame. Patting her belly, she waddles to the edge of the ring and plops down. "/UUUUUURP/." That was /tasty/.
02:47:36: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa isn't sure which knight they're on, just trying to chew off ankles here, because it's below where everyone else is attacking, and maybe they'll help knock it over. Did it fall over? They don't even know, they could be chewing feet by now!
02:47:40: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper keeps standing without a word. She doesn't know and is still trying to be funny and threatening
02:47:46: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos finishes tucking away the pieces of Golem, Corvus mumbling a little. He tucks Corvus away, then looks towards the Knights. Well...nah, he's got enough Golem pieces to last him a bit. He turns to another Golem, and attempts to dismantle it.
02:47:52: Tefenet is sitting now, daintily nibbling a part of the Knight's arm, then licking her fingers clean. "Yum!"
02:47:54: Contestant Mad Coil nods and scoops up Eri in his arms. He grins at Rachel and Endarr. "See you two there." He sprints out of the castle, his bells jingling.
02:48:13: Contender Rex "Wow... worst twist ending ever"
02:48:22: Contestant Endarrgrins and looks to Eri. He tilts his head towards the door.
02:48:23: Contestant Eri squeals as she is scooped up and carried out, cloak flapping.
02:48:38: Contestant Rachel Kitsune Cooper bursts out laughing. "That's surprisingly hard to do, I feel silly."
02:48:39: The Black Knight falls to pieces as well, the hand holding Cecil falling apart at the seams. All that's left is the smell of chocolate and cavities.
02:48:57: Barkeepin Mikesmiles at Ferryn a little. He peels off a bit and eats it.
02:49:06: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce looks up at Rex. "Worst cliche line used to express snide dissatisfaction ever!"
02:49:07: First Sergeant Cecil falls to the ground. Afte ra few moments, he puts his eyepatch back on, and mutters "Ow."
02:49:10: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn tears off the Knight's head in a feral rage, and uses his tentacles to crack open the candy shell skull. He sucks out the getlatin brains.
02:49:13: Engineer Teague looks at Rex. "Well... I have to agree... since I couldn't eat any of them..." His saw keeps spinning.
02:49:24: Bug Queen Ferryn crouches down amongst her torn skirts, still panting. She's eaten so much, the bloat of her stomach is pushing at the seams of her dress.
02:49:39: Contestant Endarr takes Rachels paw and leads her out, smiling.
02:49:44: Contender Rex "looks at Allardyce "THANK YOU!"
02:49:51: Masqued DemonLady looks around, now that the Knights have been destroyed, the party seems to be coming to an rather messy end.
02:49:53: Citizen Xela starts sticking candy in his pockets but leaves some for others before helping Cecil up
02:50:07: Pretty Kitty Escemfer flumps down onto the ground, feeling Full of Candy. It's almost as good as being Full of Cake. /Almost/. "I knew the pumpkins meant something good," she s ays, satisfied.
02:50:45: First Sergeant Cecil is helped up. After a few coughs, he says "I-is... Is it over?"
02:50:51: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both tear off a knight leg and find an empty spot on the ground to piece through it, gorging themselves on candy.
02:50:53: The Walking Forest Chimental probably has about eighty cavities right now...and some mouths don't even have teeth. A vine picks up a licorice. "Why do people say this stuff is nasty." Experimental bite. "Ah. Because it tastes like Jacques' sweat socks."
02:51:06: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrutcontinues zooming around the fields, tacking monsters to the ground like the most horrible glomping bullet. He then devours them, don't forget that part. He spots something glowingin a pile of candy and snatches it up as he tackles something else
02:51:28: CerialKillerDJLilT tianna takes her mutton and heads back to new pitt
02:51:32: Contender Rex "I... think the party is over... although this was more of a contest
02:51:36: Engineer Teague looks over at the glowing thing.
02:51:38: Masqued Daemion Farseer looks at Demonlady. "Shall we get out of here dearheart?"
02:51:39: Citizen Xela puts an arm around Cecil "yeah but let me go and buy you a drink"
02:51:57: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce is not paying attention. He just keeps mowing through this knight's chewy, jelly innards, as oblivious as everyone else to what a horrifying and brutal scene this is. Only on Improbable Island will humans happily eat something that talks and screams.
02:52:01: Masked Mayhem KimmyMonstahyawns. She takes off her mask and heads up to her room to go to sleep. Very tired now.
02:52:11: Masqued DemonLady nods, "That seems like a good idea, before it get's... messier"
02:52:16: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn's eyes look wild as he eats the jell-o brains of the knight.
02:52:25: Contender Rex "See ya, I'm out... and mabey a little sick"
02:52:27: Assacura slinks out once she's had her fill of candy. Probably to home and sleeps.
02:52:42: Masqued Daemion Farseer: To the beach?
02:52:44: Engineer Teague walks away, gun in tow.
02:52:49: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos actually dismantles the next Golem, and starts tucking it away as well. "I'll save some of this for Link..." He grabs up several gremlins and spiderkitties, too...then grins at Issac. "Mind if I take an arm and a leg?"
02:52:51: Vivacious Nadyanilo sits up and crawls out of the courtyard. Oh god, her belly.
02:52:54: Tefenet goes and hugs a very sticky Xela. "Have fun, you. I'll see you around."
02:53:04: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn looks up at than. "Go ahead."
02:53:09: Masqued DemonLady smiles, "Sure, which one?"
02:53:18: LycanTurian Clueless appears in a flash of smoke, grinning.
02:53:18: Citizen Xela waves
02:53:31: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn snatches a chocolate typo gremlin with his tentacles and bites it's head off.
02:53:44: Masqued Daemion Farseer hmmmmmms. "The NewHome one?"
02:53:55: Young at Heart Praco walks over to Bob with half-melted chocolate on most his face. "Great party Bob! How did you get that pile of candy to do all those neat tricks?"
02:53:57: First Sergeant Cecil scratches his head, but quickly remembers something important. "Er, sorry, but I need to get going..." He goes to retrieve his... Ruined-in-the-commtion-food bag. "On second thought, I think I could use it."
02:53:59: Sylphic Vertrose arrives close to the tent that Ferryn and Mike were at. Quietly she takes a seat onthe small raised platform off to the side, and hopefully out of the way.
02:54:10: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa finish eating their fill of candy-knight leg and look down at their chocolate- and peanut butter-stained suits. "Ah, well... Time to clean up? Aye...I'm gonna be sick..." Trowa waves at Kelwine, "See ya later, miss Kel!"
02:54:12: Masqued DemonLady nods "Ok."
02:54:22: Citizen Xela: ok
02:54:34: Masqued Daemion Farseer loops his arm in her's and leads her out.
02:54:39: Spirited Sneaky almost regrets not having a camcorder, vision sweeping to everyone eating, then leaving.
02:55:04: Citizen Xela waves to Cecil and starts heading out
02:55:09: Masqued DemonLady takes his arm and leaves
02:55:16: Bug Queen Ferryn sort of... tips over sideways, curling up on her side, tongue dangling out of her mouth.,
02:55:42: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos rips an arm and a leg off the Knight's corpse, and tucks them away. "Link'll get a /kick/ outta this pun."
02:55:55: Barkeepin Mikequickly sneaks out. He doesn't /like it/ here. He also doesn't like being in a stupid outfit.
02:55:59: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce manages to spotand Improbably acquirethe candy-coated soul of one of the knights. /Do/ candy knights have candy souls? It doesn't even matter, does it? He catches whatever-you-want-to-call-it between his teef...
02:56:23: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn frowns at Than. "You're lucky /you're/ not made out of candy. I'd eat you for that."
02:56:24: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut twitches and shakes horrible as his bounces around. There didn't seem to be any active monsters running around. He twitches again, and looks at the glowing object in his hands. It was the Knight's eye. a sourball. He pops it in his mouth.
02:56:30: First Sergeant Cecil follows, not entirely sure what just happened, but also hoping to get a free meal out of Xela. Or, at least, a good drink to help him forget. /Well... this has been a rough knight.../
02:56:58: Citizen Xela isn't out just yet he can still be stopped
02:57:04: LycanTurian Clueless chuckles, and bounds over to a candy-knight corpse, he strikes with a claw, tearing a chunk out and consuming it.
02:57:06: Chivalric Knight Waergian departs, taking nothing more than his costume
02:57:28: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoslops down in the grass. Screw making a snowmound, right now. He's dog tired.
02:57:44: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos snickers. "Sorry. Old habit." He reaches into the odd mess of Knight, and raises an eyebrow. It's a candy soul.
02:58:14: Spirited Sneaky looks for a huge vantage point, looking for somewhere he can get tableau of the crowd.
02:58:19: Well, here's Kaze and Trowa head out, snatching one last chocolate spiderkitty that was trying to sneak away under a bleacher.
02:58:35: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn noms on the candy soul. What does it taste like? You may never know...
02:58:37: Young at Heart Praco smiles at Bob. "Alright maybe you can tell me some other time...thanks for the invite!" He turns around and starts heading out with a few candy parts.
02:58:44: Citizen Xela turns around "where to Cecil"
02:58:53: Sylphic Vertrose glances around for amoment, spotting a Bob. /Ohh, there he was./ She scrambles around in one of her pockets, looking for something.
02:59:00: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce breaks it between his teeth, and tiny crunchy candies pour out from inside. Well, come to think of it, that soul /did/ look more like maybe a gallbladder or something. Let's pretend it wasa soul though, because gallbladders are gross.
02:59:33: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos shrugs. It wasn't an actual soul, so... He stands slowly, and sighs. "I...should probably head back to my room. I've got a bit of cleaning to do in there before Link gets back..."
02:59:42: First Sergeant Cecil says "Er... wherever we can get food. And drinks. Lots of drinks."
03:00:04: LycanTurian Clueless bounds over to Than
03:00:13: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridosmiles weakly. Good day? Yes. Hectic? /Hell yes/.
03:00:31: Civilian sage wanderer glides into the courtyard.
03:00:32: Citizen Xela: alright sounds like Carters Cottage to me
03:00:50: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn nods. "I'm heading out, too. See ya 'round, Than!"
03:00:56: The Dark Lady Kelwine is still licking all affectionately over that golem.
03:01:03: First Sergeant Cecil doesn't care. He just wants to forget that this happend. Or at least find out just /what/ happened now that it's over.
03:01:15: Citizen Xela: just head north
03:01:30: Citizen Xela's walks out
03:01:39: Sylphic Vertrose finds the small cardboard box, it as a little bit worn and one of the corners was a little scuffed, but it was still a lovely deep green colour with a small silver design on it. Clutching it in her hand she wanders over to Bob.
03:01:41: Masqued "Man" Ihpkmn takes the knight's head and heads out.
03:02:00: Sylphic Vertrose took care to avoid any remaining monsters milling about.
03:02:16: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridotiredly looks up at Vert. "Hey there."
03:02:40: Civilian sage wanderer waves to everyone, whether she knows or recognizes them or not.
03:03:04: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut twitches, and looks around. There were some defeated candy monsters laying around. He bolts over to one of them and eats it. All this candy can not be good for him. Especially considering this is the first time he's eaten anything on the island.
03:03:12: First Sergeant Cecil walks out, taking care to adjust his hat as he leaves.
03:03:13: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos nods to Clue, waving to Issac in the process. Then he gestures at the general candy-filled chaos behind him. "It was fun indeed. I'm bringing some of the treats here back with me for Link...hopefully, she isn't /too/ mad at me."
03:03:27: Sylphic Vertrose looks up at the greeting, having not quite expecting it so soon as she side stepped a frantic lemming. "Hello there, Mister Bob. It was a very intriguing party."
03:03:49: Bug Queen Ferryn curls up in all her skirts. she is in a food coma.
03:04:30: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridosmiles softly "Thank you, that's very kind. I'm glad you had fun."
03:04:55: LycanTurian Clueless chuckles He peers about for a surviving candy mosnter to take.
03:05:29: Civilian sage wanderer grins as she spots someone and walks over. "Hello Than, I'm glad to see you're feeling well enough to be up and about."
03:05:51: Sylphic Vertrose nods quietly, a somewhat embarassed look on her face. rather nervous too. "I..umm. Have something for you. I know that youve helped me out during my time here on occassion. I wanted to say thank you. SO.." She held out the small box to him.
03:06:08: Tenaciously Cage Oukamiwalks into the courtyard, wiping her blade on her jeans. What's she wiping off? Who knows? She looks around, expressionless in her mask.
03:06:55: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce's stomach is a bottomless pit, and he doesn't slow down on the methodical consumption of candy carcasses. He /does/ manage to slow down on the horrific gluttony long enough to take a few souvenirs--or snacks for later, depending.
03:07:11: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos nods, chuckling. He blinks down at Sage. "Well...not exactly /well/, per se...but in good enough condition that I couldn't miss this." He snags a chocolate spiderkitty, holding it out to Sage. "Here...try one. They're pretty good."
03:07:18: Second Lieutenant DDR is fulllllll, now. Shouldn't have eaten so much... or drank so much.
03:07:57: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos looks to Bob, calling out: "Thank you for the festivities...and that was quite a surprise twist at the end."
03:08:23: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolooks slightly wary, but takes the box. "Oh. Thank you, you didn't have to, you know."
03:09:08: LycanTurian Clueless spies some prey, a miniature jawbreaker golem! He pounces it! He knocks it over the head with a cardand it is unconscious, grinninghe lifts his prize and trots back over to Than.
03:09:09: Sylphic Vertrose nods, "I know, but I never really got to say thank you...atleast not that I can remember, anyway."
03:10:02: Civilian sage wanderer grins and accepts the chocolate treat. "Thanks." Sage spots Allardyce, or at least, she's /pretty/ sure it's all... Nevertheless she waves to him all the same. "Hey Al!"
03:10:11: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinruttwitches and falters a bit. He spots a large jawbreaker golem trying to hide behind something or another. He can't really tell what it is. Too many swirly colors. He tackles it and chomps on it's head. bad idea. They're called jawbreakers for a reason
03:10:23: LycanTurian Clueless spies some prey, a miniature jawbreaker golem! He pounces it! He knocks it over the head with a cardand it is unconscious, grinninghe lifts his prize and trots back over to Than.
03:11:05: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos chuckles at Clue. "Taking hostages?"
03:11:53: LycanTurian Clueless
03:11:57: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridohumms softly and slowly begins to open up the box. He tries ot be careful to not wreak the packaging.
03:12:43: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut twitches and falls back from the creature that made his mouth hurt. This is something that he couldn't eat. He twitches more, and blinks, before shakily holding out a hand to the golem. twitching.
03:13:45: Sylphic Vertrose watches Bob queitly, hoping he would like what she had created. She didnt really know what to make him, but she figured everyone could use a little luck, especially on the Island.
03:13:57: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos seems thoughtful, looking at the miniature golem. "You know...I think I'll snag a small one to give to a friend of mine...He could probably use the company. And someone in the same boat." He looks around...and spies another of the mini-golems.
03:14:39: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolifts up the little charm and turns it carefully. "It's pretty! Thank you." He sets it in the box, box to the ground, and hugs Vent as thanks.
03:15:27: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut grins much too widely. His eye twitches and his body shudders ad the Golem hesitatingly takes his hand. Pinrut shakes it, bouncing up and down as he does. He then crawls up and hangs around the golem's neck. He bites on it gently. Best friends.
03:16:18: Sylphic Vertrose smiles, pleased that he seemed to like the little clover, and was ratehr surprised at the hug. Chuckling good nturedly she give his back a gentle little pat, Youre very welcome. Im glad you like it."
03:16:37: The Dark Lady Kelwine drags her golem off to the side. It's hers. She's not sharing. And then she flops over on it and resumes licking.
03:17:29: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolets go and smiles "I do, it's very nice."
03:17:32: Sylphic Vertrose makes sure that she returned the hugs as best she could, too.
03:17:55: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos snags the mini-golem that he spied, and pats it gently. "Well...I've got one, so...here's hoping that big wooden lug likes him...or her..." He peers closely, raising half his brow. Kinda hard to tell genders with golems...
03:18:16: LycanTurian Clueless is grinning when suddenly he feels something kinda.. Gooey crawling up his leg.. A gremlin.. I- is it made of butter? Yes. Yes it is. He grabs it and flings it off.
03:18:18: Second Lieutenant DDR grabs a tiny jawbreaker golem for keeps!
03:18:54: Second Lieutenant DDR: Thanks for the party, it's been a fun 6 hours, but I really must be running off now.
03:19:15: Tenaciously Cage Oukamiwalks up to Clue then stares down at her shoes as a butter gremlin lands on her shoe. She shakes it off, then looks up at him and chuckles.
03:19:30: Sylphic Vertrose's lips still hold that nervous but pleased little smile, "I didnt really know wha you might like. I figured luck was the best thing I could try to give you."
03:20:15: Civilian sage wanderer turns and waves half of a chocolate spider kitty. "Hey there Cage!"
03:20:25: LycanTurian Clueless smiles to Cage
03:20:46: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridonods and waves "Sure thing. I'm glad you guys had some fun. Hope the candy was worth it." He looks like he could flop over at any moment.
03:21:11: Tenaciously Cage Oukamiwaves excitedly at Sage. "Hey!" She looks up at clue. "Haha, you really think this is fitting?"
03:22:35: LycanTurian Clueless
03:22:57: Spirited Sneaky approaches Bob. "Not bad."
03:22:58: Tenaciously Cage Oukamilooks up at Thanatos, grinning behind her mask.
03:23:09: The Silent Knight, Sir Pinrut pulls his pumpkin helm back over his head. He was still twitching and shuddering from his first ever sugar high. He waves frantically at everyone as the Golem begins to walk out of the courtyard. Candlewick following along.
03:23:33: Sylphic Vertrose's wings flutter slightly as she take s more keen interest in Bob's evident tired state, "Well, youve probably had quite the day of setting this all up and making sure things didnt go awry. Youre probably tired."
03:24:40: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido's smile grows into a tired one "Yes, I'm rather exhausted... After folks clear out, I think I might just go get some sleep." Not /before/, though. He'd be a rude host.
03:25:34: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos rolls his eyes at Clue. "Why would I go as myself? Besides...I'm simply just another warrior-for-hire..." His stomach rumbles. "...whose price is merely a good meal." He looks for some food...finding some mutton.
03:25:40: Sylphic Vertrose adds "I had a wonderful time. I do hope that perhaps we run into eachother again at some point. I should be getting back to the Sanctuary, GeThwill probably be worried about me." a slightly rueful but happy smile appeared on her face.
03:26:14: Sylphic Vertrose shrugs and offers hima friendly little wave, "Take Care Bob. I hope you have sweet dreams when you do sleep."
03:26:23: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce lopes out of the courtyard, dizzy and holding his stomach. Improbably enough, his stomach was not actually bottomless. Maybe some other section of his guts is bottomless, but definitely not the stomach. /hurk/.
03:26:27: Civilian sage wanderer kicks a passing jawbreaker gremlin, stunning it long enough for Sage to pick it up. Sage straightens, bowing to Bob, clearly the host. "Thank you for the party." Sage says, candy gremlin struggling in her clutches.
03:28:45: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoslowly gets up and nods "Have a good night, everyone."
03:29:11: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos snags the leg of mutton, glancing towards Sage...then does a double-take. His eyes seem to /not/ want to move...thankfully, the candy golem chooses that moment to smack him upside the head and attempts to escape. He grabs it, and tucks it away.
03:29:34: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce gives Bob a thumbs up. "Coolparty!"
03:29:37: The Dark Lady Kelwine takes a moment to wave at Bob before returning to her candy.
03:30:11: LycanTurian Clueless also waves to Bob, grinning
03:30:24: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce waves. "I had an icetime!"
03:30:54: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridoreturns the thumbs up back to Al. "Thanks!" He nods to Clue, trying not to grin at Al's puns.
03:31:00: Sylphic Vertrose offers Bob and all the other party-goers a wave of Farewell before slipping out of the courtyard with a bit a yawn. But not before snagging up a glass of wine for the road. NOt for the roads consumption of course, but for when she got home.
03:31:45: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos sighs, about to take a bite...then pauses. He looks to Bob, then smiles a little. Just a little. "Thank you for the party, kind host." He bows, a little off-balance, and his horse, Betty, snags his hood in her teeth to try and keep him upright.
03:31:56: Sylphic Vertrose would not be risking driving home drunk. Oh no, that would be most irresponsible of her, and dangerous. Gotta lecture all those kiddies out there. Pblic Service Announcement DOntcha know.
03:32:11: Civilian sage wanderer walks over to Al, tightly clutching the struggling candy gremlin. "Hey Al. I haven't seen you in a while."
03:33:58: Steward of Souls Daemon Thanatos is, thankfully, saved some embarrassment. He straightens up, patting Betty's shoulder gently. "Thanks, girl." As he mounts up...he takes a bite of mutton, then nods to Bob. "I hope your respite is pleasant." With that, both horse and rider leave
03:34:40: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce has a candy gremlin in his backpack, too! "Hey there, Sage. Has it been a while? Thought I saw you in NewHome maybe... oh... week ago?"
03:35:05: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridonods "Thanks guys." He slowly sneaks over to the wine vendor, snagging up a bottle.
03:35:10: LycanTurian Clueless waves to Than as he departs, then looks around at the remnants of the partygoers
03:35:51: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridopours himself a glass and has a very small sip. Sort of a little praise to himself. Even if he doesn't quite like alcohol.
03:36:17: Spirited Sneaky says "That was all too much for my camera."
03:37:09: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridopours a second glass and wanders to Sneaky, offering it out "I'm glad you got some pictures. Good for memories." He smiles "I hope the jousting didn't hurt too bad."
03:37:50: Spirited Sneaky narrows his eyes. "Really eh."
03:37:50: Civilian sage wanderer taps her white chin, thinking. "Was that when," Sage swallows. "Was that when you were talking to ... Qap, and she got embarrassed so I answered some questions? Because that was over two weeks ago."
03:40:34: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolooks nervous "Sorry about that."
03:40:44: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce quirks a brow, bites his knuckle thoughtfully. "Huh, was it? Well maybe. Been losing track of time lately I suppose."
03:41:18: Tenaciously Cage Oukamilooks up at Clue. "I'll come with?"
03:41:58: Civilian sage wanderer looks over to Cage."It looks like my friends are leaving. I should probably accompany them."
03:42:02: LycanTurian Clueless grins
03:42:21: Spirited Sneaky looks aside, more to the party. "Any candy /not/ in a giant animated jawbreaker?"
03:43:01: Spirited Sneaky /ohs/. "Actually, I was hoping to set up a trick-or-treat contest."
03:43:15: Tenaciously Cage Oukamishrugs. "You could hang out with Sage and I."
03:43:24: Carnivorous Alkahest Allardyce gives Sage a nod and a little wave and heads off in another direction.
03:44:03: Civilian sage wanderer bows to Al as she walks back over to Cage. "Ready to go?"
03:44:36: LycanTurian Clueless grins
03:45:13: Tenaciously Cage Oukaminods and smiles. "Sure! I'll just teleportthere. Meet you there? Or you could teleport with Clue."
03:45:39: Civilian sage wanderer blinks in surprise. "You can teleport?"
03:46:10: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridohas a seat to relax for a bit.
03:46:36: Tenaciously Cage Oukamisnrks. "Yes, you've never seen me do it?"
03:47:02: Civilian sage wanderer shakes her head. "No, I didn't know."
03:47:15: Spirited Sneaky pulls out a pumpkin basket. It has two fist-sized candy corn heart shapes in it.
03:48:10: Tenaciously Cage Oukamigrins and nods. "I'll see you two there."She turns and heads back to the foyer.
03:48:37: LycanTurian Clueless chuckles, his eyes glowand he vanishes.
03:49:31: Civilian sage wanderer waves goodbye to Allardyce. She gently cups Gleamin her hands, presses power down into her legs, and sprints out of the Courtyard at highly Improbable speeds.
03:52:59: The Dark Lady Kelwine begins to gnaw away at the golem. /Scrapescrapescrape./
03:59:16: Spirited Sneaky can't see anyone to give them to, for some reason.
04:14:37: Spirited Sneaky says "Anyone want a basket?"
04:15:56: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridorubs his eyes "Basket of what?"
04:16:59: Snarky Serpent Tellurthinks just a whole /bunch/ of baskets would be best. Baskets. Everywhere. Falling form the sky, raining baskets.
04:17:21: Snarky Serpent Tellurwants some pillows to curl up and sleep in a big basket.
04:18:18: Spirited Sneaky holds up his pumpkin basket. "I give everyone this basket and these candy corn hearts. They're for collecting candy."
04:19:02: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido's ears lift. "ooo"
04:19:25: The Dark Lady Kelwine blinks. "Hmm... Sure!"
04:20:44: Spirited Sneaky holds the basket out. "Just be sure to not lose both hearts before the end of Halloween."
04:21:21: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridotilts his head "Okay. Why?" He takes one basket slowly.
04:21:45: Snarky Serpent Tellurtrots out merrily. She's off! to go pester people.
04:22:49: Spirited Sneaky says "Because then you're /out/, and your basket won't hold any more candy. It's otherwise normal.'
04:23:30: Ice Harlequin Bob Zarido's jaw drops. "Well I dun wanna be out..." He frowns. No. This would not be /good/.
04:25:55: Spirited Sneaky says "Well, there's otherwise nothing lost. And if you just eat them now, they're giant candy corns! Free of charge, either way."
04:27:57: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridofeels utterly confused. "So what should I do?"
04:29:06: The Dark Lady Kelwine tilts her head. "Huh... Interesting!"
04:29:37: Spirited Sneaky smiles cheerfully. "Nothing complicated. Just trick or treat with it, and try not to lose your life. Standard stuff."
04:30:34: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridofrowns.
04:31:55: Spirited Sneaky says "But if you run out, nothing will happen."He pulls /both/ candy corn hearts out for himself, biting into them. He tries to put a piece of candy from the ground in, and it, /somehow/, misses the receptacle (and falls on the ground).
04:32:23: Spirited Sneaky says "Except that"as he reaches behind himself for a fresh basket. "Here."
04:33:19: The Dark Lady Kelwine blinks, watching the baskets.
04:33:51: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolooks confused and frowny and.../confused/. "Maybe you should keep it? I'm afraid I'm no good at this."
04:36:50: Spirited Sneaky says "I suppose you had enough candy lying around anyway."
04:37:22: The Dark Lady Kelwine snickers. "Candy!" And with that she rolls over and starts licking the golem again.
04:37:59: Spirited Sneaky waves to Vivi. /yep! hi kelwine!/
04:39:26: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridorubs the back of his head "Yeah. Uhh. Well hey, if you want some leftovers, feel free to pick off some little creatures running amok around here." He isn't sure if the castle can get sick if it eats candy.
04:39:39: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridohas a feeling it'd be better to not risk such things.
04:40:58: Spirited Sneaky says "Mmk."He pulls out his 9mm pistol and begins plugging away, provided he doesn't jam, at a jawbreaker golem idly.
04:43:06: Spirited Sneaky may well be tuning the reports out.
04:43:08: The Dark Lady Kelwine waves.
04:44:12: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridowaves too. He looks at Kelwine. "We seem to be the only ones.../awake/, right now. If you wanted to sniff around, feel free. We have a couple kitchens and a big storeroom and some freezers."
04:44:49: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridodoesn't bother mentioning that the storeroom has zombified animals keeping any possible rats or various other pest creatures out.
04:45:11: Spirited Sneaky flicks the safety back off. "Really? Show us?"
04:45:57: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridolooks at Sneaky. "Sure if you want. What would you wanna see first?"
04:46:57: Spirited Sneaky says the cold storage, where I can store things in cold storage
04:47:08: Spirited Sneaky says "Kitchen!"
04:47:29: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridorolls up to his feet. "Big one or little one?"
04:50:27: Spirited Sneaky glances over at Kelwine real quick-like. /What would Vivi like?/ Well we do find her in itty bitty crates. "Li'l one!"
04:52:08: The Dark Lady Kelwine nodnods at Bob. "I will, later!"
04:53:37: The Dark Lady Kelwine stands and glances at the golem. She doesn't really want to /leave/ it here. It could be stolen!
04:53:38: Ice Harlequin Bob Zaridonods. "Okay." He gives Sneaky a beckoning wave, "Yeah, uh. follow me, this one's actually closer." He heads back out to the Foyer.
04:53:56: The Dark Lady Kelwine pulls the golem up and drags it with her.
04:54:07: Spirited Sneaky follows!

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