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Calliaphone had always suspected that the problem with The Drive is not one that can be solved by combat. From early on, she could be heard protesting to anyone who was drunk enough to listen: "i bet it's just lonely is all. an' angry! i'd be angry too if everyone was always tryin' to kill me! wouln't you?"

Suiting action (or rather, lack of it) to words, she initially took great trouble to avoid encounters with The Drive. Not because she's a coward! 1)2)3)4) No, this was On Principle. The Drive is a Machine. Machines are people too, you know. And Calliaphone was determined not to deal it any further trauma than had already been done by, y'know, declaring war on it, filming the war, selling it to viewers back home as entertainment, etc etc.

But avoiding the Drive turned out harder than she'd expected. Perhaps it was just her own insatiable curiosity. Her desire to "get acquainted" with any machine, no matter how large or small or hostile. Or perhaps it was the gentle, scholarly influence of Alexander Quandle and Unfairlady, or the curious philosophy of her clansib Teh Dave. Or perhaps it was just the fact that, the minute she'd had enough solvent or chocolate or stress to take her mind off Active Avoidance, The Drive would find her and demand satisfaction.

Eventually, she had no choice but to the problem directly. And so, she approached the Drive for talks.

It's been a stormy relationship, so far.

Meeting 1 - Violets is Not the Answer
Meeting 2 - Better than an Oath
Meeting 3 - Unfinished Business

But perhaps some good may come of it, eventually.

1) But she is!
2) Is not!
3) Is too!
4) Well, okay, but that's really not the point
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