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2010-05-24 00:02:44: The Watcher calls from a nearby tree-mounted speaker, "This is The Watcher. The time is now 6:1 -- oh, sod it. Knob-ends, party of three, your visitors have arrived."
2010-05-24 00:02:57: The Watcher calls from a nearby tree-mounted speaker, "Knob-ends, party of three, bloody well report to the FailBoat."

2010-05-24 00:06:52: Zolotisty wets her lips, staring toward the loudspeaker. . .That.

2010-05-24 00:10:43: Sessine lifts his head. Ah. It begins. He strides out of the village.
2010-05-24 00:10:52: The Once-Wiise Ashtu pops in from the FailBoat. Knob-ends? Huh?
2010-05-24 00:11:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu uh-ohs.
2010-05-24 00:13:20: The Once-Wiise Ashtu thinks for a moment, then runs into the Jungle, shedding his weapon and armor.

2010-05-24 00:09:25: The Watcher closes the connection with the Communications Tents on-Island and makes her way abovedecks with her arms folded. There are two Failors close at hand, who remain as silent as nearby rookies are not.
2010-05-24 00:13:59: The Watcher mutters, "Bloody slow they are."
2010-05-24 00:14:10: Sessine is present on the Failboat deck. Odd, he didn't seem to arrive by boat. He looks around. Others will be here shortly.
2010-05-24 00:15:25: Carpen Tyr vaults over the railing, and stands quietly by Sessine. He smiles at the other man.
2010-05-24 00:15:36: Zolotisty sidesteps onto the deck of the boat, trousers soaked to her knees. She lowers her chin and slinks nearer to Sessine, gazing steadily at the Watcher.
2010-05-24 00:16:27: The Once-Wiise Ashtu lands on the deck again, behind The Watcher. He ducks behind a barrel.
2010-05-24 00:17:52: The Watcher unfolds her arms. "Right then, my dafties, your chariot awaits." She gestures sardonically toward one of the retraining boats used to ferry contestants to and fro from Boat to Island. It's manned.
2010-05-24 00:22:18: Sessine says, "Let's get on with it, then." He jumps down into the boat and reaches a hand up to Z. Not that she needs it, of course. But. . . holding hands is good.
2010-05-24 00:22:47: Carpen Tyr sweeps a sincere bow at her, and follows his clanmates to the boat.
2010-05-24 00:24:09: Zolotisty 's gaze has turned toward the horizon. She doesn't see anything out there - - no other boats, no hulking Titans rising from the bed of the ocean with water sluicing from their backs, nothing. "Mn."
2010-05-24 00:24:29: Zolotisty takes Sessine's hand.
2010-05-24 00:26:45: The Watcher plucks up a camera from a crate next to the railing. Two dozen of its jointed metal legs ripple and wave with spasmodic panic. She drops it unceremoniously into the boat with the DICE folk. WHUD.
2010-05-24 00:28:36: The Watcher palms her hands idly against her skirt, tips a nod to the retraining officer in the boat, and doesn't pause to watch the camera try to right itself. "Failies belowdecks! Everyone else stop gawping!"
2010-05-24 00:32:13: The Once-Wiise Ashtu strains to hear.
2010-05-24 00:34:51: The Watcher doesn't condescend to reply - - nor even to roll her eyes, though that's what's called for. She cuts through the crowd and disappears belowdecks to her office.
2010-05-24 00:34:57: Sessine ignores the camera. It can recover its balance or fall in the drink, he doesn't care. After some wobbling and scrabbling, though, it settles down at the bow end of the retraining boat.

2010-05-24 01:03:57: The Once-Wiise Ashtu reappears in a poof of NewDay smoke. He's not sure what he just witnessed on the FailBoat. hmmmmm.
2010-05-24 01:04:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu wanders towards the Jungle, collecting his weapon and armor.

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