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Those Islanders with literary leanings may want to seek out the Island Public Library, once located in the Common Grounds, now rumored to be housed at the "green tip of the kitty's foot", whatever that means. Gathered by its Librarian, one Skidge, the Library consists of countless ambulatory bookcases, a family of four printing presses, an ever-circulating staff of typo gremlins, and the occasional escaped book character.

The categorization of the Library is described as "haphazard" by the more polite Island denizens, and "a right bloody mess" by those with a more honest bent. It's not that it doesn't follow a system; it's just a system devised by one of the Island's least systematic of minds. However, it is possible to find specific books by asking one of the Library's tribe of gremlins or a passing Librarian, either of which will lead you to the appropriate shelf.

While on the subject of gremlins, it is probably worthy of mention that harming a typo gremlin on Library grounds is one of the very few things that will earn you the ire of its Librarian, and is generally considered a Bad Idea. The gremlins are easily recognizable outside the library by their wearing of some kind of headdress.

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