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Monthly Mementos

Monthly Mementos were first added to the game in July 2014 and stopped being added each month in January 40141)2)3).

They can be obtained, generally, by donating either $5 or $10 USD.

From November 2015 every Monthly Memento that is at least a year old is available for purchase in the Hunter's Lodge for a small heap of supporter points.4)

Can we just get a list of these things already?

Technically, you can see all a whole list of the Monthly Mementos here5)
Buuuuut... that page doesn't exactly list what they do. So, here we go!

Currently existing Monthly Mementos

Month and year Name What do Usability
July 2014 Wooden Crow You know that Holes and Crows Joker that always seems to be in ANOTHER outpost? This brings him TO YOU.6) Once per day
August 2014 Prancing Spiderkitty ashtray Usable in combat. Just chuck this thing at monsters. Do it. Once per fight
September 2014 Maiko's Cookery Academy Official Spice Shaker Gives you one of every kind of spice. Once per day
October 2014 Pumpkin-flavoured Carrot Take a bite of this and you get better vision7)! Lets you see one space further for about 50 steps Down Below. Once per day
November 2014 Rocket Turkey Usable in combat. Looks like This, probably. Once per day
December 2014 Heartwarming Bauble Warms your heart for 20 rounds. Heartwarm gives you some sort of defense buff. Once per day
January 2015 Shiny New Calendar Acts exactly like a Chronosphere, giving you a free New Day! Once per week
February 2015 A Snow Allows you to hold on to 5 of your best meat. Works itself upon New Day
March 2015 March Hair Usable in combat. Sits on your head until you activate it. Startles the enemy for a round then attacks it for a while. Once per day
April 2015 Spring It goes Boinnnninininininnnng! -- Changes your local weather to 'Hot and Humid' for 10 minutes.8)9) Once per day
May 2015 Stone Rook Same as Wooden Crow, 'cept it brings the Rook Trader Joker. Once per day
June 2015 Storm in a Box Randomly, this thing shoots a LIGHTNING BOLT AT YOUR ENEMIES. Basically it gives you a random BANG, ZAP, or both while in combat.10) Passive11)
July 2015 Bug Repellent When used, grants you 2% stamina. Once per day
July 2015 x2 bonus!12) Fly Swatter Gives a 2% Stamina cost reduction13)14) to any traveling actions, as long as it's in your possession. Passive/constant
August 2015 Late Pinball Usable in combat. Deals a delayed attack. Once per day15)
September 2015 Self-filling Thermos Just like a Builder's Brew! Except not really. Instead of a 90% discount on building stuff, it's just 7% and only lasts for 10 rounds.16)17) Once per day
October 2015 Halloween Egg18) Gives the Treacle Fingers buff, which increases the potency of any Halloween Candy eaten.19) As often as you like
November 2015 Unfinished NaNoWriMo Novel Multi-phase Memento, use 29 times once per NewDay for a 5% stamina penalty, then on 30th time receive a 500% stamina reward. Awards 5% stamina per NewDay afterwards.20)21) Once per day
December 2015 Deck of Cards It's a deck of Magpie22) cards, from which you can draw a random card each day. These cards can give you nifty effects, or take them away.23)24)25) Once per day
January 2016 Shiny New 2016 Calendar Acts exactly like a Chronosphere, giving you a free New Day26)! Once per week
February 2016 Raccoon in a Box GET IT OUT WITH A FUCKING LEAF BLOWER27) -- Usable in Combat. Deals high amounts of damage to both you and the opponent. Once per day
March 2016 Super Spring It goes Boinnnnininininininininininininnnnnnnnggggg! -- Changes your local weather to Hot and Humid for some amount longer than 10 minutes. 28) Once per day
April 2016 April Tool29) Slightly reduces the Stamina cost of Carpentry and Masonry actions.30)31) Passive/Constant32)
May 2016 Expandable Pole Replaces your current weapon and gives +2 attack. Great for when you are dead broke and weak! Anytime
June 2016 Haunted Socket Gives you one random Contraption or Contrivance, both used in Place Programming33). Once per day
July 2016 Sparkler Gives em' monsters the ol' razzle dazzle. -- Usable in combat. Acts as a mini ZAP grenade. -- Doesn't seem to currently work. At all. ???
August 2016 Bottled Baby Smell ... Ew. ???
September 2016 Pumpkin Spice Grenade Can incapacitate your enemy, yourself, or both of you, depending on which way the wind happens to be blowing at the time.34) Once per day
October 2016 Cabinet of Unspeakable Horrors Gives you a little bit of extra stamina by scaring you witless. Once per day
November 2016 Easter Bunny In A Box Happens to be a male rabbit. Also gives 2% chocolate-flavoured stamina. Once per day
December 2016 Shelf-Stable Elf Gives a 15 rounds defense buff when used. Once per day
January 2017 The Ashes of 2016 Gives an attack buff. As often as you like
February 2017 Cookie Convertor Transforms a regular cookie into a Valentine's Day cookie. Once per day
March 2017 Travle Pass Pass granting a free ride at the Travle Ajunts. Once per day
April 2017 Hyper Spring It goes Boinnnninininininnnng! and, once per day, generates a regular Spring. Once per day
May 2017 Rabbit Does what rabbits do. Tastes great when rendered to 5 Tasty Meat. At NewDay / Once
June 2017 Seven Server Boots Strongly reduces travel costs for 10 moves. Once per day
July 2017 Watcher's Swimsuit [placeholder - similar to Extendable Pole?] Anytime
August 2017 On-Time Pinball Throw at your enemy in combat for extra damage. Once per day 35)
August 2017 x2 bonus Official 2017 Commemorative Limited Edition FUCK AMERICAN AIRLINES Bonus Monthly Memento Teleports you to Squat Hole Once per day
September 2017 Hacker Balaclava Grants a small amount of Req, but repeated uses increase risk of being caught and Failboated. As often as you like, with caveats
1) Known as the 2MMM or 2 Millennium Monthly Mementos.
2) Lie.
3) Truth. I am a certified time wizard. It's true.
4) How small is a thousand?
5) Gotta be signed in to use this.
6) Disclaimer: He does not come to you because you are attractive. He comes because he has to. You are ugly.
7) In reality, carrots doing this is a myth.
10) It can even happen against your Dojo master or in the Failboat cage fights.
11) This means it works on its own. At random.
12) Previous MM was given for donating $5, while this one was given for $10. $10 would have got you both of 'em.
13) This means 2% of the actual cost, not a straight 2%.
14) So, if something normally costs you 1.00% stamina it should now cost 0.98% stamina.
15) Might be a bit glitchy.
16) This most likely stacks WITH Brews, though. Imagine the stamina costs with Brew + Thermos + Blockhead implant + Robot. Imagine.
17) Side note, these numbers may be inaccurate.
21) Thanks, Trowa!
23) The effects probably have to do with the rules of the game, someone please make a page for it or something?
24) It seems like each card's effects only last for 4 rounds. It also seems like what they do depends on the suit, not the card itself. Also also, here's a thing: Mighty Magpie Cards
25) Spades causes you to get hit a few times extra each round. Clubs causes you hit hit a few times extra each round. The I card of each deck seems to give 6 rounds, instead of 4. And... I have no idea what they others do. The whole thing seems to be a little broken.
26) Exactly like last year's, but not!
29) This one is YOU HAHAHA... JK
30) Cuts the cost by 2% of the total normal cost!
31) As in, not 2% stamina, but 2% of the stamina cost.
32) This requires a NewDay to activate.
33) Each weights 1.2 kg. It's suggested you be wary of this one if you have limited inventory space.
34) When does the wind blow both ways?
35) Same as the Late Pinball.
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