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There are few people who can describe Poet 1). Those who can will say a few 2) things about him; He's high on life, egotistical3), and waggles his eyebrow too much4).

What is known about Poet is that before the Island, he was a rock star, leading the typical rock star life until he woke up with a horrible5) hangover and a spiked dog collar around his junk.6) He envisioned his dead brother and realized he was a dumb ass7), and will often drink to this to remind himself the word does not belong to him.

What does he look like?

Poet is tall!8) At a nice eight feet, Poet looms over9) many he knows. Poet also has unkempt dirty blond hair on his head, perfectly chiseled facial hair, and unruly chest hair 10)11). He had made for him by LadyRavenSkye a rather bright outfit, something that the rock legend Prince12) would wear. A red coat, green pants, and a colorful shirt.

He, if one was to sum it up, looks13) like the rock star he is.14)

1) which is a lie
2) not very nice
3) Well if you looked that good you would be too
4) or too little?
5) wasn't really that bad
6) It was pink.
7) and in a gutter on a roadside
9) and around, we'll let you figure that one out
10) that may or may not be sentient!
11) It just moved!
12) The artist formerly known as Prince also wore it
13) thats not all he does
14) If said rock star were a flaming sexoholic
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