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Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.1)

Val Shiro

The citizen of Improbable Island2) known best3) as the Resident Cheshire Cat, has had a long and sordid past of which you will never learn.4)

Known aliases of the Resident Cheshire Cat

  • Val Shiro5)
  • Resident Cheshire Cat
  • Pants thief Extraordinaire6)

Equipment and gifts from others.

  • A pendant that appears to be half silver and half onyx, completely fused into a single peice. It is in the shape of a cross with a draconic appearance.
  • A Water Pistol he accidentally knicked from Cassidy
  • A Canteen of water given to him by Bree
  • a group of four crystalized fireballs, purchased for 5 req each.
1) Also known as NewHome
2) . . . and a member of SOUR, best clan on the Island.
3) and only
4) Because his narrator is a prat
5) Full Name: Valiserio ShironitaValentine Shiroji
6) No pants were harmed in the making of this alias
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