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The Story of Wolfgang and Saya Tousen

[02h19m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang looks at the amazing room. "Damn. just... Damn."

[02h18m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf shows off the enormous room, then starts heading for a cave off to the side.

[02h17m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang looks at her walk for a moment, admiring her slightly, then pads after her, realizing she was almost at the cave.

[02h15m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf enters the cave to reveal a small shrine with a wolf statue in the center.

[02h14m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang stares at the statue in wonder. "Okami..." he says breathlessly.

[02h10m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf nods. "This is my shrine. It is a temporary fix until we can get Itsu trained and a proper site, but it works."

[02h07m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang wanders up to it for a closer look and sits. "Wow. this is amazing. Its... slightly different from how i remember the one in that village... but it's true." he smiles at her, "It was your home i visited."

[02h06m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf sits down facing Wolfgang. "Please tell me your tale."

[02h03m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang nods and brings out his notebook with a ear flick. It floats in front of him, open to the red edged pages, for him to reference if he gets lost. "I had orginally run from Europe for many a decade. Things we're building there, and it was...

[02h02m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang Well... Dangerous. So i followed the land and headed east. North east at first, cutting up through frozen waste lands to avoid the Turks and other hostile peoples. It was nice for a time but i began to get lonely again and headed south easterly.

[01h59m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang -I ended up coming upon small villages, and they all seemed to have something different to worship. Gods of all kinds. But then i came across a village that... well kinda captured my heart a little. I believe it was... kamiki? kamoki? somthing like

[01h57m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang -That, and they worshipped a White wolf. I felt warmpth in this little village so i stayed with them for a while. a long while actually. I learnt some medicines from them, some helpful meditations from them. They were great for the longest time.

[01h57m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf corrected Wolfgang. "Kami."

[01h56m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang - Yes Kami. That was the village. it's been so many years. heh. I stayed with them until one night i had to change into a wolf. I was a black wolf at the time and... i didn't want them thinking i was the evil incarnate so i decided to leave.

[01h54m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang - before leaving i said goodbye to many villagers who lived there including the priestess of the town... whom i had grown to know well, and she gave me a small amulet, much like this one. I kept it with me in my travels. But the Islands service

[01h53m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang - took it from me, or rather, didn't let me take it with me. So it's still with my things... somewhere back off the island. And thats it really. thats my story of my time there

[01h48m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf chuckles, then outright starts to laugh.

[01h46m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang mentally blinks and cocks his head. "What... is it? something i say funny?" looks to his note book, "did i mess something up....?"

[01h44m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf calms herself down. "Not at all, but your tale sounds remarkably similar to an old tale that has been passed down in our clan."

[01h43m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang stares at her, being remarkably still. "W-w-what Tale?" he seems to stammer.

[01h40m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf smiles. "A long time ago, an army of bandits was plaguing our village. Our toughest warriors tried to fight them off, but they kept advancing. All hope seemed lost, until a strange man came clad in shimmering armor and carrying a cross-shaped sword."

[01h39m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang stock still he listens intently.

[01h38m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf continues. "He was big, strong, and wise. He spoke a language we could not understand, but he came when a group of bandits decided to attack. He swiftly cut down the assailants with lightning speed, and his giant blade easily cut through their armor."

[01h31m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf adds. "He was willing to learn about our herbs and medicines, as well as basic acupuncture and meditation. We called him 'Tachi', meaning 'big sword'. The description changes, but they mostly say he had hair the color of fine wood and golden eyes."

[01h29m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf stares at Wolfgang as she presses on. "He, in exchange, taught us advanced tactics and strategy, which we used against the bandits with great effect. In fact, he even fought at the very front, and dueled the leader. Of course, he won the fight."

[01h27m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang breathing deeply and slowly, he gulps a little. hoping it went unnoticed as he listens to the tale.

[01h27m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf continues. "However, during this time, he had garnered the attention of the priestess to Okami. According to her, Okami had promised them that a powerful wolf would come to save their village, but it never showed. People were doubting Okami's word."

[01h25m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf did notice, but she doesn't show it. "The priestess, Saya, which meant 'scabbard', sunk into a pit of despair, but Tachi never lost faith in her. He comforted her, and they quickly became very close friends, though she was already engaged to another."

[01h23m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang ears perk up towards Yuki at the mention of Saya. he puts them down immediately, mentally cursing himself

[01h23m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf keeps going. "One night, Saya caught Tachi transforming into a wolf-like creature, and realized that he had been the wolf Okami had promised. However, Tachi, in his primal lust, took her. She initially resisted, but she came to love the wolf-man."

[01h21m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang looks away, staring at the ground. he tries to hide an emotion, but only succeeds a little.

[01h20m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf starts to reach the climax. "Sadly, Tachi, realizing his error, left the village abruptly, and Saya married to the leader of the village's warriors and another of Tachi's friends. But during every full moon night, Saya would mysteriously disappear..."

[01h19m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf notices these little signs. "However, the big shocker came when Saya gave birth to five children: Two boys, and three girls, but with golden eyes. Enraged at what had happened, her husband attacked her, but she changed into a white wolf-woman."

[01h18m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf smiles. "Saya battled her husband and killed him, and then ran off. The legend says that she found Tachi and they lived happily ever after, but that wasn't what happened, was it, Wolfgang?"

[01h16m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang lays down. He stays silent for moment. his voice, suddenly coarse and old, crackles out. "No. It wasn't."

[01h15m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf moves and sits next to him, scritching his ears. "Or should I say, 'Tachi'?"

[01h14m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang a tear forms in his eye and rolls down off his fur. He chuckles bitterly at the name. "Tashi... it's been so long. I... i've told my version to myself so many times. gah. I never meant for... she... lemmie start again."

[01h12m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang clears his throat. "The first part is generally true. Only it wasn't a small group of bandits. it was a small group from an army that was known in the area. I happened to come along one day when the soldiers were collecting and i couldn't stand by.

[01h09m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang- So i pushed them. they fought and i killed them. The village thanked me and i decided to stay until the village could protect itself, or until the army was gone. The sword was called Silver Moon, a gift from a friend, and i kept it close.

[01h08m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf adds. "However, I told you the family version, the one that has been passed down from one priestess to the next. It is the "true" legend, not the modified fable we told local children."

[01h06m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf grins. "The modified version has Tachi killing Saya when he turns into a black wolf monster, teaching children that they should never trust something that is too good to be true."

[01h04m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang winces. "Well... thats almost true. I did learn a lot from those people and i taught them fighting tactics and manuvers. I lead a group of them to this army's camping spots and killed them one by one. when we returned, i was regarded as a hero,

[01h02m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang- Earning the name Tashi because of my sword being larger than the rest. When i came back, the woman who had captured my heart, Saya, was waiting for me. We gave the appearence of friends, her teaching me the language.

[01h01m] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf pets Wolfgang as she listens.

[01h00m] Dripping Blood Wolfgang- but our bond was much stronger after i came back. she was betrothed, and i never did anything... until that night. It was a full moon, and it was in the early years, back when i didn't have control of my phasing yet...

[58m00s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang- Saya had come into my hut while it was dark, snuck away from the Shrine... her skin was soft and her eyes warm. i never... but the moon and i couldn't... we lay there a lot time. some moonlight had gotten through my door and i started to phase. [56m13s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang - I ran out, trying to go out and hunt, trying to leave silently... she woke up and followed. She found me half phased, i didn't go far enough and she reached out, called out to me... the tears streaming down his face and his eyes dark with memory

[55m35s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf scritches Wolfgang to make him feel better. "And you took her."

[53m51s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang- I attacked her, half Phased. I bit her, over and over. My saliva mixed with her blood, and when i realized what i'd done i was a full wolf. I cried out, and managed to get her on my back. i took her to the shine, and cried out over and over.

[52m17s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang- somehow at somepoint i was human again. i quickly grabbed the medicines and herbs, and i did my best work on her. She wasn't moving. I grabbed the doctor and left her in his hands at the shrine. I couldn't be near her. it was a danger...

[50m46s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang i stayed near the town, made sure she was alive. and she was. But i never let her see me. When i saw her take her first steps again, i ran. I ran and ran forever. I never wanted to hurt her, and the only way... was to run...

[50m22s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf asks Wolfgang. "A few questions."

[49m40s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang I had no idea Saya had Children... my children. I had no idea i had turned her into a wolf." He sighs and then hears the statement. "Please... by all means."

[48m29s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf asks. "According to the 'official' legend, they were the children of you and Saya. Did you have sex with her half-phased?"

[47m21s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang shakes his head. "No... Before. When she sneaked into my hut. granted it was the full moon and i was primal as all hell, but it was before i phased."

[45m56s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf adds. "Because there is one final part of the story. An epilogue, per se."

[45m26s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang's ears perk up. "oh?

[42m46s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf explains. "Saya's children caused a great upheaval in the village, but Saya's mother took over as priestess until her daughters could be trained. She also gave a prophecy that if a retired priestess took over the job again, then Okami would die."

[41m17s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf continues. "Saya's brother went in search of powerful magic that could cure his 'corrupted' nieces and nephews, and returned years later to sacrifice himself to remove the werewolf curse within them."

[40m09s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf finishes. "However, the children kept their golden eyes, a dominant triat that has been in the Tousen clan, the clan of Okami's priestesses and warriors, to this day." She then points to her own golden eyes.

[39m18s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf hugs Wolfgang. "Welcome back, ancestor and legendary lover of Saya Tousen."

[36m46s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang Sigh and nuzzles her hard. "It's nice to know you exist granddaughter. or... great granddaughter. Whatever you are. heh." he starts to chuckle "Never would i have thought myself a dad. and now i'm an Ancestor. heh"

[33m01s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang shakes his head sadly. "No. i had ashamed myself and tried dearly to forget my actions that night. i thought about going back to that village, but all the times i wanted to, the humans would get in my way. After i hundred years, i knew her to be gone"

[32m41s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang adds. "And i cried."

[32m33s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf wonders. "Well, what keeps you immortal?"

[31m10s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang cocks his head and thinks. "You know... i've never thought about it before. My werewolf side i guess.... Wait. i know where your going... Is she still alive?"

[28m53s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf smirks. "Possibly. There were rumors of a white wolf-like creature in the area for decades after you left, and while I was a spirit wolf in Okami's pack, Saya was not present among the other dead priestesses and warriors."

[27m30s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang a smile spreads across his face. "Good. Great. Wonderful. She's Alive and well then. good..." the smile turns into a smirk as he just stares at the alter.

[26m08s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf wonders. "Did you turn anyone else? Was she the only woman you made a werewolf?"

[24m08s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang nods his head. "Yes. it was after that day that i dedicated my life to controlling my phasing. I spent almost a hundred years in solitude, on and off. more off. I never loved a woman again like i loved her. seduced many a woman for primal needs..."

[23m45s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang "But never loved her like i loved Saya."

[22m37s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf kisses Wolfgang on the forehead. "Wolfgang...do you love me?"

[21m24s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang smiles and nuzzles her. "It's been so long since i've felt it but... Yes. yes your the one whose rekindled my heart."

[21m06s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang he licks her cheek

[20m03s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf gets an idea. "Can you bite me and not turn me into a zombie?"

[19m17s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang tilts his head. "I don't know actually. I've never tried."

[18m09s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf adds. "Well, I am blessed by Okami, so it might not turn me into a zombie..."

[17m22s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang his head tilts further. "what are you planning on doing Yuki? What idea has sparked in your head?"

[15m14s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf starts taking off her robes. "I can shapeshift between this form and my wolf form, but I want you to make me a werewolf like yourself. I also want to be your mate, and you be mine."

[20m40s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang stares at the beautiful woman before him. "I would be honored to be your mate. Making you a werewolf will make you impervious to the collar eh? you'll have to learn phasing forms. though you picked up easily last time. heh" he smiles.

[19m27s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf wonders. "Though, maybe we should wait until you are a bit less...dead..."

[18m44s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang thinking about it he adds. "Unless we get Thalis to make a new one with his new powers. And yes... yes that seems like a good idea. at least for making you a werewolf..."

[16m04s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf nuzzles against Wolfgang. "I am glad you saved my home all those years ago."

[14m57s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang he sighs happily and nuzzles her back. "I'm so glad. And glad i got to meet you and Itsu."

[12m17s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf cuddles up to him and holds her body close to his blood-caked fur.

[11m16s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang wraps his tail around her to keep her warm from the crystal like floor.

[08m45s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf holds the tail close as she closes her eyes.

[06m54s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang he keeps her warm, as he listens to her breathe.

[05m40s] <TUNES>Okami-no-Miko Yuki the Wolf falls asleep, happy to have someone who loves her, and not as a mother.

[04m53s] Dripping Blood Wolfgang as she falls asleep, he does as well, happy to finally have someone to share his love with

The Conclusion of the Saya Tousen story

Coming soon! (meaning i have to pick it out of the game, and edit it so it's readable. crud)

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