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Ashtu's Arnachy Annex- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-18 22:49:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu comes in, carrying a scratched, dented lunch bucket. He opens it carefully and finds - a cinnamon bun? "What kind of weapon is. . . . . . . . . ahh."
2010-07-18 22:54:02: The Once-Wiise Ashtu thinks deeply for a few minutes - he has a vague memory - was it maybe. . . . he unlocks and rummages through the filing cabinet. "Yes! There it is!"
2010-07-18 22:56:33: The Once-Wiise Ashtu lifts a fine blue and white china serving dish, with a perfectly fitted cover. He transfers the cinnamon bun from the lunch bucket to the dish, and places them carefully under his hat.
2010-07-18 22:57:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu smiles and heads out the door, making for the outpost.

Each Outpost- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-18 23:21:32: The Once-Wiise Ashtu strides in the gate, looking around, looking for someone or something. He stops and questions several people, "Happened to have seen Count Sessine around today?"
2010-07-18 23:21:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu receives no good answers, and strides back out the gate, reaching for his card pack.

Each Train Station- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-18 23:24:44: The Once-Wiise Ashtu is seen speaking to the Stationmaster, asking about Count Sessine. The Stationmaster shakes his head, and The Once-Wiise Ashtu climbs on the train.

AceHigh- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-18 23:46:25: Sessine settles wearily under a tree, cross-legged. As usual he's an inch or two off the ground, but that's just habit with him.
2010-07-18 23:46:46: Sessine runs his hand though his hair. "Going well," he mutters to himself. Here, where he's for the moment out of the public eye, he doesn't look so happy about that.

Lucky Dip Station- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-18 23:48:17: The Once-Wiise Ashtu is seen speaking to the Stationmaster, asking about Count Sessine. The Stationmaster nods his head and points towards the Ace High gate.
2010-07-18 23:49:06: The Once-Wiise Ashtu takes a deep breath, and strides toward the exit.

AceHigh- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-18 23:53:59: The Once-Wiise Ashtu strides in the gate, looking around, looking for someone or something. He spots Count Sessine, hesitates for a moment, and walks over to him. "You are Count Sessine, are you not?
2010-07-18 23:55:49: Sessine looks up. "Yes, that's me." He uncurls from his sitting position, and stretches to unkink his neck. "How can I help you?"
2010-07-18 23:58:14: The Once-Wiise Ashtu smiles. "I am Ashtu, sometimes called The Once-Wiise. I have heard that you wanted to meet me."
2010-07-19 00:02:42: Sessine blinks. Did he? Politely he says, "Ah, yes, Ashtu. Pleased to make your acquaintance, I'm sure." He offers his hand.
2010-07-19 00:06:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu hesitates again, then takes the offered hand and shakes it warmly. "And I the same, sir!" Again, he wonders if he's doing the right thing - and silently chides himself.
2010-07-19 00:11:15: Sessine nods courteously. "Yes. Indeed." Obviously this person had some reason for approaching him. He smiles, and waits to find out what it it.
2010-07-19 00:19:07: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, " But first - allow me to offer you one of my - specialties." He doffs his hat, and produces from it a fine, covered china serving dish, and removes the lid with a flourish.
2010-07-19 00:21:59: The Once-Wiise Ashtu bows slighty, and offers a fragrant cinnamon bun to the Count. "Enjoy, good sir!"
2010-07-19 00:24:39: The sweet, spicy fragrance assails his nostrils, evoking memories.
2010-07-19 00:25:42: Sessine freezes. Intense joy flashes over his face, then, realization. No, she would not send. . A fool to think - ambushed, he pales.
2010-07-19 00:26:06: The skies darken.
2010-07-19 00:26:45: Sessine's lips thin to slivers. He is chalk-white, more coldly furious than anyone has ever seen him. Striding to inches from this presumptuous idiot he snarls, "You mock me."
2010-07-19 00:27:08: The wind picks up to a roar, whipping the trees, sending loose objects rattling through the streets. A stray newspaper whips past and plasters itself against a tree.
2010-07-19 00:27:38: The daylight grows strange, greenish. Dense clouds gather swiftly, thicken, swirl. . begin to dip at the base.
2010-07-19 00:28:10: Sessine grates, "One reason. Give me one good reason I should not pull every molecule of air from your lungs."
2010-07-19 00:28:32: The wind is screaming now.
2010-07-19 00:28:57: A black funnel shape forms. It twists, probes, lengthens, wanders, reaches ever closer to the ground like a finger of death.
2010-07-19 00:34:16: The Once-Wiise Ashtu steps back, confused and more than a little terrified. What has that fool - H. . whatever. . gotten him into? "You mistake me, sir! I am merely offering you a delicacy!"
2010-07-19 00:38:26: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Perhaps another of my specialties to compliment it?" He again doffs his hat, this time producing two large mugs of aromatic coffee. "Join me in a cup of God's Blessing, sir!"
2010-07-19 00:40:22: Sessine slumps. He passes a hand over his face, and is no longer terrifying. "What's gotten into me? How could you know?"
2010-07-19 00:40:44: The clouds thin, fray, dissipate into calm air like a slow exhaled breath.
2010-07-19 00:42:07: Sessine takes in the contestant before him. Ashtu. He remembers him now. Decent fellow. Harmless. His hobby is only trying to overthrow the Watcher, which is not even eccentric for the Island.
2010-07-19 00:42:37: Sessine sighs. "Not your fault." One corner of his mouth quirks. "I hear you've called me bourgeois. I'm not, you know. I'm a Count, an aristo."
2010-07-19 00:43:50: Sessine accepts the coffee. He sips - and his eyes flare wide. He takes another mouthful and savors it. "That is good coffee!" he says. That is an understatement.
2010-07-19 00:44:35: It is amazing coffee. It is more than amazing, it is miraculous. It is that almost-impossible kind of coffee that smells delicious, and tastes as good as it smells!
2010-07-19 00:45:06: Sessine takes another long taste, savoring it on his tongue.
2010-07-19 00:45:39: Sessine says, "I owe you an apology. I should not have lost my temper. You had no way of - you didn't mean anything bad. So thank-you. May I. still have the bun?"
2010-07-19 00:51:30: The Once-Wiise Ashtu smiles. "Of course - it was created for you, and you only!" Again, he bows slightly and offers the dish, this time waving it a bit to enhance the aroma.
2010-07-19 00:53:25: Sessine takes it from the plate, and sinks his teeth deep into the delectable, sweet, sticky cinnamon bun.
2010-07-19 00:54:16: On the instant, a cylindrical grey monolith appears with a crash of thunder, lightning streaking from its heatsink fins.
2010-07-19 00:54:58: The ozone-like scent of freshly-generated Improbability hangs in the air.
2010-07-19 00:55:22: The Once-Wiise Ashtu casually steps back a pace or two.
2010-07-19 00:56:50: As the lightning makes contact with some nearby trees, they turn bright red and sprout little eyes.
2010-07-19 00:58:11: The Once-Wiise Ashtu frantically steps back several paces - hell, he's running!!!
2010-07-19 01:02:20: A bolt of lightning hits Sessine in the chest with a terrifying BANG, throwing him across the square.
2010-07-19 01:02:46: Sessine picks himself up. He chews the mouthful of sweet bun, swallows it. "So it's going to be like that, is it?" His grin is slow - and fierce.
2010-07-19 01:03:18: Even the Drive does not withstand the hail of supersonic cats. Its grey casing shatters. Sessine inspects the wreckage, and snorts.
2010-07-19 01:03:24: Peaceful Bree steps into Ace High silently, and blinks. She rubs her eyes, staaares, then rubs her eyes again.
2010-07-19 01:03:40: Sessine has been here before, many times. He knows what to expect. His heel comes down on the twisting metal. There is an explosion.
2010-07-19 01:04:12: When the smoke clears and the universe heals, neither he nor the Drive is anywhere to be seen.
2010-07-19 01:05:05: Peaceful Bree staaaares. ". . What the hell did I just walk in on."
2010-07-19 01:05:35: But events unfold. and somewhere, Sessine finds himself very surprised.
2010-07-19 01:07:16: Peaceful Bree inches her way along the wall, until she's close enough to slip into the grounds. Whatever that was, was way too weird, even for her.
2010-07-19 01:10:56: The Once-Wiise Ashtu picks himself up and brushes off the debris. He's really not sure what happened, either. He wonders, one last time, if it was the right thing to do. Shaking his head, he seeks the rail station.

Lucky Dip Station- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:24:10: The Once-Wiise Ashtu runs into the station and jumps the train, feeling an urgent need to be as far away from Ace High as possible. Perhaps, oh, Cyber City 404?

Common Ground- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:08:03: Peaceful Bree dashes into the grounds, looking frazzled.
2010-07-19 01:10:19: Peaceful Bree goes straight to the bar, and orders a Dos Equis. This is very, very odd, considering she is a monk of sorts.
2010-07-19 01:11:08: Peaceful Bree seems to stare into space, one of her glowing eyes twitching. She's also mumbling.
2010-07-19 01:13:54: Peaceful Bree turns to look at the strang little imp thing. "Look, if you had just seen what I have just seen, you'd want to drink too."
2010-07-19 01:15:03: Narrator Kuroiten interjects, "What have you seen?" He leans forward, resting most of his weight on his silver cane. Interest and curiosity dance in his eyes.
2010-07-19 01:16:50: Peaceful Bree turns to look at Kuroiten. Her glowing eyes flare purple." I believe I just saw a man eating a muffin get attacked by the drive in the middle of Ace High."
2010-07-19 01:20:34: Narrator Kuroiten cocks an eyebrow. "Since when has Horatio entered towns?" he asks, concern washing over his features.
2010-07-19 01:22:23: Peaceful Bree merely shrugs, tucking her hair behind her ear. "I don't know, but I know Horatio when I see him. It was odd, and very insane."

Cyber City 404- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:23:33: airb0t Sessine stares at his surroundings. This is not at all where he expected to find himself! Familiar, to be sure. He's spent a lot of time here. But not right after -
2010-07-19 01:24:09: airb0t Sessine looks down at his hands. They are barely there! Solid air, his solid air, shot through with. . faint lines. There's something odd about his vision, too.
2010-07-19 01:24:33: airb0t Sessine processes the evidence. There is only one possible conclusion. "Well," he says quietly to himself, "that explains the gatekeeper, doesn't it?"

Common Ground- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:24:43: Narrator Kuroiten frowns before withdrawing a white bone-china teacup from a satchel - wait, where'd the satchel come from? "I'll ask him," he states before meandering out of the Grounds.

Cyber City 404- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:25:00: airb0t Sessine looks back over his shoulder. "And - pi is not three, you! My database was not wiped. I know about false statements."
2010-07-19 01:25:28: airb0t Sessine considers the problem of having a database instead of. . memory. It's almost the same. Almost.
2010-07-19 01:29:13: The Once-Wiise Ashtu wanders in from the rail station, looking rather dazed.
2010-07-19 01:29:28: airb0t Sessine recalls that there is still a party going on, and a task list to be performed. He will have to calculate the consequences of this event later. He turns and heads for the Terminus.

AceHigh- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:29:51: Narrator Kuroiten meanders into AceHigh, curiosity driving him more than anything. He plucks at the air as though searching for the right string on a harp. . .ah, seems he's found it. He blinks. "Interesting."

Cyber City 404- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:30:58: airb0t Sessine notices Ashtu but does not have any outstanding tasks connected with that being.

AceHigh- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:32:52: Narrator Kuroiten examines the spot where the Drive appeared and a cinnamon bun, sitting neglected in the dirt. "Very interesting indeed," the Narrator murmurs before exiting, seeking Horatio for answers.

Cyber City 404- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:33:42: The Once-Wiise Ashtu heads for the common ground - he could use a Guinness right about now.

Common Ground- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:34:25: Narrator Kuroiten strides back in, looking bemused. "Read the threads of the story there, Bree. .quite interesting, quite interesting. Horatio's bound to have something to say about this." And out he goes.
2010-07-19 01:38:22: The Once-Wiise Ashtu wanders in, looking VERY dazed. He weaves his way the bar. "Cookie, where's my keg of Guinness!?!?"
2010-07-19 01:39:31: Peaceful Bree looks bemusedly after Kuroiten, and determinedly does not STARE at Ashtu.

Cyber City 404- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:39:31: Narrator Kuroiten starts as he feels the brush of familiar threads. He grabs for them, and - "How Improbable," he says with a chuckle, looking up to regard Sessine.

Common Ground- - - - - - - - - - -
2010-07-19 01:42:00: Cookie slips into the back room, and emerges a moment later with a small keg on her shoulder, and a pint mug in her hand. She heaves both onto the bar in front of Ashtu.
2010-07-19 01:44:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu fills the mug, drains it, fills it again. He plops on to a stool and rests his head on the keg.
2010-07-19 01:45:11: Narrator Kuroiten makes his way back into the Grounds, humming thoughtfully. "Rather strange turn of events, that. ." He pauses, as though recognizing something familiar. He turns to scrutinize Ashtu.
2010-07-19 01:49:01: Narrator Kuroiten moves over to the bar, stowing his bone-china teacup in his mysteriously reappeared satchel as he does. "Cookie, would you mind passing me my jug of root beer?" he asks the bar-gremlin.
2010-07-19 01:50:41: The Wiicked sAshtu saunters in and looks around, spotting her brother at the bar. She walks over and scowls at him. "Figured I'd find you in here."
2010-07-19 01:52:57: The Once-Wiise Ashtu looks up and drains his mug. He glances at his sister. "Don't start on me, Sis." He refills his mug from the keg.
2010-07-19 01:56:23: Narrator Kuroiten nods to Conchor before swivelling to watch the conversation between the familiar Kittymorph-like fellow and another Kittymorph-like person. He sips his root beer, one eyebrow cocked.
2010-07-19 01:57:40: The Wiicked sAshtu looks at her brother disgustedly. "Come on, Bro, let's get you out of here. You're in no shape to be out in public." She grabs his mug and sets it down on the bar.
2010-07-19 02:00:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu starts to say something, but stops and sags. "Okay, Sis. Let's go. Back to the Annex, huh?"
2010-07-19 02:02:28: Narrator Kuroiten opens his mouth to ask something of Ashtu (the elder), but seems to think better of it and sips more of his root beer.
2010-07-19 02:04:12: The Wiicked sAshtu says "You got that right, Bro. And so help me, I'm gonna take away your keys!" She pulls his arm over her shoulders drags him off the stool.
2010-07-19 02:07:31: The twin Ashtus head out the door, bickering all the way. Cookie hoists the Guinness keg back on her shoulder and returns it to the back room.

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