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In which a town is defended, a language learned, and a kitty waylaid.

Exterior; New Pittsburgh.

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic meanders in, subtly avoiding the zombies which seem to have taken an interest in his head. Once he gets a few metres past them, they lose track and return to their previous activities. Shambling, for the most part.

Warrant Officer Aysel comes in and stands behind Syd again.

Returning Contestant Sneaky waves to both Assacura and Syd. "Welcome!" He steps off and drops down to street level. "Could you help us out a bit?"

Barista Assacura smiles at Syd, "Hey." She then grins at something above Syd's head.

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic blinks and looks up and around. "Uh, sure. Just a sec." He sets his bag down and smiles at Cura. "Gonna fight some beasties?"

Barista Assacura keeps grinning at Aysel. "Yeah, sure, if you want me too." She idly grabs for her portafilter.

Returning Contestant Sneaky says, "Oh, that's always welcome. Best to chase them further away." He seems cheerful. "This place was on the brink, you know."

Warrant Officer Aysel looks over at Sneaky. "Was breached couple days back."

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic chuckles. "I suppose the residents were. . . close to death?" He turns to head up a wall and bumps into someone! "Oh jeez, sorry. . ." Looking up, he recognizes the someone! "Oh! Hi, love! Wanna fight some beasties?"

Warrant Officer Aysel smiles and kneels down to hug Syd.

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic hugs her back, and tugs on her hand toward a wall. "C'mon! It'll be fun!" He notices the fact that her hand is not a paw anymore, but. . . she doesn't look quite like she did as a human. Something is off. "Did. . . did you change your hair?"

Returning Contestant Sneaky smiles. "Glad you're all here."

Warrant Officer Aysel chuckles. "Someone tried to put my hair up." She shakes her head and more hair falls out of the up-do. "But my hair's too short."

Barista Assacura hops up and runs out to the jungle, probably to bludgeon monsters.

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic ohs and nods. "I see. . . something is different though. . . ah well. Up to the walls?" He tugs toward the edge of the outpost.

Warrant Officer Aysel scoops up Syd and carries him over to the walls. "Mack was having the same trouble with Assa earlier."

Returning Contestant Sneaky asks, "Hey, any of you know the status of the northern outposts?"

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic chuckles. "But Cura was so much smaller than I am!"

Warrant Officer Aysel taps Syd's head. "But there's something recently different about my baby sis."

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic shakes his head. "I haven't been up north in a while. Call over through the comm tent maybe?"

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic looks up at his wife. "Wuzzat? What's different?"

Warrant Officer Aysel snatches Syd's hat and puts it on her own head.

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic GASPS. "My hat!" He then grins, reaches up, and spins the propeller on it. "I forgot about that." He giggles slightly.

Warrant Officer Aysel's eyes flash green for a second, then she blinks. "Well, that was interesting, but I think you can talk to cows now." She sets Syd down. "I think I'm going to go help Cura." And she turns and walks out.

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic waves after his wife. "Have fun! . . .Wait. Talk to cows?" He stands for a moment, scratching his head.

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic shrugs eventually and picks up the reinforcement tools. He hammers away at the walls for a while.

Slacker Cartographer Syd Lexic seems to be making great progress on the walls, until the hammer hits a nail wrong, ricocheting from the nail to the wood, and bouncing back to hit him square in the forehead. He lies unconscious at the foot of the wall.

A Midget wanders in and notices the conked out Kittymorph. He plods over to Syd, looks side to side, and simply hoists Syd over his shoulder. "Aughter be able ter sell 'im inter work at leas." To a zombie nearby, "YER DIDNA SEE NUFFINK."

The Midget plods back out, hurrying and looking over his shoulder. No one saw, right? Of course not. The perfect crime.

Next up: Bovine Introductions

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