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Sister Penelope Anne Murgatroyd
of St Right Here's I.H.S. Hospital, at the Bingo Hall

Not a nun, but a ward-sister - sturdy, steely, and relentlessly competent. A tall woman, is Sister Murgatroyd, with sandy hair swept back from a raw-boned face, clear grey eyes and a fearsome jaw. A Force, in fact, To Be Reckoned With. Which is presumably why, when the plea came in to St Just About's from the Matron of St Right Here's, Sister Murgatroyd was the obvious choice. She was despatched to the island post-haste, to set Matron's Mandate in motion.

Raised on a hill-farm, Sister Murgatroyd has never forgotten the pithy wisdoms of the Murgatroyd womenfolk. She is sometimes seen in the company of a pair of border collies (useful for rounding up runaway patients, small urchins and general miscreants). Wears: aprons, crisply starched, and a dark-blue travelling cloak. Carries: a brown leather medical bag, and an Aura of Alarming Efficiency.

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