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<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae cocks her head at Skye. "How did you do that dear?" she asks pointing to her arm.

Rookie Jackson blinks at the large portion of the conversation he apparently zoned out and missed. Then he secretly decides that he must attempt this liquid improbability thing at once.

<OCD>The Unlucky LadyRavenSkye looks down at her arm. "Oh, I was fighting off Alien Hordes! With a giant Hell Ant," She says with a smile to Teena, then sips her scotch. "Alien bastards... no offense, Duk."

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom responds to Skye "None taken. Besides, most Tarloreans from Tarlorea are bastards, from what little I know of them."

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae sighs. Sadly this doesn't sound weird at all...odd...

<ICEE>Rookie ReverendBob sips on her iced tea, listening to the conversation about liquid improbability.

<OCD>The Unlucky LadyRavenSkye finishes her drink, and then jabs at Duk with it. "I fought them like this! I was brave! I was bold! Enguard," She says, the cup turns into a feather. "Have at you!"

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom pulls a feather from his hat and parries Skye. "Touche'"

<OCD>The Unlucky LadyRavenSkye jumps back, wiggling her feather at Duk. "I eyed down the mighty leader of the evil aliens, and I waved my weapon at him, Get out of my town I said, as it wasn't big for him and his poo-poo face," Gee... when did Skye insult like a 6-yearold?

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae giggles as she watches Skye and Duk.

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom, pretending to be the Leader of the attack force, throws one arm against his forehead and the other over his head and dramatically proclaims "Oh woe is me, for I have been defeated by the skill and might of one of these Earth women."

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae gets up and heads to the clan halls for a moment.

<OCD>The Unlucky LadyRavenSkye giggles, and continues to waggles at Duk with the feather. "However, when the evil Alien Leader was near defeat, he managed to break my arm!"

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae returns, arms full of foam hands and T-shirts that say TEAM SKYE and TEAM ALIEN LEADER in silver sparkles.

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae lays them out on the fountain ledge and begins sizing rookies for T shirts. Whether willing or not.

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom smiles and proclaims "HA! I was merely feigning my defeat. Now, puny-minded human, prepare for feel the combined power of my alien intellect and metallic might!"

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae grabs Revvies arms and pulls them out, holding up shirts for various sizing. "Yes, yes here you go, smashing!" she says forcing the shirt over her head.

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae repeats this with Jackson, also smashing a foam finger onto his head. "yes yes very avant garde!"

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom runs towards Skye, feather outstretched in front of him and ready to make the "killing blow"

Rookie Bug, who was just finishing breakfast, ends up with a Team Skye shirt but promptly manages to smear it with cream cheese.

<OCD>The Unlucky LadyRavenSkye ducks down, holding up her broken arm in its sling for Duk to get with the feather.

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae hands Bug another shirt, they are plentiful anyways.

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom gets the hint and tickles the broken arm, chuckling evil-y and proclaiming "Feel my wrath, earth girl!"

<LHTF> Arodang strolls in, hair a shining white. He stops when he sees the commotion. "What's going on?"

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom tosses Arodang a TEAM ALIEN LEADER T-shirt

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae runs up to aro and pulls his arms out as well, measuring him. She pulls a pink shirt out and tugs it over his head quickly. She's gone mad!

<OCD>The Unlucky LadyRavenSkye mock-grumbles, and tickles Duk's knees with the feather, "However, I your great Earth Protecter wouldn't let a broken arm get in my way! Lets see how you fare without your knees, Alien SCUM!"

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae barely notices as the ALIEN shirt hits her and falls to the grass.

<LHTF> Arodang is about to grab the Team Alien shirt when he finds himself suddenly wearing PINK! "What the... What is this, Teena?"

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae grins. "Team Skye shirt of course!" she points to the glittery TEAM SKYE emblem.

<LHTF> Arodang frowns and pulls the TEAM ALIEN shirt over the TEAM SKYE shirt, then throws Duk a thumbs-up.

<IDK>Technical Sergeant llerkw gets off his bike and walks across town towards eboys with the aid of his walking stick. He waves a general hello as he passes.

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae runs back into the clan halls and comes back handing out flipbooks depicting the epic fight.

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom Dramatically starts to sink, as if melting "Oh no! We aliens are far to humanoid to live without kneecaps. Now I'll have to go through my life as a cripple! But at least I will get good parking. You may have won for now, but I will have my revenge!"

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae throws a TEAM SKYE shirt at llerkw.

<OCD>The Unlucky LadyRavenSkye crackles heroically, and, lightly, puts a foot on Duk's stomach. She holds her left hand high, the feather holding out proudly. "...and with the leader alien defeated, Earth was safe! Saved, single handedly by me! Skye Captain!" Oh Gee....

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom taps Skye's foot, as if asking her to move it so he can stand up next to her so they can take their bows.

<OCD>The Unlucky LadyRavenSkye lifts her foot up, and offers Duk her good hand to help him up.

<IDK>Technical Sergeant llerkw catches the shirt on the end of his walking stick, looks at it, and shakes his head, "Nope, I don't do Pink. Thanks though." He takes the shirt and tosses is back, continuing on his path.

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae throws him a black one instead.

<TW>Cybernetic Arthur Dent stomps into the outpost rather quietly, for once. Whump, whump, whump.

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae eeeees and grabs a blue TEAM SKYE shirt. She runs over to Dent and jumps in front of him, attempting to reach high enough to pull it over his head.

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom stands up and says "And that was a re-enactment of how it happened, ladies and gentlemen, with me playing the part of the Evil Alien Leader and Skye playing the part of herself." He takes Skye's hand to prepare for a bow.

<IDK>Technical Sergeant llerkw catches the black one, looks it over, shrugs, and swaps shirts. Its certainly nicer than the patchwork shirt he was wearing.

<OCD>The Unlucky LadyRavenSkye grins, "Yes... exactly how it happend too." Damned lies! She nods at Duk, and leads him down into a bow to the outpost.

<TW>Cybernetic Arthur Dent looks at Teena with no small amount of confusion. "Er, what's all this then." He eyes the shirt in her hands dubiously.

<OCD>All-too-Human Duk_of_Doom bows with Skye, keeping a hand on his tophat so it doesn't fall off

<IDK>Technical Sergeant llerkw ducks into eboys.

<LHTF> Arodang gives applause.

<OCD>Sinister Princess Teena Mae stops hopping and shows him the shirt, the silver TEAM SKYE wording sparkling in the light. "She's keeping us safe from aliens you know."

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