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A Matthew Huges has gone missing! Possibly escaped! Before vanishing, Huges left Skye with a notebook, and apparently the network wants it, and wants to know what happened to the man. Sadly, this agent of the Network didn't prepare very well for confronting Skye.

In the Setting Room of the Tent

Unseen Force cleans some cups. As his his job, being the butler of The Tent. He preps some tea. Maybe someone will stop by for a visit today!

Network Agent enters the room and takes a drag of his cig before hollering,"Hello is anyone here?"

Unseen Force looks from his station. "Greetings Sir," He says, how bowtie bowing, "Welcome to the Tent. How may I help you?" He then produces an ash tray. "The Mistress does not approve of smoking in her living room," He informs, white gloves, floating.

Network Agent says, "I'm here to speak to Foxy Dancer Skye. I have reason to believe that she has been in contact with a top priority criminal and must be questioned." He seemed unfazed in the slightest by the floating bowtie.

The Shadow observes. . .

Unseen Force nudges the tray to the Agent's chest. "Mistress Skye, is in contact with a lot of top priority criminals," He informs, trying not to chuckle, tapping the ash tray to agent's chest to put out the cig.

Network Agent quirks an eyebrow at the ashtray. "Tough luck." He takes another drag of the cig not bothering to even remove it from his lips.

Unseen Force sighs. "Then, I cannot get the Lady for you," He says, "The smoke will be her death, and then you will not get any information out of her. . . because your second-hand smoke will kill her!" Tap, tap.

Network Agent just chuckles and swats the ashtray away. "Well I'm only interested in one." Then he snaps, "Fine!" He throws the cig onto the ground, still ignoring the ashtray and stomps on it to put it out. "Now go fetch Skye!"

Unseen Force has an iron grip. He is not the Tent's only butler for a reason. . . . the ashtray is not swatted away. He calmly gets a glass of water from the tea station, and splashes it into the agent's face. "I apologize, but you've ruined my carpets." The Butler then points to the door. "Get out of this dwelling," The butler snarls.

The Shadow watches, his girasol ring flashing for just an instant.

Network Agent growls at the Unseen Force,"Go fetch Skye. . . Please. Else 'Mistress' Skye will have the entire force of the Network breathing down her neck." He regains his professinal composur, ignoring the fact that his shirt is now soaking wet. He says, " I will pay for the damaged carpet if you wish. . . But I do request that you bring Skye out."

Unseen Force holds out a white gloved hand. "The Lady will arrive after damages are paid," He informs.

Network Agent sighs and hands the butler a bag of Req, "That should be enough to cover it."

Unseen Force opens the bag, and counts a few pieces. This will do. . . He then looks to the stairs. . . just looks.

<OCD>Foxy Dancer Skye pads down the stairs, closing up a very revealing green silk bathrobe. "Oh. . . . who is Mister Tall Dark and Handsome," She grins, looking the agent over, her fox tail curling down around her ankles.

The Shadow's laughter echoes throughout the Tent as he vanishes.

Network Agent looks to Skye, "Ma'am, I Am an agent from 'The Network' and I'm here to ask you a few questions about your suspected contact with a top priority criminal M.Huges." His voice is calm and beyond creepy as he spoke, as if nothing had happened.

<OCD>Foxy Dancer Skye's eyes go wide. "You! You have word on my darling Hugey-scnhookem-poo?! Oh, Mister Agent," She gasps, prancing to the man, and extending a hand to him. "I'll tell you everything you need to know, just . . . tell me, is the father of my baby safe?"

Network Agent looks taken greatly taken back as his expression chenged from calm to utter shock, "I. . ." he was speechless, there was nothing in the report about Huges having fathered a child while on the island.

<OCD>Foxy Dancer Skye sniffles, stepping closer to the man. "I . . . know he didn't love me, and he expressed his hate daily," She says, starting to cry, "By, our son needs a daddy. . ." She begins to cry against the agent's chest, her ears drooped.

Unseen Force feels his heart breaking for Skye. A woman hurt, beaten. . . and abandoned. He sighs rather sadly, watching the broken state of his Lady.

Network Agent freezes not knowing that to do about the crying women clinging to his chest,"I'm sorry ma'am but i need you to calm down and answer my questions so that we can deal with your. . . husband. . . in a correct manner once he in caught."

<OCD>Foxy Dancer Skye cringes. "Husband?! Husband?! He said he would never marry a woman like me. . . I was just a tool to him," She says, and cries even louder, "You. . . you wont use me like he did. . . . will you, Mister. . . mister. .?" That might be a hint for a name.

Network Agent stutters wildly besides himself on what to do, never before has he had to deal with a women like this, "M-ma'am I apologize, I Just asumed. . .I. . . " He was obviously panicing,"Just Agent is fine. . . but for gods sake stop clinging to me!"

<OCD>Foxy Dancer Skye looks up and slips her arms around Agent. Her ears perk. "Just Agent. Sounds like a man of mystery. . . I like a man of mystery," She says, and risks a flirty squeeze of the man's rear! "Really, don't you know how to hold a woman in distress?"

Network Agent's Face Lights up bright red to the roots of his hair."ENOUGH," He yells and shoves Skye off of himself, pulling out a gun. "Enough of your silly games! You will answer my questions and restrain yourself." Oh if only he knew what he was getting himself into.

<OCD>Foxy Dancer Skye allows herself to be pushed, and she falls onto some pillows. She sniffles sadly. "Ow," She whimpers, rubbing her chest, "That really hurt." Her ears droop lowly. Skye starts to sob in her hands. "Why do men always have to hurt me. . . I-I. . . I just want to love them," She cries.

Network Agent kept the gun trailed on Skye as he began questining her. "First, When were you last in contact with Huges?" his face was still beet red with no signs of it letting up soon. Never before had he been. . . women-handled in sych a way.

<OCD>Foxy Dancer Skye sniffs. . . . then holds out her wrists. "Wh-Why don't you restrain me. . . roughly, I will admit, I do like it rough. . . and the way you pushed me, I know you do too," She says and rolls her tongue.

Network Agent's forhead bulged slightly from what appeared to be an overly large vein. he was getting ticked. "Answer me!" He took a few steps closer to Skye, trailing the gun inline with her head. Things were getting far to out of hand for his likeing.

<OCD>Foxy Dancer Skye's tail wags. "Kiss me," She says with a grin.

Network Agent blinks and lowers the gun slightly in astonishment." What?" The gun fell to where it was no longer pointed at Skye as he thought to himself, 'What the bloody hell is wrong with this women, no this demon!'

Foxy Dancer Skye plays with the top of her bathrobe, exposing some of her. . . womanly assets. "Kiss me, Just Agent," She says, "A man like you enthralls me. . . like you wouldn't believe." She bites her bottom lip, and wiggles slightly on the pillows.

Network Agent, upon seeing Skye start to de-robe herself could no longer take it. His mind shut down and went into overload, if he were a machine his head would have exploded. So he just stands there frozen to the spot, more or less passed out in every sence of it. Just Agent had been, needless to say, defeted by Skye.

<OCD>Foxy Dancer Skye closes her robe, and stands. She giggles, giving Force a thumbs up, and walks around Just Agent. He is out! "D'aww. . ." She says, and kisses the man's cheek, "It was wonderful playing with you. We should play again. Good night." The woman twirls, and dances back up stairs to bed.

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