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Ok here's the deal. I'm mobile, I spent fifty minutes posting this all in my clan hall. Here's a copy paste. I'll clean it up when I get the time. Edit: Ok it looks less horrible now, eventually I'll make it look pretty, unless one of you wonderful people do it first.

DK advice from a guy with over a hundred DKs combined.

DKing made easy- Going to cover rank five and below. Weapons first, you.want as much attack as you can. The +% attack weapons are awesome when unlocked. You can reload weapon ammunition by selling and buying armor (panties or bunny suit w/SPH are cheapest). It's the act of buying that reloads, and works with buying helm/gloves/boots as well. Though they cost cigs. I usually wait until I can afford an invisisuit to buy armor. If I buy it at all other than for reloading. Bunny suit with SPH also has three armor, just sell it before buying any other Sheila item if the charm debuff hurts your charm discount. The normal bunny suit gives favor with the watcher each day you have it. Good for in case you boat. Always do the cage fights unless you want that stamina for jungle fights. Even if you're done for the day, the favor could save you tomorrow.

If selling or buying any item would put you at negative favor or charm, you can not complete the transaction!

Races- Best for DKing are Joker/Midget, or Zombie. The Morph nudity buff is cool, but they take way too much stamina to hunt! Mutants also have a penalty to hunting. And can you even stand the thought of that poetry?

Implants- These are a style thing mostly. I love servo arms, but only after every fight is over in 2-3 rounds. It runs out too quick if your fights last ten rounds on average. Avoid Tesla frame. Skull laser is complete trash.

Mounts- Zombie Donkey gives an awesome buff, especially once it decomposes. KittyBike has a nice auto attack, but in later DKs or with more hp it starts to become useless. ZD is only fifteen cigs in New Pitts!

Food- I still think this system is horrible. I love Joker even more because I can eat five Unrepentants without screwing up my nourishment and weight. Jokers don't deal with those. Unrepentants are hands down the best at getting you huge amounts of stamina without breaking your bank completely. D20s may be able to give a bit more, but the cost is prohibitive to pretty much anyone that hasn't killed a titan solo, or has a hundred days of interest. Remember to work off some mass before eating the fifth Unrepentant. You gain fifty percent hunger by using stamina each day! The Special and Comforter are good as well. Chocolate Coin and D20 in the Harp in Ace are good too! Expensive though.

Nausea from overeating sucks. Avoid it. Ale in the Prancing Spiderkitty can give you stamina or hp, so can villager hut candy. Only eat two at a time, twice. The spring waters in Kitt are nice, though the white spring one not to useful if your fights lastmore than a few rounds.

Timed fighting is good, use it if you can. Avoid flailing for five or more rounds at a time. Sometimes the Random Number Generator hates you, and it only rolls once for multi round attacks. On a really bad roll you can go from being assured victory to the boat. Hit red limbs when they show up, power attacks hurt. Jungle in threatened outposts for more req. Spray yourself with monster repellent. Always keep at least a bang and zap grenade in your bandoleer.

Run from multi mobs unless you can oneshot them. They are stamina vampires like no other.

When facing the Drive, ZAP it, Spray it, use any ability you have from race/implant, then throw bangs and zaps as needed. Drink a Gargleblaster in the PSK in IC for assured victory (1k req per level. Twenty rounds of godhood.

You can level up in any outpost if you go truant- have enough xp to level twice. I prefer to fight once, and go truant soon again, partially because of the servo arm battery, but you could challenge once more.

Cookies give twenty five percent stamina, and you can eat multiple for more stamina. Attack, Def, and req buffs don't stack though. Don't be afraid to ask around in global for crates and OSTs!

Keep an eye on your chronos and when new days occur. Maximize the time you have to use! If you log in and a new day is about to happen, do easy or normal hunting like mad! Should be safe to multi round fight them on most ranks unless you're on a bad Joker day. On that note suicidal fights give the most xp and req for your stam if you can handle them. Big is also decent.

The easiest DKs are obviously rank ones. Twos and threes are not much harder at all after you've done a few, and give you more cigs! I was able to do Deleo's first twelve DKs in two weeks. Rank ones, using above advice.

For the RPers, I've always RP'd and jungled at the same time. I just make sure I have favor or a chrono should I fail.

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