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Upon Joining Improbable Island, Thalis was as noobish as a noob can be(Can't belive I admitted that about myself. . .). At his first few fights in the jungle for Fame and Fortune, he was Defeated by a Lion. . . Sneaky Bastards. . . He then set foot for the first time on the Fail Boat that drifts afloat far from the island. Being that his Past was a painful, unlucky, and sad one, He still Thrives to seek the positive in everything, Yes. . . even the Failboat has some good qualities to it. The First Things Thalis Noticed were the Coffee and Cocoa Stands, and the first thing he did was go for coffee but stopped to be warned by some fellow Fail Boat Members and then watch as the last guy beside him drank some and.. well if you know what it does I don't want to describe it again, but if you didn't. . . You're better off not knowing anyways. Once Thalis was a Regular on the Fail Boat he got tired of Cocoa so decided to use his natural skill in cooking to produce some tasty Stew with his Rather Improbable Slow Cooker that Always has enough for everyone, the Stew's are different According to Days:

Monday is Vegatable Stew (Carrots, Celery, potatoes, corn, peas, green beans/Spring green beans, rice).

Tuseday Is Beef Stew (Beef chunks, Carrots, potatoes, Corn, peas, rice).

Wednesday is Chicken (Shredded Chicken, Dill, corn, rice, carrots).

Thurseday is Fish Stew (Fish chunks, Rice, carrots, lemon, black pepper).

Friday is His family's Special Italian Stew But I can't Tell you the Ingredients because its a Secret! =P.

All Sunday and Saturday is random stews so people can choose what they like because I announce it "Stew For Your Weekend!"

So enjoy the Many Freshly cooked stew's that your tastebuds can Handel1), It isn't 5 star level but it fills you up and keeps you Well fed. I Almost forgot the Stew of Revenge! This Stew is Devoted to the revenge from Thalis To The Evil and Cleaverly2) disguised Tripping Turtles that Always Seems to make him eat Dirt all the time, So if your Up for Turtle Then Ask on Sundays and Saturdays. (If you have any Ideas for Stews Go find Thalis in Kittania and Reccomend the Recipe and he will add it to the Menu, So enjoy and Have Fun! (This Page is brought to you by the Maker, supporters, and Lovely Ladies Out there!)

1) my favorite baroque composer!
2) Wally?
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