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1) Diet?
2) Bathe?
3) Take singing lessons?
4) Can you blame him? 'That' sounds disgusting. Would you go into a restaurant and order 'that'?
5) Why not? Meatloaf goes to restaurants all the time.
6) Obviously - just look at him.
7) I'd rather not.
8) He doesn't have to do 'that' anymore. He is doing cell phone ads instead.
9) Yeah, that's a good career move. What's next - late-night exercise equipment infomercials?
10) Hey, he's just happy he still has a career.
11) I wish I had a career.
12) I can't believe it - Are you jealous of Meatloaf?
13) Yes! Yes, I admit it! I'm jealous of Meatloaf. I'd even do 'that' for a career.
14) Maybe the Watcher should start watching exercise equipment infomercials instead of reality TV.
15) She can watch whatever she wants, as long as it isn't Meatloaf karaoke. I draw the line at 'that.'
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