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Chapter 1 - Background

Following Bernard's appointment to Vice Admiral of the Dunbernarding Fleet, the crew of HMS Bingo Hall welcomed Admiral Lord Merlin, the First Sea Lady, on her first official visit to the reception deck.

Her Lordship expressed satisfaction with the officers and crew, with the exception of Midshipman Calliaphone, whose name did not pass muster. On his Ladyship's orders, the young cadet was therefore re-named Charles, and dispatched on official business to prove her mettle.

Eager to please her superior officers, Charliaphone has thus hotfooted it ashore. Her destination is the forbidding Victorian Residence, not two klicks to the west. Her mission: the safe delivery of an Vital Admiralty Communication from Lady Nelsonship herself, into the hands of the lovely Lady Lelila.

But Calliapharles has a second agenda. She has noticed that Ari - the Ship's Doctor - is interested in the native wildlifes of the distant lands they visit. Some of this interest has rubbed off on the impressionable midshipman, and a trip ashore is an opportunity not to be missed. And also, there is the pub. . .

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