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Common Grounds

Oh No! What's Happened to the Witch Doctor!

Private Derp derp looks around. "Hello? Anyone around?" Apparently not.

Knee High Makiwa waddles through the gate and make his way to the bar. "Oi! 'Oo yuz callin; round?"

Private Derp derp looks over. "Didn't see you there."

Knee High Makiwa walks to the bar and eyes a stool. How is he going to get up there? "Hur, hur, tha' supossin' to be a joke? Yuz cruizin' for a bruizin' or wot?"

Private Derp derp walks over to the bar and picks up a drink. "I just didn't see you there."

Knee High Makiwa scratches his head and then his arse. Just as well it's in that order. "Worl thass' awright then. So 'ows it 'anging there clannie? Reckon yuz could givus a boost up?"

Private Derp derp helps Makiwa up onto the stool, and hands him a drink. "Well, I should be ready to try and stop that damned Drive by tomorrow."

Knee High Makiwa wiggles on the stool and accepts the drink. "Fanks ma'ey. Wotsit in 'ere then?" He squints into the glass.

Private Derp derp: Dragonblaster. Sort of like a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, except more so.

Knee High Makiwa grins, "Cor! Isstha' roight?" He clinks his glass against Derp's. "Cheers big ears!" he downs his drink in one and pulls a face. 'Stone me! Thass' gorra kick an' no mistake!" He shakes his head. "'Ere yuz wanna wotch art fur tha' drive."

Knee High Makiwa adds, "Look wot 'appened t'me. Oi fort the tea tasted a bit orf."

Private Derp derp nods. "It seems to purposefully show up at the worst times possible."\

sugar-hi unicorn blinks awake with a start and a cry of nothing-at-all. she stares about muzzily for a while before cawing at the blurs all the way over there by the bar.

Knee High Makiwa nods, "Arr. Them bleedin' villagers been draggin' yuz orf places 'ave they?"

Private Derp derp: Yeah. They cost me 100k req once since my Kittybike ended up killing the Drive when I tried to get it to FailBoat me.

Knee High Makiwa looks round at the cawing sound. "Wotcha Shi gurl, 'Ow yuz doin' t'day?"

Private Derp derp looks over at Shi. "Hello." He turns back to Makiwa. "I think I'll have to go now.'

sugar-hi unicorn looks highly confused. it sounds a bit like mister Makiwa, but even as a blur he's generally bigger than that, and the words are all different. . . she mimics back the "Hello. . . " far too early for this.

Knee High Makiwa turns back to Derp, "Won 'undred fookin' req? Gawd stroof thass' a cryin' friggin' shame isstha' innit."

Knee High Makiwa says, "Orlright me'ol mucker. Wuz gud to see yuz an tha'. Fanks fer findin' me coin an' all. Cushty!"

sugar-hi unicorn rubs at her mask blearily. is mister sir Makiwa a midgit? but he never changed before. . .

Knee High Makiwa grunts, 'Oi Cookie! Wot's the story mornin' glory? Giz anuvver glass of tha' wotever itwaz. C'mon shake a leg!"

sugar-hi unicorn staaaares. this requires coffee to figure out. she gets to her feet and ventures towards the bar.

Knee High Makiwa grins, "I fink we mightn' be needin' coffee as well Cookie luv. Cuumin' take a load orf Shi gurl. Yuz jus' wakin' up or wot?"

sugar-hi unicorn mumbles a "thankyousir. . . " and sits down. she spends a long while watching something to mister sir Makiwa's left, before stating. "you're all. . . small, sir. . . "

Knee High Makiwa laughs, "Hur, hur. Yeah that buggery bollockin' 'Oratio. Dun me up like a bleedin' kipper dinnee. Oi'll get 'im fur this mark my wurds."

sugar-hi unicorn giggles slightly, releived that it is mister makiwa and not someone who just looks like him. "suits you, sir. . . "

Knee High Makiwa looks down at himself, "Reckon? Dunno bart tha'. Anywayz 'ark at yuz wiv all them strange voices still. Nah luck wiv findin; yer own one yet? Dunno wevver Oi can 'elp much now. Mark yuz, wuzzn't that much 'elp before wuz I?"

sugar-hi unicorn grins behind her mask. "well. . . found out what doesn't work, sir. . . that. . . 'elped."

Knee High Makiwa guffaws, "Thassa gud point innit. Fink Oi'll steer mesself clear of spells an' tha' fur the time bein'. "Ere, 'eres yur coffee luv. Slap yer larfin' gear roun' that'!"

sugar-hi unicorn sniggers, and murmurs "thankyousir. . . " sipping coffee. (but how?!) "how's. . . how's mage-knightness treating you, sir?"

Everrookie Edwina offres Cookie a hndful of typos sd she gies behnd teh bar.

Everrookie Edwina touches the paper on the shelves back there. Dry! She starts to gingerly peel it up, using her small stabbity knife on stuck areas.

sugar-hi unicorn spots a miss Dwina, and caws thereat, perking up considerably now she's got coffee to rely on.

Knee High Makiwa eyebrows waggle up and down, "Worl." Sluggish thoughts seem to be crossing his brain, "Ain' dun much of tha' as yet. 'Ol Nukey boy got the castle started an' tha'. Oi dropped orf a few rocks darn there earlier. So fings are shapin' nicely Oi'spose

Everrookie Edwina chirps to Shi by sucking air through her teeth.

Knee High Makiwa waves a small pudgy hand at Edwina, "Awroight there?"

Everrookie Edwina nods to Makiwa, triumphantly weilding a big sheet of lumpy grey paper.

sugar-hi unicorn beams, and whistles like a songbird in lieu of verbal congratulation.

Everrookie Edwina lays the sheet out in a sunny patch to finish drying. She does a gesture to Shi, eyes, and paper. (Keep an eye on this.) She goes back to scrape up the other 3 sheets and lays them out with the first.

sugar-hi unicorn blinks, and nods, drawing her knees up to her chest and dutifully staaaaaring at the paper as if it'll run off given the slightest chance.

Knee High Makiwa grunts, "Worl Oi's gotta be toddlin' orf nah. Fings to do an' tha'." He turns in his seat onto his stomach and climbs down off the stool. "Sees yuzall la'er, iffn' yuz nah wot ah mean. Toodleoo." He waddles out of the grounds.

sugar-hi unicorn hoots after mister sir Makiwa. "mind the gaps!"

Knee High Makiwa thinks, given his size the warning is even more appropriate then ever. "Course!" He shouts over his shoulder as he disappears through the gate.

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