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The Tree is Chosen, Time for Planning and Prep!


Accomplice Teh Dave bounces into town, humming the Questing Song. He slips into Munchies for some steak before heading out into the Jungle, in search of the Great Monster of whatever.

Accomplice Teh Dave shuffles into town, humming slowed down to a slightly off-key not-quite-dirge.

Chief Inspector Ari is returned by friendly failors

Accomplice Teh Dave waves to the Failors. "Hey Jim, Mike! How's everything." He's greeted with shrugs, and gestures of "gotta head back, rooks to find". He waves them off, then bounces to Ari. "Hallo love."

Chief Inspector Ari hugs Dave "Hi!"

Accomplice Teh Dave grins and returns the hug. "Hallo Ari. What are you up to?"

Bloody Showoff Snow Gray heads into the outpost and smiles as she waves to Ari and Dave.

Chief Inspector Ari bounces "I was going to go take a look at the tea tree"

Accomplice Teh Dave waves to Snow happily. "Hallo Snow."

Accomplice Teh Dave brightens. "Oooh, the Tea Tree? Should I go get some tools?"

Chief Inspector Ari waves to Snow

Bloody Showoff Snow Gray smiles. "Hi Dave, hi Ari!"

Chief Inspector Ari blinks and nodnods with a grin "we could start right away then!"

Wayward Navigator Piper peeks into the square! She hears voices!

Chief Inspector Ari smiles at Snow "Hello! We are going to make defenses for the tea tree"

Wayward Navigator Piper perks at the idea of tea.

Accomplice Teh Dave waves at Piper. "Hallo Piper! Ari found a Tea Tree for Eben!

Wayward Navigator Piper does an excitable happy dance. "Hi! Tea!" Her excitement leaves little room for pronouns, verbs or prepositions.

Bloody Showoff Snow Gray waves to Piper.

Chief Inspector Ari waves to Piper too "hello again"

Wayward Navigator Piper wavewavewaves and flushes as she realizes what she's doing exactly.

Wayward Navigator Piper smiles to cover her embarassment. "Tea tree." Her mind is already reeling at the possibilities. "Should finish the tea garden soon. . ." she mumbles.

Accomplice Teh Dave laughs. "let's head over then, shall we? Anyone got tea?"

Wayward Navigator Piper raises her hand. "I do!" Piper feelsl like she is stating the obvious.

Accomplice Teh Dave grins. "Good! Er. . .where's the tree, Ari?"

Chief Inspector Ari points "straight to the west"

Wayward Navigator Piper hefts her backpack and points west, just like Ari said. "Tea." Once again, stating the obvious.

Accomplice Teh Dave nods. "Meet you there. Gonna stop in IC first." He grins and bounds over to eBoy's.

Wayward Navigator Piper heads westward, tea clearly on her mind.

Chief Inspector Ari heads out too, with a welcoming smile for Snow

At the Tree

Wayward Navigator Piper darts under the canopy, backback smacking against her narrow shoulders precariously.

Wayward Navigator Piper pauses, sits and drops her bag gently. With a flourish, she withdraws her teaset, kettle and several bags of looseleaf tea. She is prepared.

Chief Inspector Ari reaches the tree with Piper

Wayward Navigator Piper waves Ari waves Ari over with a very large grin on her face.

Chief Inspector Ari gestures "this is the tea tree, so Eben can have tea in a tree"

Wayward Navigator Piper looks up and oohs. "I'm sure he'll love it here."

Chief Inspector Ari nods "it needs a sitting spot up in the branches still and defenses and then it will be ready, it took forever and ever to find the best one, cause it is easy to climb" she demonstrates

Wayward Navigator Piper chuckles and watches Ari, a bit precariously (and enviously). Never was good at climbing trees. Another question nags her. "Defences? Why?:

Chief Inspector Ari hops from root to root "cause it is the jungle and otherwise tea might be disturbed"

Bloody Showoff Snow Gray smiles at the tree. Her ring starts to glow and an origami mouse flies in and brings her a note. "Ooops! Neeip is awake. Going to go find him, see you later ladies!"

Bloody Showoff Snow Gray waves to Piper and Ari with a warm smile and heads out to find her husband.

Wayward Navigator Piper nods knowingly. It's so simple. With a smile and wave, she adds a "Goodbye!" to Snow.

Chief Inspector Ari blinks "oh bye!" she waves

Accomplice Teh Dave bounces in carrying a bunch of tools. "Hallo, sorry I'm late."

Chief Inspector Ari waves "Hi! See the tea tree?!"

Wayward Navigator Piper waves gently to Dave and leans into a cozy nook at the base of the tree.

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods, looking around with a grin. "Looks amazing."

Chief Inspector Ari scrambles up further until she is at the center of the tree, she faces Dave, feet braced apart with each on a seperate limb of said tree "here is where the platform should be"

Wayward Navigator Piper can't help but nod in agreement. Dave said it all.

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods and bounces up into the tree to start measurements.

Wayward Navigator Piper stifles a yawn from a quick darting hand.

Chief Inspector Ari gives Dave a kiss and slides down the tree to look at Piper "sleepy huh?"

Wayward Navigator Piper nods slowly and tries to rub her eye at the same time. It's not working out too well for her.

Chief Inspector Ari asks "not going to stay for tea then?"

Wayward Navigator Piper leans against the trunk and closes her eyes. "Help yourself" is the last thing she says for the rest of the day.

Chief Inspector Ari heads back up to Dave

Accomplice Teh Dave gets to building, hammering and sawing the planks and 2X4s to start getting things into position according to his plans.

Chief Inspector Ari watches Dave work in a supervisory capacity, nodding knowingly

Accomplice Teh Dave grins to Ari as he works. "Having fun?" He waves a hammer at Piper. "Tea?"

Chief Inspector Ari laughs and nods "sure am, you want a cup?" she heads over to fetch him one calling over her shoulder "we aren't allowed to hurt the tree if we can help it"

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods. "Trying not to."

Chief Inspector Ari beams at Dave and returns with a very sweet cup of tea for him

Accomplice Teh Dave: : pauses, his tools and current work pausing in midair at the same time. "Union break!" He bounces over to take the tea with a smile. "Thanks love."

Chief Inspector Ari gives him a kiss with his tea and inspects his work "I think the doohickey needs to go here and there has to be a few more of those doodads.." the rest of the suggestions follow in the same line

Accomplice Teh Dave listens with a knowing grin, sipping at the tea happily.

Chief Inspector Ari nods "I think all that should about do it, what do you think?" she grins at him, eyes twinkling mischeviously

Accomplice Teh Dave grins happily. "Sounds good. Mostly what I was planning on anyway."

Chief Inspector Ari fixes herself some tea and sits by Dave "what about defense?"

Accomplice Teh Dave ponders, and points to various points. "Was gonna set up bombing points there and there and there, and making a wall around it."

Chief Inspector Ari nods "a pretty one though and easy to fire right?" she draws a rough sketch as she talks

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods and pulls a notepad out of his pocket to show Ari. "Don't have the turrets designed really, thought you'd figure something out."

Chief Inspector Ari examines the defensive wall and grins "that is nifty,very protective and not too high so they look out at the jungle too" she holds up her sketch, it is a box with a string, filled with balloons

Chief Inspector Ari's sketch also includes a proper looking Eben, sipping tea, his hand tugging to string to release the water balloons

Accomplice Teh Dave snickers, and gives Ari a hug. "That's brilliant." He gives her a kiss before getting back to work. "Let's get started."

Chief Inspector Ari looks at it, "it isn't all technical like yours but its what I was thinkin and I know you can make it cause you make stuff and it looks pretty simple I think" she smiles and follows him

Accomplice Teh Dave grins as he continues setting up the walls. "Get me some specs on 'em." He gives Ari a kiss between slapping up boards.

Chief Inspector Ari blinks smiles at the kiss then blinks again "specs?"

Chief Inspector Ari helps by handing Dave wood and nails and such

Accomplice Teh Dave grins as Ari helps. "Should get this done quickly then." The work proceeds quickly.

Chief Inspector Ari still doesn't know what specs she needs but she is very impressed with the wall

Accomplice Teh Dave explains the specs he needs: capacity, payload, etc. But in Ari terms.

Chief Inspector Ari nodnods and scribbles a few notes onto her drawing

Accomplice Teh Dave grins as he sets up the last of the wall, working rather fast as he's tired and wants to get to bed.

Chief Inspector Ari smiles "we can add platforms and defense later"

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods and sets the tools aside, then drapes over Ari. "Hmmgoodidea."

Chief Inspector Ari admires Dave, "good work" and is draped over "where to?"

Accomplice Teh Dave shrugs. "Dunno, where you wanna go?"

Chief Inspector Ari hmms "the balloon is close"

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods. "Let's go then." He grins and climbs down to help Ari down.

Chief Inspector Ari takes Dave's hand and carefully climbs down

Accomplice Teh Dave smiles and tugs Ari along. "I bet we could get the guy to let us sleep in the balloon." and leads her out.

Bingo Hall Shopping

Abundantly Ari tugs Dave into the Bingo hall

Accomplice Teh Dave follows after, and looks around. He points to the couch. "That way."

Abundantly Ari sits upon the couch and into it she goes

Accomplice Teh Dave grabs his snorkel and flippers and dives into the couch.

Accomplice Teh Dave removes his flippers and snorkel. "Right, wrong kind of diving. . ."

Abundantly Ari nods "better to do that in the pond" and onward

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods and follows, leaving the snorkel for the dust bunnies. The flippers he keeps.

Abundantly Ari watches the buildings from the back of the bus with Dave, balloons, balloons, balloons

Accomplice Teh Dave watches Frinton-on-sea drift by from the side of the bus, and points to the Select-and-save. "I bet they have balloons in there!" He signals a stop and bounces thataways.

2010-08-25 07:24:06: Abundantly Ari: : darts after Dave as the bus screeches to a halt

Abundantly Ari gambols friskily into the store

Accomplice Teh Dave attempts to stop several employees to ask if they sell balloons, but is rather rudely ignored. He huffs and gambols friskily about, looking for the party aisle.

Abundantly Ari follows one of the clerks who ignored Dave making faces

Accomplice Teh Dave giggles at Ari, and finally manages, with no thanks to you rude employees, the party section. He digs through piles of disposable plates and heaps of plasticware boxes.

Abundantly Ari diverts from her route behind the clerks to the party aisle and dons a party hat "did I tell you I have confetti?"

Accomplice Teh Dave grins. "Where'd you get confetti from?" He continues digging through the shelves. "So disorganized here." He's right at home then.

Abundantly Ari : gives Dave a brightly coloured top hat she discovers as she digs through crates "It was in the fountain"

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods, and sets the plastic tophat atop Teh, who seems rather put-upon, but endures. It waggles its feather at Ari boredly.

Abundantly Ari scritches Teh with a grin "more festive like that"

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods. Teh points its feather at a plastic wrapper sticking out from under a pile of cups. "Ooh, there they are." Dave grabs several bags of balloons.

Abundantly Ari grabs a pack of streamers too and resists the varied noise makers. She takes Dave's hand and tugs him to the checkout with the assorted odds and ends gathered, most important being the balloons

Accomplice Teh Dave gets up to the register and rings for service, dumping the contents of his arms onto the counter.

Abundantly Ari gambols after a fellow and taps on his shoulder "we need to pay"

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods and waves a wallet at the cashier. It may or may not be his own wallet.

Abundantly Ari manages to convince the man to tend to them, it is what allows him to gambol here so friskily after all

Accomplice Teh Dave haggles and attempts to bargain with the cashier. He manages to get the price down to double, pays, and takes the bags with a grin. He offers his arm to Ari. "We have balloons now."

Abundantly Ari nodnods "just gotta fill them up and the jungle beasties will think twice of attacking Eben's tree

Abundantly Ari takes the arm as well of course

Accomplice Teh Dave stretches and yawns. "Yep. Fill 'em and deliver 'em tomorrow." He leans on Ari's shoulder. "Bedtime now."

Abundantly Ari nods "it is awful late, home?"

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods, and leads the way back home. Sometime tomorrow it'll occur to him that he overpaid for the party goods, but it's alright, because

Accomplice Teh Dave paid with a hoodie's wallet. Which was probably stolen in the first place anyway.

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