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Eben Takes a Look, The Balloons are Prepared


Abundantly Ari waves goodbye to the failors, much friendlier then that darn ferryman!

Ebenezer has been here for some time, sitting comfortably on a park bench, ankle-touching-knee, lazily skimming a copy of The Enquirer. He looks up to give Ari a greeting nod.

Abundantly Ari sees an Eben "Hiya! I put my toothbrush away properly and everything! How are you?"

Ebenezer folds up his newspaper and drops it in his lap. "Oh, did-did you? Very good! I'm st-still alive. Did Dave want-want a toothbrush as well?"

Abundantly Ari nodnods "I bet he would like that a lot!"

Ebenezer squirms a bit, moving over to make room, in case Ari should like to sit beside him. "Well, I have-haven't got one w-with me, but-b-but I'll remember." He taps his temple.

Abundantly Ari bounces over and sits beside Eben, wiggling to get comfy and nods again "I know, you are very smart, did you get all your work done yesterday?"

Ebenezer ducks his head to hide a momentary grin. Ahrrm hrrm. He answers, "Oh! Yes. I got-I got all of it done, yes. I got-got my new adding machine! Did-did I tell you I was getting one?"

Ebenezer waves both hands. "G m-made it for me. Trade. He b-brought it over that day-that day you and Dave c-came by," he explains.

Abundantly Ari's eyes widen "I don't think so cause I don't remember and I think I would remember, it does numbers for you? That sounds very very nifty!"

Ebenezer mns, pressing his eyebrows together. "Well, it-it helps d-do-do the numbers. I've got-got to type them in and all. It's an ama-mazing bit of machinery. G's a tr-true artist," he says.

Abundantly Ari nods "that is great, I bet you are very good at using that sort of thing and getting numbers like that must be easier, I don't play with gadgets much" she beams"I did help defend the tea tree"

Ebenezer puts in, "Well, I like-I like doing it th-the hard way, but this way is much faster, see? Eff-efficient. And it's n-not to play with. It's a tool." He straightens his tie.

Ebenezer ohs! "The-th-the-the tree! How's that? It's done-done, you said? You did say that, d-didn't you?"

Abundantly Ari nodnods "cause you are professional"

Abundantly Ari nods again "It is! Just got to load up the balloons but we even went and got balloons to do that!"

Ebenezer sits straighter: much more professional-looking. An eager fidget ruins the picture of perfect posture. "Oh! I'd-I'd like to see that," he says. "Erm. If-if it's ready to see, that is."

Abundantly Ari smiles brightly "Okay! I can take you, it doesn't have a picnic blanket yet either, I haven't brought that sort of fancy up stuff but we haven't brought the balloons and I was waiting"

Abundantly Ari adds "you should pick that stuff anyway"

Ebenezer gets to his feet, brushing off the knees of his trousers. "Oh! Well, I'll have-have a look and see-erm-see what sort of-of things it needs?"

Ebenezer tucks his newspaper under one elbow and offers the other to Ari.

Abundantly Ari hops to her feet too "uh huh! Do you remember the way?"

Daedalus reels through town, trying to approximate a well known dance, while humming a Strauss tune. Hedgehogs swirl in various formations around him. The effect is 'Stanley Kubrick meets Esther Williams'.

Daedalus staggers to a halt, looking dizzy. "What brought that on?" he mutters to himself. The hedgehogs disperse.

Abundantly Ari waves to the stranger

Ebenezer twitches a bow to Daedalus as he reels by. Turning back to Ari, he answers with a wince, "I think-I think I re-remember mostly."

Daedalus nods amiably to Ebeneezer and his companion.

Abundantly Ari points to the west "straight that way" her attention is caught by the hedgehogs however

Daedalus nods amiably to Ebenezer and his companion.

Ebenezer takes a moment to introduce the two, "Ari, do you-you know Daedalus? D-Daedalus, this-this is Ari." He nods to each as he names them.

Daedalus Hello Ebenezer . . . Ma'am.

Abundantly Ari shakes her head "I have never met him I don't think, hello!"

Abundantly Ari stands straighter, ma'am makes her sound very proper. . . or old, but she will go with proper

Daedalus takes Ari's hand and bows over it, offering a faux kiss. Tradition! . . . Charm! . . . Anachronism! He's got it all. "Ari . . . delighted. And how are you both this day?"

Ebenezer proudly informs Daedalus, "I've g-got a new-a new adding machine. G Rock made it for-for me. A trade, erm, to-to-to pay for items from my and Mar-Marly's shop."

Ebenezer frowns to himself and mutters under his breath, "M-my-my and Marly's? Me and Mar-Mar--? Marly's and mine? Hmph." He shakes his head and adjusts his spectacles.

Abundantly Ari beams "I am very good, me and Eben are exploring!"

Abundantly Ari tilts her head "the shop Marly and I run?"

Daedalus You have an Adder of your own? How nice!" He seems genuinely pleased, despite the odd inflection on the word. "Should make your business life a bit easier. Good for you.

Ebenezer adds to Ari's exploration comment, "Erm, j-jus-just a bit." He gestures a tiny distance between his index finger and thumb. Frowning at her suggested correction, he mumbles, "Yes. That."

Ebenezer cringes at Daedalus' reply. "Angh! No-n-no-no-no! D-don't call it that-don't call it that-don't call it that! It's a B-Burroughs class-class three!"

Daedalus Ahh, exploring. Excellent past time, when you have nothing else to do." His smile at Ebenezer is just a tad mischevious. "Don't let me keep you, I'm making way to Central . . .time to upgrade my hat

Abundantly Ari smiles "it is not as much exploration cause Eben has been so it is more fun this way cause he prefers not to adventure you know, I found him a tea tree on account of he said you couldn't have tea"

Abundantly Ari takes a deep breathe to finish "in a tree... good luck with your hat"

Ebenezer nods emphatically to Ari. "Yes, th-that's right. Pre-prefer not to adventure, that's right. So! Shall-shall we be off, then?" He bows his head to Daedalus. "V-very good to see you."

Daedalus bows again, taking in both. "You're clearly a good influence on our Ebenezer. See if you can't make him a bit . . . reckless" he smiles to Ari. "Well, good day to you both!".

Abundantly Ari grins "I got him to slide down the banister once!"

Ebenezer hmphs! "Reck-reckless! No, n-not-not me," he insists. With an angh, he nudges Ari with his elbow. "Shh!"

Daedalus chuckles at the mental image of Ebenezer sliding down a banister. Would that be accompanied by a squeal of delight or terror? He exits to the river bank.

Abundantly Ari giggles "we can go now" and darts off out of the outpost calling back "I will race you!"

Ebenezer flinches, gaze following Ari. "Oi! Wait!" He chases off after her.

The Tree

Abundantly Ari zips in and slams both hands against the tree "I win!"

Ebenezer slows considerably as he approaches the tree, wary of twisty, knobbly roots. "I let you-I let you," he insists!

Accomplice Teh Dave peeks into the area from the surrounding Jungle. "OOoooh hi Ari! Hi Eben!" He bounces over to the tree to give the former a hug and quick kiss.

Abundantly Ari squeezes Dave and rests her head on his shoulder a moment before releasing "but I still get to count it as winning anyway"

Ebenezer ahrrm hrrms, straightening his necktie and braces, then rolling up his newspaper and attempting to stuff it into his right pocket. "Hell-ello, Dave. Hello."

Abundantly Ari says "Eben says you can have a toothbrush too"

Accomplice Teh Dave grins and bounces over to Eben to give him a hug too. "How's everything?"

Ebenezer enghs, stiffly clapping Dave on the back. St-still alive-still alive," he answers. "Yes! You-you can have a t-toothbrush too."

Accomplice Teh Dave grins widely. "One with pictures? I want one with a tiger on it. . .or a dragon." He ponders. "Do you have one like that?" He bounces cheerily.

Ebenezer erms. "Th-they're mostly sort-sort of--" His hands mime an indistinct shape. "L-like-like wood or stems. Erm. B-but--!" He points to Ari. "Paint?"

Abundantly Ari nodnods "I think I could maybe paint them"

Accomplice Teh Dave grins widely, and kisses Ari's cheek. "Good to hear." He peers at Eben. "Want to see the Tea Platform?"

Ebenezer nods his head. "Yes, th-that-that is why I came-I came out all this way," he answers Dave, touching the edge his specs.

Abundantly Ari goes to stand at the foot of the ladder a hand on one of the rungs "come see"

Accomplice Teh Dave grins and bounces over to above Ari and clambers up to the platform.

Abundantly Ari follows Dave up the ladder

Ebenezer oohs! There wasn't a ladder here the last time he visited! Chipperly, he follows after the Kittymorphs.

Abundantly Ari lands on the ground with a thump and hops back out of the way for Eben

Ebenezer climbs down, rung by rung. His shoes hit the ground at last. "Well, th-that-that's a very nice plat-platform. Very nice."

Abundantly Ari nodnods "I think so, you can even camp here when you want and stuff"

Abundantly Ari confides "I have a few more ideas for coziness"

Ebenezer leans closer. "Oh? Wh-what ideas-what ideas?"

Abundantly Ari smiles excitedly "I was thinking we could put a cupboard in one of the trunks or something and then you can keep stuff hidden in there like tea and pillows and blankets for one thing"

Ebenezer raises both eyebrows and points to Ari with his index finger. "That! That's a ver-very good idea! You're, erm, v-very creative," he says.

Abundantly Ari grins "I like that sort of thing best, thinking of things" she digs around in her bag and pulls out a packet of empty balloons to show Eben "we have other party stuff too for later"

Abundantly Ari takes Eben's hand and tugs him off to get started

Ebenezer willingly goes along, eager to plan.

Accomplice Teh Dave steps out onto the platform and walks along the railing, enjoying the view.

Abundantly Ari climbs on the platform and leans against a branch out of the way

Ebenezer makes his way up, grabbing at branches and hauling himself up to the platform. "Oh." He walks, following the railing, looking around the place.

Accomplice Teh Dave grins at Eben. "Ari designed it."

Abundantly Ari smiles "Dave made it all though"

Ebenezer glances between the two of them. "Well! Are-aren't you both very--erm-it-it's very nice," he says, shuffling closer to pat both Ari and Dave on the shoulders. "Really, v-very nice."

Accomplice Teh Dave returns the pat. "If I remember ari telling it, it was your idea." He grins. "Got any tea?"

Ebenezer's ears redden. He pats at his pockets and answers, "N-not-not on me."

Abundantly Ari's smile grows and she starts pointing out various aspects " the floor is sturdy and you can picnic and there is a rail too,the balloon launchy bit is over there, Dave knows more bout its workings"

Abundantly Ari adds "it was too! For tea in a tree

Accomplice Teh Dave snickers at the "knows more about its workings". "You pull the lever and it launches water balloons. Then you put more in the hopper there." He points as he explains. Simple enough.

Abundantly Ari smiles "got to get some soon, for tea in a tree, you can invite people"

Ebenezer seems unafraid to walk and explore the platform. It is sturdy. It is safe. He ohs, crossing over to examine the lever-and-hopper.

Accomplice Teh Dave watches Eben curiously. "Not afraid of heights at all?" He peers over the edge.

Abundantly Ari bounces over to stand by Eben "nothing should be able to get anywhere close to here"

Ebenezer fiddles with a lever, then looks over his shoulder to answer Dave, "Oh. M-more afraid-fraid of falling. Erm. I get-I get dizzy."

Abundantly Ari bounces "want to fill some balloons up? We can test it"

Accomplice Teh Dave: : nodnods, then stretches, yawning. "Ehh, the fall isn't so bad usually. . .it's that sudden stop at the end." He winks at Eben. "That's why I bring pillows everywhere"

Ebenezer snorts at Dave. "I d-don't think I like either. I pre-prefer my feet on the ground." He twists to regard Ari. "Oh! Well, th-that seems like a good-a good idea, I think. Yes." He nods.

Abundantly Ari looks around "there is no water here though"

Accomplice Teh Dave yawns at Ari. "There should be a bar nearby somewhere might let you use the tap." He curls up on the platform. "Think I'll nap here. . ."

Ebenezer glances around too. "Mn. I had-hadn't thought of that. We'll b-bring water up. And a blanket. Basket. T-tea-tea things. I've prob-probably got a spare tea s-service I could bring." He would.

Abundantly Ari kisses Dave's cheek "Love you, sleep well, I will join you later" then turn to Eben "do you want to go to your house then?"

Accomplice Teh Dave smiles at Ari. "Love you too."

Ebenezer bends to peer down at Dave, necktie-end hovering above Dave's head. "Yes, g-goodnight, Dave. Thanks very much for, erm--" He gestures all around himself.

Ebenezer straightens again, clasping his hands behind his back. He nods to Ari. "Home would-would be fine, yes."

Accomplice Teh Dave grins sleepily to Eben. "You're welcome. I want a tiger toothbrush." He starts snoring loud enough to make the surrounding trees nervous.

Abundantly Ari laughs at Dave and bounces over to the ladder "I am very glad you like it"

Ebenezer follows after Ari. "I hope-I hope you can p-paint a tiger that small." He gestures 'ladies first' towards the ladder.

Abundantly Ari slides down the ladder, feet braced on the outside, ignoring the rungs "I think I can, just not as detailed as when it is big" she says as she vanishes out of sight

Ebenezer climbs down the traditional way. None of that fancy sliding for him!

Ebenezer glances around himself, stuffing his hands deep into his pockets. "N-nev-never can count on p-pun-punctuality with these people," he mutters to himself.

Abundantly Ari bounces into the outpost with a smile, right on time she thinks

Ebenezer whirls around at once on his heel. "Oh! Th-there-there-there you are!" The watch is fished from his pocket again, peeked at, and promptly stowed.

Abundantly Ari beams at Eben not noticing his irritation "yep, an I got the balloons"

Ebenezer informs her, "You're l-late. Did-did you know? Late. Not-n-not on time at all!" Unable to stop himself, he adds, "Oh, can-can I see them? The b-balloons?"

Abundantly Ari tilts her head "I was?" she has a good excuse for that though "well there were all these dragons and there was a lion who is learning to be sneaky and druids too, everyone is late today"

Ebenezer lifts a lazy eyebrow. "D-drag-dragons, Ari? Druids? A l-lion learning to be-to be sneaky? Do you hon-honestly expect me to be-believe any of that?"

Ebenezer snorts, waving both hands in a dismissive gesture. "And-and-and I'm on time, are-aren't I? Balloons, Ari? Can-can I see?" he repeats.

Abundantly Ari digs in her bags "maybe you weren't on time at all, maybe you just think you were cause there was no one here to tell you you were late and I did too see all that I dont lie" just stretch the truth

Ebenezer shuffle-steps closer, bending at the waist to lean-and-peer towards Ari's bag. Adjusting his spectacles, he mumbles, "Oh, Ari. Are you-are you-are you calling me a liar? Are you? How rude."

Abundantly Ari blinks and looks stunned"course not, mistakes are not lies"

Ebenezer allows himself a small, half-smirk. "N-no-no, of course-of course not." He waves both hands at her, reminding, "Balloon-loons, Ari!"

Abundantly Ari finds the balloon at the bottom of the bag and hold them up triumphant "now we need to add water"

Ebenezer ahs and reaches for the balloons, fingers flexing. Too polite to snatch, he must wait for Ari to hand them over. "Water. Right, of-of course water," he answers. "Erm. Where?"

Abundantly Ari grins slightly and hands Eben the bag taking out a handful first "well we need a faucet I think, it won't just fill in the fountain

Ebenezer pulls the bag close and digs through it, just to dig. Glancing up, he answers, "Oh. L-like-like at a house, then. Erm. Your house?"

Abundantly Ari nodnods "we could got there or the Spiderkitty" make a mess for Dan "or your house?"

Ebenezer mns, shaking his head. "No, b-better not be my house," he answers at once. Water all over his floor? Goodness, no! "Spi-sp-spi-spiderkit--," he says, pointing towards the pub.

Abundantly Ari nodnods "kay" and takes his hand to pull him along

Ebenezer gives an engh, but allows Ari to pull him. Off they go!

The Prancing Spiderkitty

Abundantly Ari peeks her head around the door jam sneakily, looking for Dan

Ebenezer peeks over Ari's shoulder, whispering, "Wh-why-why are we sneaking?"

Abundantly Ari whispers back "we are going to be a bit messy" plus there is that outstanding tab from GERM

Ebenezer argues (quietly), "No-n-no-no. Water is-isn't messy. Ev-even if some spills, erm. It's clean. San-sanitary. Easy to mop-to mop up!" Yet, he didn't volunteer his own kitchen tap.

Abundantly Ari tilts her head "are you good at filling balloons? I always make a very very big mess, my mum used to make us go outside"

Rookie Mike walk in, standing by the door as most of the people around turn to glare at him.

Ebenezer erms, straightening. "I've-I've never done," he answers. "B-but-b-but-but-but I'm tidy at most ev-everything else I do." Logically, then, he'd be tidy at filling up balloons.

Abundantly Ari regards him a moment before nodding "well then if we have to be tidy you should probably be the filler of them then and I bet Dan even likes you too, so we can be not secretive"

Ebenezer nods. "Yes, I-I can do it, I'm sure." Turning, he squints confusedly at Ari. "Dan? Wh-who-who's Dan?"

Abundantly Ari points to the bar "the questing guy, he runs stuff"

Ebenezer repeats, bewildered, "Ques-questing guy. Runs stuff." His eyes squint, following Ari's finger towards the figure at the bar. "Oh, him? Is-is his name Dan?"

Ebenezer informs Ari at once, "He d-doesn't take cheques."

Abundantly Ari looks from Eben to the bar tender "are you in debt with him too? Cause if so we really should be sneaky" she might just like sneakiness

Ebenezer startles! "What?" He shakes his head emphatically and sneers, "No-n-no-no-no, I'm not-not in debt. No. I'm an-an accountant!" Standing taller, he tugs on his braces.

Abundantly Ari smiles "if you can't be in debt that must be a very good job to be in, I should be one too and then GERM won't be in debt neither" she is still clutching her handful of balloons

Ebenezer has stuffed the rest of the balloons into his right pocket. Hesitant, he answers Ari, "Well-w-well, I could g-go into debt, but-b-but it's not likely, since-since I know, erm, how to not?"

Ebenezer waves his hands, explaining, "V-very erm-l-lots of know-how about-bout money and budgets and-and all that sort. Where's the tap?"

Abundantly Ari ooohs "well it still seems like a very handy sort of job, I think the only tap is behind the bar"

Ebenezer bravely twitch-steps closer to the bar, mumbling to Ari, "You r-really should've mentioned the-the debt to me earlier, you know. You or some-someone. How'm I supp-posed to fix it otherwise?"

Abundantly Ari tilts her head "you should not have to fix it, plus I think they like besting him, on account of he is mean" she shimmies along with Eben

Ebenezer stops mid-step to wag his finger at Ari. "Am-am I or am I not GERM's accoun-countant?" He only is because he decided he is. He'll change his mind the moment he sees how much debt they're in

Abundantly Ari blinks "you are? Oh that is very good, I don't need to worry or become an accountant at all now, I am not much good at the numbers" she gives him an impulsive little hug and bounces to the bar

Abundantly Ari has clearly forgotten stealth

Ebenezer enghs at the hug and shuffles after Ari, bowing his head to Dan, the barkeep. "Erm! Hell-ello, hello. We'd like-like to borrow your--?" He waves his hands and turns to Ari for help.

Abundantly Ari smiles, trying for her most charming "can we use the faucet? Just need water"

Ebenezer points to Ari. "Yes, that." Ducking his head again, he mumbles, "W-won't take but a few-a few minutes. I'll b-be tidy and--" Dan frowns. "Can-can I offer you a cheque?"

Abundantly Ari adds "or a cookie?" he tosses his head in the direction of the sink in what might be consent

Ebenezer twitches a shallow bow, bantering, "Than-thanks very much-thanks very much. Won-won't be long." With a hrmm hrrm, he ducks behind the bar and makes it to the sink.

Abundantly Ari grins and follows " you know what to do?"

Ebenezer shakes his head, withdrawing a balloon from his right pocket. "Erm. Sim-simple in theory," he says, stretching the end of the balloon over the sink spout.

Abundantly Ari nodnods looks right to her

Ebenezer, at Ari's nod, twists the tap on. The balloon swells and swells and swells and snap-splashes! Water-explosion! "ANGH!"

Abundantly Ari bites her lip and giggles then bites her lip again, water is everywhere

Ebenezer is drenched. "Eugh!" He snatches up the balloon and re-stretches it over the still-running spout. He holds it there this time, scowling through water-drop-dappled specs.

Abundantly Ari's eyes widen as these efforts result in water exploding everywhere and Dan turns a gimlet eye there way

Ebenezer manages to fumble. KER-SPLASH! Dan is not giggling. He is scowling. He is looming. "Erm!" Slowly, Eben reaches and turns the water off again. "Yes, I think-I think we're done!"

Ebenezer twitches a quick half-bow to Dan and grips his hand around Ari's wrist to tug her towards the door. "Erm! Thanks for-for the erm --thank you!"

Ebenezer and Ari are gone in a hurry!

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