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A Balloon Duel


<GERM>Abundantly Ari paces back and forth, hands gripped behind her back, a small smile can't quite be concealed as she shoots looks at the door

<DICE> Ebenezer steps into Hendrix, pockets bulging with rubbery balloons and hands full of twiggy toothbrushes. "Hell-ello-hello-hello? Is anyone home?"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari puts on her best sort of humph expression and peers down her nose "you are late!"

<DICE> Ebenezer stands straighter, frowning. "What? N-no! I'm nev-never late! You must be-must be early," he argues.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari pulls out her pocket watch and examines it "no, no you are late, look at the hands!" she holds it up by the chain for him to see, a small smile cracks through for just a moment

<DICE> Ebenezer shakes his head, denying. "No-n-no-no! Your watch is wrong," he insists. "How v-very like you to carry a watch th-that's all wrong! I've got t-toothbrushes."

<DICE> Ebenezer may be trying to change the subject.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari's jaw drops at the insult but in the end she has to laugh and hug him "I am glad you came"

<DICE> Ebenezer enghs at the hug, patting at Ari's back with a fistful of toothbrushes. "Oh, erm. Well, y-you're very welcome. Erm. Th-this is business," he decides at once.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh skates over the drawbridge, his boot-wheels kerthunking over the join of each plank. He knock-knocks on the gate, softly, and tilts his head inside the courtyard.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari steps back and releases him to nod solemnly "business" and holds her hand out for toothbrushes

<GERM>Abundantly Ari smiles at Shiloh "are you here for business?"

<DICE> Ebenezer dumps one handful of brushes into Ari's palm, then claps her on the shoulder. "V-very serious business," he says. With ahmn, he glances over his shoulder to spot Shiloh-at-the-door.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh sees Eben and blinks with surprise. He smiles warmly, and holds up a plate of warm macadamia-nut chocolate-chip cookies. "No. I um, I live in the cottage just east of here. I thought I'd sai hi."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari sets the brushes on the mantle to be painted later and turns back to her... co-workers

<DICE> Ebenezer shuffles mantle-wards to free his other hand of brushes. Ari is now in possession of quite a lot of toothbrushes. Turning, he bows his head politely to Shiloh. "Yes, hell-ello. Just East?"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh inclines his head as much as he can in greeting without throwing off his center of gravity. His wheels wobble dangerously. "Yes. It's right, um-" He frees an arm and points. "That one there.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh points to a quaint straw-thatched, whitewashed stone cottage close to the sea.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari accepts the plate of cookies with a smile "would you like to be a part of 'business'" she does air quotes and everything

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh smiles brilliantly at Ari. Hands, now free, extend slightly away from his body, trying to keep his balance. "Um..." He risks a peek at Ebenezer. "Wouldn't I be intruding?"

<DICE> Ebenezer is peering Easterly, judging the quaint cottage and adjusting his spectacles. "Hmn?" He glances between Ari and Shiloh."Oh! Erm. N-not-not at all-not at all. Ari? Tap? Mn. Water? Where-?"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari hmms "well the bathrooms are not done yet, so probably the kitchen I think?" she shakes her head at Shiloh"course not, everyone is welcome to pl-work with us"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh beams a delighted, happy smile at Ebenezer. "Thank you." He looks at Ari. "In that case, I'd love to join. What 'business' are you conducting?"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari beams "water balloons"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh blinkblinks. He oscillates his feet, wheels skerunching. "Water balloons?" he echoes.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nodnods "very serious business, we have to fill water balloons to defend the tea tree"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh thinks. Tea tree. Tea tree. That sounds familiar. "OH!" Understanding floods his pale features. "OH! Ebenezer's tea tree! Right? Is that the one?"

<DICE> Ebenezer points his index finger at Shiloh. "De-defences," he agrees. "What-what's more serious th-than safety?"

Nearby Male Human Extra-Awesome Site Supporter [10/03 09:45pm] <DICE> Ebenezer pipes up proudly, "Yes! It-it's mine."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nodnods again "it is a perfect tree for Ebenezer"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh claps his hands together. He looks very excited. "I remember hearing about that tree! I have wanted to see it oh so much! I do love tea!" He has, by clapping, disturbed his balance.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh wobbles and flails a bit.

<DICE> Ebenezer enghs, reflexively reaching to grab Shiloh by the shoulder in an attempt to keep him upright. "Care-careful!"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari is holding cookies, she is not tossing them aside unless she has too, the floor is sand at least

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods in agreement with Eben as he walks in. "Wouldn't want you hurting yourself here and blaming us for it or something." He makes a mock-worried face.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh snags Ebenezer's shoulder, also out of reflex, and is successfully steadied. He lets out a shaky breath. "Perhaps....perhaps I should take these off." He looks at Eben with some surprise.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh smiles brightly at Eben. "Thank you!" And he gives a horrified, stunned look at Dave, whom he has not met. "Whyever would I do such a horrid thing?" He does not catch the jest in his face.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave shrugs. "Dunno. You could be a litigious sort." He chuckles, then heads over to Ari to nab a cookie. "Hallo love." A cookie-filled kiss, then he grins at Eben. "Hello Eben."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh continues to look completely horrified. He is not used to being accused of being persnickety and mean. "I...I'm not," he protests softly.

<DICE> Ebenezer brushes Shiloh's hand off his shoulder with a hrrm hrrm. "Hello, Dave. Erm. Th-this is becoming a party, I think."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave brightens. "A party? Who brought the booze?" He peers around. Oh, it's over in there.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh links his hands together, twisting the ring on his finger anxiously.

<DICE> Ebenezer ohs suddenly, adding, "I brought-I brought you a toothbrush, Dave!" An understatment. He brought two handfuls of toothbrushes. They're on the mantle.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari smiles brightly at Dave but shakes her head "don't tease our guests"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave looks at the toothbrushes and grins. "Oh! Thanks Eben." He then walks up to Shiloh and sticks out a hand. "I'm Dave, by the way."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave sticks his tongue out over his shoulder at Ari. "Fine."

<DICE> Ebenezer cups his hand around the side of his mouth and stage-whispers to Shiloh, "Dave's u-usually not a Human. Ari either."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh's smile is back on his face. It fits nicely there. He accepts the hand. "I'm Shiloh Kay. Pleased to meet you, sir." He blinkblinks at Eben, confused by the stage-whisper. "Oh. Okay."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods. "A pleasure. Something to drink?" He waves towards the Dining Hall.

<DICE> Ebenezer suddenly wonders, "Wh-what's the Kay stand for?" He squints at Shiloh.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh looks to Ari and Ebenezer. He will follow them--he knows that they have business underway. Serious business. Involving defense of tea trees.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari wraps an arm around Dave's waist "we are making balloons"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh runs his fingers through his white hair and thinks about that, perplexed for a moment, himself. "I...don't know, actually. It might not stand for anything."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave grins at Ari. "Ahh. So to the Kitchen then?"

<DICE> Ebenezer hmns. "Fair enough, I s-suppose. Kitchen, Ari?" He turns his attention towards her.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari looks at all those looking to her "oh, uh, yes, kitchens"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh grins. He sinks down and starts to undo the wheels from his boots. Wheels on sand might be disasterous. He wants nothing to do with that.

<DICE> Ebenezer raises his eyebrows at Ari and cues her, "Yes, kit-kitchens. Which way's that, then?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nodnods, and takes the plate of cookies from Ari as he leads through the Dining Hall. "This way."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh springs back up, a couple of foot-shaped harnesses with wheels bolted to them in his hands. He takes off his hat and drops them inside.

<DICE> Ebenezer spares a glance towards Shiloh to witness the hat trick. Then off he goes, following Dave to the Dining Hall.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari waits for Shiloh

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh hops--he can hop again--after Eben, sending a grateful smile to Ari for waiting.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari sets off with Shiloh for balloons


<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave sets the cookie tray on the bartop for a moment to pile some bottles on top, then kitchenward.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh walks in from the courtyard, hands linked behind his back. He gazes about in open curiosity.

<DICE> Ebenezer doesn't offer to help. Dave's got it all taken care of, clearly. He follows, pulling balloons from his pockets.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari explains to Shiloh as she bounces through "this is the Dining hall, for big parties"


<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave sets the tray in Elgin's hands, and shifts them to hold the tray steady. He grabs a cookie and a bottle, and washes the cookie down with some chocolate liquormilk.

<DICE> Ebenezer is right behind Dave! "Gah!" He side-steps away from the Elgin. <SAVOR>Academician Shiloh weaves out of the way, avoiding the side-stepping Eben and the rookie.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave points to the sink. "There's the sinks, for the waterballoons. There's a bunch of 'em."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh presses the tips of his fingers together. He shuffles his feet. He has never filled waterballons before. He turns, locating all of the sinks.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari looks around "if we make a mess here we won't get in trouble either"

<DICE> Ebenezer busily un-pockets a twisted heap of multicoloured balloons, depositing them in fistfuls on the countertop.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave ooooohs at the balloons, and grabs a handful to get to "work" filling them.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh ohhhs and shuffles closer to the balloons. He peers over Eben's shoulder.

<DICE> Ebenezer duck-steps to one side in an attempt to maintain some personal space. "G-go-go on ahead, then-go on ahead!" He snatches aballoon for himself, stretching it between both hands, contemplative

<GERM>Abundantly Ari hops up onto one of the counters and thunks her heels against the base "how many do you think we need"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave shrugs as he starts tying off the first waterballoon. The end snaps, and sprays water everywhere. "ACK! Uh...a bunch? lots?" He quickly works to stop the stream of water.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh has never much cared for personal space. He does, however, notice Eben's reaction. He sends over an apologetic smile and snags a balloon for himself. He copies Eben and stretches it out.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh laughs when the water hits him. It spots up his glasses, though, so he takes them off and rubs them dry with a handkerchief, balloon tucked under one arm. "This could get interesting."

<DICE> Ebenezer answers Ari, "All. We-we need them all." He attempts to put at least one or two sinks between himself and Dave.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari grins, "All sounds good" she hops off the counter "can I have a blue one?"

<DICE> Ebenezer takes charge, answering Ari, "Yes. What-whatever ones you like, yes. You-you can have all the blue ones if you like. Exc-cept one. I want one." On goes the tap! The baloon swells.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave finally manages to get the balloon finished, and looks around. "What are we putting them in?"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh snatches a few more balloons and finds himself a sink, also a bit away from Dave.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh watches Ebenezer, since he seems to know what he's doing. He copies as well as he can, turning the tap on slowly. "What are we defending the tea tree from, anyway?" he asks.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari sets one carefully aside for Eben and rolls up her sleeves and sets to work, she has practice at this, it is something she can do

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave shrugs at Shiloh. "Whatever might want to attack. Maybe Wicked Witches."

<DICE> Ebenezer glances to Dave. "In?" Snapsplash! Water flings out in all directions. "Angh!" He fumbles, hooking the end of the balloon back over the still-running tap. Ahrrm!

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave laughs, and sets his balloon in the sink. "Be right back." He heads to the Laundry Room.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nods "and Panthzers and Lions and Bears oh my"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh bubbles over with laughter at poor Eben's expense. His fingers slip on his own ballon. His laughter yelps, then increases as he quickly ties it off. It was mostly full anyway.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh says "Really? Witches and Panthzers? Oh dear or hear. That does sound dire. They're jealous of Eben's tea tree, are they?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave pulls a large solid basket into the Kitchen, and sets it on an island counter. "There we go." He sets his completed baloon into it.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nodnods "they want tea too I think, but they will scare Eben so they must be warded off, I have a lion though and it is mostly nice"

<DICE> Ebenezer twists off the tap before removing the end of the balloon from the spout. Wouldn't want to waste water, after all! Success! He has made one whole water balloon! This is a momentous day!

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh ohs! Dave had a good idea. He skips over to the island and sets his completed balloon carefully in the basket.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave peers at the basket, and pours some water into it, so the balloons aren't rolling around on the bottom of the basket.

<DICE> Ebenezer turns to snort at Ari. "Hmph! I'm-I'm not scared. It's just a v-very poor idea to let l-lions into a tea party. They're incred-credibly unciv-ivilized."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari carries an arm load of balloons to the basket and plops them in

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh goes to fill another balloon. He looks curiously at Ebenezer. "Have you ever had tea with a lion before? Ana was a lion for a while, and she was very nice to have tea with."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave snickers at Eben. "You never know. They could be hiding their civility. Sneaky bunch, lions." He grins and gets to work on more balloons.

<DICE> Ebenezer bends to place his first ever water balloon into the basket with the others. Farewell, fateful balloon! May you splash a lion one day! "No, I've never had-never had tea with lions," he sneers.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari giggles and nods to Eben "I did not mean like scared scared, I just mean that sometimes the jungle is scary is all"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh just smiles back, brimming with cheerful optimism. "Well, then," he says logically to Eben, "how do youknow that they're not nice to have tea with? Not Jungle lions, but lion lions."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari thinks of her cub "I dunno if tea would be the best idea..."

<DICE> Ebenezer grimaces at Shiloh, readying another balloon. (He did want one blue one!) "I can-I can speculate," he answers. Turning to Ari, he says, "Did-did you say you've got a lion?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods to Eben. "Cute little guy, too." He sets a bunch of the Balloons into the bucket.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari supposes she should return to filling balloons, she does so "I do, his name is Steve"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh sets his second balloon in the basket and goes to fill another. "Mmmm," is all he says in reply to Ebenezer. He headtilts towards Ari to hear her response, curious.

<DICE> Ebenezer does his best not to look horrified. "Steve? You've g-got-got-got-you've got a lion called Steve?"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh, on the other hand, looks delighted..

<GERM>Abundantly Ari makes a little pyramid with two Red and a White balloon that does not last long "he is sweet, he is too little to pounce" she is teaching him

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave laughs. "Well, he can pounce, but it's more playful than dangerous." for now.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh grins. "Where did you find him?" He afixes the mouth of the balloon to the faucet lip and turns the tap back on.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari carries the balloons to the basket "he was in a crate that I found, only he couldn't hop out, so I brought it home sneakily so no one would hurt him"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh awwws! "How very improbable." He does so love cute improbability.

<DICE> Ebenezer grimaces awfully. "You-you do realize that lions g-get big, yes?" He glances around at everyone, wide-eyed.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods. "She has a bit of a habit of bringing home pets." He grins and gives her a quick kiss. "Like me."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari tilts her head "well yes, but he will love me, so he can protect us all, I bet almost no one has a lion protector!"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh looks at Eben. He blinks. "Oh, certainly. Ana was seven feet long. She could pin me with a single paw." He does not seem to be alarmed in the slightest.

<DICE> Ebenezer, in spite of the conversation, manages to fill and tie off his balloon without incident. He places it in the basket and fetchesanother. "Lions are wild an-animals," he states.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nods "yep. Except when they are tame"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh beams at Ari. See? She understands! "Exactly, Ari!"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave laughs and ties off his current balloon. "Steve is fairly tame."

<DICE> Ebenezer sweeps a hand back through his hair. "Can li-lions be tamed?"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh smiles at Dave. See? He is not worried. Nope nope nope. Shiloh ties off his current ballon. Except, he's filled it a bit too much this time, and it explodes halfway to the basket. Drenched.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari giggles at Shiloh's predicament

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh stares at the wobbling tendrils of rubber in his hand. His shoes are soaked. His vest is wet. His pocketwatch--oh god his pocketwatch. He acks and drops the balloon to check it.

<DICE> Ebenezer's smirk straightens out at once. "Oh, is-is the watch-is the watch okay!"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave chuckles at Shiloh. Thankfully, he has nothing he's worried about getting wet right now. He peers at him as he passes. "You alright there?"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh checks the watch over. He clicks it open and holds it to his ear. He pulls a pocketknife out and pops the back latch open, checking the gears. He sighs with relief and closes them. "Yes! Yes."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari gets a mischevious grin and picks a balloon, sneaking up on Dave

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods. "Good." He dumps a handful of balloons in the bucket, then peers at Eben. "You're working really slow."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh tips his pocketwatch into his hat where it will be safe. He sighs with relief and goes to fetch another balloon, absolutely unfazed that he is completely soaked.

<DICE> Ebenezer allows himself another smirk, then. "Oh! Oh, g-good." Another few balloons are filled, tied off, and deposited in the basket."Who t-tamed this lion, now?"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari shimmies to stay out of Dave's line of vision

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave grins. "Ari did." He doesn't see her. "Where'd she go?"

<DICE> Ebenezer argues with Dave, "D-don't rush me! I'm m-making sure they're all good qual-ality."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari peeks over his shoulder to grin at Eben, he is kissed on the cheek and the balloon is splooshed over his head with Ari completely disregarding the fact that she too is now wet

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave blinks at the kiss and soaked. He turns to stick his tongue out at Ari, then grabs another balloon from the bucket and grins at her.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh cracks up, witness to the sneak-attack. "Nicely done!" he compliments Ari. He does not notice Eben's smirk. . .probably for the best.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari backs away with a wide grin

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh hrms. The balloon stock is in danger. He fixes Ebenezer with a concerned stare.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave laughs, and lobs the balloon at Ari. "Payback!"

<DICE> Ebenezer anghs, trying to duck behind Shiloh. "Th-these are for the tree! The tree!"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh makes a dive for the water balloon stock, determined to preserve as many as possible!

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh echoes Ebenezer's concerns. "The tree! We need these for defense!"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari is splooshed with a balloon she stands stock still for a moment looking all drippily, before diving and grabbing another balloon to launch, at Eben this time

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh acks and maneuvers in front of Ebenezer. He knows that man has paper in his pockets!

<DICE> Ebenezer squeeps, throwing both hands over his head. Kersplash! "Augh!"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh, fortunately for Ebenezer, carried the vast brunt of the water attack. He sputters a strand of dripping, tangled white hair from his face. "Okay. This. Is war."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave laughs. "War you say!?" He dives for the sink and starts filling more balloons.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari grabs as many balloons as she can and ducks behind the counter, her eyes peek over the edge "War!"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh is still for one second. Then. . ."EBENEZER! SECURE THE BASKET!" he cries and dives for a nearby baking pan to use as a shield.

<DICE> Ebenezer yawps, scrambling for the basket! He can't disregard a direct order, after all!

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh has a baking pan shield! He has two of them! He slides one over to Eben and, shield in hand, makes a run for the empty balloon stock.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave has a sinkful of balloons, but alas, no defense. He looks around and finds a colander! There we go. He holds it in front of him, balloon in the other hand.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari lobs a balloon blindly over the counter

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave holds his shield out in front of him. It blocks the balloon! Succe. . .wait. . .colander. He still gets splashed. He sputters slightly, then lobs his own balloon at Shiloh.

<DICE> Ebenezer drapes himself over the basket, proclaiming, "Mine!" He heaves, clumsily pushing the basket, moving for cover behind a cabinet.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh snags a handful of the empty balloons, but he has to lower his shield to do so. Bad timing. "UWAGH!" Balloon to the shoulder! He howls with laughter. Time to retaliate!

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave piles his balloons into the colander, and dives behind a counter himself. He looks around. No one here. Good. He takes stock of his balloons, frowning. Not quite enough for a war.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh hunkers down and shluffles over to Ebenezer, clamping his baking pan shield in front of them. "Okay um. Plan. How do we fight back without using the balloons."

<DICE> Ebenezer crouches, counting the balloons in the basket. Counting calms him. All at once, he grabs and tosses, accidentally hitting Shiloh in his attempts to strike Dave. "Engh." He ducks!

<DICE> Ebenezer is apparently very, very bad at throwing.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh yelps. He looks at Ebenezer accusingly for a minute. His spectacles are now lopsided on his nose, one earpiece hanging by his cheek.

<DICE> Ebenezer hesitates, then accuses, "You-you got in my way, Shiloh! Very clumsy of-of you!"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave hears the hullaballoo over by another counter and attempts to get two with one shot, a high, lazy arc.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari giggles, descention in the ranks! Two more balloons are thrown

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh spots the oncoming balloons and eeks like a little girl. Shields up! Cover for Eben! Revenge later. SPLOOSH.There is water from three balloons drenching everywhere.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh figures that if Eben decided to use the balloons, then so can he. He snags one and springs to his feet for a second, lobbing it at Dave, before hunkering down again.

<DICE> Ebenezer ANGHs, ducking! In spite of his best efforts, his shirt is already soaked through. "Y-you!" He wildly tosses two balloons Ariwards. One's a foul, plopping down nowhere-near-her.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari thinks tactics, they are supposed to be important right? Stuff like high ground, she peeks up to the counter top, in this case she is of the mind that high ground is just for the stupid,not tactical

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave Ack!s as the balloon lands on the counter, spraying water all over him. His shorts are now soaked. He tosses his boots aside so they don't get wet.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh shrieks in triumph. Then he notices the elevated Ari. Oh, crap. On impulse, he dives behind some taller cover, lobbing another balloon at Ari while he does so. It aims for her feet.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave spots an Ari and is about to throw a balloon, but stops. "Truce, Ari?" And lobs another at the Shiloh/Eben cover.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari's feet are splooshed, the dirtied hem of her skirt gets wet and looks rather muddied, she is glad it is her skirt and not Cozen's

<DICE> Ebenezer wails, holding his baking pan shield over his head. "Surren-render!" he yelps.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh squeaks. It is raining balloons! Where are they comi-oh. OhHO. From THERE. He pauses, though, and stares at Ebenezer with stunned dismay. "NO! WE DO NOT SURRENDER!" <GERM>Abundantly Ari hmms at Dave's proposal, weighing partnership against more opportunites to lob projectiles at Dave, she nods,"Truce" cause Shiloh and Eben are a team looks like

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh sputters. "We. . .we. . . .OHHHH." He stands, slowly and purposefully, and jabs a determined finger in Dave and Ari's direction. "Parlay."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari lobs a balloon at him in response, well, she didn't get to do it to Dave after all

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave pauses, a water balloon poised to throw. "Parlay?"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh sputters, coughs, but does not change his stance. He looks ridiculous. Determined, but ridiculous. "Parlay," he confirms, grimly. "A pause, if you will. I have a proposition."

<DICE> Ebenezer dares tip his shield so as to get a better look at Shiloh, one eyebrow lifted. "P-parlay?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave leans on the counter. "Sir, if you're propositioning me, I should tell you I'm happily married."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari sighs and her eyes appear over the edge of the counter again "yes?"

<DICE> Ebenezer laughs at Dave's joke, but quickly covers it with an ahrrm hrrm hrrm.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh's grim expression cracks very briefly. He twists his hand to display the silver ring he's wearing. "No worries, Dave. I'm happily engaged. No, no, I propose a simple, gentlemanly end to this."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh clears his throat. "A DUEL. Balloons at dawn. Myself against you, and Ebenezer against Ari."

<DICE> Ebenezer perks at the word gentlemanly. Why, he's a gentleman!

<DICE> Ebenezer groans. Oh, not a duel. . .

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave grins. "That sounds like a plan. One balloon each?"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari frowns "I am not a gentleman you know, ask Dave"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh lowers his hand and clasps them behind his back. He ignores Ebenezer's groan and tries so very hard to keep a straight face. "Yes. One balloon each. Fifteen paces apart."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh grins at Ari. "Gentlewomen are included!"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods. He points at Ari. "She has a point." Or not, as the case may be.He should know.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh's eyebrows lift. "Very well. At the least, you and I can duel, Dave."

<DICE> Ebenezer supposes, "B-better option than de-destroying all the b-balloons. We need them for defence." With one finger, he pushes his spectacles higher up his nose.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari smiles brightly and hops to her feet, what would make this fun for Eben, hmmm? "If we do a duel you only have one chance of being hit"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods. "Dawn, huh?" He peers around. "I can do that. . ."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh says "Or, well, now. Now would be better. Dawn just. . .sounded better."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh says "More dramatic."

<DICE> Ebenezer peeks around the cabinet at Ari, answering, "I d-do like those odds."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nodnods "and if you win you are the most gentlemanly!"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods. "Yeah. Why not both?" He grins, leaves 4 balloons in the colander, the rest in the basket, then picks up his boots. "This way." He starts back to the Courtyard.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh grins, eyes sparkling. Oh yes. This is fun. He affects his most serious expression--which waves around the edges--and follows Dave out.

<DICE> Ebenezer nodnods back to Ari, then gives a broad "after you" gesture.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari marches out for her duel at dawn

<DICE> Ebenezer follows after.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari is glad to note as she leaves that there are actually a number of balloons still left for the tea tree


<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave carries his boots and the colander of water ballons into the courtyard. "This way, this way." And continues on towards Ari's studio.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh follows Dave, pauses, wondering where they're going, and then continues to follow. He checks behind him to make sure that the others are following.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari follows the leader grabbing the toothbrushes in passing so they can be painted

<DICE> Ebenezer is right behind Ari, marching soggily.


<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave walks very carefully through the room, making sure not to drip water on anything important. He heads for the stairs to the balcony, and waits for Shiloh. "This way. Should work."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh follows after, close behind, and turns slowly, taking in the scenery.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh wants to keep looking, but there is business here. He follows Dave.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari sets the toothbrushes on the lip of an easel and onward she goes

<DICE> Ebenezer plods behind them all.


<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave steps onto the Balcony, and sets the colander and his boots on the railing. "Right. . ." He makes sure the switch is set to Magic to prevent fireworks from interrupting the duels.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave then turns the dial to "Dawn" and the sky shifts so the sun rests low on the eastern horizon. "There we go. Dawn."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh blinks. He looks at the dial. He stares at the sky. He looks at the dial again. He stares at Dave.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave grins at Shiloh. "What? Never seen a Sky Selector before?" He hops over the railing and drops the short distance to the beach.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh whispers, breaking the solemn air for just a moment, "That is so cool." Then, he is all business again.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari beams as the sun rises, she gives Dave a kiss on the cheek Nearby Male Human Extra-Awesome Site Supporter [10/04 12:55am] <DICE> Ebenezer ohhhs, quietly, adjusting his spectacles.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh strides up to the railing and slings himself over, following Dave onto the beach.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh says "I have not, no. It's quite impressive. After one of us dies, you'll have to tell me about it."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave shrugs. "Uh. . .It works because I wanted it to work that way when I made it. You should see when the switch is flipped." He calls up to the Balcony. "One of you bring the balloons with you.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari looks at Eben "we can go around if you like" she glances longingly at the drop after saying this

<DICE> Ebenezer waves a hand, drawling, "Oh, I've s-seen this thing before. I have. Tell him, Ari. Tell him I-I have."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh hrms, and nods, that explanation seeming to make perfect sense to him. "That's really quite ingenious." He looks at Dave for a moment. He has never dueled before, and is unsure of protocol.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nodnods "Eben has, we showed him"

<DICE> Ebenezer hmns? "Oh! Yes. Around. L-let's go around," he answers.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nods "to the beach then" and collecting the balloons and looking wistfully at the jump once more she heads off

<DICE> Ebenezer follows her lead.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari trapses out of the castle onto the sand below the balcony with a grin "can me and Eben be first?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave, it must be noted, really has no idea how the Sky Selector dial works. . . just why. He waits for Eben and Ari to return with the balloons.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh turns his head to watch Ari and Eben make their way down for a moment. Then looks back at Dave. He is trying so hard not to smile.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh steps back, tipping his hat off and sweeping an elegant bow to Ari. "Certainly!"

<DICE> Ebenezer gives a sharp sniff, following after Ari. "Thanks ver-very much, Ari. Hm? Oh. First. Right!" He shuffles to collect a duelling-balloon.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave holds the colander and sets his boots near the castle wall, then crouches to watch the duel.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari picks a balloon "how many paces do we need?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave thinks. "15 Paces I think. . ."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh takes a position next to Dave, out of the way. "Fifteen," he replies.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nods and stands back straight on a strip of sand, waiting for Eben to stand at her back, she hopes she can throw that far

<DICE> Ebenezer holds his balloon in both hands, silently willing it not to explode before he's gotten a chance to toss it. "Right, f-fifteen, Ari."He situates himself back-to-back with her, then begins pacing

O<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave calls off the paces slowly, grinning. "10, 11, 12, 13. . ." He crosses his fingers for Ari. "14. . .15!"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh suddenly realizes that perhaps fifteen paces is a bit much for a balloon duel. He bites his lower lip and swallows his grin. This will be amusing.


<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee looks around. A sandcastle? With a courtyard. He grins widely as he tugs Andrew into the courtyard. "Oh wow...look at this place!"

<LAID>Andrew Anadel is tugged into the courtyard and looks around, "You're telling me! This is incredible!"

<LAID>Andrew Anadel points in the direction of Ari's studio and says, "I hear voices coming from that a' way!"

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee sniffs the air and nods. "C'mon! Maybe it's a bunch of royal sand people!" He giggles madly and runs off in the direction Andrew points.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel laughs and strides off after Pace.


<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee stops and looks around. Oh. . .this is better than the arts and crafts room at sun. . .well more professional anyway. He perks his ears up and listens for voices.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel walks in and listens as well, though more occupied watching the bundle of energy that is Pace

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee points toward the balcony and dashes of again. "This way!!"

<LAID>Andrew Anadel laughs and races off after him this time!


<GERM> Johnson's eyes appear, sudden and grey in the gleam of Ebenezer's spectacles. She blinks at the sand and the sea and the wash of surf. Quick flick of black and then she's blinking into blue eyes. Eben.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari turns on the mark, sights her target and lobs it with all her might Ebenwards, hoping it will reach him at least

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee skids out onto the balcony and rushes to the railing. "You were right Andrew! There were people." He watches the people on the beach. "They aren't made of sand though. . .that's a shame. . ."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave is torn. There's a balloon flying at Eben, but there's a voice up on the balcony. He decides to watch the Balloon first, breath held in anticipation.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh blinkblinks and beams at Pace and Andrew before waving them to the side. "We're DUELING! Serious business!"

<DICE> Ebenezer BLAGHs, flinching and blinking blindly. But there's no time to deal with his fogged-up spectacles now! He turns sharply and tosses blindly! The balloon soars, jiggling through the air.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel comes up behind Pace, laughing, "Yes but you have an Ari, Eben, Dave and Shiloh instead. That's got to count for something." He squints a little, "And the Miss there."

<GERM> Johnson's eyes blink quickflicksofblacklashes and an eyebrow tilts at Ebenezer. The grey eyes gleam once with amusement and then it's just sea and sand and surf again, and a balloon tumbling DOWN.

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee falls silent quickly. Serious balloon fighting.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari's balloon is succeeding in covering the distance but as for accuracy, it is a bit off, still, it is going in the general direction of Eben, it might hit him, her fingers cross

<GERM> Johnson is all of a sudden gone from Ebenezer's spectacles. However, a few seconds later a suspiciously Johnson-shaped scar slides into being on Dave's criss-crossed chest, next to the whale-scar.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave blinks and looks down. "Uhh..." He notices his scars moving. "That'. . .shouldn't be happening. . ." He keeps an eye on the duel, however.

<DICE> Ebenezer's balloon soars up-up-up in a high arc and down-down-down, over Ari's head. Will it hit?! Ari's balloon ker-splooshes, lightly splashing Eben's leg. "Gah!"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh's eyes flicker to Dave in concern. No no. He cannot lose his dueling opponent! They flicker back to the duel.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari watches the balloons descent, it seems swfully on course she shouts "are you allowed to dodge?" but it is too late,KERSPLOOSH!"

<LAID>Andrew Anadel waves to Shi and leans against the balcony edge, watching the group with some amusement from his safe, dry spot.

<DICE> Ebenezer flinches, shocked that his duelling-balloon struck true! He stumbles back a few steps, gapes, then points to Ari, declaring,"I win-I win-I win! I'm m-more gentleman-manly! I win!"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh calls back, right after the balloon drenches Ari, "No you may not dodge!" He headtilts up and waves, grinning, to Andrew and Pace. Then, solemn expression again.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods. "Eben wins, I think."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh's mouth quirks. Yes. Eben is more gentlemanly than the lady. He kindly refrains from pointing this out.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh nods, concurring with Dave.

<DICE> Ebenezer agrees loudly with Dave, "I win!"

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee blinks. Eben scored a direct hit. . . "I think Eben cheated. . ."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari blinks, wet ropes of hair in her eyes, she reaches up parting it to grin at Eben "YAY EBEN!"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave snickers at Eben, then grabs a balloon for himself and one for Shiloh. "Duel 2. Let's rock." He steps slightly away from the walls, and stands facing 90 degrees away.

<GERM> Johnson's shape in the scar on Dave's chest seems to be laughing. Possibly at Ebenezer. However it is, the skin on Dave's chest pinkens and wrinkles into her silhouette as she shakes with laughter.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh grins at Dave and nods, accepting the balloon. He, too, steps away from the wall and bows with respect to his opponent.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave returns the bow, not quite noticing the Johnscar on his chest. He stands with his back to Shiloh's. "Ready, sir?"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari runs down the beach to find the best vantage point, she picks a rock and sits upon it to watch eagerly, wishing she had popcorn 'Go Dave!!!"

<DICE> Ebenezer does a little victory-dance -- or maybe he's just adjusting his braces. Yes, that must be what he's doing. He gives Ari a polite bow and moves out of the way for Shiloh and Dave.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari did not much want to be a gentleman anyway

<LAID>Andrew Anadel laughs and nudges Pace gently before murmuring, "Be nice and let Eben think he's more gentlemanly than Ari" He grins cheekily and looks for a way down to the beach.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh straightens his shoulders and takes a deep breath. "I am, sir," he replies, back to Dave. "Count off." He begins pacing.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods. "Right!" And he steps. "One, two, three.." He grins, takes a few more steps. "Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, FIFTEEN!" He turns to throw, but slips in a patch of wet sand

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee giggles and nods to Andrew before shouting down at the beach. "Go Shiloh!!"

<DICE> Ebenezer brushes damp hair out of his eyes and removes his spectacles to clean them on the end of his moist necktie. He'd like to see this next duel, after all! The specs go back where they belong.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh turns, hearing the fifteen mark, and raises his arm to throw. He catches himself, eyes widening in alarm for Dave's spill. "Oh! Oh dear! Are you all right?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave's balloon is thrown at just the wrong moment. He was aiming for Shiloh, but it's way too high, way too far off towards the castle.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh watches the balloon soar with a kind of morbid fascination.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel, in the midst of finding a way down from the balcony, lets out a startled yelp as the balloon kasplooshes on his head, balloon carnage caught in his soaked hair, "Oi!"

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee looks over and his boyfriend and is caught between sympathy and laughter. He snrks and walks over to pick balloon bits from his hair. "Are you ok?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave frowns. "Huh. . .I wonder if I get points for that. . ." He realizes, belatedly, that Shiloh hasn't thrown his yet.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh's jaw drops. He stares at Andrew. Then, his shoulders begin to shake. He covers his face with his balloon andhowls with laughter. "Oh goodness. . ." he gasps. "Now what shall I do?"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh considers. He turns back around, counts in his head, and spins again, lobbing the balloon in Dave's general direction. He can't give himself time to aim if Dave didn't have any, after all.

Offline Female Human Extra-Awesome Site Supporter [10/04 01:39am] <GERM>Abundantly Ari giggles holding her sides as a spectator is soaked "You have to throw Shiloh" she says between laughs

Offline Male Human Extra-Awesome Site Supporter [10/04 01:39am] <LAID>Andrew Anadel smiles dryly at Pace, noting the restrained laughter. As soon as he gets closer, Andrew shakes out his dripping hair, spraying Pace in the process and grins, "Fine, thanks."

<GERM> Johnson's silhouette of scars peers through the web of flesh of Dave's body. Grey bruises form, flicker open, and a small red cut of a mouth rounds into an AUGH as a balloon comes speeding down.

<DICE> Ebenezer glances between Dave and Andrew, mumbling, "Wow, ama-mazing Dave hit him at th-that angle. . ."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave gets to his feet, wiping some sand off his shorts. He looks up just in time to see the balloon SPLOOSH! on his chest. Thankfully, the sand is washed off.

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee frowns and then shakes out his hair. He sticks his tongue out and laughs. "Very cute you..." He then turns to lean over the railing again to watch the end of the duel.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh stabs his arms towards the sky! VICTORY IS HIS! But, he will be gracious about it. He fights down a smile and walks over to Dave, extending a hand. "An honour, sir," he states, eyes bright.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari tilts her head, they both lost, well. . . darn

<LAID>Andrew Anadel decides the balcony - at least watching the group from the balcony - is far safer than trying to scale down to the beach while balloons are being tossed haphazardly.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave takes the hand and shakes it, grinning. "An honor indeed. Seems you and Eben have won the war."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari scrambles to her feet and over to eben to offer a hand "victory is yours, you guyses. . ."

<DICE> Ebenezer wows, ducking his head and adjusting his spectacles. He's won a war. Wait until Escemfer hears about this!

<GERM>Abundantly Ari adds to Dave's comment "there are enought balloons for the tree too I think!"

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee looks up at Andrew and grins. "I think Shiloh and Eben won. . .whatever they were doing! We're good luck charms!"

<GERM> Johnson's constellation of scars grows a red bruise in the shape of a tongue- suspiciously so, for a moment, flickering out at Shiloh- before the scargirl slips away and Dave's chest is still again.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh grins back at Dave. "So it would seem. It was a truly worthy battle. You and Ari fought well."

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh blinkblinks at the scar. He could have sworn---nah. It had to be his imagination.

<DICE> Ebenezer ohs, clapping his hand into Ari's for a shake. "Thanks very much-thank you! Erm. G-good show. Nice t-try and all."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods, then peers at his chest. Seems normal. "What the hell?"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari peers at Dave's chest at a bit of a loss, she is not sure she can yell at it for brusing him

<GERM> Johnson is adjusted, suddenly, in a gleam of light and glass, and blinks back into blue eyes, rather uncomfortably close. Hello again, Ebenezer.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari turns her head back to Eben, with the occasional sidelong glance at the chest "the better man won, you are a good dueler"

<LAID>Andrew Anadel grins and hip bumps Pace playfully, "It would seem so!"

<DICE> Ebenezer anghs, removing his glasses, blinking. "Len-lenses keep fogging up," he complains, rubbing at the glass with his necktie.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave calls up to the Balcony. "One of you flip that switch." He grins.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel's eyes catch on the Magic dial and he reaches over to switch the dial to More Magic.

<GERM> Johnson blinks, irritated as a necktie keeps getting swiped across her windows. Eben, you berk, stop it, I can't see.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel says ""There you go!"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh tilts his head towards the switches, curious. He is also very glad that there are balloons left for the tree! His goal has been achieved. SUCCESS.

<DICE> Ebenezer pops his spectacles back on. . .and he still can't see through them. "Engh. Al-alright. This isn't funny," he declares.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave grins at the launchers hidden in the sand, and looks over to Eben. "To celebrate." And with that, a firework bu`Hrsts in the sky.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh's fingers fly up to his mouth. He trails the firework's colourfully explosive path through the sky, his face lighting up like a child's.

<GERM> Johnson's eyes vanish in a gleam of sparkly firework-glitter to look for better windows. Ebenezer's spectacles just aren't cutting it.

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee jumps and then claps. "A-Andrew look!! The sky's exploding!! I. . .should be concerned but it's so pretty!!"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari lays on the beach to watch

<LAID>Andrew Anadel's eyes widen as he watches the fireworks, his lips parted in awe at all the colours, "Wow. . ."

<DICE> Ebenezer flinches, surprised at the sudden noise and sight of fireworks. "Oh, v-very--" He yawns widely, then finishes, "Very nice. I think I'd b-better-better, erm, retire."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave heads over to lay with his head on Ari's stomach. Wet shirt. Ah well. It's Ari. He cuddles into her with a grin.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel smiles and wraps an arm around Pace's waist, "They are fireworks, sweety. They're beautiful"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh claps his hands together, delighted. "Ohhhh, oh. . .incredible."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari waves "I will drop off the balloons later and we can test them then"

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee purrs happily and leans against Andrew. "I like fireworks I think. . ."

<GERM>Abundantly Ari absently runs her fingers through Dave's hair smiling softly up at the sky, it was a very good day

<DICE> Ebenezer announces, "I'm sl-sleeping in your house, Ari and-and Dave. S-so there." They can't turn him away! Not after they wore him out and soaked him with water balloons! He bows to the group.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh tries to wring his hair out. He doesn't really succeed. "I think. . .I think I shall head home as well."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave laughs. "It's alright. Feel free to grab a room at the Trees."

<LAID>Andrew Anadel smiles and waves to Eben, "Hey Eben! You come over for a tour tomorrow okay? Let me know when you are coming"He kisses Pace's cheek, "I love fireworks. Haven't seen any in years though"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari giggles "we got beds for that and everything and a linen closet if you need a towel"

<DICE> Ebenezer nods to Dave, then Ari. "Thank-thanks very much-thanks very much, both of you." He nods to Andrew, "I'll try! Goodnight!" And away he goes, back indoors!

<SUN>Charonte Prince PCee smiles and yawns softly. He closes his eyes and leans a little heavier against Andrew. "So. . .pretty. . ." He's soon out like a light, still standing. It's a gift to fall asleep anywhere.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh hattips repectfully to Dave, and then to Ari. "Thank you for having me over. And thank you for the fun. I really enjoyed myself."

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods to Shiloh. "Was fun. Feel free to stop by anytime." He waves, then stretches on Ari.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel smiles and nearly giggles at the sight of Pace asleep on him. Careful not to tip him over, Andrew picks Pace up in his arms, cradling him gently and looking for a place to lay him comfortably.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel shrugs a little and smiles down at Dave and Ari, "You two are welcome to drop by the Chateau tomorrow too if you'd like!" He doesn't think for a moment that they might not recognize him.

<LAID>Andrew Anadel strolls out, whistling a chipper tune.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave waves after Andrew, then turns to Ari. "Was that Ana?"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nodnods and then looks at Dave when andrew leaves "what Chateau?"

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh beams. "Thank you!" He tips another bow to Dave and Ari. "I hope you enjoy the cookies." He then takes his leave, trailing sopping wet footsteps in his wake.

<SAVOR>Academician Shiloh turns his head, and calls back, "Yes! That was Andrew Anadel!" He leaves them to stew over that.

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods after Shiloh. "They're tasty!" Then he turns to smile at Ari, smiling.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari waves to Shiloh, still absorbing Ana is Andrew "she is a boy?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nods. "Apparently. Happened to Rat, didn't it?"

<GERM>Abundantly Ari nodnods and shrugs it off "I am tired, do you want to curl up in a hammock?"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave nodnods and gets to his feet, stretching. "Sounds like a plan." He offers her his hand to help her up.

<GERM>Abundantly Ari grabs his hand to pull herself up to her feet and kiss him "thank you again for magic"

<GERM>Fait Accompli(ce) Teh Dave returns the kiss with a smile. "Anytime." And they're off to the hammocks.

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