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During the Pilot season, there were at once three different contestants by the name of Rosin. One had been dropped on the island to fight against the Improbability Drive after being abducted into the war, as most were in those early days. Another was the future self of the first, simply traveling backward in time to see if it was possible using Improbability. But the third, who did not at all agree with the others, had wings.

This winged Rosin, while not native to the island as we know it, had been abducted1) and dropped onto an island just as similar in an attempt to fight a conventional war against Improbability. As proven by the wings sprouting from her shoulders, that war was not at all successful, and she managed to somehow escape from her own world.

After a few days of travel through void, she happened upon someone who gave her a simple job. Deliver a pair of messages to a particular island, addressed to 'Snickerer' and 'The Watcher'. Thinking the job simple enough, she dove eagerly into her work.

The Pilot's days were numbered, however, and soon enough the Vortex was upon them. The other two by the name of Rosin had already scampered for safety elsewhere, leaving her alone to ride joyously through the end of the storm.


After being tossed into Season One while trying to navigate through the void once again, Rosin made various attempts to leave and find somewhere else to roam. Fortunately for her, the populace of the island had become like a sort of family. She rested peaceably amongst her peers for a few cycles, then began to feel restless. Her wings were meant to travel between different points of existence, and had become irritated at having been stranded for so long. Shortly after becoming a Joker, Rosin took her last flight over the island. Whilst riding the air currents, she brokered a sort of deal with the wind2), the main point of which was for the wind to keep her wings safe until she asked for them again.

Like a stone, Rosin plummeted from the skies over AceHigh as her wings soared away.


Through much of season one, Rosin stayed without her wings. She was mostly content to live on the ground with her fellows, occasionally taking swims in the various fast moving rivers and streams of the island to try and simulate the feeling of flight. This proved enough for the longest time, until her clan leader ,Zolotisty, created a special room for her. Inside this room, one was granted wings and the space available to actually use them. Rosin was once again able to fly, but was restricted to only one room.

Now remembering what it was truly like to fly, she began planning a retrieval of what she had lost. She questioned all who had had any dealings with the wind that she had known of, and ended with Sessine. He was able to tell her not where they were, but where they were not. The only places he was unable to search were in the water. They set out to the Clan Hall to use a certain map to find exactly where the wings were. Sessine offered to create a breathing apparatus so that Rosin could retrieve her wings, but did so much more than that. She was gifted with a full set of diving gear, and was thus prepared.

She enlisted the aid of Gorbert, and together they went to the center of the lake for a swim.


Shortly after the retrieval of her wings, Rosin was given a nasty start. Her brother Alexei, another 'runner' like herself, had found his way onto the island. There was no doubt that others would pursue as he brought news that she was wanted 'dead, or mortally wounded'. She began to prepare, sharpening her speed to its maximum and collecting items long forgotten. Together, she and Gorbert left through a rift to take the offensive.

1) Drafted would fit as well, given the nature of that place.
2) This was long before the events of the consequences.
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