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The Wish.


The simplest thing can be the spark that ignites the fuse. A throw away remark, a left turn instead of right, the turning of a card. Events picked apart for their origins often reveal the most banal and apparently innocent beginnings. A global war is triggered because of misread train timetables. An innocuous comment is translated and the meaning transforms into the grossest insult imagineable. A wish is granted. . .

Part One: There's Always A Price To Pay.

Part Two: One Thing Replaces Another.

Part Three: A Lost Leader.

Part Four: They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There.

Part Five: Home Is An Airship.

Part Six: A Plot Is Thickened.

Part Seven: Who Watches The WATCH?

1) Oh no! This is not an index of wishes as the page name implies!
2) That would be the page titled 'An Index of Wishes'
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