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The Wish - Part Five

Makiwa's Retreat

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa return much, much later in the day. No more stealth equipment, back to their old tricks instead. They look around, Trowa still a bit disappointed.

Witch Doctor Makiwa opens the door and stumbles blearily through. Yawning he looks around. "Hmm, seems I have quite a nice house. Comfortable beds too."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both gawp at Makiwa when he stumbles out. "Makiwa!" blurts out Trowa in surprise, "You're awake!"

Witch Doctor Makiwa is startled, "Yesyes? I am Makiwa yes. How are you? Who are you?" he adds.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both stare for a moment, before glancing at each other. Trowa speaks up, "Uh, well, I'm Trowa. . . We're friends, remember?"

Kaze mumbles, "Great, lost 'is mem'ry now, 'as 'e?"

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks at the heads of this odd, fellow, "Howzit friend Trowa. Are we. . . good friends?" He tocks the side of his head with a finger, "Sorry, memory's playing tricks." There's that nagging feeling again. What is it?

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa frowns, "Of course we're good friends! We lead SAVOR together, remember?"

"'e jes' said 'e didn' remember things, mate. Stop pushin' it on 'im," Kaze rolls his eyes.

Trowa peers at Mak, "Where's your badge?"

Witch Doctor Makiwa just stands and stares for a good few moments. Penny drops, a light comes on and that nagging feeling evaporates. "We are? We do?" He splutters, words tumbling out now, "SAVOR! That's it! The clan!"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grins brightly, "Yes! You got it! That's right!"

Kaze grumps and rolls his eyes again at being proved wrong.

"What happened, do you remember anything else?"

Witch Doctor Makiwa rubs his head, "Well I remember playing a card game with a Joker lady. Alice. Met a young man called Junior yesterday. Seems we know each other. He brought me here yesterday. But that's about it."

Witch Doctor Makiwa adds, "I have a strong feeling I should get back to the clan. Do you know the way?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa scratches an ear, "Alright. . . Well, I found out about your game with Alice. We thought you'd been kidnapped! Meenos and I even tried to raid the WATCH headquarters, but obviously you weren't being held captive there. . ."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa nods, "Sure! Let's go to Central, it's a little easier to get to and should be less confusing than Kittania. That alright?"

Witch Doctor Makiwa smiles, "Kidnapped? Well it wasn't quite like that. Although I did get trussed up by an irascible cat. Most unnecessary I thought."

Witch Doctor Makiwa nods and grins, "Thank you friend Trowa and er, Kaze? Lead the way, if you'd be so kind."

Witch Doctor Makiwa follows Trowa out, feeling a whole lot better now at how the day is working out.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa heads out with Makiwa, going to Central

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior finally wakes up for a minute as everyone is leaving. "Eraswassat?"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior looks around and sees no one there. He shrugs, assuming the voices he heard weren't as close as he thought. He re-settles by the firepit and tries not to hurt his wounded arm. He's asleep again in moments.

Corporal Teddybear of Death pulls a little fox doll out of his bag and holds it to his chest. That's better. Now he can sleep a bit better. . Now when he reliazes Makiwa took off again once he's up, he might be more confused.

Improbable Central - A short while later.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa walk into town, looking about in different directions. "Think he got lost? Nah, 'e knows 'is way, dunnit 'e? Yeah. . .I guess so. . ." They loiter by the gates anyway, waiting for their friend.

Witch Doctor Makiwa ambles in finally, "You move fast my friend. These old legs can hardly keep up." He looks around the city. "This is where it happened. Right over there," He points his knobkerrie at the fountain.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa glares daggers at the fountain as if it were responsible. "I see. . . Well!" Trowa brightens and grins, "Clan halls, yes? Thataway!" He points towards the western quadrant.

Kaze grins, "That Dan fella sure got a reputation brewin' fer bondage."

Witch Doctor Makiwa follows Trowa, "Dan? Bondage. Oh, you mean the cat? So that's his name." The pair (trio?) disappear into the clan district.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa nods, "Yeah. . . bad kitty," he mumbles as they head in.

Makiwa is returned to the clan.

Aboard the Airship

Witch Doctor Makiwa appears right in the lounge. He looks around smiling broadly. He runs his hand along the back of a couch. "This is home, isn't." It's not a question.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa appears in lounge again, and heads straight to the desk. "Ha! Now I have the pleasure of adding your name to the roster, and promoting you!" He grins, chuckling to himself.

Witch Doctor Makiwa has been filtering echoes, Familiar voices. He's feeling better and better as the day goes on. "You've, you've been looking for me? Ah, friends indeed." His smile broadens even further.

Witch Doctor Makiwa wanders over to look at what Trowa's doing. "Promote? Oh yes, you said we were leaders. Thank you so much. I think everything's going to be okay. Except. . ."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa snickers, "Yep. We were ready to go to war with Watch if they were holding you captive! Even brought in the airship for air support, and Meenos backed me up."

Kaze grins, "I was actually disappointed we didn' get t'fight 'em."

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks down at his waistcoat as an old familiar and slightly scarred clan badge appears, pinned above a pocket. He grins.

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks up saying, 'Meenos? Yes Meenos! Things are coming back to me now."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa finishes scribbling into the roster and puts all the paperwork away. "Done and done! Welcome back, Mak! Now, what were you saying? 'Except what?"

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks serious for a moment, "Well, the Joker woman. A debt remains to be paid. It was a foolhardy thing. The old saying 'be careful what you wish for' is never more true."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa frowns, "I did hear about that. . . What is, exactly? Dan said you owe her a day or something?"

Kaze snickers, "Women, eh? Always trouble."

Witch Doctor Makiwa nods, "I wished for the voice in my head to be gone. Not realising that it was my voice all along. I slept at the Watch HQ as a zombie and awoke like this." He waves a hand at himself.

Witch Doctor Makiwa adds, "So my wish was granted. The voice in my head has gone and it's now where it's supposed to be." He chuckles at this apparent trickery.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa rubs his chin, "Ooohh, I see. . . Fascinating! Well, glad they didn't hurt you or anything. That was the worst feeling. I have some minor issues with Fish, so even when he told me you were fine, it was hard for me to accept."

Witch Doctor Makiwa continues, "Although the price exacted was high. A thousand cigarettes and a whole day of my life. Given to the Joker woman. To use as she sees fit."

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks glum, 'I do feel some retribution is in order though. Although you know what they say about revenge and digging two graves?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa blinks, "Wait, you had to give her a day, and a thousand cigs?! That's terrible!"

Kaze grins, palming his chainsaw, "Retribution, eh? I can get behind that."

Witch Doctor Makiwa hmms, "Well it was my negotiation. She really wanted the trader's suit and hat. And that, I could never give away. I guess the price is small in comparison."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa sighs and nods, "I guess so. . . Pretty impressive negotiating, then. I went ahead and told all the clannies that The Watch might be banging on our door soon."

Witch Doctor Makiwa laughs sardonically, 'Then I suggest we bang on their door first! And that cat has to answer for hog tying me. Most undignified."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grins, "Whatchya got in mind, boss?"

Witch Doctor Makiwa thinks, tapping his chin, "Nothing too murderous. Perhaps a raid on the the Watch's HQ. Maybe we could relieve them of some items? We'll need the rest of the clan to help. What do you think?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grins, nodding, "In that case, Meenos and I have done some snooping around already! Swede's office is right up front, easily accessible."

"'e even 'as a bottle of rum in 'is desk we could nick!"

Trowa opens his mouth to correct Kaze, but stops. . . . and grins. "Yes. Yes there is."

Witch Doctor Makiwa chuckles at the word 'Boss'. "You're the boss too. Yesyes, he's their leader isn't he. And while we're there we can see if we can 'appropriate' anything else. A thousand cigs worth. Yesyes."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa rub their hands together and nod, "Oh! Every member has their own office, too! It'll be fun to take their papers, files, knick-knacks, and booze!"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa pause, and Kaze grins even broader, "Th' vault."


"There's a vault. We saw it, 'member?"

Trowa's eyes go wide, his grin threatening to split his face, "Oooh yeeaaah!"

Witch Doctor Makiwa grins, "Methinks a plan has been set in motion. Excellent!" Placing his hands on Trowa and Kaze's shoulders, "I thank you again for finding me and bringing me home. But now I must rest. My old room's down that way, yesno?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both nod, "Yep! Right down the stairs and through the secret passage. Your room should still have your name on it!"

Witch Doctor Makiwa turns away, knees creaking only slightly. "Ah, it's good to back!" Makiwa disappears down the hallway to find his room.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa tap their badge and disappear, heading to their own home.


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