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The Wish - Part Four

Aboard the Airship - Clan SAVOR

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa appear on deck, glancing around. "Still no sign of Meenos, Marika, or anyone else. . . Aye. We'll 'ave t'go it alone, mate. Ten-four."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa make some quick adjustments to their outfits and weapons, before giving Algernon the signal. "Bring her in nice and steady, captain. I don't want to set off any alarms."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk appears on the deck, unaware there is someone here with her she starts walking towards the lounge with a sigh.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both look around for rope, when they spot Meenos. "Meenos!" Trowa calls out, "You're just in time!"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk stops right at the stairs, saying "Huh? In time for what?" It doesn't take her long to realize "Oh! Were you about to do something?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both nod, also remembering to be more stealthy, "Aye, raidin' the WATCH. We're about to send the ship there. The Watch is located just south of the Central. Even if what Fish said is true, we can't take the chance that Makiwa's not hurt."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods slowly "Um. . . I've never been raiding before but I bet I can still help!" She isn't exactly sure what a raid is.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both grin and chuckle. "Excellent! You're not looking as stealthy as we are, but you can bring up the rear and provide heavy weapons support!" Trowa turns to Algernon, "Cap'n Algernon, are we there yet?"

The airship is following Algernon's commands, almost above the old mansion to the south of Central, coming in quietly. The joker captain, of course, says nothing.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk reaches into her basket, she might as well go ahead and pull out her weapons. She reaches into her basket and stops a moment to ask "Um, what sort of weapons were you talking about?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa shrugs, "Oh, whatever you have, really. . . We swapped out our chainsaw and shotgun for a katana and silenced pistol. I don't know if we'll encounter any resistance, but. . . Be'er safe an' sorry, yeh?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods, her usual weapons will do then. She pulls out a paper crane, which is followed many more who begin unfolding and refolding themselves into a thin blade and a buckler. "Ok, good."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grin as they find a rope and tie it to the mast as the ship comes to a stop. They peer over the side at the mansion below, right on square 14,9 where it belongs. "We're here, Meenos. You know how to rappel?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk shakes her head "Never heard of it."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa frowns, "Er, well, it's how to climb down a rope. . Uhm. . ." He glances to Kaze, "Maybe we can just lower her first?" "Aye. . . Luv, y'fraid a heights?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk gulps "Um. . . n-no. . ." She is "Just. . . um. . ." She walks over to Trowa and Kaze "Do what ever you need to do to get me down."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa nod, "Alright." He can't imagine how someone who can't see can be afraid of heights, but. . . They quickly tie the rope around her waist, "Lift your leg," and loop it around her legs to form a simple 'seat'. "You won't notice a thing!"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk is scared if her feet remain even an inch off solid ground for too long. "Do I just step over the edge now?""

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa gently guide her to the gunwhales. "We'll be very careful when lowering you. Won't we? Aye, aye. Careful. Sit on the railing here, and then step off. We'll keep you from falling." Trowa tugs on her rope as they take a good grip on it.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk sits on the railing as told, taking a deep breath before stepping off. She holds tightly onto the rope as she waits for the ground to show up.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa start lowering Meenos carefully, the rope sliding around their own waist to make sure she doesn't drop suddenly. Kaze grins, shouting out, "Don't look down!" as a form of encouragement. "That wasn't funny. . ."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa check over the railing soon after lowering Meenos to the ground, making sure she made it safely. They then wrap the rope around themselves and hop off the side, rappelling down off a wall that isn't there. . . .

Trowa and Meenos search the Watch HQ.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa slowly step into the headquarters, weapons at the ready. They peer around cautiously, noting the receptionist and statue. . .wait. . . Kaze raises his katana defensively, but Trowa stops him and shakes his head.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa carefully put their weapons away when nobody leaps out at them, taking the receptionist's words to hear. They then turn a head back out the door, whispering to Meenos, "Coast's clear. The receptionist is actually rather nice."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk gently patpats the door looking for an opening, inching in behind Kaze & Trowa. She hasn't heard anything yet so that must mean things are going well! She says quietly "Alright, seems this is going well so far."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa nod, "So far." Kaze is busy sniffing the air loudly, even going so far as to pull the ski mask above his nose, "Ol' Mak was 'ere alright. . . I can smell 'is knee ointment." Trowa shudders a bit.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk shakes her head and asks "Can you tell where he is?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa shake their heads, "Nah. . . Scent doesn't seem t'go far. . ." They walk to one of the couches, and Kaze sniffs it more. "This must be where he slept. . .? Aye, smells o'zombie funk an'. . .an' sumthin' else."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk asks "Something? What sort of something?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa shrugs, "I don' recognize it. Trow?" Trowa shakes his head, "You're a better bloodhound than I am. . You can't identify it? Nope. S'like. . .skins an' old folks. Huh. . . Well, let's keep looking around."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods slowly, waiting to follow their lead.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa look around the couch one more time, but not finding anything, head to the Commander's Office where the receptionist has pointed them earlier. "This way, maybe there's a clue in the office. . ."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk follows after them carefully, waiting for them to signal her.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa step back into the reception area. They look around, Trowa finally pulling the ski mask off his face, "There's an upstairs we can check. . . Maybe he went up there?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa obviously meant a hallfway, not upstairs, as that's technically where they just came from.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk walks out of the commanders office, stepping aside to let Kaze & Trowa by her "Alright."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa lead the way into the Main Hallway, going into 'stealth mode' again, backs to the wall and peering around corners cautiously. This is sure to draw a sigh of exasperation from the receptionist.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk follows them into the Hallway after she is sure there is some distance between them.

Possibly Fish slips into the Reception, nodding to Nobby and Detritus. "You two gentlemen wouldn't happened to see anyone come through, would you?" Nobby shrugs and nods. "There's these two in the building looking around for a Makiwa."

Possibly Fish's eyebrows rise and he smirks slightly, glancing towards the Main Hallway. "Ah, I see. . . Thank you kindly." He doffs an invisible hat and strides purposefully towards the Offices, leaving a bemused Nobby giving Detritus a knowing look.

In the hallway.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa peer around the hallway with their backs to the wall. "Well? Yer move, smart guy. I don't know. . . What's that big door? A vault of some kind? Let's try the barracks first."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk slowly pads up to the corner, trying to keep her claws from clicking against the floor.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa look at the doors and stairs, then head into the offices, "This way. . .maybe the barracks are in here. . ."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk heads to the offices right behind him.

Possibly Fish glides towards the Offices. Well not really glides, but close enough.

In the Offices.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa sniff around, "Aw man, they each get their own office!" They look at the blackboard, "Nothing about Makiwa here. . .could it be Fish was telling the truth after all?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "I dunno what else could have happened if he isn't here."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa frowns, "I don't know where he'd go if he left. . . Unless they took him somewhere else! That must be it! Eh? Fish told us all that because she, er, he already knew Mak had been moved!"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk asks "I wonder where that might be. . . did you two ever check Makiwas house?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both look at each other. "Uh. . . . 'e 'as a 'ouse?" Trowa smacks himself in the face, "Good point, Meenos. We should try there. If he's not there, though, I'll hunt Fish down myself!"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa rethinks that, "And Alice!"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk giggles, putting her hand over her jaw "Oop, uh yeah, I would think that might be the first place to look."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa sighs, "Alright. . . Well, let's head that way. I'll get back on board the ship and let Algernon know he can continue on his flight plan. Meet you at the Retreat?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods "Yeah, I'll see you there."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa taps his badge and disappears in a cloud of smoke. . .

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk wanders out of the HQ.

Possibly Fish watches Meenos walk by from the shadow of a doorway, leaning against the doorframe. He seems simply curious, and once she's passed, he turns and disappears himself. Nothing of further note, then. . .

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa return to the deck of the Airship in a flash and tear off the ski masks. "Algernon, we're finished here. Can you head over to the Retreat, please?" Once the Retreat is in sight, they jump over the side.

At Makiwa's Retreat.

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior leads the creaking, tired Makiwa in. He leads him by the arm to the door to Sephiri and helps him discover the key on his person. He makes sure the man makes it to bed safely, before curling up on the couch outside.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk shows up, hitting her head on the way through the doorway. She sits and waits for her friends to arrive, not really sure how she got here first.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa duck into the building and smiles, "Meenos! Good, you made it first. Didn't happen to get caught by anyone, did you?"

Possibly Fish's eyes glitter as he watches the pair- or, really, trio- from above, nestled in the shadowed crook of a baobab branch with his legs crossed. They're still looking for Makiwa, then. Well, it ought to be interesting to see if they find anything.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk shakes her head "Nope! I got here fine enough."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa chews his lip as he looks around. "Kaze? Got anything?" The other leopardmorph sniffs the air and grins. That's a very wicked grin. "Aye. Mak was 'ere. 'hole place smells like 'im, but also that scent of old folks an' skins."

Possibly Fish glances towards the locked door. His guess is that Makiwa's in there, sleeping. . . But they'll come to their own conclusions, he's sure.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "I don't think I ever smelled anything like what your describing Kaze, even when I could reliably smell."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa chuckles, "Is'like. . .'ow would I describe it. . . A musk tha' only old folks 'ave. . ." Trowa frowns, "I think Mak would take exception to that, Kaze. Anyway, let's look around. Let's try the dormitory." They leave their weapons on the rack.

Possibly Fish slips down from his hiding place and lands just outside the front door, waiting for Meenos to go into the room before he emerges into the warm light of the firefly globes. . .

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk lets her origami weapons dissolve into scraps of paper and back into her basket, following them.

Possibly Fish glances at his hands and smiles at the guardians as he slips past. He has no weapons on him; they're all back at the house.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa head out of Snoozes and straight to the Lakeside.

Possibly Fish crawls back out along the branch and makes his way to the main trunk and climbs down. He ducks out from under the lip of the thatched cottage and frowns at the sky. Is it that time already. . .?

Possibly Fish shakes his head and glances towards the Lake. . .

Possibly Fish sighs and jams his hands in his pockets, slumping unhappily away into the early-morning darkness. Well, here's Kaze and Trowa return from the lakeside and sniff around some more until they bump into a locked door. "uh. . .I don't remember this door. . . If 'e's still 'ere, 'e's in there."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk walks in after Kaze "I never knew about any locked doors here of course I never visited this place much either. . ."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa jiggles the handle, and sighs, "Well. . .huh" They both press their ears against the door and listen carefully. Kaze grins, "'ear 'at? Snorin'. Sleepin' like a babe." Trowa sighs in relief, "At last!"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk claps her gloved hands together "So should we wait here till he wakes or what?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa shrugs, "Could take awhile. . . We know where he is, and that he's alright now." He picks at the turtleneck, "Wouldn't mind changing and working off some stress. . . . Thanks for your help, Meenos. Glad I had you with me, in case things went south."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "No problem, I was worried about Makiwa too. I might find someplace to relax for a while now that we know where he is."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa nods, "That's a good plan. I'll keep an eye out for him when he wakes up. It's a little odd he hasn't rejoined the clan yet, but maybe it has to do with Alice's demands or something." Kaze grunts, "Ah, whatever."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods "I'll do the same, I'll find you if I see him around!" She turns and heads for the door. "See you-" She hits herself on the doorway "Gah! uh, bye. . ." She leaves the retreat.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa winces at the hit to her head, then waves, "See ya later, Meenos! Take care, luv," Kaze grins.

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior was asleep in a chair the whole time this madness went down. Why no one noticed or thought to wake him, or smelled fresh Makiwa scent on both his hands is a mystery. Why he didn't wake up in commotion could also be brought to question.

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior actually has excuses though. He's mentally and physically exhausted due to wounds. He's also quite used to be surrounded by noise, having inprobably intense hearing. Either way, he's sleeping peacefully, long after they're gone.


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