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The Wish - Part Seven

The Raid on the WATCH headquarters.

Major General leporidae menk walks in through the doors, thankfully they are quite big. He walks up to the reception desk, his body looping a bit towards the reception desk. "Um, hello sir." The receptionist looks up "Uh, would you be able to tell me where I am?"

Makiwa squats behind Meeno's bulk waiting for the right moment to slip away.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa hovers behind Makiwa and Meenos. He nods at Mak, points at him, points to the stairs up to the Commander's Office, then points at himself and down the hallway.

The man grunts "The WATCH." Meenos stares through the man for a moment and says "The WATCH? Uh, what do they do?" He honestly still isn't sure about that.

The man raises an eyebrow and says "You serious?"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst slips among the shadows, indistinguishable from the shadows on the wall.

Major General leporidae menk nods "Haven't heard much about them." The receptionist turns around and grabs a pamphlet from under the desk, setting it down between him and the foxpillar. "Um, what was that?"

"You read it."

Makiwa watches Trowa and peers around Meenos at the stairs. He makes his move, hoping his knees will remain stealthily quiet. A few steps and he's up the stairs.

Major General leporidae menk merely stares at him for a moment then states "Uh, I am blind." The man rolls his eyes and sighs. "Could you uh, read it for me?"

He nods reluctantly and says "I guess." and proceeds to recite the pamphlet for him.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa zips low to the ground and down the hallway as Meenos keeps up the distraction.

Major General leporidae menk nods as the receptionist says "The uh. . . the WATCH is the closest thing to law enforcement here on the island."

"Oh! There wasn't anything like that where I came from!"

He looks up at Meenos "You done?"

"Uh, sorry."

"Anyways. . . where was I?" He moves his finger along the pamphlet, finding where he was "Ah, here we are! Um, if you wish to put an application in, there is an interview process that takes place after the application is sent."

"An interview? Whats that?"

"Are you serious?"

WATCH HQ: Commander's Office.

Makiwa peers around the door. No one around. Good. He immediately spots the desk and scurries over to it. Ducking down behind the desk he tries the drawers.

Makiwa is thinking Trowa said there'd be bourbon or rum? The bottom draw does indeed hold an old bottle. "Rum, nice!" He grins, grabbing the bottle and stashing it in his satchel. Picking up a pen and studying it, "Better than mine."

Makiwa puts the pen in his satchel and looks around, "Now what else? Wonder what's in here." He ambles over to the filing cabinets and tries to open the draws. Hmm, locked. He looks around the office.

Makiwa returns to the desk and shuffles some papers about. "Intel." He mutters in a very commando raid style sort of way. Grabbing some files and papers he stuffs them into his satchel.

Makiwa rubs his hand over the lovely chair, then sits in it. He contemplates taking the chair with him while pressing the buttons. While he's thinking about this he begins to doze off. Silly old git.

WATCH HQ: Main Hallway.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst slides along the wall, passing into the vault room, having disappeared down the dark stairway.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa zips low to the ground, heading right into the Offices.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa crawls into an office under the door, and peers around. He lifts off the ground and hovers around quietly, his tiny bandolier stuffed full of office supplies and papers.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst slides back along the walls, the shadows climbing along the ceiling, staying out of sight.


Drunken Fist Master Catalyst slides along the wall, for anyone paying any attention, they would notice thicker dark shadows sliding through the opening in the door and passing into the evidence locker.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst slides back along the floor inside the fence, entering the weapons locker. Never know what might be useful in there. The thick shadows seep into the room.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst's shadows slip from the opening in the door, rather satisfied with his work, perhaps the others will be as well.

WATCH HQ: Evidence Room.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst's hand slides from the shadows, which suddenly leap from the floor, oozing into the cabinets, emptying them. Sliding back along the floor, the shadows grab a rather dapper Fedora from the comatose rookie as well as the dildo because why not.

WATCH HQ: Armory.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst's shadows slip about the area, swallowing up anything and everything that looks valuable. His gaze fall unto the rifle, a soft ooh slipping from his lips as the shadows seep into the case, swallowing it up, leaving nothing but a fancy case behind.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst smirks mischievously, replacing the rifle with the rather large purple dildo from the evidence locker, his body moving towards the door, rather happy to have his synesthesia in this form.

WATCH HQ: Offices.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa crawls under the door to the office and looks around. He hovers into the air and studies the blackboard.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa carefully avoids the gaze of the sergeant, remaining undetected. He zips over to Fish's Office and crawls under the door again.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa crawls out from under Fish's office door, and quietly sneaks into Xel's office, too, returning moments later with his tiny bandolier slightly more stuffed with office supplies.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa finally takes his chance to hover behind the sergeant and pluck pins from the blackboard, letting the case notes flutter to the floor. He disappears from sight as the sergeant turns, and snickers when the man tries to re-pin the notes.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa crawls away along the floor, silently laughing. There are no more push pins! When the sergeant finally gives up to leave the room and find more, Trowa takes the opportunity to BAMPH! into his full size and gathers up all the case notes.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa finally stuffs his bandolier with everything and re-BAMPH!s into his tiny size, along with everything he collected, and crawls out under the door into the hallway.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa crawls out from under the office door, squeezing his now tiny stuffed bandolier with him, and hovers a few inches off the floor, zipping rather slowly to the reception.

WATCH HQ: Back in the reception area.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst slips from the front door, the shadows sliding along the ground and back into the jungle to the previous location.

Major General leporidae menk nods "Never heard of it."

The man eyes him, not sure what to think. "An interview is when. . . when people ask you questions to make sure your qualified."

"Oh uh, am I qualified?" He may be forgetting why he was originally here.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa slowly and quietly buzzes back in, his tiny bandolier stuffed with paper and office supplies. He looks around, catching sight of the shifting shadows. Where's Makiwa? He frowns as he skirts along the bottom of the reception desk. . .

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa decides to look for Makiwa, so he doesn't give Meenos any signal to move yet. Makiwa must have gotten lost! He buzzes up the stairs. . .

"You could be. . ." He examines Meenos, looking him up and down. "You certainly look like you have some muscle, it takes a bit more than that to join though."

"Like what?"

"Uh. . ." The receptionist rubs the back of his neck. "Well, you have to be willing to help and-"

"I like to help!" His large tail wags about behind him.

The man rubs his forehead "Uh, yeah. . . I can see that. . ."

"Is uh. . . is that all?"

"Well. . . no, but I think you will be fine though. . ."

The man leans under the desk again, pulling out a stack of dusty papers and setting them atop the reception desk. Dust rises off of them as he sets them down. "Any other questions?"

. . . meanwhile in the Commander's Office

Makiwa snores fitfully. It really is a nice comfortable chair.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa spots Makiwa finally! Being very small means a very different view of the world. He buzzes right up to Makiwa's ear, "Psssst! Wake up!"

Makiwa jumps up with a start, "It wasn't me! I wasn't even there! They made me. . . . wha. .?" He blinks looking around. He fell asleep? Can't get more stealthy than that. "I was just er, um, I got the rum!"

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa snickers, "Good! Let's go, then! Meenos still has that guy busy, we can slip by easy, and I think Catalyst is all done. C'mon!"

Makiwa follows Trowa out, giving the chair a last wistful look.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa hovers through the door, and zips down low to the ground. . .

Makiwa hovers at the top of the stairs, listening. He makes his move while the receptionist looks away and scuttles down the stairs behind Meenos.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa zips along the floor and skirts the desk again, and pokes Meenos, buzzing loudly enough for the foxpillar to hear him. Three quick buzzes. . . . then he skirts along Meenos' body towards the exit.

Major General leporidae menk listens, nodding.

"I can give you an application if you don't have anymore, normally people just apply from an outpost."

"Oh! What sort of things do you have! Um. . . uh. . ." He seems a little too excited about this, till he hears the buzzing.

Makiwa backs out of the door, keeping Meenos between him and the receptionist. They might just get away with this.

Makiwa trips over his own and feet and falls backwards out of the door, "Waaarrrggh!"

Major General leporidae menk is reminded why he is here "Um, yeah. . . I uh. . . I guess I can take-" He winces as Makiwa falls out the door

"He with you?" The statue eyes him, his weapon at the ready.

Makiwa picks himself up and walks as nonchalantly as possible into the reception, "Meenos? I thought that was you. What're you doing in here? Not another defector?"

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa gasps in shock at Mak's stumble. He turns around and watches. . . . crap. He sighs. And he so wanted to throw a smoke bomb. . . He stays hidden by a corner of the door. . . he might need to. . .

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst slides back in from the jungle having seen the commotion from an undisclosed location. Its probably a safe bet he needs to be here for now.

Major General leporidae menk stutters a bit as he was beginning to back away "Um. . . uh. . . huh? Oh um. . . oh yeah, I um. . . sorry. . ." He really is, but it works.

"Who're you?"

Makiwa squints at the statue, "Never mind who I am." Patting Meeno's arm, "You know if you're having trouble at SAVOR you can always talk about it yesno? No need to join another clan is there? Come, let's get back to the Airship and discuss this."

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa prepares a ninja smoke bomb, just in case. . . A bigger one this time, too.

Major General leporidae menk says "I really wasn't um. . . going to. . ." He kinda was considering it, the man makes a good pitch! "Um, ok we can talk there." He turns and makes his way to the exit.

Makiwa eyes the statue warily. He glances at Trowa and nods. NOW!

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst slides back out into the jungle, remaining unseen to let Trowa do his thing.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa buzzes right up, and throws the smoke bomb, "Ninja Escape!" he crows, just before disappearing through the door.

Makiwa tries to bolt through the doorway but it's blocked by Meenos. He pushes him hurriedly. "Come on, go, go go!"

The statue's gaze flicks to the receptionist who shrugs, he isn't sure either. When the smoke bomb hits, Meenos runs and makes his escape. The man ducks behind his desk and the statue fires a shot right through the door, hitting nothing but air.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst slips from the shadows, carrying a rather large burlap sack of "liberated" items. Where he got the sack the world may never know.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst's bauble flicks on with a jingle, his eyes moving about the tree line quietly.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst quietly pushes his "newly liberated" rather dapper Fedora up out of his eyes, a smirk playing across his lips.

Makiwa stumbles out and passed Meenos and billows of smoke. Something whistles over his head. "Bloody hell! Let's get out of here!" He ambles as fast as his old knees can take him, heading north.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa zips out of the WATCH, a thin trail of smoke behind him as he giggles, following Makiwa and Meenos.

Major General leporidae menk runs out, running along behind Mak as he runs north panting.

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