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The Wish - Part Six

The conspirators meet in Improbable Central

Major General leporidae menk trots into the outpost, knocking over a bin and tripping himself up as he passes over a bench as he wanders about.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst looks about quietly, adjusting the stick candy pressed between his lips, moving it to the other side of his mouth, hands punched deep in his pockets. This is kind of nice. No one has molested him for candy yet.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst waves to Meenos, narrowly avoiding the mass hysteria and panic his tripping over a trashcan and bench must surely be causing. "Hello Meenos. . .you look. . .well um, larger than before."

Makiwa ambles through, casting furtive glances left and right. He spots Meenos knocking things over. He wonders about the stealth ability that's going to be needed. Oh well. "Meenos! Over here!"

Major General leporidae menk sniffs and says "Hi Catalyst!" Then he hears Mak, sniffing in his direction as well. He trots over to Makiwa.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst's bauble flicks back on as he follows Meenos with a slight rhythmic jingle, moving towards the fellow he has never met. Rather odd that, but oh well. .

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa appears beside Makiwa and Meenos in a tiny cloud of smoke. He was not seen buzzing to his current location. Nope, not by anyone. He simply appeared as ninja-like as possible. He buzzes his wings, "Makiwa. Meenos. Catalyst." he nods to each in turn.

Makiwa scurries over to Catalyst and Meenos, "Too busy here, let's go to the pub." he says hurriedly.

Major General leporidae menk says "Oh um. . . ok, I hope they have really big doors."

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst nods quietly, naturally sketchy things happen in dark smokey corners. They need to get a few of those.

The Prancing Spider Kitty - The plot is planned and the plan plotted.

Makiwa pushes the door open and beckons to the others. He too hopes Meenos can fit through the doorway.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst quietly stands slightly to the other side of the doorway. Meenos's largeness may be an interesting squeeze. He grins, watching quietly.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa is already here. He was hiding behind a potted plant, but then he got hungry and started crawling all over it looking for a flower.

Major General leporidae menk's nose pokes itself through the doorway first, the rest soon tries to follow. His large head gets stuck near his ears, if he can get that through the rest of him will probably be able to squeeze through.

Makiwa offers a hand to Catalyst while peering round the door looking at Meenos. "Hey clannie, glad you could make it. I'm Makiwa"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst looks about the more than slightly deserted bar. Yup, time to look like a sketchy drug deal. Although, that assumes that they can get Meenos inside first.

Makiwa watches Meenos trying to squeeze through the door. "Um," Is all he can muster.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst shakes his hand. "A pleasure, I am called Catalyst."

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa gives up and buzzes to a table. He watches the others intently.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst says "Meenos, mind if I give you a bit of a hand?"

Major General leporidae menk hnnngs as he tries to fit through. "Um. . . yeah, would you?"

Makiwa notes there is a table free right by the door and settles into a chair. Just as well they don't have to sit at the back. Meenos would destroy the bar otherwise.

Major General leporidae menk really would make quite the mess, Dan is already eyeing him. Emily is scowling at him as well, but thats for another reason entirely.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa is so glad he's tiny enough not to get scowled at. Yet. He walks in a circle on the table. "Is this it? No one else?"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst chuckles, looking at the head trying to push through the door. "Actually, here is fine it seems." He glances at all the dirty looks they seem to be receiving, fingers waggling to Emily sweetly. "I swear I will do that quest Dan. . .eventually."

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst takes a seat at the table, watching as Trowa paces about it. He lightly takes a few peanuts from the center of the table.

Makiwa waits for the others to arrange themselves as best they can around the table. Winking at Emily to beckon her over, "Emily my dear. Four pints of ale and a er, a sack."

Major General leporidae menk tilts his head a bit, his large ears swiveling towards the table everyone is sitting at. He could probably drink much more than a pint right now and be unaffected by it but Meenos drunk wouldn't be of much use to anyone.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa pauses. . . crap. He quickly buzzes off the table before Emily or anyone else can squish him. He takes a safe distance from the table and BAMPH's into his full size. He takes a seat at the table now, back to the wall.

Makiwa says to the others as Emily departs, unfazed by the sack request, "Don't worry about the dri. . . whoah Trowa! I wish you warn me when you're going to do that. Anyway we won't have time for drinks. Plan?"

Major General leporidae menk listens carefully, not quite sure what they might be planning for.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst looks about, acting as non-suspicious as possible still unsure exactly why he is here, but hey, promises of pillaging aren't a bad start.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa grins through his mask as he pumps his fist on the table, his voice a low whisper, "Swede keeps a bottle of bourbon in his desk. And there's a whole vault full of evidence and weapons for the taking!"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst quietly wonders how bourbon got on that list. He grins slightly with a smirk. "I see, so is that our shopping list then? Or is there anything extra in particular?"

Major General leporidae menk says "Oh yeah, um. . . he is right." He isn't exactly sure what all was around him when that happened.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa nods at Catalyst, still whispering, "There's also their offices. Lots of paperwork and secret files we could steal there, too. Seems deserted most of the time, too. The vault, on the other hand, has a guard, but they seem to be rather. . .dim."

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst chuckles softly to himself. It all seems rather fun. He can't help but wag his tail ever so slightly with a jingle. He can do that for now.

Makiwa nods, "Right then. . ." He pauses and smiles sweetly at Emily who has arrived with four pints and the asked for sack. As she leaves he lowers his voice. "Grab what we can. A thousands cigs is a lot to make up for!"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst says "So who is going about where if its okay to ask?"

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa taps his chin and grins, "That's a good idea. . .split our forces. . ."

Makiwa grins at Catalyst's bravado, "Any good at stealth? We'll need someone to dart in and have look about. See what resistance might be waiting for us."

Major General leporidae menk says "Um. . . someone will have to help me, I have only been there the one time. I only know the number of steps a little ways in."

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst chuckles with a smile. "You're asking a shadow about stealth. . ." He grins.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa nods to Makiwa, "He is good. . .!"

Makiwa grins back at Catalyst and says to Meenos, "Well once we're in maybe you can just look all big and intimidating, keep that receptionist busy?"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst scratches the back of his head "One more thing. . .where are we going?"

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa licks his lip, "The WATCH headquarters. Two klicks south of here." He looks to Mak, "Is it a little east? Or straight south?"

Major General leporidae menk nods, the door frame creaking as he does so.

Makiwa suddenly realises that Catalyst has no idea what it's all about. "It's a little east." He turns to Catalyst, "You know why we're doing this right?"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst smirks and shakes his head. "I don't suppose it really matters to me. I love a good chance to pillage, assuming there is a good reason."

Makiwa looks serious, "Kidnapping, a thousand cigs taken. Reason enough? Oh and that Joker woman still has a hold on me. I owe her a day of my life."

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst nods "Don't suppose I know the joker woman, but sounds like reason enough to play about with them." His grin turns slightly mischievous.

Makiwa takes a sip from his beer and pulls a face, pushing the mug away from him. "So, we rendezvous say two klicks south of here?"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst says, "That I can do."

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa sniffs at the ale, and nods, "And one east. I remember now. The first coordinate is definitely 14."

Major General leporidae menk says "Yes, I can get there."

Makiwa nods, "But let's meet across the way. We don't want to all pitch up on the doorstep. Not very um, stealthy if we do that."

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa squints. "Ah, gotchya." He nods at the others, then BAMPHS! into his tiny form again and buzzes in place. "All set?"

Major General leporidae menk tries to pull his head out of the doorway "Um. . . could someone just. . . push or something?"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst nods quietly, standing up and downing his ale. He's had worse, but he wouldn't want to upset the proprietor or the waitress. Lord knows how upset they must be already.

Makiwa gets up, "Meenos you better go first." He stands ready to push Meenos through the doorway.

Makiwa pushes at Meenos's back. "Catalyst, a hand?"

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa just slips through the doorway around Meenos, no help whatsoever. Suckers!

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst smiles, his bauble flicking off as he reaches for Meenos' head, his hands swirl over it for a moment, making it disappear in the blackness. He steps forward, pushing Meenos back with the shadows inside the bar.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst breathe's softly, taking his hands away outside the doorway. "Never had another being in me before, felt a bit odd."

Major General leporidae menk starts pulling, stumbling as the door releases him into the streets.

Makiwa also stumbles after Meenos thinking that's a good trick at Catalyst's movements. And they're off!

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst vanishes in the shadows of the bar, off on a grand misadventure.

Two miles south of Improbable Central, the group assembles.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst's bauble flicks on with a light jingle, his body slipping from the shadows of a massive tree. He quietly watches, waiting for the others.

Makiwa can be seen hiding behind a tree, waiting for his compatriots. He scans the area across the small open space, watching the WATCH.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa buzzes onto Makiwa's shoulder. He was already here. . .

Major General leporidae menk trots up, trampling over any foliage that might be unfortunate enough to be in his path.

Makiwa hisses at Catalyst, "Pssst! You see it?" He points east.

Makiwa groans at the noise Meenos is making.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst nods quietly to Makiwa, ruby eyes peering out towards the WATCH.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa chuckles under his breath. "Well, we sure brought some muscle with us, didn't we?" He nods towards Meenos.

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst chuckles quietly. "I suppose so. Shall I go check it out then?"

Makiwa nods to Catalyst, "Yesyes, do your stealthy thing. We'll wait for you."

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst's bauble extinguishes, his body seeping into the shadow which begin to worm their way toward the building.

Major General leporidae menk grins "I'm glad I made it to the right spot here. . . um, so we just wait for him here?"

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa hmm's. "He'd make a better ninja than I do! I'm just small and easily missed. . ."

Makiwa is thinking, "If we hide behind Meenos as he enters, easy for you Trowa, then he can keep the receptionist busy while we slip passed. You know the way to Swede's office Trowa?"

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa nods, "It's up the stairs. Sounds like a classic trojan horse scenario, should work. . ."

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst's ruby eyes open under the shadows of a tree. "The place is a ghost town. . .all of it."

Major General leporidae menk says "Keep him busy? um. . . how do I do that?" He thinks for a moment, he hasn't ever had to keep someone busy before.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa grins at Meenos, "Just talk to him. A lot. Ask for directions. Ask about the weather. Anything, really."

Makiwa waves a hand, "I don't know, ask about joining the WATCH or something. Good work Catalyst!"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst smirks, sliding from the shadows as the bauble flicks on with a soft jingle. "So we have a plan then?"

Major General leporidae menk says, "Oh, I think. . . I think I can do that." Hopefully they won't recognize him, he was considerably smaller last time.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa nods at Meenos. Meenos was also a 'she' last time. He looks to Mak, "Time to go in, then?"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst says "Can I play with the vault? The guard seems rather fun."

Makiwa adopts a posture of readiness, "So Meenos lead the way, we'll hide behind you and slip away while you distract the receptionist yesno?" he looks at the others.

Makiwa nods, 'Yesyes, if you can get in there and grab what you can!"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst says "I assure you, you won't have to worry about that."

Major General leporidae menk grins and says "I'm ready to go when everyone else is.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa buzzes at Catalyst, "You take care of the vault, then. Mak, you want to handle Swede's office? I can rifle through the others' offices."

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst nods, the bauble flicking back off, a very mischievous grin plastered unto his face.

Makiwa stops, "One more thing. No violence. Agreed?"

Drunken Fist Master Catalyst says "I suppose so. I will leave the poor bloke intact."

Makiwa with another glance left and right mutters, "Let's go!"

Major General leporidae menk nods his huge head "I won't hurt a thing."

Major General leporidae menk says "Alright" And heads towards the HQ.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa lifts off and buzzes excitedly. "Onwards!"

Makiwa steps from the bushes and shadows Meenos as he makes his way across the open space.

Major General leporidae menk walks right through the WATCH gates.

Bumble Bee Ninja Trowa hovers behind Meenos's head, also entering the WATCH.

Makiwa bobs lightly behind Meenos, keeping out of sight.


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