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The Wish - Part Three.

Aboard the Airship - Clan SAVOR

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa both appear on deck, and Trowa tries to dash to the captain, though Kaze is much less inclined to. "Algernon, we got a problem!" The stony-faced joker captain at the wheel stares ahead unflinching at Trowa's panic.

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa finally makes it to the wheel, panting, "It's Makiwa! He's been kidnapped!" Not even a raised eyebrow. Trowa growls, "We gotta do something!" Kaze grins, "Mate, in case y'ain' figgered it out yet, that leaves yeh in charge."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa looks at Kaze in shock, "Wait, you mean me?" Kaze nods. Algernon doesn't blink. Trowa shakes his head, "There's still Shiloh! And, and. . . I just know Mak's in trouble!"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa sighs in exasperation, "Look, first thing's first. We need to find out where he is, then we need to figure out what we can do to rescue him. Where was he last seen?" Kaze shrugs, "Ask folks in th'outposts? I don' think we need t'do nuthin', tho'."

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa grumbles, "I'll need to the whole clan to help with this, then. You're obviously useless." Trowa blinks up at Algernon pointing at Kaze, "No no, him, not you! Can I count on you to help?"

Well, here's Kaze and Trowa isn't sure, but he thinks he saw a shrug or a glimmer of a smirk. With that, he taps his badge and heads out to alert the clan.

Chancellor Badass Jigorou: says, "I can't believe it Makiwa is gone."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk walks in to take a look around, running her hands along the couches till she gets to the clan rosters. Picking it up she gets the postal gremlin she brought with her to read it for her. "Huh? Are you sure you didn't miss any names?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk taps the desk with a finger as she thinks "That can't be right. . . maybe I should ask someone else about it. . ." She waves the postal gremlin off and taps her badge.

Mad Maid Marika lands on the deck in her usual clattery fashion. Not cursing this time she hops to her feet and straightens out her ears. " Ooour lead-er ees gone?" she turns to Algernon for answers, he of course gives none.

Mad Maid Marika listens carefully to echoes, kidnap? Did she hear that right. " Eee 'as been stolen!" she gasps, wings fluttering slightly as she starts pacing up and down.

Mad Maid Marika paces up and down the entire length of the deck, three times before she decides to go pretty up EB's room. . .So easily distracted from her leaders potential peril.

Mad Maid Marika giggles as she runs to her room, coming back out moments later with a dripping paint brush and a little pot of glitter. She pulls a grip from her hair to pick EB's lock and sneak in.

Mad Maid Marika is giggling so much she nearly doesn't make it out of the door. Happy that EB now has a pretty room she taps her badge and vanishes. She must find Trowa.

The Search Begins in Pleasantville.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk walks into Pleasantville using her guidestick, she seems to have acquired some armor.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both lumber into the outpost, Trowa in much more of a hurry than Kaze, whom he drags along, "We need to keep looking for clues! A'ight, a'ight. 'e couldn' gone far." They almost bump right into Meenos, "Oh, terribly sorry!"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Trowa? You sound like your in a bit of a hurry."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both grin, "Meenos! Glad to see you! There's trouble!" Kaze grins wickedly, " Allo, luv." Trowa swats Kaze, "Hush, not now."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Tro-" She tries to stop and scowl at Kaze, but she doesn't really have a face to do so with. upon remembering this she continues "What sort of trouble?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa tries not to speak too fast, "Makiwa got kidnapped by a jester woman in Central, he was forced to join a clan, I dunno which, but he's been kicked out of it by now, and now I can't find him anywhere, and I think he's in danger!"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "What? I thought. . . I thought that was just a mistake in the clan list!"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa shakes his head, "No no, I'm afraid not! He was kidnapped!" "'e's tellin' th'truth, luv. Wish it were a prank, I'd be laughin' my arse off at 'is runnin' 'round all ovver th'island."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk taps her foot, alternating her foot tapping between each foot as she shifts her weight between the two. "So. . . so what do we need to do? I don't know anything about what could have happened!"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa slaps a fist into the palm of their hand, "We need to find the jester woman! I have no idea what her name is, though. Someone told me she was wearing red and black, and a top hat. Someone else said she had a talking cat."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa pauses, "Wait. . .talking black cat. . . That could be Dan!"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Erm. . . ok, got it. . . talking cat and a top hat." She shrugs, the colors don't help her much. "There are lots of talking cats on the island though aren't there?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa frowns, "It was an ordinary-sized cat. None of Crazy Audrey's kittens talk, so it wasn't one of them. But I saw Dan the other day, he'd been turned into a small black cat. And rather grumpy about it, too."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa sighs. Kaze grunts and stuffs his hand in a pants pocket.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods "Dan wasn't that grumpy when I saw him. . . I can't say what color he was though. I think you were with me the last time I saw him."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa shakes his head, "If that's true, he's even smaller than that now. True, he was like, four foot tall, but now he's only maybe a foot tall, walks on all fours, and has a scratchy voice now."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Ok, so you think Dan might know what happened to Makiwa?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both nod, "Yes! Last I saw him was here, but I haven't found him yet. I was going to try Kitt next."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods "Ok, I can come with you if your going now!"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa nods, "That'd be great! Let me deposit my req at the bank and we'll head right over there. S'long as draggy-feet here doesn't object." "Yeh yeh, wha'ever."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa waves, "See you there!" "Take care o'yerself, luv." "Stoppit."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk heads out of the gates, for Kitt.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa head out soon after the bank.

Kittania - The Search Continues.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk walks into Kitt using her guidestick, stepping aside from the gate to wait for her friend.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both stumble through the gates, "Pick up your feet! Stop walkin' me inta'trees! Stop walking into trees!" they grumble at each other, before stepping over to Meenos, "Meenos! Beat us here by much?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk shakes her head "I don't think so."

Contestant Oschia is sitting on a roof.She sees Kaze and Trowa and smiles.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa turns to face the rest of the outpost, looking at all the other contestants in view. "Well, where should we start? Well, I see one pretty face we can talk tah," Kaze grins, waving at Oschia.

Femme Fatale RoseRed smirks giggling lowly as she lies against the branch waving back a simple twiddle of fingers

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "I uh. . . I don't know, maybe someone from SPARC? Dan is in that clan right?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa nods at Meenos, "Good idea. SPARC. . . . Who else is in that clan?" Kaze shrugs his shoulder, "'oo else does he 'ang out wif?" "Well. . .he's Roxy's husband. . . But I don't see her, either."

Contestant Oschia jumps down and walks over."Hey".

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk starts naming off the people from SPARC she knows "Carter, Obsidia, Alex hmm. . . Thats all I think I know from SPARC."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both grin at Oschia, "Hey!" "Allo, luv." "Hey, Oschia, this is my clan mate Meenos," he gestures to menk, "We're looking for someone. One of our Leaders went missing! Have you seen a little black talking cat around here?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk waves at Oschia as her form seems to waver, there isn't much difference to be seen with all the armor she is wearing. "Hey."

Contestant Oschia shakes her head. "Sorry." She looked at Menk and smiled.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa frowns a little, "Are you sure? Tiny little guy, black, scraggly, has a scratchy voice and goes by the name Dan? He was last seen with a woman dressed like a jester with a top hat. That's who I'm really looking for, but I don't know her name."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nods "Apparently Dan is grumpy too? Thats what Trowa said anyways."

Villain's Lapcat Arodang slinks out of the shadows from behind a tree, a toothy grin twisting his feline face. "You needed me, Trowa?" he grates out.

Contestant Oschia shakes her head.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both leap just a bit. Kaze smooths out the fur on his chest and growls, while Trowa just clears his throat loudly. "Dan! We were looking for you! You remember Meenos, right?" he gestures to menk, "And this is my friend Oschia," he gestures again

Contestant Oschia smiles and gives a small wave.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Thats Dan? His voice changed. . ."

Villain's Lapcat Arodang bows his head to Oschia and offers a sharp-toothed smile to Meenos. "Hello again Meenos. Greetings Oschia. How can I help you?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa nods at Meenos, "Yes, that's what I meant. . ." Kaze grins at Dan, "Yeh got somethin' we want, kitty cat." Unfortunately, that's not much of a threatening tone considering their location. . .

Contestant Oschia watches rather quietly. Yup, just blend into the background a little, but not so much that she was invisible.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Um, hello Dan. . ." She shifts in place a bit nervously, Dans voice reminds her of one of her scary friends! "Uh, yeah. I guess we need to know a few things."

Villain's Lapcat Arodang's lips draw back again and his whiskers twitch, growling a quiet snarl at Kaze. "I still don't like you, mangy furball. But how can I be of service?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa whispers something in Kaze's ear, who frowns and whispers something back. Kaze then directs his attention to Oschia, grinning, "'ow ye been, luv?" Trowa smiles at Dan, "Don't worry about him, then. Do you know where Makiwa is?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk has to stifle a giggle at Dan's comment towards Kaze, she doesn't like him all that much either. She listens intently for Dan's answer.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang bites his lip, but shakes his head. "No. Alice took him away to fulfil his part of a bargain. You'd have to talk to her."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa's eyes go wide, "Alice!! She's the jester woman! Now it all makes sense. Where'd she take him? What bargain? Tell me, Dan! what did she do to poor Mak?!"

Possibly Fish is suddenly standing next to Trowa. "She granted him a wish, that's what she did."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "I've heard of Alice, but have yet to meet her. . ."

Villain's Lapcat Arodang bares his teeth and steps back, fur bristling slightly. He hisses out, "I tied him up and blindfolded him. She took him awa-" Dan breaks into a stunned lapse of silence, staring up at Fish.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa flinches at the Suddenly Possibly Fish standing next to him, "Wish? Hello. Nice ears, they look like Fish's. . ." Trowa glares down at Dan, "You did what?!"

Villain's Lapcat Arodang's ear flicks but he doesn't answer, staring at Fish.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk asks "So uh, where is he then? Where is um. . . Makiwa? Or Alice?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa's fingers curl and twitch, glowering down at Dan. Kaze glances over their shoulder at Fish, and chuckles before winking at Oschia, "Y'should take 'im somewhere private. Y'sound like y'like 'im a lot."

Possibly Fish smirks. "I told you, she gave him a wish." He waggles his fingers at them both. "A wish. A Joker game isn't that easy to win. . . but he did, and handily so at that."

Possibly Fish looks to the Foxmorph. "He's sleeping at the Watch HQ. He'll be a lot better off once he wakes, but for now he's asleep."

Villain's Lapcat Arodang: Y-yeah. Fish?

Possibly Fish turns slightly and peers at the kitten. "Yes? Can we help you?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa sighs and looks at Fish, "How does that factor in? What does his wish have to do with him being kidnapped from our clan?" Kaze winks at Oschia before wolf-whistling at Fish.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang says, "It was part of Alice's demand for the wish."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says to Trowa "Maybe we can ask him when he wakes up? We know where he is now!"

Possibly Fish bliblinks and blushes at the whistle, ears flicking back and forth in embarrassment. He hadn't gotten that sort of response to this form, yet. Just confusion and displeasure. . .

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa grumbles, "So, Alice demanded his kidnapping, and he went along with it, so now he's sleeping at the WATCH HQ. . . Is he okay?" Kaze grins at Oschia - innit handy to have two heads? - "Just' don' get s'drunk, an' mebbe y'can 'ave fun wif'im."

Possibly Fish does his best not to let it show, though. He maintains his smirk. "He's back, now. Or should be soon. He's just asleep. . . and he had to be part of our li'l club to give us his part of the bargain. He's fine. . ." He bends down and scoops up the Dan.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang mrowls quietly, teeth showing as he's picked up. "Different," he grates.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa sighs loudly, "Fiiiine. Sheesh. I swear, that man. Not even a word of warning. We all got a letter saying he left the clan, and then someone told me he was kidnapped in Central!"

Possibly Fish pulls Dan close to his bare chest, apparently not afraid of scratching, and pets him gently. "'s all right, niichan," he murmurs softly in the little furry ear.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk kicks at the grass "You. . you um, got a letter from him? I didn't get one. . ."

Villain's Lapcat Arodang murrs and shifts about. He'd never scratch his brother(?!) but his fur is rather straggly and prickly. "Mrrrr. Why?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa shakes his head, "No, no, I got a letter saying he'd left the clan! Julia, from the Halls, sent it."

Possibly Fish eyes Kaze speculatively, still faintly pink, as he pets Dan. "Because. I missed you, and now you're all little. . ." He doesn't seem to mind the state of his hair.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Oh, ok. I guess that makes more sense."

Villain's Lapcat Arodang rumbles, then cranes his neck up to lick Fish's nose. "A Joker's idea of fun. What happened to you?"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa looks Fish up and down, "Huh. . . New look there, Fish. Not bad." A bit slow, yes? Kaze chuckles and scritches around Oschia's ears, an eye wandering to Fish, too.

Possibly Fish smiles slightly at the lick. "I had tea," he explains, then looks back up to catch Trowa's look. His smirk widens slightly, and he winks at the both of them. "Same to you two gentlemen."

Contestant Oschia purrs.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa blushes, "Oh, well, we finally have a better, er, pair of bodies. . . Still stuck on each other, though. Might get surgery to separate us. . .Might. . ." Kaze purrs, glad for the distraction of Oschia, and scritches around the back of her head.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang curls up against Fish's chest and lets out a sickly purr, thin tendrils of sour smoke leaking out of his nostrils. "Tea. Fish brothersister."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "You are Trowa? That sounds a little dangerous."

Possibly Fish shrugs, scritching Dan. He blows the smoke away gently. "Can't wait to see that," he grins, leering a little bit. "And I'm sure that the good Doctor Paprika can manage it."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa smirks at Meenos, "It is, a little. But, we're only joined at the hip and shoulder now. We'd both be missing an arm, but maybe a small price to pay?" Kaze ignored Trowa's ramblings, and tickles Oschia's chin.

Possibly Fish quirks an eyebrow. "Surely they can get a prosthetic!"

Villain's Lapcat Arodang rumbles, "My last prosthetic build worked very well. That was a whole person though."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa shrugs, "Yeah, probably. It's no big deal right now, though. I've rubbed off a bit on this rough-and-tumble jerk so he's less jerky." Kaze's ears twitch and he sneers at Trowa, "Yer gettin' t'be like me, mate, not th'other way 'round."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk nudges a little divot into the ground with her footpaw "A prosthetic?" She seems to be the only one here who didn't know what that was.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa tilts his head at Meenos, "Prosthetic. In this case, a fake arm." He forgets how little Meenos knows of the world around her.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Oh uh, kinda like my mask? That is sounds pretty useful!"

Possibly Fish kisses the top of Dan's head, eyeing Kaze and Trowa still with that same smirk.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa chuckles, "Yeah! Exactly! That way neither of us would have to worry about losing the use of an arm. As it is, I can still sort of do this. . ." The hand that was scritching Oschia slaps Kaze across the face. Kaze growls, and does the same to Trowa.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang nuzzles and licks Fish's chin, snuggling lazily against his brother. Not much for him to do, really.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk isn't really sure what just happened, she just heard a couple of slapping sounds and Kaze growling. She chuckles anyways though, it sounded a bit funny!

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both catch Fish's smirk, and grin back, Kaze a bit more toothily and wickedly, a gold fang glinting in the bright sunlight. Kaze then sets back to work scritching Oschia's ears. Distracting kitty ears!

Possibly Fish chuckles darkly and flashes a gleaming grin at Kaze. He's looking forward to seeing this, now.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa eyes Fish curiously from the chuckle, "Whaaaat? What is that? What are you thinking? Huh?" Kaze looks to Fish and grins back, "Think 'e's sendin' signals, mate."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk rubs her arm "Signals? Huh?" They must be funny signals if Fish is chuckling like that!

Possibly Fish lets go of Dan with one hand to waggle his fingers at them. "Woooo!"

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa raises an eyebrow. "Uhm. . .Yeah, signals. . . Fish, you okay?" Kaze laughs, and runs his fingers through his hair, "Meenos, luv, 'ow would y'like a drink?" Playing hard to get.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang mumbles something and bumps against Fish's leg, then shakes his head and hurries away, out the gate.

Possibly Fish snickers, leaning down and scritching Dan as he pauses post-leaping-out-of-arms.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says to Kaze "A drink? With you?" She crosses her arms defiantly "I don't think so!""

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa laughs at Meenos' rejection to Kaze, "Kaze, what are you doing? You're scritching miss Oschia, making eyes at Fish, and asking Meenos for a drink? I swear, you're trying to get yourself slapped!" Kaze grins, "Jes' livenin' things up."

Possibly Fish laughs aloud. "It ain't like to get 'im slapped if they're makin' eyes back, Trow, now izzit?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk can't exactly make any sort of eyes back as she is right now, it would probably be a glare though. She mumbles to herself "Dunno who would make eyes at him. . ."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa chuckles, "Oh, I see, well- wait, what are you saying, Fish?" Kaze grins, "'e's sayin' 'e wants a drink. Don'chya, bright eyes?" It seems miss Oschia might have been scritched into a gooey mess of satisfaction?

Possibly Fish snickers. "Ahh, now, I'm not up for a drink, m'self. Not this evening, that is. Perhaps another, though, I'd love to take you up onnit." He grins again, seeming pleased.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both smile, Trowa friendly and Kaze his usual wicked. "I'd like that! Aye, we'll take y'someplace nice." Trowa glances about the suddenly quiet outpost, and pats Meenos on the shoulder, "Well, we found out where Mak is, so Kaze and I are going to head out and get some rest. Where's the WATCH HQ again, Fish?" he asks curiously.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang has managed to climb his way into a tree, carrying carton of fresh eggs in a sling gripped tight in his teeth. From tree to tree he crawls, nearing Kaze, Trowa, Fish, and Meenos.

Possibly Fish nods. "It's, uhh. . ." He has to pull out his map.

Possibly Fish nods. "At 14,9."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk shakes her head, not really understanding why anyone would accept such an offer from Kaze. "Um, yeah. Just tell me when your going, okay?"

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk adds "To the WATCH HQ that is."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa's ears flick a bit as Kaze glances around, but doesn't see the cat in the tree yet. Trowa nods at Meenos, "Will do! Obviously, as soon as possible." Kaze levels a sneering gaze on Fish, "Forcefully if we 'ave to."

Villain's Lapcat Arodang perches on a high branch above Kaze and Trowa. Hoping he doesn't hit anyone else, and all apologies to Trowa, but Kaze is an asshole and needs to be dealt with. Dan hangs the sling on the branch and starts plucking out eggs, chucking them at Kaze.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa jump at the first egg, and hop to the side at the second. Kaze looks up at the cat in the tree, and tries to catch the third egg. Oops. Trowa starts laughing, pushing Kaze into the next egg, "Get 'im! Get 'im!"

Villain's Lapcat Arodang keeps going. He's got two dozen damned eggs, and he sure as hell isn't letting up till they're all gone. Kaze is going down.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk ducks down onto the ground at the sudden projectiles flying about her, going prone onto the ground and putting her hands over her head. "Gah! Poultrygeist!!!"

Possibly Fish avoids the eggs skillfully, breezing past lobbed grenades of gooey goodness.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa laughs, "No, worse! Dan!" Kaze hisses, using his chainsaw to swat some of the eggs away. That's mildly successful. Trowa ducks an egg, "Shite aim, though!"

Villain's Lapcat Arodang throws moreandmoreandmore. Uhoh, seems like he's running out now. . .

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk is crawling away from Kaze and Trowa, trying to escape the eggs.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa finally manage to get to some cover behind another tree, Kaze trying to grab Trowa's shotgun. "No no! Outpost rules! Behave!" Kaze growls and starts to let out a wild cat yell when one of the eggs goes straight into his mouth. "Bullseye!"

Possibly Fish stops dodging to laugh riotously.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang cackles madly, grabbing the second to last egg. He leaves the last as a treat for whoever wants it, hanging in the tree, and dashes down. Over to Trowa and Kaze, he tries to smash the egg against the jerk Leopard.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk can tell that something happened from Kaze's sudden silence, she snickers as she continues to crawl along the ground.

Possibly Fish stops laughing and starts running. It's probably going to end up going badly. And it's important to pick up the Dan before he gets mauled.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa swats and kicks at the cat, but the egg is smashed into his fur. Trowa chuckles, "Alright, Dan, that's enough. He might catch you if you don't get out of here quickly!" Kaze is swinging that chainsaw around awfully wildly now, too.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang grins at Trowa and bounds away. He's gotten his revenge on the jerk, time to turn on those scramjets and get the heck out of dodge. In a flash of fur, he sprints to the gate as fast as only a feline can.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa laughs as Kaze roars and howls in rage, but manages to keep him under control. "Easy, Kaze, eassyyy!" He cracks a smile, "It was just a yolk!"

Possibly Fish sighs, run slowing to a jog and then a walk as he reaches the 'morph. He puts a hand on Kaze's arm. "Hey," he says softly, attempting to use the soft-voice-calm-down tactic.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk starts laughing a lot, and loudly. Clearly amused by what just happened to Kaze.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa smiles as well. Kaze breaths heavily, and puts his chainsaw away. The green-haired 'morph frowns at Fish, ears flicking at Meenos' laughter. Trowa arm crosses their chests and pats Kaze's shoulder, "Easy, buddy. . .it's okay."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa is still struggling not to laugh, and Kaze grumbles, chewing his lip. If only.

Possibly Fish strokes the arm, green eyes calm. "It's all right," he agrees. "You can get him back later, maybe. It's all right. . ."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk has to stop laughing, to breath. But thats all that stops her laughing at the moment.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both nod. "I'll get him cleaned up. Take care, Fish! We'll see about that drink, right?" Kaze sighs, clearly agitated, but nods again, "Yeh." Trowa winks at Fish before they both head out of the outpost quickly, before the egg dries.

Possibly Fish nods silently, watching them go with a little smile.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk sits up, giggling to herself quitely as she says "bye heehee bye Trowa!"

Villain's Lapcat Arodang sneaks back in as soon as Trowa and Kaze leave, padding over to sit at Fish's feet with a proud smirk.

Possibly Fish shakes his head and sighs, picking Dan up and holding him to his chest. He gives him a noogie with two knuckles. "That was a silly prank, you," he mumbles, seeming amused despite himself.

Possibly Fish then strokes the fur he mussed, and scritches Dan behind the ears. "But it's good to see you anyway. . . I need sleep, though." He sets Dan down.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang nuzzles Fish's leg, rubbing against it affectionately. "He's an asshole, he deserved it. Night bro."

Possibly Fish snorts and bips Dan on the nose with a finger. "Maybe so, but he's cute," he murmurs, smirking, then casually strolls out of the outpost.

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk stops giggling to herself to respond to Fish's last statement "Ew. . ."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk stands and heads out of the outpost, she is starting to giggle again.

Pleasantville Later That Day.

Witch Doctor Makiwa ambles in humming a tune. Humming a single note probably doesn't qualify as a tune. It sounds like a very bored bee. Yes, more a drone than a tune. He seems happy enough anyway.

Witch Doctor Makiwa makes his way over to Sheila's, "Hmmm, mmmm, mm, Hmmmm," and sits on the step outside the door. Parking his knobkerrie in mid air next to him he looks around the outpost.

Witch Doctor Makiwa smiles a little smile, "Ah, yes. Pleasantville. I remember this." Overhearing a group of mutants practising what could charitably be called poetry he adds, "Some things never change."

Witch Doctor Makiwa rummages in his satchel and pulls out some twigs, roots and berries and arranges them on the ground in front of him. "Hmm, mmmmm,m, mmmm. Let's see. . "

Witch Doctor Makiwa shuffles the items into order, "Charoflutes, grumbleweed, tinkerbulbs, feetle's lunge. . ." Rummaging in his satchel again, he leaves his arm dangling inside as he stares off into the distance.

Witch Doctor Makiwa wonders aloud, "Burbleberries. Where will I find them?" He shakes his head a little, trying to remember. The nagging sensation that there's something quite important he's forgetting returns.

Witch Doctor Makiwa shrugs and tears a few strips of bark from the charoflute root and uses the strips to bundle up the ingredients laid out on the ground. "Hmmm,mm,mmmm,mmmmmm. . . . . . ."

Civilian Michael Stealth wanders into the outpost, tired and oh so hungry.

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks up from his labours as the kitty person enters, "Howzit?" He greets and turns back to his bundling.

Witch Doctor Makiwa finishes tying the last of the bundles and stuff them back into his satchel, smelling each one as he does so. He sits back and wonders what to do next. He is, for the moment, without a plan.

Witch Doctor Makiwa's mind wanders as the nagging sensation returns. Like a word on the tip of your tongue. A tune that won't leave your head but you can't remember the words to. Hrmph, how annoying.

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior walks into the outpost, looking a bit lame. He usually flew in, or made some grand entrance. He looks hurt and tired and confused right now. His greyish eyes aren't focused so well and he sighs and glances around.

Witch Doctor Makiwa waves to the newcomer, "Howzit?"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior gasps and turns on his heel when address. Sharp movements are a stupid idea, and he winces and grabs his right shoulder in pain. The man speaking looks familar. Junior gazes stupidly at him, mouth open, for a while.

Witch Doctor Makiwa returns the gaze with a friendly smile, "You alright there son?"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior eventually blinks out of his daze. "Wh- Makiwa?" He asks uncertainly and seeming to have trouble finding his voice. which is odd, since that kid RARELY lacks his voice.

Witch Doctor Makiwa is taken aback, "Yesyes, I'm Makiwa. Who're you?" He tilts his head, puzzled. Does he know this young man?

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior blinks, mouth hanging open again. "Uh. . " Well, this brought back fond memories of his own mother asking the same thing. He kind of glazes over in mental defense. "Uhh. . I thought so. But you. . seem. . Different." To say the least.

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks down at himself, "Different? Oh yes, well. Occupational hazard isn't? How'd you know my name? Do I know you?"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior sort of frowns and sits down next to him tiredly. He's just too emotionally drained to get as upset as he should about this. His voice is soft and sort of jaded. "I'm Junior. . Teddy's guardian? You and Boss were. . well. Friends I thought.

Witch Doctor Makiwa rubs his bald head, "Guardian? Friends? Um, if you say so." Is that what's been nagging him? No, there's something else besides. "Well nice to meet you Junior Teddy's Guardian."

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior sighs, like he's been wounded. "Shouldn't have introduced myself like that, she's not. . " Eh, best not to go into that story now. Or ever, at this rate. Instead he asks, "Uhm, where've you been lately?"

Crateaclysm Kelwine trots out of the alley next to Mutated Munchies, the slab of meat hanging from her mouth like a trophy of conquest.

Witch Doctor Makiwa gives the young man a quizzical look, shrugs and answers, "Been? Well, I er, was in the headquarters of The Watch? Yesyes. And well, now I'm here." He rubs his head as if to make sure. "Yesyes." Confirmed.

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior notes how bewildered Mak seems. Something's defintely wrong, but he's not much help. He just nods and logs that away, changing the subject as he stares down at the ground at their feet. "What's all this plant stuff, anyway?"

Witch Doctor Makiwa winks and waves at the hound. "Plant stuff?" Looking down he sees that he missed one of the bundles earlier, He scoops it up, hurriedly stuffing it in his satchel. "Oh nothing, You know, ingredients, herbs, roots. That kind of thing."

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior looks at him, a hint of curiousity in otherwise tired and distant eyes. "For food, or healing, or. . What?"

Crateaclysm Kelwine nods in greeting to Makiwa and settles down near her metal crate and begins gnawing away at the steak.

Witch Doctor Makiwa smiles at the curiosity of the you man, "Ointment actually. For me poor 'ol knees. I'm still missing some things though." There's the nagging feeling again, though it's not ingredients that are the reason.

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior mumbles, looking momentarily distant, "She used to oil them for you. . " He recovers quickly enough. "So you're not a healer. I don't really trust these medtent freaks though. They'd rather amputate and keep my arm than fix it. . "

Witch Doctor Makiwa thinks, what an odd young man. Oil them? "Healer? Of sorts I suppose. I mean I think." He rubs his bald pate again. "But you're right. They're butchers in there." He says glancing in the direction of the medtents. How does he know this?

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks with concern at the young man, "I could take a look at the shoulder for you, if you like."

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior thinks about that offer for a moment. "I've already had most of my lifespan sucked out of my living soul, been shot for something I didn't do, and had my god forsake me. What damage could you possibly do?"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior, against his better judgement, decides to allow Makiwa to see his wound. He unbuttons the top part of his long sleeve shirt and pulls it down his chest to reveal his shoulder. There's some slightly bloody bandages over a wound.

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks aghast at the young man's outburst. "My my. You have been through it. I mean no harm. If I can help I will." He watches as Junior unbuttons his shirt.

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior seems to have a small half-healed bullet wound that doesn't want to close up in his shoulder. It looks rather painful, but he's keeping a brave face. "The son suffers the sins of the father. . " He mumbles crypiticlly again.

Witch Doctor Makiwa looks at the bloody bandages, "Well these need changing for a start." He says reaching toward the bandages, "May I?" He looks intently at the bullet wound. 'The bullet's not still in there is it?"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior allows him to deal with it. He shakes his head, "No, it's been treated once. It just won't heal already. It's. . Like my body doesn't have the energy to heal it all the way. It's because of, er. . A previous injury."

Witch Doctor Makiwa hmms, as he carefully removes the sodden bandages and drops them to the ground. Rummaging in his satchel he pulls out a small medkit, cleans carefully around the wound and applies a fresh dressing.

Witch Doctor Makiwa says, as he finishes taping the bandages in place, "What you need young man is rest. Plenty of rest. Time is the greatest healer."

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior winces and hisses as he works, but remains as still as possible. "Yeah, like I have time for that around here." He sighs. "I wish the you that I remember was still around. He probably couldn't do anything, but, I dunno. . "

Witch Doctor Makiwa smiles, "There that should do you for a bit. Just try and keep it clean okay?" He gives Junior a ponderous look, "You do know me don't you? Tell me, who was I? Memory's not what it once was?"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior seems to be thinking hard as he fixes his shirt about what to say to Makiwa. "I'd tell you, you should ask the Boss about that, but I don't think you can now. Uhm. . We didn't know each other that long. You were a happy person." Junior continues, "You always helped her when she needed help. You're half the reason I was brought into this world. We went fishing together once, with Onee-chan. That was fun. Oh!" Idea time!

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior asks, "Have you been to your house since you stopped remembering? Maybe there's something familiar there. I'm. . Not really good at this alone."

Witch Doctor Makiwa rubs his head again, bewildered. "I think I need to speak to this boss of yours. Obviously there's much I don't understand." He falls silent for a moment thinking. "I have a house?"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior nods at the second comment, glad to evade the topic of seeing Teddy. "Yeah, it's. . " He pulls an Island map out of his pocket and unrolls it. He points to a grassy patch on the east bank of the lake. ". . There. It's nice."

Witch Doctor Makiwa peers at the map to where Junior is pointing. "Hmm, perhaps I should go there. Yesyes? As good a plan as any."

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior nods. "That's where I'd start. I used to play out near the lake side and catch humbugs. Boss stayed in your room, always brought flowers."

Witch Doctor Makiwa furrows his brow trying to remember but fails and just shrugs. "Do you think you could show an old man the way to go home?"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior nods. "You think you could watch my back in the Jungle travelling while I'm injured, and let me stay the night there in safety?"

Witch Doctor Makiwa gets to his feet, his knees cracking loudly, "Oof! Of course, of course. Lead on Junior, lead on!"

Corporal Teddybear of Death's Junior frowns at him with obvious concern. Concern wasn't a normal look in his typically harsh and sadistic eyes. It wore oddly on his face. "Ok, be careful." He takes out his silver chakram in his good hand as he steps out and heads west.

Corporal Teddybear of Death is poor with directions. Junior headed southeast. Duh.

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