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The Wish - Part Two

Three miles south east of Improbable Central - the headquarters of The Watch.

Clown Princess AliceHeart skips into the HQ, still tugging Makiwa along by his arm and grinning widely. She lets go and turns to face him, reaching out to slip the blindfold off his head. Mr. Snookums sure did a good job.

Possibly Fish is immediately standing behind Makiwa, grinning down at him.

Moribund Makiwa blinks looking around, "Now where are we? Oh hello!""

Clown Princess AliceHeart grins and says, "This is the WATCH HQ! And that over there is Miss. . . Well, Mister Fish!"

Possibly Fish laughs. "It's been a long time, Makiwa," he purrs, still grinning.

Moribund Makiwa looks around and nods, "Aha, Mister Fish good to see you again! So this is The Watch headquarters eh? Nice." He say eyeing a couch.

Possibly Fish nods. He straightens, grin dimming in intensity to a smile, and watches to see what Alice does.

Clown Princess AliceHeart nods slowly and says, "Right! Well. . . Let's get to it then shall we. . . You wished for the voice in your head to be gone. . ." She rummages around her dress pocket until she comes out with Makiwa's drawn card. The Queen of Hearts.

Possibly Fish's eyebrows rise. Impressive draw. . .

Moribund Makiwa nods eagerly, 'Oh yes, more than anything. Well, almost anything. . . ."

Clown Princess AliceHeart frowns lightly and lets out a little huff. She hands the card to Makiwa and says, "I suggest you sleep on this one. Literally. Let's just say that if you're not entirely yourself anymore, your little problem will be solved!"

Clown Princess AliceHeart gestures to one of the couches. "Just keep it with you until tomorrow. . . You'll see what I mean. . ." And she's giggling again.

Possibly Fish looks put out. "That's it? That easy?"

Moribund Makiwa tilts his curiously as he takes the card, wandering over to the couch. "Well I am tired so. . ." Settling on the couch he clasps the card to his chest. "Easy?" He asks but his eyes already are fluttering closed.

Possibly Fish watches Makiwa, shifting his weight. For the first time, the look of confidence flickers, though it goes back up a split second later.

Clown Princess AliceHeart chuckles lightly when she sees Makiwa already settling in. The card on his hands is pulsating gently. "Oh it wasn't that easy. . . At least not for him. . . I don't really do much anyways. . . It's all in the cards! He got lucky!"

Possibly Fish nods again, though he doesn't say anything.

Clown Princess AliceHeart breaks into a little giggling fit and says, "And he still needs to keep his second part of the bargain!"

Possibly Fish wrinkles his nose. "And here I was thinking it was just the ciggies, there. There's more?"

Clown Princess AliceHeart nods a few times and grins. "He agreed to do anything I tell him to for a whole day!"

Possibly Fish ahs and nods understandingly. That makes sense. "How fun. . ."

Possibly Fish sweeps Alice a bow. "All right then, I'll be off. Good seeing you, Alice-neechan. . ." It doesn't sound half as cutesy coming from this one as it did before. . . how disappointing.

Clown Princess AliceHeart chuckles a few times and nods. "Alright! I'll be off too then. Bye bye!" She gives the sleeping Makiwa one more little glance before skipping off.

Possibly Fish waits until Alice is gone, then turns the opposite way and goes down the hallway.

The Next day - Kaze and Trowa enter Improbable Central.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both stumble into the outpost, sniffing in unison as they search the streets. They stop a small kittymorph and ask a few questions, then head into the PSK and disappear for awhile.

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa step out of the pub, a little less confused than before, but still searching. They flip through a pad of paper and review their notes. "Okay, so, we know he was here. Aye. An' 'e was ki'napp't. Possibly. Seems to be some dispute on that."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa shrug their shoulders, "Still ain' got a direc'shun. If what the joker in the pub said is correct, we can get our clues from the Clan Hall rosters. We just need to ask Julia. Ah. . .izzat 'er name? Down, boy."

Hey, it's Kaze and Trowa both disappear into the clan district, not returning.

The Watch HQ - Following Day.

Witch Doctor Makiwa stirs awake and blinks blearily. Lying still, he let's the sleep fog evaporate and finds himself confused. Where am I? What is this place? He lies motionless and lets his mind wander.

Witch Doctor Makiwa lays motionless as recent events filter through the fog and then, with a rush, it all comes flooding back. "Alice!" He says aloud. He blinks, mentally retracing his steps back to yesterday.

Witch Doctor Makiwa lies quietly listening. After a few moments he suddenly realises, "The voice! It's gone!" Alice kept her word after all. His hand grips the card held to his chest only. . . it's not a card. He sits up quickly, holding the object out in front him.

Witch Doctor Makiwa stares in wonder at the object he's holding. The gnarled length of wood with carved sigils and a knob at one end squirms lovingly in his grasp. It is a knobkerrie. His knobkerrie.

Witch Doctor Makiwa jumps from the couch and almost trips over a 'raptor skin satchel. Also his. He looks down at himself at the familiar waistcoat, trousers and his bare feet. He grins and let's out a chuckle despite himself.

Witch Doctor Makiwa laughs now and skips around a little. "Be careful what you wish for eh Alice?" He chuckles. Tricksy, very tricksy. Get the Witch Doctor's voice out of the Zombie's maggot riddled brain by turning him into the Witch Doctor.

Witch Doctor Makiwa, mindful that he still owes Alice the final payment of One Whole Day, considers for a moment what to do now. While pondering this, he reaches for his satchel and hauls the strap over his head.

Witch Doctor Makiwa rummages around in his satchel and pulls out his careworn deck of cards. "Oh, how I've missed thee." He smiles. Sitting on the couch he shuffles things around in the satchel, searching through his belongings.

Witch Doctor Makiwa mentally checks of items. Dice, small pouch with 149 little silver bones, 'raptor skin notebook, various twigs and dried up roots, an assortment of teeth, feathers of various colours shapes and sizes and. . . . . a pen.

Witch Doctor Makiwa smiles as he pokes the pen through his nose and closes the flap on his satchel. He suddenly feels very comfortable in his skin which, he vaguely senses, he hasn't done for a very, very long time.

Witch Doctor Makiwa stands now, adjusts the pen in his nose and heads toward the door, eager to be out and about again. A sensation nags at him. There's something missing still. He stops and thinks. "Hmm, well it'll come to me I suppose." He muses as he ambles away.


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