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Chapter 9 - Cause and Effect

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Cyber City 404

2010-02-15 22:10:47: calliaphone drags her wobbly-wheeled cart into CC404, keeping her eyes down. She's scanning for spare-parts, and is determined to succeed this time. Although just why her cart keeps losing wheelnuts. . .

2010-02-15 22:12:40: calliaphone cannot fathom.

2010-02-15 22:13:45: calliaphone is slightly distracted from her task by the unhappy, discordant sounds coming from her accordion. "oh come off it cordy, I just tuned you!" she waggles a tuning spork at him, meaningfully.

2010-02-15 22:13:47: Spandex exits clan halls, rather in a hurry and looking over her shoulder. Seeing callia, she pulls up her goggles and GRINS. "I lost him. The Host. He almost made me hurl though. Whacha doin?"

2010-02-15 22:16:05: calliaphone grins back, and then winces, as Cordy emits a mispitched augmented major 7th. "ugher. hi Dex! i'm just hunting for spares for my cart - keeps losing bits lately. yourself?"

2010-02-15 22:18:45: Spandex pokes at her black eye, "looking for more trouble, the usual." She tilts her head to the jungle, listening for monsters that need mispitched augmentation.

2010-02-15 22:20:04: Ebenezer walks into Cyber City, carefully trying to avoid stepping in any soft mud. He's got his books under his arm. He's got Business to do! He heads for the Warehouse.

2010-02-15 22:22:02: Metallic g_rock wanders in, looking around for any little bits of rookie splattered onto the walls

2010-02-15 22:23:21: Spandex grips her cricket bat and heads out to help the war effort. RAWR!

2010-02-15 22:23:40: calliaphone wanders away into backstreets, eyes down.

2010-02-15 22:25:07: Metallic g_rock spots Ebeneezer and waves to him "Ey, bud! Got a minute?"

2010-02-15 22:27:22: Ebenezer stops mid-step and turns to look over his shoulder at G. "Oh. Erm. I suppose-suppose so?"

2010-02-15 22:30:28: Metallic g_rock pulls a gizmo out of his pack "I've got a fuel injecter off of a cargo aircraft I'm looking to unload. You got any rare metals I can exchange?"

2010-02-15 22:33:04: Ebenezer turns to face G properly now, interested. He points and answers, "How rare? Do-do you mean gold and silver? Or another sort of rare?"

2010-02-15 22:34:50: Metallic g_rock pulls out a handwritten list "Lessee. I need a few pounds of raw copper, a few ounces of nickel, and a fistful of platinum."

2010-02-15 22:36:05: calliaphone is somewhere around a corner from the main square, when her paper canary starts to chrrp at her. she swats at him irritably. "shut it, Joni, there's no threat, take it easy."

2010-02-15 22:37:55: Ebenezer frowns. "Well, I'm-I'm not sure about the platinum. I've got the nickel for sure. Copper, yes. That much? Erm. . .maybe." He glances towards the Warehouse.

2010-02-15 22:42:07: Metallic g_rock shrugs "Lemme see what you've got, then. We'll work something out." he considers, and hefts his cane subtlely

2010-02-15 22:43:33: calliaphone 's canary chrrps more insistently. Callia frowns, hushing him, but starts taking notice. She edges round the corner, and glimpses G, talking to Eben. Freezing, she slinks back into shadows.

2010-02-15 22:44:05: Ebenezer mumbles, perhaps to himself, "Most of the copper's wire, of course." He jerks his head towards the Warehouse. "Come on, then." He leads the way to the door and unlocks. Ker-click!

2010-02-15 22:46:14: Metallic g_rock nods "S'fine. I can flatten that out right quick." he follows Eben into the warehouse

2010-02-15 22:48:20: calliaphone shivers, the hairs standing up on the back of her neck. She follows, quiet as she can, gripping her rifle.

2010-02-15 22:49:40: Ebenezer waves away a security bot and plops his books down on his desk. "Let-let's see. Copper. Nickel." He glances around, gets his bearings, then heads for a stack of crates.

2010-02-15 22:53:35: Ebenezer groans as he tugs a crate off of the bottom shelf. When he opens it up, he shows G that it is filled with spools of wire. He turns to collect another crate, several steps away.

2010-02-15 22:56:27: Ebenezer 's other crate rattles when it hits the floor. The lid is quickly removed and Ebenezer holds up a fork and a butterknife. "Erm. Nickel sil-silver flatware," he says.

2010-02-15 22:56:30: Metallic g_rock grins like one who's getting ideas. He reaches for a spool, to examine it

2010-02-15 22:58:26: Metallic g_rock eyes Eben up and down "Right, a spool of shit wire and some piss-poor cutlery. That's it, eh? All the famous warehouse can produce?"

2010-02-15 22:59:20: calliaphone 's mouth goes dry.

2010-02-15 23:00:05: Ebenezer frowns and drops the flatware back into the crate. He folds his arms across his chest and snorts. "I'd like to see-to see you do any better."

2010-02-15 23:02:12: Metallic g_rock chuckles, a sound to make the securitybots in the abandoned factory seem downright cuddly "Fair enough. Here's my offer. I'll take this spool and the utensils, and in exchange. . ."

2010-02-15 23:04:15: Metallic g_rock grabs the box of cutlery and the spool and walks calmly to the door "And in exchange, you don't need a team of proctologists, cardiologists, and a mining helmet to get set to rights."

2010-02-15 23:04:50: calliaphone draws back into the shadows, eyes wide.

2010-02-15 23:06:29: calliaphone mutters to herself, "please Eben leave it at that, leave it at that, ok?"

2010-02-15 23:06:31: Ebenezer 's brow furrows, somewhat confused. In a second, he works out what's going on. Grimacing, he advances on G. "Now-now-now. . . there's no need for, erm, no need to do that. Now, let's be civil."

2010-02-15 23:09:07: Metallic g_rock laughs again, a mocking tone this time "I'm sorry, whassat? N-n-n-n-nice doing business with you, d-d-d-ipshit!" he sets the box and spool just outside the door

2010-02-15 23:13:29: Ebenezer stops in mid-step again, sneering at G from a distance. He points and sputters,"It-it's a small, a small Island! And. . .and I know who you are!" He'd threaten to call the police if there were any.

2010-02-15 23:15:25: Metallic g_rock appears to consider this for a moment, then he TWITCHes "Interesting counteroffer. You're correct, I can't have you telling people about this deal. Here's my counter." he lifts his cane

2010-02-15 23:19:49: Metallic g_rock grins, tapping his cane once on a metal shelf, a high b flat echoing through the room "How about this. If you can stop me taking my stuff outta here, I walk. You keep the injector."

2010-02-15 23:20:13: Ebenezer works this one out right away. He makes an alarmed yelping noise and throws his arms over his head.

2010-02-15 23:20:56: calliaphone mutters "oh fuck."

2010-02-15 23:22:30: Metallic g_rock grins wider "Right, then, this next bit's gonna be easy. Just relax, it won't hurt me a bit." he takes a step toward Eben

2010-02-15 23:25:27: calliaphone whimpers, and steps out of the shadows, rifle raised to shoulder level, knees knocking rather a lot. "F-F-FREEZE!" she gasps. "Don't you DARE touch him, G!"

2010-02-15 23:29:29: Metallic g_rock spins on his heel "Oh, it's you again. Get that peashooter outta my face, my friend and I were discussing some business."

2010-02-15 23:30:00: Metallic g_rock stalks toward Callia, grinning like a fiend

2010-02-15 23:31:38: calliaphone backs up a pace, shaking her head. "i said don't touch him. i mean it." her finger is trembling on the trigger.

2010-02-15 23:32:35: Ebenezer sticks tensely to his defensive position, but lifts his elbow slightly to peek out under his arm at Calliaphone.

2010-02-15 23:35:46: Metallic g_rock backs Callia into a shelf and gets right down nose to nose with her "How about this. After I finish 'touching' him, then I'll get to touching you. Or is that what you hang around Spandex for?"

2010-02-15 23:37:45: calliaphone glares. "what Dex and I do or don't do is none of your business, motormouth."

2010-02-15 23:45:58: Metallic g_rock nods "That's what I thinkpuzzleconsiderwonderthought. Wait here." he turns back and starts toward Eben again

2010-02-15 23:48:14: calliaphone reaches out and grabs a fistful of G's shirt. "don't! please, G, don't hurt Eben." she tries to pull him back, and there's a riiiiiping sound, as the fabric tears across his rib-cage.

2010-02-15 23:51:05: Metallic g_rock turns suddenly, shoving her backward into the wall "Whaaaats wrong with youuuu!!!" he nearly screeches this last, a sound like metal on metal. He cocks back a fist

2010-02-15 23:51:24: Ebenezer enghs! Reflexively, he ducks around a shelf to put something between him and G. Calliaphone can handle herself, right?

2010-02-15 23:53:09: calliaphone yelps, and stumbles backwards. Her finger slips on the trigger and . . . BANNGGGG! A yellow marshmallow shoots out of the barrel and straight up G's left nostril.

2010-02-15 23:55:58: Metallic g_rock 's head jerks back, and he TWITCHes, hard. "Not a intelligentwittycleverbrightsmart move, my dear." he grabs her collar and shoves her out the door

2010-02-15 23:57:07: calliaphone says "oh fuck" and struggles to free herself from G's grasp.

2010-02-15 23:59:29: Metallic g_rock grabs the rifle and uses it to push Callia up against a burned out chunk of scrap outside in the bright sunlight. He pushes harder and harder, eyes flashing.

2010-02-15 23:59:38: Ebenezer flinches at the BANG! He glances out from his hiding place just in time to see the two exit his Warehouse.

2010-02-16 00:00:05: Metallic g_rock grins, his eyes flash, and the rifle starts pulling itself into Callia's throat

2010-02-16 00:01:56: calliaphone struggles frantically, landing a kick against G's shins, but not really denting him much. "get . . . it . . . off . . . me! G, i can't . . . breathe!" she gasps.

2010-02-16 00:03:54: Metallic g_rock just laughs and watches Callia struggle "Well, hopefully the lesson will stick."

2010-02-16 00:04:53: calliaphone stops trying to make words. she's fast running out of strength.

2010-02-16 00:05:16: Spandex, down this path, is coming. Flushed with jungle violence. Cig jammed between gritted teeth.

2010-02-16 00:05:39: calliaphone scrabbles at the rifle barrel against her throat.

2010-02-16 00:06:01: Metallic g_rock grins and watches

2010-02-16 00:06:05: Spandex arrives into town, swinging her cricket bat. Buzzing to eboys for 'nades. Stops. Huh.

2010-02-16 00:07:34: Spandex, in a moment, sees silver ore moving through great darkness. "great. a fight scene. this is getting like an alan grant script." And all at once everything is fire.

2010-02-16 00:07:50: calliaphone 's vision's getting kinda cloudy.

2010-02-16 00:08:57: Metallic g_rock cocks his head and peers at Callia, like a kid with a magnifying glass watching a bug

2010-02-16 00:09:20: Spandex pulls down her goggles with a snarl. She grips her cricket bat, finds her stance and spits, "You're about to retire hurt" and charges G.

2010-02-16 00:09:59: Spandex slogs a cross-bat shot for a lusty hoik over cow-corner. That is, G's rotten fuckedup noggin. WWWHHHAAAAM She's got so much follow-through she almost spins herself over.

2010-02-16 00:12:10: Metallic g_rock hears a voice and turns, and then executes a perfect half-backflip, slamming to the ground hard enough to rattle the factory doors. The rifle falls to the ground

2010-02-16 00:12:52: calliaphone gassssssps, and slides down the scrap heap, clutching at her throat.

2010-02-16 00:13:56: Metallic g_rock mumbles something about bananas as the sound of wood ringing on metal settles in the air like a thin fog, then hurries about the business of not moving at all.

2010-02-16 00:15:46: Spandex grips her bat, ready for another, in case, but. . . She looks up."callia, this has lasted too long. It is too heavy." longer ago than meeting g, even.

2010-02-16 00:18:30: Ebenezer finally peeks out the door to his Warehouse, since things have become a bit quiet. He warily studies the scene, but makes no commentary.

2010-02-16 00:19:55: calliaphone puts out a hand towards Dex - a sort of plea, or a warning. she gassps some more, and shakes her head. "don't. . ."

2010-02-16 00:24:46: Spandex , somewhere else, lifts the bat again, with great difficulty now, poking at his chest.

2010-02-16 00:26:34: Metallic g_rock 's shirt falls the rest of the way open, and the ticking sound around him intensifies

2010-02-16 00:32:05: calliaphone frowns, struggling to sit up. she's still gassping some, and her throat is purpling in an angry line. but her attention's on G. "whuhh?" cough "huhh. . ." she tries to move towards him.

2010-02-16 00:38:40: Spandex leans over callia's shoulder, "be careful" She hrrrrks and SPITS in G's face. "And no sorry this time, you fucking ratfucker lying bastard."

2010-02-16 00:42:34: calliaphone winces, and leans forward, pulling at the fabric of G's shirt. she frowns, and peers. cough "Dex. . .look at this."

2010-02-16 00:45:50: Metallic g_rock 's chest is marred by a glass cylinder, about 5 inches across, where his heart should be. Inside it can be seen a complex system of cogs, bellows, and various clockwork mechanisms

2010-02-16 00:48:14: Accomplice Teh Dave gasps and pants as he drags himself into Cyber City. "Gorram. . .bang. . .heard. . .from. . .Pleasant. . . " He stops and stares at the comatose G. "What. . .the. . .hell?"

2010-02-16 00:48:35: Metallic g_rock's skin around the site, however, is a hot mess. It's red, puffy, like an infection. Then, looking closer, something appears to be moving under his skin.

2010-02-16 00:49:16: Ebenezer stays in the doorway; it is a safe distance. Grimacing, he asks, "Did-did you kill him?" It seems important to ask.

2010-02-16 00:50:26: Spandex leans on her bat and squints her one good eye at g's chest. "holy mother of messed up myocardial misery."

2010-02-16 00:50:52: Metallic g_rock skin seems to be crawling in a rhythmic pattern, as if. . .as if there are tiny wheels moving beneath his skin, in time with his pulse. These lines of cogs seem to be leading out in all directions

2010-02-16 00:51:14: calliaphone shakes her head at Eben. "no" cough "not dead. . . still ticking."

2010-02-16 00:51:55: Spandex is somewhat impressed, that's a helluva piercing. The dude's kinky!

2010-02-16 00:54:19: calliaphone would be much more impressed if . . . "that's not right, whatever it is, it shouldn't look like that."

2010-02-16 00:57:52: Metallic g_rock 's subcutaneous cogs all spin wildly for a moment, his body TWITCHes, and he groans "eeuuuuggghh. . ."

2010-02-16 00:58:02: calliaphone swears softly. "i said he was sick. i knew it was ticker-trouble, all along. shit, though. what the hell to do?"

2010-02-16 00:58:44: calliaphone flinches away from G as he moves.

2010-02-16 01:02:32: Metallic g_rock settles back down. looks like he's down for the count.

2010-02-16 01:04:40: Accomplice Teh Dave approaches cautiously, Teh glancing around with its feather. "What's going on here?" He spots the purple mark on Calli's neck and grimaces down to G.

2010-02-16 01:05:08: Ebenezer flinches when Calliaphone flinches, though he's a good distance away. "Hit him again!" he suggests. G probably does not need that, however.

2010-02-16 01:05:22: calliaphone relaxes a fraction, and shifts her weight, to get a closer look. She peers again at the glass panel, set into his ribcage. she whistles between her teeth. "icky, this looks infected, dude."

2010-02-16 01:06:45: calliaphone hears Dave, and looks up. "oh boy, am i glad to see you, buddy. we got a problem here. big time."

2010-02-16 01:09:17: calliaphone shakes her head again at Ebenezer. "no, no more hitting. he's not hurting anyone now."

2010-02-16 01:12:16: Spandex yucks, "dude better not be gettin it on with any one til he gets that cleared up."

2010-02-16 01:18:08: calliaphone doesn't think it's that sort of infection, exactly. She looks closer. "I dunno, it looks more like . . . it's the heart itself that's doing the infecting. Like . . . it's spreading or something."

2010-02-16 01:22:19: Spandex snaps, "so. all this bullshit is from a broken heart?" She shakes her head, and swings her bat over her shoulder. " that infection spread further than just his body."

2010-02-16 01:23:42: calliaphone shrugs. "i dunno if it was broken or what. it looks like whatever was there before's been cut right out and replaced with this mechanical jobbie. but all this. . ."

2010-02-16 01:24:41: calliaphone gestures to the puffy infected boundary between mechanical heart and organic flesh. and the cogs moving under the skin. ". . . this goes beyond the functions of a heart. it's like it's taking over."

2010-02-16 01:24:55: Spandex turns and heads South to halls, "sorry, callia. I need a stiff drink. Be back shortly." here on the cliffs of the heart, she retreats.

2010-02-16 01:25:47: calliaphone gulps, and looks anxiously to Eben and Dave for backup, in case G wakes up again.

2010-02-16 01:29:30: Accomplice Teh Dave peers at the Heart-thing, frowning. "How's this thing supposed to work, anyway?"

2010-02-16 01:31:20: calliaphone isn't sure, exactly. she puts a finger to G's pulse, and listens. tick-tickity-tick. She frowns. "dunno, but it sounds off-kilter to me. rhythm ain't right."

2010-02-16 01:31:44: Ebenezer looks a bit ill. He slinks out of the Warehouse and approaches Calliaphone.

2010-02-16 01:36:23: Ebenezer gets another look at the situation from up-close. It still looks bad. He furrows his brow at Calli and mumbles, "Erm, let me check." He stoops and checks G's pulse as well.

2010-02-16 01:37:12: calliaphone blinks, and moves aside, with a grateful look at Eben.

2010-02-16 01:37:43: Ebenezer chews his tongue, counting in his head. He shakes his head and agrees, "Not right at-at all." Then it's settled. His pulse is not right.

2010-02-16 01:39:41: calliaphone says, "i knew it." and gets a very thoughtful look. digging in her pocket, she produces a tuning spork. "here, let's see if it's just rhythm that's affected."

2010-02-16 01:40:48: Ebenezer is close enough now to see G's weird, mechanical-crawling skin. He eughs, disgusted, and brushes his hands on his trousers. "Some-something is very wrong with him." He watches Calli.

2010-02-16 01:41:11: calliaphone whacks the spork against her elbow, and sets it on the plate in G's chest. at once it riiiiings - but not on any note the human ear can stand. Callia's eyes start to water.

2010-02-16 01:44:02: Ebenezer flinches and winces at that awful note. "That-that doesn't sound good," he says, just to voice the obvious.

2010-02-16 01:45:12: calliaphone withdraws the spork hastily, wincing in agreement with Eben. "he's out-of-time, and out-of-tune, and the heart is taking over. Question is - two questions. Why? And how to correct it?"

2010-02-16 01:46:48: calliaphone digs in a pocket and produces a pen-light. Flicking it on, she shines it into G's chest, illuminating the complex mechanism within. "It's an engineering marvel, if only it was working right."

2010-02-16 01:48:25: calliaphone shines the light on the mainspring, at the centre of the heart. She tuts."That looks seriously overwound, for starters."

2010-02-16 01:48:34: Spandex , head-dripping wet, returns. Checks on callia, eben and dave.

2010-02-16 01:52:44: Ebenezer squints and watches as Callia gives her inspection. Every now and again, he glances to make sure that G isn't waking up. "I don't-don't know anything about mechanics," he mumbles.

2010-02-16 01:53:38: Accomplice Teh Dave returns from whetever it was he got off to, and examines the heart-thing. "So the Timing and the Tuning are off, huh?"

2010-02-16 01:54:21: Spandex kneels, "me too. I wish I paid more attention to NoseJab yammering on about his engines. But let me know if I can help somehow." She grips her bat, just in case.

2010-02-16 01:55:17: calliaphone is starting to worry. "he's been out ages, Dex. you musta hit him pretty good."

2010-02-16 01:59:52: calliaphone nods to Dave. "looks that way." she flicks the torch-beam around G's chest cavity some more. The light glances from burnished copper to polished glass, from gear to spring to sprocket.

2010-02-16 02:00:45: Spandex looks half proud, half sheepish. She looks down at herself, all wiry and tense from so much bloody fighting. "best he's out until you fix him, right?"

2010-02-16 02:01:49: Accomplice Teh Dave examines the gears, frowning. "This all shouldn't be here, least not if he's not a Robot. Or at least, shouldn't be Spreading like that." He follows the light, making mental blueprints.

2010-02-16 02:02:25: calliaphone looks anxious. "i don't think we're gonna get him fixed that soon. best we can hope tonight is to diagnose him. fixing him . . . that'll be a job of work."

2010-02-16 02:05:09: Accomplice Teh Dave realizes there's things missing, gears slipping, and a generally out of place feel about G's workings. "Hrm. . ." He pulls a small easel, a sheet of blue paper, and a familiar pen from his hat.

2010-02-16 02:10:55: Accomplice Teh Dave starts drawing up the plans for G's inner workings, two copies: one the way it looks now, and one the way it probably should look. He leaves a spot empty where something unknown is missing.

2010-02-16 02:12:46: calliaphone peers over Dave's shoulder, fascinated. She nods. "you're right, there should be something. . . waitaminute. . ." she gets up, just a bit shaky-legged, and goes to her cart.

2010-02-16 02:13:36: Ebenezer watches with sober interest. Just when Dave is finishing up his drawings, Ebenezer realizes that he's left his Warehouse open and the stolen items sitting on the ground. He sneaks thattaway.

2010-02-16 02:13:45: Accomplice Teh Dave pauses and glances back to Calli, Wiping off his pen slightly. "Wassat?"

2010-02-16 02:14:30: calliaphone grabs a book. Heavy, hardback, bearing the title Differentiating The Engine: a mechanist's sourcebook. she offers it to Dave. "remember this one, with the blueprints?"

2010-02-16 02:15:57: Spandex moves to G's face. She studies it for awhile, and then wipes her spit away. She bends over on her arms, ear to his mouth. "his breathing. . . it sounds normal."

2010-02-16 02:17:53: calliaphone sighs with relief. "well, that's something, at least."

2010-02-16 02:19:45: Accomplice Teh Dave takes the book with a nod. "Right. . .might have something in here. . ." He starts flipping through the book, glancing up and down between the book and his own sketches. "Hrm. . ."

2010-02-16 02:21:26: Spandex turns her head and moves her mouth to his ear, whispering, all or nothin' G. let's go.

2010-02-16 02:22:16: Accomplice Teh Dave catches Dex's movements out of the corner of his eye and rasies a brow. When he looks down again, he blinks. "Hey. . .this looks. . ." He looks back and forth.

2010-02-16 02:23:21: Accomplice Teh Dave meant between the Book and his sketches, obviously. "That's it. . .I think. . .calli, look at this!" He points to something in the Blueprints Book.

2010-02-16 02:23:45: calliaphone looks. "oh man, you're right. what the hell - is that a compass?" she points to the picture.

2010-02-16 02:28:16: Accomplice Teh Dave peers at the diagram. "Looks like. . .and. . .er. . .a Barometer?" He scratches his head. "Point you in the right direction. . ."

2010-02-16 02:30:08: calliaphone stares at the blueprint, and then at the slipping gears and high-tensioned springs in the not-quite-working version. "some sorta regulatory mechanism, must be. thats IT!"

2010-02-16 02:31:14: Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods to calli. "The Tin Man needs a Heart. . ." He blinks. "Wait. . .where's the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion?"

2010-02-16 02:34:41: calliaphone also blinks. "uhhh. . .." she fumbles and drops the penlight. her hands are shaking. "i dunno, but even so, we've got enough to go on, right? we just have to make and fit the missing parts."

2010-02-16 02:34:44: Ebenezer exits his Warehouse, having done a quick version of what he came to Cyber City to do in the first place. He locks up and drifts back towards the group.

2010-02-16 02:35:36: Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods. "Right. So we need. . .er. . ." He points to the device in the blueprints. "A. . .THIS!" He nods triumphantly.

2010-02-16 02:36:22: calliaphone grabs Dave's sleeve. "a compass an' a barometer, how hard can it be? and if we fit 'em, he'll be alright again. right?"

2010-02-16 02:41:08: Ebenezer gestures vaguely at G and says, "But-but what about all the, erm, the weird things under his skin? Should-shouldn't you . . .fix it? Make it not spread? Erm. Reverse it?"

2010-02-16 02:41:51: Accomplice Teh Dave blinks and peers at Eben. "Ah. . .right. . .actually, I'm not sure it's quite reversible. . .it looks very integrated into him. . .the damage to it, though. . ." He frowns.

2010-02-16 02:45:29: calliaphone staggers a little, and stares at Eben. "huhh? oh. ohshityeah. bollocks." she stares at the improbable mess G's heart has created. "s'gonna take some repairing alright."

2010-02-16 02:47:57: Ebenezer fidgets uncomfortably. He frowns and folds his arms across his chest. "Horr-horrid, horrid mess," he mutters.

2010-02-16 02:48:11: calliaphone is inclined to agree with Dave, "inte-integrated, yeh. yousaidit." her teeth are chattering. "mebbe he's stuck with it. mebbe not. . ."

2010-02-16 02:51:50: Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods. "Unfortunately, I wasn't with Cybernetics. . .just AI and Robotics. . ." He frowns. "Wonder who'd be able to help. . ."

2010-02-16 02:52:22: calliaphone says, "J-jo-joker. . ." and sits back down abrubtly next to G.

2010-02-16 02:53:31: Accomplice Teh Dave shakes his head. "I wouldn't trust just any Joker with G. . .I'd need to know I could trust them. . ." This is possible, possibly.

2010-02-16 02:54:06: Ebenezer glances over to Calli, "Are you alright?" He has noticed her teeth chattering.

2010-02-16 02:55:32: calliaphone nods, but the adrenaline's quite obviously wearing off, and the bruise on her throat ain't pretty.

2010-02-16 02:56:58: Accomplice Teh Dave spots the Bruise again and frowns. "Where'd that. . ." He stops himself, then glares down at G. "You'd better hope we can fix you, G. . ."

2010-02-16 02:57:46: Ebenezer says, "You should, you should probably get inside, Calli." And so should he. This has been an awful event.

2010-02-16 02:58:45: calliaphone looks at G. "but what about. . .?"

2010-02-16 03:00:23: Accomplice Teh Dave runs back to the Bingo Hall for a moment, and returns with a decent-sized sledge. "We can bring him home; I think that's probably the best bet. We'll put MountJoy on watch. . ."

2010-02-16 03:01:15: calliaphone nods dumbly, still sitting on the frozen ground.

2010-02-16 03:02:09: Accomplice Teh Dave gently drags G's body onto the sledge, then reaches a hand down (Not far) to help calli to her feet. "Cheer up. . .better days ahead."

2010-02-16 03:03:13: calliaphone nods, taking Dave's hand. and not crying. not at all.

2010-02-16 03:03:41: calliaphone looks round for her cart, and grabs hold of the handle.

2010-02-16 03:04:07: Ebenezer pushes his spectacles higher up on his nose. After a hesitation, he pats Calli on the shoulder. "Right. Erm. Good-good luck with everything."

2010-02-16 03:05:01: calliaphone catches Eben's hand and gives it a squeeze, before releasing it.

2010-02-16 03:05:30: Accomplice Teh Dave grins up to calli. "No worries. Just need to make that Compass-Barometer thing, clean up the damage, and he'll be good as new!"

2010-02-16 03:07:41: Accomplice Teh Dave grabs hold of one of the ropes tied to the sledge and glances over to Dex. "Mind a hand here, Dex?"

2010-02-16 03:10:06: Spandex grabs the rope and starts pulling on it. "heave ho, let's go."

2010-02-16 03:10:17: Ebenezer nods once to Calli, then to Dave and Dex. "Be careful ," he adds.

2010-02-16 03:11:05: Accomplice Teh Dave nods to Eben. "I'll try." He chuckles as he starts pulling, and he and Dex drag the unconscious G back to the Workshop Doors of the Bingo hall.

2010-02-16 03:13:41: Spandex smiles at her good pal Eben as they leave. She looks down at Dave, "dude, you get put in a hot water cycle for too long?"

2010-02-16 03:13:47: calliaphone stands still for a moment, looking lost. then she bends down to retrieve her pen-light, straightens, and trudges after the sleigh towards the Bingo Hall.

2010-02-16 03:14:42: Accomplice Teh Dave glances up (and up) at Dex. "Ah, er. . .maybe? It's all a bit fuzzy" Har Har "but I think I got crushed by a giant Teacup. . ." He means, of course, the Drive.

2010-02-16 03:15:47: calliaphone 's cart wobbles along behind her, shucking another wheelnut along the way.

2010-02-16 03:16:21: Ebenezer watches the GERMans head off before re-counting the number of books under his arm. All accounted for. He wends out, Southerly.

2010-02-16 03:16:47: Accomplice Teh Dave frowns at the Cart. "You know. . .she just fixed you not too long ago. . ." His voice is lost into the Bingo Hall.

Bingo Hall

2010-02-16 03:20:37: Accomplice Teh Dave kicks in the other door to allow room for the sledge currently carrying an unconscious (but breathing) g_rock. "BRUUUUCE!"

2010-02-16 03:22:12: Accomplice Teh Dave tugs on his own rope, looking about. "Where should we put him?"

2010-02-16 03:23:20: Spandex pulls the sledge into the main halls, while Bruce rushes in and starts fussing with g_rock, and asking a lot of questions. "not now Bruce. we just need to get rest, and watch over him."

2010-02-16 03:24:52: Accomplice Teh Dave blinks as clearly Dex had a better plan than he did. "Right. . ." He drops his rops and plops down on the couch, sighing.

2010-02-16 03:26:40: calliaphone trudges in after Dave and Dex, dragging her cart behind her, and sporting an angry purple bruise across her throat. She wrestles the cart into its parking space, and leans against it.

2010-02-16 03:27:46: Accomplice Teh Dave 's eyes boggle at the very strange-looking Seussian Gremlin. "Kill it. . .before it spreads!" He leaps at it, covering it with a bucket. "QUICK! SOMEONE GET ME A WHOOMPH!"

2010-02-16 03:29:47: Spandex goes to the fridge to get some green eggs and ham. She's famished.

2010-02-16 03:29:54: Accomplice Teh Dave realizes he has one and shoves it under the metal bucket. There's a muffled whumph, then a small scream, then silence. "Good. . ." He brushes off his hands and leaves the bucket.

2010-02-16 03:30:16: calliaphone says, "don't kill it Dave, s'rare." and she slides to the ground beside her cart.

2010-02-16 03:30:29: calliaphone winces.

2010-02-16 03:30:47: Accomplice Teh Dave blinks at calli, then lifts the bucket. No gremlin remains. "Damn. . .it got away. . ."

2010-02-16 03:32:20: calliaphone gulps with relief. no more killing or near-killing tonight. she closes her eyes.

2010-02-16 03:32:35: Accomplice Teh Dave blinks. "You know. . .maybe it's best it got away. . .I'd hate to be targeted by the Endangered Gremlins Soceity."

2010-02-16 03:32:40: Spandex makes it to the counter, and rests her head in her hands. Her shiner is throbbing angrily. She grumbles, and stumbles upstairs to bed. "gnite you guys"

2010-02-16 03:33:24: Accomplice Teh Dave shoves the bucket into the Kitchen and goes to give calli a quick hug. "Night calli." He smiles and hops back onto the couch, stretching out to steal at most a single cushion of it.

2010-02-16 03:33:38: Accomplice Teh Dave waves from the couch. "Night Dex!"

2010-02-16 03:34:06: calliaphone mmumbles, in Dex's direction. . . "bugger, i never said thankyou. . ."

2010-02-16 03:34:50: Accomplice Teh Dave yawns, then curls up into a ball. He mumbles "Everthink y'dont hafta?"

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