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So! You're a veteran, eh? Mayhaps you stopped playing for sometime then you were dragged back here from your intense addiction decided to come and visit! Well... Welcome back! We missed you!
But... This kinda seems odd... Why... Isn't anyone talking in Banter? What IS Banter??? What the heck Is all this candy doing in this outpost?!? WHAT'S A MONTHLY MEMENTO?!?!?
If you've found yourself asking these questions, this page is for you. So! Without further ado...

Note: I'm not perfect, and I don't exactly know how long you've been away, so for the first "What's New?" I'll help you come in contact with the current players, so you can bother them with all your beautiful questions, if they aren't answered here! ...

Okay, that was more ado. Sorry. Without further further ado...

So, What IS New?

Player and Character Chat -- As of ???

One of the most prominent, and possibly the first thing that you may have noticed, changes has been our global chat, aka Banter. Banter has been split, straight in half. Now we have Player Chat and Character Chat. They are basically exactly the same, except in Player Chat "'s player says" is added to the end of your name for everything you say, and emoting is disabled. For more info, try Banter or just try bantering in Banter.

Monthly Mementos -- As of ???

Donating has always been the most fun part of the Island, and yet... Our wonderful admin has come and made it at least 10,000 times better! How, you ask? MONTHLY MEMENTOS!
Monthly Mementos are just cool little things you get for donating about $5 or $10. They just make the game more fun. Simple as that. More info and a full list here.

Latest Monthly Mementos

This month's is the Sparkler
Last month's was the Haunted Socket.
Next month's is the WAFFLE IRON 9000.

Dimensional Shifter -- As of Jan. 7th '16

Full info on this in the MotD about it: here

Jungle -> Travel -- As of ???

You can get to the map from the Jungle now, yay!

Candy! -- As of Oct. '15

Candy is this new thing. It's like cookies! Except, individually, they're much smaller. They give you 5% stamina, each, and give a minor percent buff to your attack and defense. They also stack with each other! With a total of 30 different kinds, each buff lasting 1000 rounds each, they end up giving a MASSIVE buff! You can get them in the Hunter's Lodge. More info here.

HyperRings -- As of Nov. 3rd '15

HyperRings are no longer needed to exist forever! Now, if you want immortality all you have to do is donate one penny to the Charon!1) Yay!

More factual information in the MoTD dated 2015-11-03 06:30:41

Contestant List off of the login page -- As of ???

Yeah, it's been taken off for some reason. However, you can still view who's online without being logged in by adding /list.php after .com in the url. Or just click here!

Cigarettes give stamina -- As of ???

Smoking Cigs gives you stamina now, in addition to their previous buffs and crippling addiction! Hooray!

Be careful, though, as they give diminishing returns. Meaning the more you puff, the less you stuff... you get.

The first time you smoke should give you 10% stamina. From there it seems to go down by .2%. However, it hasn't been fully tested yet.

Stones -- As of April 13th '16

Stones are nifty things you get from the Wizard's Sleeve in Kittania.
Can be upgraded in the Mineral Appraisal Hut in AceHigh.
More links and stuff coming soon. In the meantime, most of the info is here.

CAVEMANJOE IS PREGNANT?!? -- Due in July '16


Monster Diary -- As of May 21st '16

Monster's fight text is now far more comprehensible, as the fights will be logged. Where, you ask? Why, in your memory, of course! Well. More specifically in a diary.

The Monster Diary is a nifty tool available in the Hunter's Lodge for 500 Supporter Points.
The Diary will store any and all monster texts in which you have gone in and rated the monster, 1-5.
The J and F listed next to each monster tells you where each monster can be found. J = Jungle and F = Failboat.

Double Comma -- As of June 13th '16

Typing ",," (without the quotes) works exactly the same as "`" (also without the quotes) for color codes in just about any place. Designed to help mobile users with using color codes, as the grave mark is often difficult to find on mobile.

1) That is not at all how it works.
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