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 Improbable webcomic?
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Benni K Rok
 Tuesday, March 25 2008 @ 04:55 AM UTC (Read 941 times)  
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Would anyone have any real problems if I did a webcomic based on improbable island?

I wouldn't be doing it for anything, other than maybe a few hits for the game here, and I might even add in a few clues to the game in it.

Of course, the artwork isn't great, or even reliable, but the dialogue is well... improbable.

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 Tuesday, March 25 2008 @ 11:31 AM UTC  
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Someone else is already, I believe, thinking of doing one. I'll post the same thing here that I sent to him in an E-mail:

That sounds absolutely awesome. I have a couple of conditions, though - you see, Improbable Island borrows a lot from my other story arcs in development. There's a story called "Loaders" in particular - Improbable Island is actually a non-canonical spin-off of that story. One day, I could see myself wanting to write or draw an "official" Improbable Island story, be it in print, webcomic or hypertext form - so I must ask that you not call your comic "Improbable Island The Comic" or something like that. "SomeTitle - An Improbable Island Comic," or a title to that effect, would be cool. Just something to ensure that it's not necessarily considered canonical.

Secondly, I am going to be filling in a lot of backstory and enhancing the plot via fictional articles and interviews on the Enquirer, so you might find yourself in a situation where my story and yours disagree on a vital plot point. This isn't a problem for me, but, y'know, be prepared for it if it ever happens.

Now. Conditions over with. Good things, now! I will naturally pimp the hell out of your comic via the MotD and a link from the homepage. To help you out, here's the rough backstory:

Joseph Hawton, an acclaimed scientist and statistician, decided one day to apply for leave from his job in order to study the manipulation of probability. Knowing that he was a brilliant man, his company agreed, and set up funding for him. Due to a spectacular series of fuckups, beaurocracy and incompetence, the funding kept on going even after the head of the department (and, indeed, the president of the company) resigned in scandal in an unrelated affair. After his years on the Island, Professor Hawton was pretty well forgotten about, until David Abraham, a scientist who also (due to budget cuts) led the role of systems administrator at the laboratory, stumbled across some files on a previously-presumed-dead hard drive. What happened next, in 2005, is explained at the start of the game.

However, nobody actually stumbled across David's journals for many years - David, again, was lost in beaurocracy in a series of fuckups even more staggering than the ones that deleted Joseph from memory. Indeed, the Island itself is almost too small to be on many maps, and it went unnoticed for a long time, becoming even more Improbable with time.

However, one man did remember David - an old, senile professor who had worked with him many moons ago. His memory was jogged one day, and he recalled what things had been like before the war that took place a few years ago - the one that was fought with computer virii and, eventually, several large elecro-magnetic pulses. Shortly after the war, after we'd started rebuilding our communications and transport infrastructure and sorted out a way for our countries to climb back out of medieval times, several companies began to market analogue devices with no integrated circuitry, advertising them as "EMP-Proof." The fad caught on. Computers emerged again - great hulking things of vacuum tubes and relays, tied to an organic processor that looked like a big flake of dandruff. GEBOBs had been around for many years now, had undergone a quiet revolution of their own and been accepted into society and, for economic reasons, forbidden to take the place of human jobs - however, after the EMP war, the situation was reversed and there were suddenly far more jobs than humans to do them. Thus, the Analogue Age was upon us, and digital silicon processors were replaced with organic, analogue components that lived on sunlight and moisture absorbed from the air.

This old man decided to alert his former co-workers that there may be undamaged electronic equipment on the Island, being as remote as it was - old processors, to be sure, but processors that worked, processors that we could learn from. After all, faster processors had been designed by banks of slower computers for years now, and no humans were really sure, anymore, how a processor was designed. We'd only just rediscovered CRT's and started to rebuild the television networks by this point.

And so, a research team was dispatched to see what they could salvage. They didn't return.

One thing led to another in a predictable sense, and a very unpredictable war was started. Contestants were recruited and sent to the Island naked, to give the Improbability Field fewer variables to play with. The War on Improbability was televised in order to bring countries together against a common enemy, and the Watcher put in place to make sure that the viewers didn't see anything that would lower morale.

And that's where we're at now. There's no real high technology - the game is set in a far future, but one in which we've slid back down the technological ladder to pre-digital times, and then been helped back up by genetic, rather than quantum or mechanical, engineering. I bet you could come up with some very cool imagery - imagine if a computer and operating system were designed from scratch, with no real frame of reference, in a time where four-armed, ginger-furred, reverse-kneed, dog-faced giants carried out our manual labour for us. We wouldn't be on QWERTY keyboards, that's fer damn sure...

In short, go for it. I have no problem with fanfic. Smile

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 Tuesday, March 25 2008 @ 06:49 PM UTC  
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This certainly sounds awesome, and i'm sure other players would be excited to read more improbable things, even if they aren't necessarily canon.

OH GOD! How can I think without my box?!?!
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