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 Equipment Enrichment. Ie. Statistics, variety, images
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Anonymous: Joe
 Tuesday, July 14 2009 @ 04:17 AM UTC (Read 784 times)  


First off - general comments:

I just wanted to say this game is fantastic! The way you set up the premise was hilarious, "imagine you're playing a text-based rpg" haha.

I love the bizarre nature and surrealness of our enemies, ranging from random hikers, old ladies, to plastic bags. And it's all justified by the catch-all that is the improbability device. Brilliantly done!

Layout looks great.

The random encounters keep things interesting

The power strike is a nice touch

I love this post apocalyptic feel

The humour is very much so appreciated

On to my recommendation:

As of now, when we choose to buy weapons/armour/etc. it appears we can only buy them from one place. It'd be interesting to diversify this by having different vendors in different outposts.

Furthermore, as of now we don't seem to be able to preview the statistics or damage/protection ratings
of weapons and armour respectively, which I feel is somewhat of a downer for someone new to the game.

It'd also be nice to have some graphics for the items.

So yeah, my 2 cents. Not sure if it's been posted already, but if it has, then think of this as added reinforcement, a little bit of constructive reduncdancy Big Grin

 Tuesday, July 14 2009 @ 04:36 AM UTC  
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Welcome to the game! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I've certainly enjoyed the time I've spent playing Season One and I'm delighted with Season Two so far.

You can't see the previews of damage etc on the listing but if you click on "Examine or Buy" (or simply "Examine" if you already own something of that class), it will tell you the damage/protection as well as (later) charm boosts (which are currently active but you can't see what your charm is), as well as favor with the watcher (important when on the Fail Boat).

For Example:

You have chosen to view Tuxedo.

I remember when a tuxedo cost more than a set of leathers... but then, times have changed, and there's not much call for clothing that isn't armoured any more.

This item will alter your defense by 3 points.
This item's enchantments will alter your charm by 5 points.
This item's enchantments will alter your favor with The Watcher by 5 points.


Your charm level actually gives you discounts at Sheila's Shack of Shiny. The higher it is, the better the discount, so finding ways to earn charm is an important part of the game. With each Drive Kill there are more items available to purchase.

As to a variety of shops... *shrug* I'm not sure it's completely necessary. This way you always know what's available. In Season One, there was a second shop, sort of do-it-yourself place where (after scavenging for scrap pieces) you could assemble and either keep or sell the items to earn Requisition. You could also buy the items that were sold to the shop (often at higher levels than what you could make yourself). Unfortunately, this unbalanced the game's economy greatly, as people could buy or scavenge scrap over their drive kill, which would then transfer to their next, and they could start their following DK with tons of Req and level 15 armour... Which made the game a touch on the easy side. By the time you had 12-15 DKs, you could easily complete one or two per RW day, especially with saved game days (there were only 4 per day in season 1 rather than the current 6).

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 Tuesday, July 14 2009 @ 10:26 AM UTC  
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This item will alter your defense by 3 points.

It should be noted, that this 3 defense (or whatever piece of armor you're looking at is) is based off of wearing nothing. It's not 3 defense over your current stuff. Just to avoid confusion.

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