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We need weapons!

We need ideas for weapons.  I'm gonna rebuild the entire Equipment table, weapons first, and I need at least forty new weapon ideas.  Read on to see how you can help.

Each weapon can have a value for:
Attack (up to fifteen normally, can go a little higher in exchange for lots of money);
Defence (don't really want to go higher than five, since when combined with decent armour this'd make the player very tough indeed);
Charm (positive or negative, applied upon buying the weapon);
Favour with The Watcher (positive or negative, applied with every new day);
Turns (positive or negative, a value of 3 will give 3 extra turns per day);
Cost in Requisition;
Cost in Cigarettes (shouldn't cost more than, say, five ciggies for a really good weapon, since they're not carried over between DK's);
DK Requirement (how many Drive Kills are needed before the weapon becomes available).

Currrent Rarity values are going to be taken away.  They're not working out.

Each weapon can also have one or more buffs applied.  These buffs are applied at each new day, and can last a number of rounds (or for the whole day).

More information on how buffs work can be found here.

A good example of a weapon that uses a buff:

Costs lots of money.  A sword with a revolver embedded in the handle, ripped shamelessly straight out of Final Fantasy VIII.  Standard attack value of ten.  A buff applied at each new day gives the player a certain amount of ammunition (I'm going to assume that the Powers That Be will replenish ammunition and/or fuel with each new day, like they do with Grenades).  While the player still has "Shots" remaining (IE while the buff is active), a futher eight points will be added to their Attack, for a total of 18 points from this weapon.  Once the weapon runs out of ammunition, the player is still able to strike with it (for ten attack points rather than eighteen).

Another example, this time of an existing weapon made more complex:

At present, Chainsaw-Chuks just reduce the player's Defence while increasing their Attack by an awful lot for very little money.  The new version uses the Minion function to deal additional damage with every round, both to the monster and the player.  Grenades use Minion, as does the head-mounted laser.  Every time you deal damage in addition to the damage from hitting the monster, Minion is usually what's used.
From Chainsaw-Chuks, the player effectively has multiple attacks.  You'll hit the monster once, then your chainsaw-chuks will continue to spin, bounce and generally make both you and the monster very nervous.  You'll hit the monster several times with each attack, but the chainsaw-chuks will also hit you.  The amount of harm you do to yourself will depend on your level and/or DK value, so that you get better as you gain more experience.  Eventually the chainsaw-chuks will run out of fuel, and become less lethal until the next day.

Module Prefs can also be used in buffs.  So, for example, we could make a buff (or any value inside) dependant on a Robot's clock status, or how much power is left in a player's Head-Mounted Laser, or whether a KittyMorph is currently nude, or pretty well anything else you can think of.

We need ideas for both basic weapons and complex weapons, pathetic to epic.  If you don't know what to put for, say, DK level or cost, leave that up to me - what I'm after is inspiration.  If you've got a good idea for a new weapon, post it in this shiny new forum.  Give your weapon a new post all of its own, and make the title of that post the same as the name of the weapon, so we can see what's what at a glance.

Thanks, and have fun!

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