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Expiring -- do I care?
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, September 10 2010 @ 11:12 PM UTC
So, I got a message that my character was about to expire, and realized I haven't logged on in so long that I've forgotten the username and password I used, and for some reason my browser doesn't have them stored.

And that's just the thing; I don't find Improbable Island compelling enough to make me come back and log in every day -- which is, practically speaking, the way it needs to be played.  This is the same problem I have with all the dozens (or is it hundreds, now?) of MMO games on the planet; the only three that ever had the ability to keep me logging in are long gone (Myst Online: URU Live survives as a "snapshot" of its last day after failing financially not once, but twice, The Sims Online morphed into a different named game after EA cut it loose and then still pulled the plug, and There, after four changes of management in seven years, finally couldn't maintain a revenue stream when the recession killed even the $10 every couple months most of its players could afford to spend).  I simply lack the level of obsession it takes to keep coming back to the same game every day or two for months on end, and don't see a clear enough plot or path in this one to play it to a "win" -- it's just (apparently) random hacking and slashing at the levels I've reached so far.

So, I'll let my character expire, and do something more productive with the time I'd have spent here -- at present, that's working on creating a face-to-face RPG world for GURPS, which (as one who learned RPG decades before the MMO was invented in its present form -- first D&D adventure was in 1977) does a much better job of feeling like something worth doing, even if it's still only a game.
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