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Monday Updates, Strangers, and a blogger in troubl
Authored by: LadyRavenSkye on Monday, February 07 2011 @ 06:47 AM UTC
I've thought about this. Even made doodles of Skye and her friends as Strangers. I thought of the people on the Island... those people on the Island that make you want to leave an outpost because of their powerplay/constant drama.
I am not for Strangers becoming a race, because the people I am thinking off will just become Strangers so they can powerplay them and take out the actual enjoyment of playing a Stranger. It's like when some people play kittymorphs. "Oh, I can become a furry, and snuggle roughly in NewHome... because I am a cat person, no one will take offence."
I can see this happening with Strangers: "Oh... look, I am now the most powerful race in the game. BEHOLD YOU ALL HAVE RADIATION POISONING! BWURAHAHAHAHA! Everyone must respect me! YOU MUST! DO IT! I AM A STRANGER AND YOU ARE NOT!!11111" I know this wont really happen, but the person(s) I am thinking of will do it.
Now... if I was to play Skye as a stranger.... it would be interesting. I would enjoy it. She'd flitter around in her hedge maze, waiting for her friends to find her if they go "Oh. Hey... Where is Skye? Probably in her maze doing things." She'd be "Oh... my friends," and turn her head around all freakly and chase them with a giant needle. That crazy scooby-doo chase music would start... they'd run away and be like "OH GOD." While Skye faces the drive, becomes another less creepy race, finds her friends and be all "HAI EVERYONE." The chase would begin again... and times would be good.
Or somewhat good... I wont be making Skye a Stranger if the option becomes available. I'd only mess it up.
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