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Authored by: Dutchdoor on Tuesday, March 04 2008 @ 03:38 AM UTC
Would it be possible to give updates as to how many cigs are needed to get the next upgrade?  I believe it told us that we needed 100 for the first one, but we're up to 140 now and unable to add another buff (and would like to know how many more smokes we'll need before we can).  Thanks.

Otherwise, fantastic game!

Well, not "otherwise," really.  It's not like that little nothing problem is making this a not fantastic game or something.

Also, once you fix the bug for the shack attacks (getting WAY too much exp), could you reset the Hall of Fame for Drive Kill time?  I COULD have killed it in three days once but chose not to in favor of trying to finish a quest, and that would NEVER have been possible without performing five or six attacks on people in housing.  This, again, isn't important, but it would be nice to know how fast people kill the thing legitimately.
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