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Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, November 10 2008 @ 06:31 PM UTC
I just  received your e-mail letting me know about my upcoming character deletion and requesting feedback if I was planning on letting it go through. Your link brought me here so this is where I am responding. I found many aspects of the game interesting initially but after a while it just got repetitive and boring. Once you have read the same amusing responses once, forced repetition (jungle fights) just gets annoying. There also didn't seem to me to be any further point to the game. I beat the drive. Beating it over and over in more or less the same manner just isn't fun for me.

A note on puzzles and  game mechanics. I enjoy puzzles and strategy. I don't enjoy though figuring out what the rules are supposed to be. Some people do - for me though, it's just an exercise in frustration. I want to know for example, what if anything tattoos do. I want to know what cigarettes do and at what point you get an addiction. I want to understand why people could beat me up and I couldn't beat them up even though it looked like we were equipped the same way.  I don't get a 'thrill of discovery' from the trial an error of figuring out how to play the game. Again this is just my viewpoint which you requested. I know not everyone is going to share it.

Last, I was not happy with the way the messaging system works. I would prefer some way of real time chat - at least with alliance members if not people in game. I was constantly feeling lost and I think the real time chat would have helped. We use Ajax chat module on one of the BBS that I admin. That might or might not help you.

I hope that helps you out.  :)  Good luck!

~~ Blazingnoob ~~

PS I tried to log in so you this message would not be listed as anonymous but I guess the notice that is sent out isn't a notice of impending deletion but one to let people know they have already been deleted.
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