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2009, the eighth of March, God stepped down from the Olymp Of Admin 2) and let prophets spread the word. God got engaged.

Read on to The Enquirers Exclusive Interview with God. Well. Monologue of God.3)

CMJ: Actually it was on the 6th. Wales has pretty crap data coverage4)5) , or I would have told you lot that night. That's right, I proposed on the night Watchmen came out in cinemas. And then went to see it the night after. My proposal was pretty well the only thing that could have delayed our seeing that film. :)

Though one wonders, what has Dan done to be condemned to matrimony? . . .The same thing all people do when they are in love. Ask. ;)

1) And Emily, of course. Never forget Emily.
2) or crawled up from his cave. . .
3) Still exclusive!
4) Linguists interpret this as 'power chord was too busy'
5) Then again, linguists are weird that way
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