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Recent research shows that there is a 50-50 chance that there is a 50-50 chance of improbability fall-out every time you vandalize the Wiki1)2)3)4).

It is also speculated that there is a 25 percent chance that there is a 27 percent chance that Horatio will Vandalize the Wiki or simply cause improbability fall out across the island every time you say his name5)6)7).

50/50 is also considered to be a good measure of eyesight, like 20/20 only 2.5 times as much.8)

1) Scientists have conducted this experiment and thus it is highly suggested to NOT TRUST ANY OF THESE RESULTS!
2) Namely because they practice science
3) They aren't very concise in any case if they can be trusted. . .
4) But look at them! They look so innocent.
5) Of course knowing him it could be pure coincidence
6) Or is it?
7) yes. Yes it is
8) Remember, everything's made up, and the points don't matter.
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