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This message appears to the player after they've loaded 6000 pages,1) only if they haven't gained any Supporter Points. It never appears again.

Why hello there!

Hello again!

Remember how, after you'd loaded three thousand pages, I popped up and told you what it's like running an online game, and waved my begging-bowl under your nose?

Well, now I'm resorting to outright bribery. If you donate at least five dollars within 24 hours of this message appearing, I'll give you a five-dollar bonus to your first donation. That means if you buy 500 Supporter Points, I'll give you another 500 - but only if you donate within 24 hours of now.

Remember, Improbable Island runs no adverts, pulls no naughty scams, has no commercial sponsorship, and is entirely dependent on its players - on you - to survive. And when I say "Improbable Island," what I really mean is... well, me, CavemanJoe. Also my wife and three cats. We've gotta keep a roof over our heads somehow.

We're not like Facebook - we don't watch what you're doing, build up a profile of your behaviour and sell it to advertisers. We don't sell your email address or contact details to anyone. We're not like your favourite blog - we don't run any advertising, or promote any products. I don't have a book deal, and nobody sends me free stuff to review. We're not like the free apps on your smart phone - there's no "plus" version. All of the content in Improbable Island, all the stories and features, are available to anyone, whether they give us money or not.

We don't have any other way to make money. Your donation is literally the only way we keep the Island running, and it's also keeping me from having creditors chase me down and steal my teeth to sell to the debt ghosts.

Only 3% of Improbable Island players contribute to its survival. If you join that 3% club, by giving anything - a tenner, a fiver, even a buck - then you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're one of the few who help others enjoy something they love.

You can donate using a PayPal account, or via a credit card, debit card or bank transfer, and it's all secured by PayPal's encrypted connection. I never get to see your address, credit card information, or other personal information - PayPal handles all that.

Once again, if you donate at least five bucks right now, you'll get 500 extra Supporter Points in addition to however many Supporter Points you would get normally. (you get one Supporter Point per cent that you donate, and you can spend them on all sorts of cool things at the Hunter's Lodge!)

This really is the last time I'll nag you - I don't want to be That Annoying Guy Who Keeps Popping Up And Saying Gimme Some Bloody Money. I hope you become a supporter, and help us keep Improbable Island running!

Thank you!

-Admin CavemanJoe

1) possibly; this number is a guess is based on the fact that this message seem to appear roughly after the same interval as the 3000 pages did
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