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One day in Kittania...

Treespeaker Mercury sits inside her little snow bubble for a moment, pondering how long it'll take her to feel cold.

Treespeaker Mercury has the answer to her question. She now feels quite chilly with the snowfall. She looks around a bit, pondering someting... "Anybody spare a sweater? Or like... A scarf?"

Sloth bounds to her feet and heads over to Mercury, "I've got something!" She thinks! She takes her hat off and starts rooting around in it.

a Sweater and Scarf appear in front of Mercury.

Sloth glares at the Sweater and Scarf. Now how is she going to get rid of this exceedingly ugly scarf she has?

Treespeaker Mercury "AHA"s, and promptly clothes herself in the heavier garments. The snow ceases as soon as she finishes, however, and she lets out an indignant huff. "Aw, well balls to that."

Sloth sighs and pulls a scarf out of her hat. It's hideous. It's like a pink flamingo and a tarantula mated, then their offspring mated with the offspring of a tiger and a bottle of cherry cough syrup

Treespeaker Mercury sighs and promptly removes the sweater and scarf again, dropping them on the bottle-strewn "table" in front of her. "Well, thanks anyway."

Sloth looks at her scarf and sighs again. And, of course, it's a damn jungle Island, who the heck needs a scarf? Well... in the mountains she supposes.

Sloth decides to grin at Mercury and offer her the scarf, "Sure you don't want this fabulous scarf?"

Treespeaker Mercury tilts her head slightly, examining the scarf. "What use would I have for it?"

Sloth thinks fast, "It's a strangling scarf! Perfect for strangling one's foes, you see."

Treespeaker Mercury leans back slightly in her not-there chair, stroking her chin with her left hand. "But strangling is so mundane, innit? I have a myriad of grenades and firearms at my disposal, see?"

Sloth nods, "Well, sure! I mean, if you want to makes lots of noise, grenades and firearms and chainsaws are brilliant." She lowers her voice and leans forward, "But sometimes, you need quiet."

Treespeaker Mercury makes no noticeable movement beyond blinking. "You know, I honestly can't think of a time I've needed to be quiet since arriving here." She's going to make this a hard sell!

Sloth is undeterred! She continues, "Also, this scarf accessorizes with everything! Due to it's myriad of patterns and colors, it looks equally good," okay, bad, really, "with any outfit!"

Treespeaker Mercury folds her arms over her chest and crosses her right leg over the left. "And what about no outfit?" Sloth grins, "Well, nudity on a beautiful woman goes with every situation, and this wonderful scarf certainly goes with nudity!" And blindness!

Treespeaker Mercury nods ever so slightly. "But then the scarf defeats the purpose of being nude, no?"

Sloth shakes her head, "No, it accessorizes the nudity, you see. It really brings out how lovely you look nude!" That is to say, not wearing this scarf.

Treespeaker Mercury slowly breaks out into a grin. "You've rehearsed this, have you?"

Sloth bursts out laughing, "'Fraid not, I'm making it up as I go along." She shakes her head and grins, "So, you don't want this terrible scarf, eh? Too bad!"

Treespeaker Mercury laughs along with Sloth. "No, m'afriad not. I really don't see the point of it 'round here." She shrugs. "Might be a bit more inclined if it weren't already hot in this tanktop."

Sloth nods, "It's entirely too warm down here on the plains. Makes me almost regret my garb." She perks up, "It's cold up by CC404, though!"

Treespeaker Mercury nods again. "Well, yeah, I'll give you that one." She grins again. "Not quite up there enough to justify that... Thing though." She raises her left hand to her chin.

Treespeaker Mercury ponders. "Where'd you get it in the first place?"

Sloth grins, "Sadly it just turned up in my hat one day. Normally, of course, I only find stuff in there that I put in there, but occasionally I get... interlopers."

Treespeaker Mercury nods in understanding. "Ah, yes. That certainly makes more sense than having picked it up on purpose." She grins again, as she is ever so wont to do.

Sloth looks at the scarf in her hand then back to Mercury, "Yes, indeed. I'm color blind, but I still know that this thing is an atrocity. I guess there must be balance..."

Sloth continues, "Once I found an oven in there that turned out to be very useful, I suppose this came along to even everything out."

Treespeaker Mercury nods again. "ah, I believe that. Gotta keep some sort of balance, eh?" She chuckles, and muses, "Even in the people. FOr every one of me, there's an Ebenezer, yeah?"

Sloth grins at Mercury, "Oh, the two of you hardly balance out! You're both so charming!"

Treespeaker Mercury shrugs, still grinning. "I meant more in terms of his more-or-less sanity. I gave up on that shit months ago."

Sloth laughs, "Sanity is overrated." She tilts her head to the side, "And besides, is it actually sane to be sane when surrounded by insanity? I submit that Ebenezer is, in fact, insane."

Treespeaker Mercury ponders this a moment before letting out a chuckle. "You know what? That make a whole lotta sense given the circumstances."

Sloth grins, "Right, now hopefully I've convinced you that sanity is insane, and insanity is sane. My work here is done." She strolls towards the gates, then pauses.

Sloth turns back to Mercury a sly grin on her face, "Are you sure you don't want this scarf, I mean, you'd be insane to want it?"

Treespeaker Mercury breaks out into one of her biggest grins ever. "Well, when you put it that way..." She uncrosses her arms, and holds them out in front of her.

Sloth bounds back to Mercury and lays the scarf across her arms, then she grins and cries out, "No give backs!"

Treespeaker Mercury chuckles. "You'd have to be insane to want it back." She throws the scarf around her neck, and cranes her neck to look down at it.

Sloth immediately regrets giving away the scarf, but she hides it well. With a big grin, "Excellent. I earned my commission today. Let's see, 0% of 0 is... 100 reck? I dunno, whatever."

Treespeaker Mercury looks back up. "well at least it doesn't look so bad from up here." Mostly because it's hard to see. She grins to Sloth.

Sloth nods, "Right. I've always thought that was it's best angle. Oh, it's also good in dark rooms. Really really dark rooms. Or with your eyes closed."

Treespeaker Mercury tilts her head so that she can only see it with her right Eye. Which, of course, is missing. "This seems to work well enough, too."

Sloth grins and nods, "Yes, and as I said, it goes equally well with everything! Enjoy!" She starts strolling towards the gates, then calls over her shoulder, "Pleasure chatting with you Mercury!"

Treespeaker Mercury straightens her head out and cups her hands over her mouth to shout, "Same to you. Nice tits, by the way!"

Sloth stops at the gate and bursts out laughing, she grins and turns back to Mercury, she calls over, "Same to you!" She shakes her head and turns back around to stroll out the gates.

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