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A day at the beach. ..

[04/14 01:06pm] <DICE> Questor Tor NaGoth rides out of Mike's with a manic grin, as RoboKitty revvvs up with all 900cc's, "Anyone care to go for a ride?"
[04/14 01:19pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty observes curiously from the edge of the Bank.
[04/14 01:20pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen is busy looking for Horatio. He gets the feeling that, rather than a nice cup of tea, he's going back to the Failboat.
[04/14 01:21pm] <DICE> Questor Tor NaGoth counts aloud, "Razz, Dva, Tri, Chitiri, Piat, Shaest, Siem, Vosiem, De-yevit, De-yessit.. . "
[04/14 01:23pm] <DICE> Questor Tor NaGoth spots Zolo, and holds out a spare helmet, "You can try handstands on the back at 100kph..."
04/14 01:23pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty is likewise not on the best of terms with Horatio lately. They've been playing at mancala together and Z got a face full of cowries when he got tetchy.
[04/14 01:24pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty intends to bring along appeasement cookies later. "Handstands?" She peers down. "On that?"
[04/14 01:24pm] <DICE> Questor Tor NaGoth shrugs, "Why not?"
[04/14 01:25pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty grins suddenly. "Why not, indeed." She bounds down from the Bank with a solid thump, padding nearer to investigate that helmet. "Do I need this?" It looks uncomfortable.
[04/14 01:28pm] <DICE> Questor Tor NaGoth cosiders the helmet for a moment, "I suppose not... The radio makes it easier to talk, though. And muffles the noise." He revs the engine a bit to makes his point.
[04/14 01:29pm] <DICE> Questor Tor NaGoth adds, "Don't worry about the fit- It's self adjusting."
[04/14 01:31pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty takes off her top hat and the helmet from Tor. Inspecting it from all angles, she tests it, then snaps up the visor. "Mn, it'll do." She cocks an eyebrow at him. "..What's a kfh, by the way?"
[04/14 01:35pm] <DICE> Questor Tor NaGoth laughs, "It's K.P.H. it means kilometers per hour, a Kilometer is roughly the distance you can travel in a thousand steps."
[04/14 01:37pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty finds this interesting. "Oh, aye?" She quite literally hops onto the back of the bike, touching her hands to Tor's shoulders before settling herself fluidly.
[04/14 01:38pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty hypothesizes, probably rightly, that this will be safer and easier to manage if she understands how this beast of a Kittybike handles before trying to manage any balancing acts.
[04/14 01:39pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty is Spacially Aware but still merrily susceptible to burns and broken bones. She'd like not to deal with today what Gorbert dealt with yesterday.
[04/14 01:40pm] <DICE> Questor Tor NaGoth grins, "Aye." and flips his own visor closed as he twists the hand grip, "Hold on tight. The beach south of Kittania would probably be best for the handstands..."
[04/14 01:42pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty takes that bit of advice and snugs her grip above Tor's hips.
[04/14 01:43pm] RoboKitty snarls into a deafening roar as his rear tire digs deep into the friable road surface before finding solid traction. Tor hollers like a madman as the bike rockets away..

.. . The Forest flies past on both sides as a dark green Blur as Tor and RoboKitty maneuver along the trail to the south at a speed that would be frightening to anyone with common sense. The uneven terrain makes any sort of acrobatics an impossibility until the knobbly tyres find the hard packed sand of the beach.

Tor starts off the fun, by first crouching atop the gas tank, then swinging his feet forward through his arms to sit atop Robo's head as they tear along, just above the water-line.

Z spent most of the ride south simply becoming accustomed to the feel of the Kittybike. It's an unnatural, exhilarating way of moving and much different from Bernard's Zimmer. The tearing of the air and the rush of the trees - this is life electric, this is life along a machete's edge.

She's not worried about the lack of obvious steering when Tor swings forward. (It can steer itself, she figures, and she's likely right.) Bracing her hands just before her hips, Zolotisty draws her heels up to hunker carefully. Then she stands to regard the surf and the ridged path they're leaving behind them. "Tor!" He was right, the radio makes it easier. "There's something I've been meaning to say."

Tor elevates himself to a handstand on the Handlebars, tilting his head back to keep an eye on the road, "Oh?" he responds, "By all means, then. You should say it."

Z's focused on the bike, now, tempoing itself to the peculiarities of the engine and the inconsistencies of the beach. Wetting her lips, she leans down then straightens. False start. "I think you're ready for a recital."

Then she leans again, all quicksilver determined, and flips up into a solid handstand.

"Hmmm." Tor replies as he smoothly rights himself, moving first to a crouch, then letting go of the handlebars completely as he stands, one foot on the gas tank, and one atop Robo's head, "I think you may be right. I haven't felt much like playing lately, but things seem to have settled down." He places his hands on his hips and stares ahead mimicking a famous general in an ancient painting.

"Mn. I play when I don't feel like it - reminds me what's good even if I can't see the good in it. And it keeps you from.." She trails off, catches herself as her balance shifts. Supporting herself on two hands and one foot for a moment, Z flips fast back into another handstand and eases her balance onto just one hand. She holds the pose for as long as she dares before flexing her forearm and springing powerfully from the back of the bike. RoboKitty is too heavy to fishtail, really, but there's a bit of a shift. Z turns a backward roll and hits the sand sideways. She rolls with the fall and is on her feet several yards later, breaded in sand and salt water. "Getting rusty," she finishes, laughing.

Tor flexes his knees, and spreads his arms for a moment to recover from her 'dismount', then simply leans to his left to bring Robo back around in a wide, arcing turn. He jumps clear, performing an agile backflip to land near Zolo as his Bike goes to play in the shallows. He is smiling as he takes off his helmet, "Did you have a particular venue in mind for my performance?" he asks as he shakes his head at her sand and salt look.

Her own helmet is off by the time he comes over. She grins as she makes a halfhearted attempt to brush some of the sand off. "AceHigh, of course. Where else?"

Tor chuckles, "Of course. This evening?" he asks, assuming she will want to be there herself.

Z looks thoughtful. He's right, she will be - but she's likely to want the rest of the Ensemble there to observe. Tor's come a long way since his private performance in Pleasantville and a longer way still since that run-in with Tori in AceHigh. Zolotisty's quite proud of his accomplishments. She figures Tor deserves the fulsome attention of a good audience. "Perhaps."

Tor is distracted by the arrival of an invitation, "Croquet?" he murmurs raising an eyebrow, "Perhaps it can wait just a bit longer, it seems there is another event this evening."

Z nods. "And there's that business of mud in AceHigh, at any rate." She smiles. "So sometime soon." She gestures at the frolicking Kittybike. "Shall we?"

Tor nods, and his grin widens, "No helmet this time, though. I have earplugs if you wish, but the wind in your face and hair should be experienced by everyone at least once," he explains before whistling sharply for RoboKitty.

Z's expression falters for only a split second. She nods readily. "Aye, that's fine - no need of the earplugs, I think I can manage."

Tor climbs once more onto the seat, giving Z just time enough to get seated before twisting the handle once more.

RoboKitty's roar is louder, this time, without the muffling effect of the helmet, but the sensation of speed is amplified considerably as they leave the beach behind. The rush of air from their passage is entirely unlike any wind Z has experienced before, natural, or improbable. It is simply a RUSH of pressure pulling at exposed skin and hair in such a way.. . it is near indescribable. Like falling, only faster.

The ride is over all too soon for Tor, as the gates of IC hove into view and he slows.

[04/14 03:25pm] The approaching roar of RoboKitty's Engine announces the return of Tor and his Fearless Clanleader nearly a full minute before they come into view, sans helmets. Tor slows to a gentle stop.
[04/14 03:27pm] <NBLUE> Narrator Kuroiten strolls into the square, nodding politely to all and sundry.
[04/14 03:28pm] <DICE> Enigmatic Jade XXIV hears the roar of the bike and smiles. Just who she needed. "Tor! You came at the right time. How would you like to help me out with something?"
[04/14 03:29pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty is grinning like an idiot. She's covered in sand in odd places - everywhere that wasn't exposed to the wind on the ride back - and it scatters dry over the cobbles as she eases off the bike.
[04/14 03:30pm] <SPOON> Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks in, a white leather rifle coat trailing behind him. He's actually shaven and wearing a thin pair of spectacles on his nose. He actually looks... Respectable... Wow...
[04/14 03:30pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty reaccustoms herself to the still world. Patting Tor 's arm appreciatively, she raises an eyebrow. "So, a few nights from now." Then she glances at Jade and shakes off more fully. Sand pitters.
[04/14 03:30pm] <DICE> Enigmatic Jade XXIV laughs at the expression on Zolo's face. "Good ride, huh Z?"
[04/14 03:31pm] <SPOON> Ahi Koa KK Victoria nods a salute to Zolo, smiles greeting to Kuroiten and Jade, chuckles at Tor. With a practiced draw, he pulls out a compact ergonomic sub-machine gun, belting a full clip into his statue.
[04/14 03:32pm] <NBLUE> Narrator Kuroiten neatly sidesteps the scattering sand that Z throws off on his way to the 'Kitty.
[04/14 03:32pm] <SPOON> Ahi Koa KK Victoria walks off, leaving a clear plastic box that once held the bullets and a pile of stone dust that once held his own image.
[04/14 03:33pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty waves after KK and shoots Jade a sly look. "Oh, very good. I'm surprised none of you bike lot have thought to take them over something other than the ground, though."
[04/14 03:34pm] <CDAG> Improbable General SinkOrSwim laughs out loud. "Y'know, I swear he must travel at the speed of sound. Y'just hear the sounds of the mason putting the finishing touches to his statue, and he comes and blows the hell out of it."
[04/14 03:36pm] <NBLUE> Narrator Kuroiten shifts a bit uncomfortably at the mention of the "bike lot". "Maybe I should join 'em..." he mutters. He ponders the advantages and disadvantages on his way to Kittania.
[04/14 03:37pm] <DICE> Enigmatic Jade XXIV pats her new bike, a bit heavier than most. "Wouldn't want to scratch him yet, Z." She winks.
[04/14 03:38pm] <DICE> The Soloist Zolotisty says, cheerily, "Can't scratch it on the air." Then, ruffling sand from her tail, she disappears.
[04/14 03:38pm] <DICE> Questor Tor NaGoth chuckles at Z, "Who says we haven't?" then smiles a greeting to Jade, "A pleasure, as always, Jade. What can I do for you this time?"

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