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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.


Aaralyn is a young elven child, appearing to be of nine years of age, now.

Of course, she is not actually nine years old, but is a child nonetheless, and is about the equivalent of an eight year old human child.

Her hair is pure white and her eyes are light gray-violet. She has fair skin, with a scattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She no longer stands at the height of 3'2 as she has grown to be 3'11.

The young elf is usually upbeat and happy to make new friends. She is often found with her stuffed-doll rabbit, Nole.1)

She tries to avoid the term "Nap" at all costs. It's not a nap, those are for babies! It's resting time!

The Elf Girl's Life before the Isle of Improbability

Aaralyn was born during Wyndervere, also known as the Festival of the Four Winds. Named so because it is claimed that the winds blow from all directions at once. It is a holiday celebrating the elements, air in particular. It is said that strange happenings always occur on the night of Wyndervere.

She grew up with her mother, father, and older brother. Her older brother, Daeron, was one of her favorite people. They often found adventures in the woods together and he would always put up with her never ending questions. She called him Dare, except when she was annoyed with him.

The Fastforward of the Island

Normally, elves age much slower than humans. But it seems that Improbability has affected the natural speed of aging on Aaralyn. She is aging faster than any elf, or human for that matter. Aaralyn is growing in height and seeming to appear older within weeks. She, of course, isn't taking much notice in this.

This speeding-up situation has seemed to affect her abilities. For, an elf who has been away from home would take approximately fifty years to readjust to their new home and find their abilities again. Aaralyn is already beginning to regain her talents.

She doesn't mention her abilities to anyone, unless they bring it up. She is aware that this place is a somewhat Human world, other than the Improbable races, and most may react oddly to it.

Her Elven Abilities

(That are known so far)


-Controlling natural surroundings

-Summoning/Creating objects

Other Talents

Aaralyn's voice is quite lovely, unknown if it's natural or because of her elven origins, she has always had the talent of music. Though, she doesn't like to try to show off. The young girl can also play the lute, the birdpipes, and the flute.

Also, she is well practiced in archery and sword fighting.

1) He may be kept in her backpack
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