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The Abandoned Factory

Up the airy mountain,
Down the Dojo of the mastered,
We dare not go a-Looking for Trouble,
For fear of Thieving Squat Bastards.

You see, nobody ever goes in, and nobody ever comes out.

Located adjacent to the ScrapYard and down the street from the Dojo in remote Cyber City, the enormous Factory, once operated by the resident robots, stands cold and seemingly empty. Strange noises, flashes of light, and rare billows of smoke still emerge from the Factory.

The Factory is rumored to have been established after1) Robot and Doktor Improbable attempted the first ever DriveKill and Robot Ran Like Hell to the mountains in Blind Terror. This is also rumored to be the moment the the Improbability Drive decided to grow a tail and a mustache. The rumor-- more of a drunken ramble, really-- continues that Robot created more Robots to help him build the Factory to build more Robots to make an army and overthrow the Drive. It is unknown whether the plan ever came to fruition, but we have a good guess.

The Factory occupies a full city block and is estimated to have 45.2 levels, many underground. Entrance is through a single 'intelligent' door located on the ground level. Only if you meet a certain criteria will you be allowed entry, and under no circumstances may you enter more than once each day. Your mount must remain behind and your buffs will not function inside.

Upon entry, the door will slam shut behind you and a service elevator will randomly transport you to one of the Factory's levels. Lighting on all levels is poor, but you will be able to see a strong light shining from the exit.

Finding your way to the exit is difficult2). There are many blind corridors, as well as assorted physical dangers: spikes, swinging blades, pits, floods, and crushing hazards. There are also monsters that roam the structure; some weak and some mighty.

Keep your eyes sharp as you wander and you may find treasure left by earlier explorers who met their end in the Factory. Should you somehow make your way to the exit before quitting time, the still-functioning paymaster robot will issue a day's pay to you in the form of req and ciggies. You won't get rich, but it's an honest day's wage.

If you think your life is worth cigarettes.3)

1) Spoilers
2) It is rumored that a certain Island resident befriended an old robot in the ScrapYard and obtained a full set of floorplans for the Factory. Find them if you can.
3) I know I do.
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